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Lance Thurber Fucks Manuel Rios in ‘XL Encounter’ at BelAmiOnline

XL Encounter (Lance Thurber Fucks Manuel Rios) (Bareback) at

As our unreleased archive collection continues, we have one of our remaining scenes with XXL Lance Thurber today. Lance was one of those models who started filming for us and only did a couple scenes before leaving, only to turn up a again a year or 2 later having decided that they would like to film some more. Even though he is not what we would describe as a beauty, Lance is sexy and with his massive dick we were more than happy to have him come back. This scene with fellow XL model, Manuel Rios is one of the resulting scenes.

Vadim Farrell Fucks Lance Thurber Bareback in ‘Size Matters’ at Bel Ami Online

Size Matters (Vadim Farrell Fucks Lance Thurber) (Bareback) at

To say that Lance is well endowed is a bit of an understatement. Lance first came to our attention back in 2013 when we premiered his scene with Johnny Bloom. Today he is back for the 5th time bottoming for the striking Vadim Farrell.

BelAmiOnline: Gaelan Binoche, Lance Thurber & Roger Lambert (Part 2) (Bareback)

Gaelan Binoche, Lance Thurber & Roger Lambert (Part 2) (Bareback) at

Today is a follow on scene from Thursdays update… Kind of 1/2 a ‘part 2’ and the other half stand alone. Blond hunk Roger joins Gaelan and Lance for some blow job fun.

BelAmiOnline: Gaelan Binoche & Lance Thurber (Part 1) (Bareback)

Gaelan Binoche & Lance Thurber (Bareback) at

Another update in our Xtra Big Dick Club series today. Gaelan Binoche is definitely the more experienced of the 2 boys, but newcomer Lance Thurber has been impressing everyone with his skills as a bottom, and by the load he shoots over Lance’s ass at the end, I would say Gaelan is quite impressed as well.

BelAmiOnline: Lance Thurber (with Kinky Angels) (Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer & Adam Archuleta) (Bareback)

Lance Thurber (with Kinky Angels) (Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer & Adam Archuleta) (Bareback) at

Adam Archuleta, Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol are in our Prague apartment today copying with the rigors of making coffee for themselves when George’s new driver arrives.

BelAmiOnline: Orgy (24 Boys In Blow Job Action) (Part 3)

Orgy (24 Boys In Blow Job Action) (Part 3) at

It’s oral obsession day today with the blow job part of the orgy. 24 boys means also that we needed to have plenty of cameramen on hand to catch all the action from every possible angle, the full effect you will start to see tomorrow with a special cum shot edit from todays action.

BelAmiOnline: Orgy (24 Boys In Action) (Bareback) (Part 2)

Orgy (24 Boys In Action) (Bareback) at

Despite Kevin’s best efforts at organizing, all of the boys make it to the location for the big 20th Anniversary orgy and it is time to get things underway.

For those of you who may think that producing and orgy is simply a matter of getting all the boys together and filming them have sex, nothing could be further from the truth: Filming outside, the boys need sunscreen, they need a makeshift gym to tone their bodies into perfect shape, and most importantly, boys being boys, they need food and to be entertained.