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Johnny Bloom Fucks Jason Clark in ‘Loving Motivation’ at Bel Ami Online

Loving Motivation (Johnny Bloom Fucks Jason Clark) at

After Johnny Bloom’s appearance last month in a photosession with Tom Pollock, he is back again today in a scene with Hungarian beauty Jason Clark.

Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom at Bel Ami Online

Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom at

Tom Pollock and Johnny Bloom were always a bit of couple during their time in front of the camera at BelAmi, and both boys for a time stuck together and asked for jobs here in the office as well (Tom still works here btw), so we knew that there would be no problem with ‘chemistry’ when we scheduled the together for this photosession.

Adam Archuleta & Johnny Bloom Fuck Derek Raser in ‘Body Worship 3-Way’ at BelAmiOnline

Body Worship 3-Way (Adam Archuleta & Johnny Bloom Fuck Derek Raser) (Bareback) at

Derek Raser is engaged in a little self body worship today as Adam Archuleta and Johnny Bloom are getting ready for some action in the bedroom. Instead of leaving him to admire himself, they decide to invite him to come and join them for some 3way fun and he joins them without hesitation. Both guys then take turns fucking him until the whole situation ends up wit Derek being covered in cum from head to ass.

Johnny Bloom & Tom Pollack Tag-Team Jerome Exupery Bareback at Bel Ami Online

Johnny Bloom & Tom Pollack Tag-Team Jerome Exupery at

Jerome Exupery is very much the proverbial ‘Good time had by all’ in this weeks feature update. If the other boys had not wanted to go to the beach quite so much I am sure we would have ended up with a gang bang here instead of a 3-way.

Hoyt Kogan Fucks Vadim Farrell Bareback (and Johnny Bloom Joins In…) at BelAmiOnline

Hoyt Kogan Fucks Vadim Farrell Bareback (and Johnny Bloom Joins In...) at

For this weekend Bel Ami has our special double scene with Hoyt Kogan, Vadim Farrell and Johnny Bloom. Vadim getting fucked is always going to be a special occasion, and when he is getting fucked by Hoyt, it is extra special. Part one is just Hoyt and Vadim, and then they are joined by a very happy Johnny in part 2.

Kris Evans and Johnny Bloom Tag-Team Arne Coen in ‘Showers & Sex’ at Bel Ami Online

Showers & Sex (Kris Evans and Johnny Bloom Tag-Team Arne Coen) at

It is a hard choice decided where to start singing the praises for this scene. Should it be with Kris Evans’ shower, the seductive glances between Johnny Bloom and Kris or the hot action that follows when Arne Coen arrives, or even the cum spraying all over Luke’s camera at the end?

Johnny Bloom Fucks Harris Hilton in ‘Games Boys Play’ at Bel Ami

Games Boys Play (Johnny Bloom Fucks Harris Hilton) at

We are just outside of Budapest for today’s update with Harris Hilton and Johnny Bloom (and I feel I should add here Guest Starring Bielko) as the guys get their blood flowing with a little one on one football before moving on to some other one on one action.

Johnny Bloom Fucks Adam Archuleta Bareback in ‘Wake Up & Fuck’ at BelAmiOnline

Wake Up & Fuck (Johnny Bloom Fucks Adam Archuleta) (Bareback) at

It’s a very lucky person who can say that they get to wake up with Adam Archuleta in their arms. Today Johnny Bloom is one such lucky fellow.

Bel Ami Online: Jim Kerouac in Big Dick For Johnny Bloom (Bareback)

Jim Kerouac in Big Dick For Johnny Bloom (Bareback) at

I think it is fair to say that a lot more of you are Jim fans compared to Johnny Bloom fans, but in this scene from Cape Town, both boys give fantastic performances. Coming in from the baking sun, our boys waste no time in stripping off all of their clothes and working up a sweat in other ways.

BelAmiOnline: Hard & Horny (Johnny Bloom Barebacks Rocco Alfieri)

Hard & Horny (Johnny Bloom Barebacks Rocco Alfieri) at BelAmiOnline at

Today we have 2 dark haired beauties for you, Rocco Alfieri and Johnny Bloom are together here for a little worker/boss role play.

BelAmiOnline: Luke Hamill Fucks Johnny Bloom (Bareback)

Luke Hamill Fucks Johnny Bloom (Bareback) at BelAmiOnline at

The second scene in our BelAmi Legends miniseries features stalwart Luke Hamill together with dark haired beauty Johnny Bloom.

BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell & Johnny Bloom (Bareback)

Mick Lovell & Johnny Bloom (Bareback) at

Lukas originally filmed a 2 part scene with Johnny Bloom and Mick Lovell, but when it came to archiving it, we found that he had handed over only part 2 and that part 1 was nowhere to be found.

BelAmiOnline: Andrei Karenin & Johnny Bloom (Bareback)

Andrei Karenin & Johnny Bloom (Bareback) at

Benjamin Bloom’s younger brother Johnny is back with us today. Taking a break from his normal duties in our office to spend some time in the bedroom with Andrei Karenin.

BelAmiOnline: Paul Mekas & Johnny Bloom (Primetime)

Paul Mekas & Johnny Bloom (Primetime) at

Paul Mekas is back with us for this episode, paired up with Johnny Bloom.

BelAmiOnline: Johnny Bloom & Gaelan Binoche

Johnny Bloom & Gaelan Binoche at

This is one of the earlier episodes for Johnny Bloom. Gaelan Binoche was one of our performers who got off to a rather slow start when it came to being a crowd favorite, but as his sexual confidence has grown so has his approval ratings from fans, and now he is up amongst the best of them.

BelAmiOnline: Orgy (24 Boys In Blow Job Action) (Part 3)

Orgy (24 Boys In Blow Job Action) (Part 3) at

It’s oral obsession day today with the blow job part of the orgy. 24 boys means also that we needed to have plenty of cameramen on hand to catch all the action from every possible angle, the full effect you will start to see tomorrow with a special cum shot edit from todays action.

BelAmiOnline: Orgy (24 Boys In Action) (Bareback) (Part 2)

Orgy (24 Boys In Action) (Bareback) at

Despite Kevin’s best efforts at organizing, all of the boys make it to the location for the big 20th Anniversary orgy and it is time to get things underway.

For those of you who may think that producing and orgy is simply a matter of getting all the boys together and filming them have sex, nothing could be further from the truth: Filming outside, the boys need sunscreen, they need a makeshift gym to tone their bodies into perfect shape, and most importantly, boys being boys, they need food and to be entertained.

BelAmiOnline: Johnny Bloom & Rocco Alfieri (Bareback Flip-Flop) (Parts 1 & 2)

Johnny Bloom & Rocco Alfieri (Bareback Flip-Flop) (Parts 1 & 2) at

Newcomer Rocco Alfieri made his debut recently on the KinkyAngels website and this week we let Johnny Bloom show him the ropes at Both boys are quite tall and physically a great fit though Johnny has a bit more muscle. They are both 100% versatile as you’ll see in this weeks 2 part flip flop fuck with no less than 4 amazing cum shots!

BelAmiOnline: Johnny Bloom & Dolph Lambert (Bareback)

Johnny Bloom & Dolph Lambert (Bareback) at

This month we are featuring several scenes where we teamed up more experienced models with some of our more recent arrivals. Johnny Bloom spends his days in the office here scanning all of GDs old slides from early films, but before he started that job he had the chance to perform with Dolph Lambert.

BelAmiOnline: Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom (Bareback)

Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom (Bareback) at

Today’s update features 2 of your newest favorites, Johnny Bloom and Tom Pollock. In addition to this scene together, they also work in the same room in our Prague office and are about to take a big step and become flatmates as well. I am not sure if this is a burgeoning romance, but at the very least the guys will be spending almost all of their time together and we will just have to imagine how they put that time to use.

Watch Tom Pollock & Johnny Bloom at BelAmiOnline

BelAmiOnline: Phillipe Gaudin & Johnny Bloom

Phillipe Gaudin & Johnny Bloom at

Today we finally see Johnny Bloom in a full sex scene. Though this is the first scene of Johnny’s we’re showing you, this is probably not the first one filmed. We thought that Johnny, paired with the more experienced Phillipe Gaudin would make for the perfect couple. We think you’ll agree.

Watch Phillipe Gaudin & Johnny Bloom at BelAmiOnline