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Marc Ruffalo and Raoul Vargas Flip-Fuck in ‘Jock Flip-Flop’ Parts 1 & 2 at Bel Ami Online

Jock Flip-Flop, 1 & 2 (Marc Ruffalo and Raoul Vargas Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at

Bel Ami starts their flip-flop special with a few probing questions from Marty, who is interested in finding out if sportsmen really do make for superior lovers. While Marc Ruffalo is a little unsure, Raoul Vargas assures us of the truth in this assumption.

Marc Ruffalo Fucks Antony Lorca in ‘Antony’s Accidental Lovers’ at Bel Ami Online

Antony's Accidental Lovers (Marc Ruffalo Fucks Antony Lorca) at

I can’t resist calling this our Marc Antony scene, but we are definitely missing a Cleopatra to make the analogy complete. Even without Cleo, both these boys give a show that would be worthy of any Roman drama and especially evident is how expert Antony has become at sucking dick.

Bel Ami’s Summer Break: Mini Orgy Part 2 featuring Andre Boleyn, Ariel Vanean, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion and Rhys Jagger

Summer Break: Mini Orgy (Andre Boleyn, Ariel Vanean, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion and Rhys Jagger) (Part 2 of 2) at

Summer Break as come early this week due to the fact that we have a special 2 part update for you.

You will be seeing quite a bit of this scene coming up in Kevin and Adam’s diaries later on but for now we can tell you that this was one scene that Marcel was really looking forward to filming. Not only did it give him the opportunity to get fucked by a lot of guys, but as serendipity has it, it was actually filmed on his birthday as well. Join us now for Marcel’s very special birthday present of Ariel, Andre, Marc and Rhys.

Raf Koons Fucks Marc Ruffalo in ‘More Than Most’ at Bel Ami Online

More Than Most (Raf Koons Fucks Marc Ruffalo) at

Our ‘Freshman’ in today’s scene is the charming and XL Raf Koons and we have him here for you in a scene with Marc Ruffalo. We first featured big dicked Raf back towards the end of 2015 and then gave you a couple of scenes throughout last year, but you will be seeing a lot more of him in the coming 12 months.

Marc Ruffalo Fucks Peter Annaud in ‘Unexpected Guest’ at Bel Ami Online

Unexpected Guest (Marc Ruffalo Fucks Peter Annaud) (Bareback) at

Peter Annaud has a problem. With that thick dick of his, he is having trouble finding someone to give him a decent blow job. So George gave him a few recommendations and he ends of picking Marc Ruffalo. Of course it is not only a good blow job that he gets.

Marc Ruffalo & Tim Campbell Tag-Team Rocco Alfieri in ‘All Dicks For Rocco’ at Bel Ami Online

All Dicks For Rocco (Marc Ruffalo & Tim Campbell Tag-Team Rocco Alfieri) at

It is hard to know here who is plotting to fuck who. Tim Campbell and Marc Ruffalo seem to think that they have a cunning plan to get into Rocco’s pants, but I think Rocco Alfieri has outsmarted them both and is the real puppet master in this encounter, leading them to think that fulfilling his every desire (and hole) was their own idea.

Marc Ruffalo Fucks Jean-Luc Bisset in ‘Hungarian Heaven’ at BelAmiOnline

Hungarian Heaven (Marc Ruffalo Fucks Jean-Luc Bisset) (Bareback) at

Members of KinkyAngels are already familiar with Jean-Luc Bisset in action, but this is his hardcore debut scene here on BelAmiOnline.

Lucky Marc Ruffalo is his partner for this scene filmed last year in our Budapest studio. It seems that Marc was looking forward to seeing some of the sights of Budapest this day, but is quickly dissuaded by Jean-Luc’s amorous advances.

Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Robin Michaux, Brian Jovovich and Roald Ekberg in ‘Last Summer in Greece’ Part 2 at BelAmiOnline

Last Summer in Greece (Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Robin Michaux, Brian Jovovich and Roald Ekberg) (Part 2) (Bareback) at

I see some of you feel betrayed that LAST SUMMER IN GREECE was not entirely filmed in Greece and so I feel some clarification is order. First it is good to know that that Greek Salad and LSiG are two different projects filmed several months apart.

Tony Conrad, Marc Ruffalo & Lino Belucci in ‘3-Way Fun’ at BelAmiOnline

3-Way Fun (Tony Conrad, Marc Ruffalo & Lino Belucci) at

Today we have paired up BelAmi exclusive, Marc Ruffalo with 2 of our regular guest stars, Tony Conrad and Lino Belucci. Tony and Lino are friends also off the set so they decided to turn up together for today’s shoot, with Tony offering to bottom for both guys as (in his words) it has been a while since he had 2 guys at once, and it is actually Lino’s first 3some.

Jim Kerouac Fucks Marc Ruffalo Bareback in ‘Fountains of Cum’ at Bel Ami Online

Fountains of Cum (Jim Kerouac Fucks Marc Ruffalo Bareback) at

Jim Kerouac is back today in a scene with athletic and handsome Marc Ruffalo. We can always count on both of these boys gicing us their everything in any scene, so when paired up together our expectations were quite high….

Bel Ami Online: Gentlemen Prefer Blonds (Marc Ruffalo Fucks Yuri Alpatow) (Bareback)

Gentlemen Prefer Blonds (Marc Ruffalo Fucks Yuri Alpatow) (Bareback) at

This is a day where Marc Ruffalo would answer the question, “Do gentlemen prefer blonds” with a resounding yes! What other answer could he give after sampling the exquisite and very blond Yuri Alpatov?

BelAmiOnline: Adam Archuleta & Marc Ruffalo (Givers & Takers) (Parts 1 & 2) (Flip-Fuck)

Adam Archuleta & Marc Ruffalo (Givers & Takers) (Parts 1 & 2) (Flip-Fuck) at

We have a double dose of dark haired beauties for you this week in Adam Archuleta and Marc Ruffalo. Normally our few remaining scenes with condoms go on Tuesdays. However, this is a special double-day flip-flop scene so the only place in the schedule for it is Thursday and Saturday.

BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo & Brian Jovovich (Sizzling Summer Sex) (Bareback)

Marc Ruffalo & Brian Jovovich (Sizzling Summer Sex) (Bareback) at BelAmiOnline at

We though of titling this clip ‘From up and down to in and out’ for reasons that are immediately evident, but then decided to stick to the convention of just naming the boys.

BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo & Tim Campbell (Bareback Flip-Flop) (Part 1)

Marc Ruffalo & Tim Campbell (Bareback Flip-Flop) (Part 1) at BelAmiOnline at

Today Marc Ruffalo is out at the pool and Tim Campbell is preventing him getting sunburned by carefully applying sunscreen all over when Tim suggests that they forget about the pool and head inside. It turns out that this was exactly what Marc was waiting for, having no interest in the pool other than getting a rub down from Tim.

BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo Seduces Gregg Meyjes (Bareback)

Marc Ruffalo & Gregg Meyjes (Bareback)at BelAmiOnline at

For our Tuesday update this week we have another scene from our Guest Stars collection featuring rising BelAmi star Marc Ruffalo together with Gregg Meyjes.

BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer & Marc Ruffalo (Bareback)

Jack Harrer & Marc Ruffalo (Bareback) at BelAmiOnline at

Hot on the heels of Marc Ruffalo getting his own entry in our model encyclopedia we have his first pairing together with Jack Harrer.

BelAmiOnline: Billy Montague & Marc Ruffalo (Part 1) (Bareback)

Billy Montague & Marc Ruffalo (Part 1) (Bareback) at

Marty Stevens decided today to find out what is really important for Billy Montague and Marc Ruffalo when it comes to sex.

BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo (Pin-Up)

Marc Ruffalo at

Marc Ruffalo is back for his 2nd photosession on BelAmiOnline. Gone is the helmet like haircut of last time as he sports a new spikier look.

BelAmiOnline: Marc Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo at

We first met Mark Ruffalo back in 2011 when we shot a casting with him. We liked him enough to invite him back to do some more work, the first of which is this photo session.