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Jayden Guillory in ‘Bel Ami’s Art Collection’ Photoshoot

Jayden Guillory in 'Bel Ami's Art Collection' Photoshoot at

As we promised a couple of weeks ago, we have your second taste of Jayden Guillory for you today.

Loving Kris Evans ‘Art Collection’ by Rick Day at Bel Ami Online

Loving Kris Evans 'Art Collection'at

We kick off our “Loving Kris’ special with an Art Collection’ set of photos taken for us by Rick Day.
As this is a bit of a new format, we owe you a bit of an explanation. For this shoot we send Rick off with both Kris and Zac for the day with only the most basic instruction of shooting the boys individually and also sometimes together.

BelAmiOnline: Art Collection (with Dan Arlett)

Art Collection (with Dan Arlett) at BelAmiOnline at

We have Dan Arlett back today for a special ‘Art Collection’ photoset. The pictures were taken in Budapest a while back by our Spanish friend, Joan Crisol.

BelAmiOnline: Tom Pollock (Art Collection)

Tom Pollock (Art Collection) at

Tom Pollock is our cowboy of the week, starring in tis Art Collection photoshoot by Joan Crisol.

BelAmiOnline: Scott Bennet (Art Collection)

Scott Bennet (Art Collection) at

Today for our model of the week we have an Art Collection photo set. Scott Bennet poses for Spanish photographer Joan Crisol in this industrial themed shoot.

BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (African Photoshoot)

Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert & Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (African Photoshoot) at

Our photo set this week is a bit of an extension from what we had last week. In last weeks video you saw some footage of Mick posing together with Dolph and Kris. This weeks selection comes from those images and were taken for potential covers for the American Lovers DVDs.

BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (South Africa Photoshoot)

Mick Lovell (Art Collection) (South Africa Photoshoot) at

This set of pictures of Mick is part of our Art Collection. Shot by Rick Day during our trip to South Africa we see handsome and sexy Mick Lovell at various locations around the property. Which is your favorite?