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Bel Ami’s Merry KRIS-MAS (with Kris Evans Barebacking Jon Kael)

Merry Kris-Mas (Kris Evans Fucks Jon Kael) (Bareback) at

This year ‘Kris-mas’ comes a full 10 days before Christmas, for us and also for Jon Kael, as he sets about massaging all the stiffness out of Kris Evan’s shoulders.

Jeroen Mondrian Fucks Jon Kael in ‘Favor Returned’ at Bel Ami Online

Favor Returned (Jeroen Mondrian Fucks Jon Kael) at

The last time we saw Jon Kael and Jeroen Mondrian together it was Jeroen being the passive partner, so in today’s encounter Jon wanted the chance to see what it is like to be fucked by Jeroen… If they ever manage to get the three stooges out of the apartment that is…;-)

Dylan Maguire Fucks Jon Kael in Bel Ami’s Night Scene

Bel Ami's Night Scene (Dylan Maguire Fucks Jon Kael) at

Right from the opening sequence you can see that we are dealing with 2 very passionate young guys in Jon Kael and Dylan Maguire. Both guys have a sexual hunger that is hard to completely satisfy coupled with a desire to cater for their partners every wish.
Even with some cooler blue lighting this scene manages to be scorchingly hot.

Jon Kael Fucks Jeroen Mondrian in ‘Summer Break’ Part 9 at Bel Ami Online

Summer Break (Jon Kael Fucks Jeroen Mondrian) (Part 9) at

This little unexplained miracle it put to good use today by Jon Kael and Jeroen Mondrian as they wander around the castle grounds looking for somewhere private.

Jon Kael Fucks Christian Lundgren in ‘Christian’s Accidental Lovers’ Finale Part 1 at Bel Ami Online

Christian's Accidental Lovers Finale (Jon Kael Fucks Christian Lundgren) at

This is the finale of Christian’s Accidental Lovers, and it certainly looks like George saved the best for last for us in this series. Christian Lundgren’s lover for this flip-flop special is fellow blond beauty Jon Kael. Both boys have a reputation for being excellent bottoms and in this scene they are out to impress us with their skills at topping as well. It seems like just yesterday when we were welcoming both of these boys onto the website, but already they have developed into expert lovers, being able to respond to their partner and anticipate their every need.

Bel Ami Online: Never 2 Big (Joel Birkin Fucks Jon Kael)

Never 2 Big (Joel Birkin Fucks Jon Kael) at

This is a pairing that I’ve personally been waiting to see for a while, with our new power bottom, Jon Kael taking on Joel Birkin.

Jack Harrer, Jon Kael & Marcel Gassion in ‘Jack’s Dream’ at Bel Ami Online

Jack's Dream (Jack Harrer, Jon Kael & Marcel Gassion) at

We join Jon Kael and Marcel Gassion today for what seems to be a bit of a Jack Harrer worship session. Previously Jack had told Marcel that he was welcome anytime to bring over a friend, as long as he was a great bottom. Never one to refuse an invitation like that, Marcel brings along Jon Kael to make sure that Jack has an experience that he won’t forget for a long time. Issue #5: Jon Kael’s Interview & Solo

Jon Kael's Interview & Solo at

Jon Kael does not need any special introduction here but we still decided to include him in the 1st regular edition of Freshmen as he was never formally introduced. Hopefully today’s interview and solo will bring him even closer to you as a person. Jon will appear on Freshmen primarily in the series with the Musketeers, but he is headed mainly for BelAmiOnline because of his more athletic build.

Next Generation Training with Jean-Daniel Chagall Fucks Jon Kael Bareback at BelAmiOnline

Next Generation Training with Jean-Daniel Chagall Fucks Jon Kael at

Our Freshmen of the month for November will be Jon Kael, so to celebrate the fact we decided to show you one of the scenes he has filmed for BelAmiOnline. Today we have him here with the perennially beautiful Jean-Daniel.
If ever there were 2 boys who are the perfect match it is Jon and Jean-Daniel. Great bodies, flawless skin and excellent performers. We hope you enjoy them in today’s BelAmiOnline update.

Bel Ami Online: Andrei Karenin Drills Newcomer Jon Kael (Bareback)

Andrei Karenin Drills Newcomer Jon Kael (Bareback) at

Today we have Jon Kael back in his second scene for BelAmiOnline. Today’s pairing is with stunning Andrei Karenin.

BelAmiOnline: Jon Kael

Jon Kael at

As a balance for last week’s ultra twinky Justin Saradon, this week we have another new guy that you will be seeing quite a bit more of in the future, Jon Kael. Jon is a very athletic young Czech guy who recently joined the BelAmi team. Handsome, muscled, toned and sexy, we feel he makes a great addition to the crew. What do you think?

Joel Birkin & Raf Koons Fuck Jon Kael in ‘Offensively Large’ at Bel Ami Online

Offensively Large (Joel Birkin & Raf Koons Fuck Jon Kael) (Part 3) at

The monthly treat of our Offensively Large boys is here again for May. This time Joel Birkin is flying solo without Jack but joining him to make up the XXL ranks is newcomer Raf Koons.

New Bel Ami Series: ‘Offensively Large’ (starring Jack Harrer, Gino Mosca, Joel Birkin, Claude Sorel and More…)

New Bel Ami Series: 'Offensively Large' (starring Jack Harrer, Gino Mosca, Joel Birkin, Claude Sorel and More...) at

Starting next month Jack Harrer and Joel Birkin get their own series here on BelAmiOnline. We thought long and hard on what name suits the boys best for this project and eventually settled on ‘Offensively Large’ (no points for guessing what we are talking about here).