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Zac DeHaan Fucks Peter Annaud in ‘Size Matters’ at Bel Ami Online

Size Matters (Zac DeHaan Fucks Peter Annaud) (Bareback) at

Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach, and Zac DeHaan’s simple ‘Hello babe, let’s go to fuck’ seems to do the trick for Peter Annaud.

Peter Annaud Fucks Raphael Nyon in ‘The Bigger-The Better’ at Bel Ami Online

The Bigger-The Better (Peter Annaud Fucks Raphael Nyon) (Bareback) at

Sometimes reactions to Peter Annaud’s “peter” can range from shock and awe, eager anticipation all the way through to fear of its massive girth. Although this is Raphael Nyon’s first encounter with Peter, it is certainly not his first encounter with a massive dick.

Jamie Durrell Fucks Peter Annaud in ‘Sex Machine’ at Bel Ami Online

Sex Machine (Jamie Durrell Fucks Peter Annaud) at

There is something to be said for getting straight to the point, and that is exactly what Jamie Durrell and Peter Annaud do today. After arriving home, Jamie is horny and plans to jerk off, but it only takes him half a second to agree to Peter’s request to fuck instead.

Joel Birkin, Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud & Orri Aasen in ‘Offensively Large 2017’ Parts 1 & 2 at Bel Ami Online

Offensively Large (Joel Birkin, Dylan Maguire, Peter Annaud & Orri Aasen) (Parts 1 & 2) at

Apart from his huge dick, there is something that we always appreciate when Joel Birkin is on location, and that is his willingness to help out in whatever way he can. This day he was allocated the job of driver, that is until things got a little too hot for him to concentrate only on driving.

Marc Ruffalo Fucks Peter Annaud in ‘Unexpected Guest’ at Bel Ami Online

Unexpected Guest (Marc Ruffalo Fucks Peter Annaud) (Bareback) at

Peter Annaud has a problem. With that thick dick of his, he is having trouble finding someone to give him a decent blow job. So George gave him a few recommendations and he ends of picking Marc Ruffalo. Of course it is not only a good blow job that he gets.

Peter Annaud & Zac DeHaan Bareback Dylan Maguire at BelAmiOnline

Peter Annaud & Zac DeHaan Bareback Dylan Maguire at

Dylan Maguire is never one to say no to sex, so when approached by Zac DeHaan and Peter Annaud his only concern is if they are both big enough to satisfy him.

Jack Harrer, Brian Jovovich & Peter Annaud in ‘Offensively Large: XXL Threesome Fuck’ at Bel Ami Online

Offensively Large: XXL Threesome Fuck (Jack Harrer, Brian Jovovich & Peter Annaud) at

It’s time for another Offensively Large update today, and it is even better than normal in that is a 2 day double scene.

Peter Annaud Fucks Orri Aasen in ‘Last Summer in Greece’ Part 11 at Bel Ami Online

Last Summer in Greece (Peter Annaud Fucks Orri Aasen) (Part 11) (Bareback) at

Our last scene in ‘Last Summer in Greece’ is a bit of a extra to the story line and features 2 of our newer guys, Peter Annaud and Orri Aasen.

Adam Archuleta Fucks Peter Annaud in ‘Super-Sized Friend’ at BelAmiOnline

Super-Sized Friend (Adam Archuleta Fucks Peter Annaud) at

This is one of Peter Annaud’s very first scenes and as you can imagine he is a little shy to begin with. Luckily his partner for the day is Adam Archuleta, who is so charming and relaxing that he can draw anyone out of their shell.

Peter Annaud Fucks Jack Harrer in ‘A Matter of Size’ at Bel Ami Online

A Matter of Size (Peter Annaud Fucks Jack Harrer) (Bareback) at

Once Jack Harrer hears news of a boy that may have a dick bigger than his he is very quick to try and find out if it is true or not… and also to try it out.

We first started filming in earnest with Peter Annaud during one of our trips to South Africa, and thus it happens that Jack manages to find him laying on the beach and taking in some sun.