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Kris Evans Fucks Roald Ekberg in ‘Loving Kris’ DVD Extra at Bel Ami Online

Loving Kris with Kris Evans Fucking Roald Ekberg (Additional Scene) at

It is a special treat today as we bring Kris Evans back into the schedule in this scene with Roald Ekberg. For our DVD collectors out there you will remember the scene from the DVD ‘Loving Kris’, although for the rest of us it is a new one.

Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, Helmut Huxley & Marcel Gassion in ‘Summer Break’ Part 10 at Bel Ami Online

Summer Break (Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, Helmut Huxcley & Marcel Gassion) (Part 10) at

Helmut Huxley, as the center of attention in this group flip fuck. This two part scene, which started yesterday, begins with Helmut getting the chance to top 3 of our most stunning boys: Jeff Mirren, Roald Ekberg, and power bottom Marcel Gassion. Helmut is noticeably having the time of his life taking on these three BelAmi studs at once.

Roald Ekberg Fucks Raphael Nyon in ‘Hot & Steamy’ at Bel Ami Online

Hot & Steamy (Roald Ekberg Fucks Raphael Nyon) at

He may have been with us for just a year and a half, but Raphael Nyon certainly knows how to take control of a situation. Today he is paired up with Roald Ekberg, and despite the lack of a common language, the 2 have no problem communicating their desires to each other.

Joel Birkin & Jack Harrer Fuck Marcel Gassion and Roald Ekberg in ‘Offensively Large’ Parts 1 & 2 at BelAmiOnline

Offensively Large (Joel Birkin & Jack Harrer Fuck Marcel Gassion and Roald Ekberg) (Part 1) at

Jack Harrer has a dilemma. He is busy doing the model selection for his new movie, but can’t decide on who should (other than himself) star in it. Luckily Joel Birkin is never afraid of a little hard work and offers to help with the onerous task.

Roald Ekberg & Jason Bacall DP Adam Torres in ‘Double-Dipping’ at Bel Ami Online

Joel Birkin Fucks Bobby Noiret at

We’re back to double dipping today with a mixture of familiar and new faces. The most familiar is Roald Ekberg and he is partnered by 2 new guys, Jason Bacall, who you will see a lot more of in the future, and Adam Torres who is making his premiere on the site today.

Roald Ekberg Tops Christian Lundgren in ‘Blond Ambition…’ at Bel Ami Online

Blond Ambition... (Roald Ekberg Tops Christian Lundgren) at

It’s a good hair day for both our blond studs in today’s update, with Christian Lundgren offering advice to Roald Ekberg about how to make the most of his new hairstyle. The mutual admiration does not stop there of course as they move down each other’s bodies, each adfmiring the perfection of the other as they go.

Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Robin Michaux, Brian Jovovich and Roald Ekberg in ‘Last Summer in Greece’ Part 2 at BelAmiOnline

Last Summer in Greece (Adam Archuleta, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Robin Michaux, Brian Jovovich and Roald Ekberg) (Part 2) (Bareback) at

I see some of you feel betrayed that LAST SUMMER IN GREECE was not entirely filmed in Greece and so I feel some clarification is order. First it is good to know that that Greek Salad and LSiG are two different projects filmed several months apart.

Steve Peyroux Fucks Roald Ekbert in ‘All Blond Encounter’ at BelAmiOnline

All Blond Encounter (with Steve Peyroux Fucks Roald Ekbert) (Bareback) at

Vlado actually filmed several different introductions for this scene so we had to make a choice as to which one to use, and Roald in the bath won the day. When we have some space in our quickie schedule we will show you what was left out.
Steve Peyroux is active in this all blond encounter.

Bel Ami Online: Dalton Briggs Fucks Roald Ekberg

HBel Ami Online: Dalton Briggs Fucks Roald Ekberg at

Poor Dalton Briggs. When he first approached and asked if he could film some scenes with us he was really keen to film with Kevin. Of course we told him that it would be fine, as long as he didn’t mind bottoming, as well all know Kevin currently is just a top. He readily agreed and we booked his tickets to come over.

BelAmiOnline: Double Trouble (Roald Ekberg & The Brothers Aldo Belucci and Lino Belucci) (Bareback)

Double Trouble (Roald Ekberg and the Belucci Brothers) (Bareback) at

Today we are happy to properly introduce you to the Belucci brothers, Lino and Aldo. Some of you may recognise them from some other websites under different names. For a while we had Lino under an exclusive contract, but since the word ‘exclusive’ didn’t seem to be in his vocabulary, we ended up releasing him from the contract and now film with both of them on an ad-hoc basis. Today their lucky scene partner is Roald Ekberg.

BelAmiOnline: Adam Archuleta Barebacks Roald Ekberg (House Guest With Benefits)

Adam Archuleta Barebacks Roald Ekberg (House Guest With Benefits) at BelAmiOnline at

Today our 1st generation KinkyAngel is entertaining Roald Ekberg (before his recent hairstyle change). While Adam goes off to make a cup of tea for his friend we take the chance to have a little chat with Roald to find out a bit more about him (of which I am sure Adam already knew everything).

BelAmiOnline: Gino Mosca & Roald Ekberg (Bareback)

Gino Mosca & Roald Ekberg (Bareback) at BelAmiOnline at

We have one of our newest models for you today in his premiere episode for BelAmiOnline, teamed up with Gino Mosca.
Roald Edberg is one of our Czech boys and lives here in Prague. George says that from what we have filmed with him so far he is a first rate bottom, and also quite a good top as he is still quite a fresh face and all you have seen so far is his casting, we would really like to hear what you think about Roald.