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Raf Koons Fucks Marc Ruffalo in ‘More Than Most’ at Bel Ami Online

More Than Most (Raf Koons Fucks Marc Ruffalo) at

Our ‘Freshman’ in today’s scene is the charming and XL Raf Koons and we have him here for you in a scene with Marc Ruffalo. We first featured big dicked Raf back towards the end of 2015 and then gave you a couple of scenes throughout last year, but you will be seeing a lot more of him in the coming 12 months. Issue #4: Raf Koons Fucks Jerome Exupery (Scene 1) (Bareback)

Raf Koons Fucks Jerome Exupery (Bareback) at

Raf Koons is obviously the kind of boy who will either appeal to a customer or not with very little inbetweens. His main attribute of course is his huge dick and he is also a way better top than bottom.

Don’t be deceived by his innocent looks: In his private life he likes really rough sex.

Joel Birkin & Raf Koons Fuck Jon Kael in ‘Offensively Large’ at Bel Ami Online

Offensively Large (Joel Birkin & Raf Koons Fuck Jon Kael) (Part 3) at

The monthly treat of our Offensively Large boys is here again for May. This time Joel Birkin is flying solo without Jack but joining him to make up the XXL ranks is newcomer Raf Koons.

BelAmiOnline: Raf Koons (Pin-Up)

Raf Koons (Pin-Up) at

One thing we can be sure of with Bel Ami model, Raf Koons, is that he is going to have plenty of fans here. Good looking, charmingly innocent and quietly kinky Raf’s biggest treasure is what he has inside his pants. With a hefty 8.5-inch uncut cock that always gets rock hard Raf is a pleasure to work with and you will be seeing more of him soon in our new Freshmen adventure.

New Bel Ami Series: ‘Offensively Large’ (starring Jack Harrer, Gino Mosca, Joel Birkin, Claude Sorel and More…)

New Bel Ami Series: 'Offensively Large' (starring Jack Harrer, Gino Mosca, Joel Birkin, Claude Sorel and More...) at

Starting next month Jack Harrer and Joel Birkin get their own series here on BelAmiOnline. We thought long and hard on what name suits the boys best for this project and eventually settled on ‘Offensively Large’ (no points for guessing what we are talking about here).