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Dalton Briggs Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Peepers’ Part 8 at

Peepers (Dalton Briggs Fucks Johnny Rapid) (Part 8) at Drill My Hole

Dalton Briggs is caught trying to sneak a peak of Johnny Rapid and gets more than he ever could’ve hoped for. Dalton hunkers down and sucks Johnny’s cock, then whips out his huge dick for a foot-job from the biggest name in gay porn. Johnny’s hole welcome’s Dalton’s big dick as he fucks him over the hotel room desk.

Dalton Briggs and Ty Thomas Tag-Team Scotty Zee in ‘Fuck Club’ at NextDoorRAW!

Fuck Club (Dalton Briggs and Ty Thomas Tag-Team Scotty Zee) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Before Scotty Zee can join this club, he’ll have to prove his assets. Ty Thomas and Dalton Briggs are intially skeptical of Scotty’s merits and they intend on testing his limits. Scotty will have show a raw willingness to be a team player, as Ty and Dalton have their way with their new member. Dalton immediately eyes Scotty’s ass and begins to work on his hole, as Ty sits on Scotty’s face and smothers him with his cock.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Markie More in ‘Rain Delay’ at Next Door Studios

Rain Delay (Dalton Briggs Fucks Markie More) at Next Door Studios

With disagreeable weather raining out plans for a fishing trip, Markie More and his girlfriend’s brother, Dalton Briggs, find themselves just moping around the house with nothing to do. Markie makes the comment that days like these are great for staying in bed and just fucking the afternoon away, and Dalton confesses that he hasn’t had sex in a while. Conversation turns to a literal dick measuring contest, and Markie can’t believe how big Dalton’s cock gets when he’s hard.

Paul Canon, Dalton Briggs, Ty Thomas and Jackson Traynor in ‘Cuddle Puddle’ at NextDoorRAW!

Cuddle Puddle (Paul Canon, Dalton Briggs, Ty Thomas and Jackson Traynor) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With good friend Ty Thomas coming over, Paul Canon and his boyfriend Jackson Traynor prepare their den for a movie night. Ty brings his new roomie Dalton Briggs over with him. Straight boy Dalton is rumored to have a giant dick, at least that’s the rumor his ex-girlfriend is circulating, and as the movie drags on and Jackson and Dalton both fall asleep, Paul and Ty confer about the validity of this statement.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Quentin Gainz in ‘The Boyfriend Experience’ at NextDoorRAW!

The Boyfriend Experience (Dalton Briggs Fucks Quentin Gainz) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With his wife away visiting her parents, hubby Quentin Gainz looks to fulfill a deep rooted fantasy that he’s kept under wraps for the length of his marriage. Quentin seeks a true boyfriend experience, but he needs to be discreet. Luckily, escort Dalton Briggs specializes in intimate meetings, and is more than equipped to handle the task. He pushes Quentin against the wall as they kiss tenderly, before he works his way down Quentin’s body and unzips his pants.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Luke Adams in ‘My Slut Friend’ at

My Slut Friend (Dalton Briggs Fucks Luke Adams) at Drill My Hole

Dalton Briggs takes Luke Adam’s ass and plunges it full of his long pulsing cock. Luke works his beautiful hole and works that dick until it doesn’t have a single drop of cum left.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Aspen in ‘A Tale of Two Hookers’ Part 3 at

A Tale Of Two Hookers (Dalton Briggs Fucks Aspen) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

After bonding for some time, Aspen (Solomon at ChaosMen) and Dalton Briggs are growing closer and closer. It comes as no surprise when Dalton moves in for a kiss during a playful pillow fight, declaring his love for fellow hooker Aspen. The guys finally explore each other’s bodies, leading to a steamy fuck with Dalton stretching Aspen’s tight ass with his monster cock.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Dennis West in ‘A Tale Of Two Hookers’ Part 2 at

A Tale Of Two Hookers (Dalton Briggs Fucks Dennis West) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Aspen helps Dalton Briggs get into the escort business so he can assist with living expenses. Dennis West is excited to get with the new guy, and it isn’t long before Dalton is sucking that hunk of man meat. Dalton takes his thick cock and slams Dennis’ ass, earning his fair share for rent.

Dalton Briggs, Dirk Caber & Vincent Diaz in ‘Stepdick’ Part 4 at

Stepdick (Dalton Briggs, Dirk Caber & Vincent Diaz) (Part 4) at Drill My Hole

Dalton Briggs, Dirk Caber, and Vincent Diaz test just how oblivious Dalton’s mother is by having an all-out fuck fest just feet from her. Balls deep in pleasure, the three men are barely phased when they are finally caught cocks out in the living room.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Dirk Caber in ‘Stepdick’ Part 3 at

Stepdick (Dalton Briggs Fucks Dirk Caber) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Jealous that his buddy got some action with his stepdad, Dalton Briggs surprises Dirk Caber with his lips around his cock while his wife sleeps next to him. Unable to resist, Dirk takes Dalton to the other room and is pumped full of some of that stepson-dick he’s been craving.

Dirk Caber Fucks Vincent Diaz in ‘Stepdick’ Part 2 at

Stepdick (Dirk Caber Fucks Vincent Diaz) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Vincent Diaz wakes up horny as fuck, and wants nothing more than to have Dalton Briggs help relieve him of his morning wood. Unsuccessful in waking Dalton from his slumber, Vincent takes matters into his own hands. He’s in for quite the surprise when Dalton’s stepdad Dirk Caber hops into the bottom bunk with him for some discrete fun while Dalton snoozes up top.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Vincent Diaz in ‘Stepdick’ Part 1 at

Stepdick (Dalton Briggs Fucks Vincent Diaz) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Dalton Briggs and Vincent Diaz are enjoying some discrete fun while Dalton’s parents are out of the house. Vincent goes down on him just in time for his stepdad Dirk Caber to walk in. It’s a close call for Dalton as he keeps the man whose lips are around his cock a secret from Dirk while they’re all in the same room together.

Dalton Briggs Fucks Will Braun in ‘Becoming A Man’ at

Becoming A Man (Dalton Briggs Fucks Will Braun) at Str8 To Gay

Dalton Briggs is in town after graduating and decides to hit up old friend Will Braun. After spilling juice on his shirt, Dalton is persuaded to join Will in the shower—one thing leads to another and soon shy country guy Dalton is inside of Will with his huge pulsing cock.

Aspen, Dalton Briggs, Roman Todd & Will Braun in ‘The Purge’ at

The Purge (Aspen, Dalton Briggs, Roman Todd & Will Braun) at JizzOrgy

One day a year the world ceases to have morals. Any crime is permissible. Any indiscretion is permissible. It is a day that lacks conviction. It is a day of no judgement. The choices you make on this day have no repercussions. Go out and be free. Today is the purge.

Dalton Briggs Barebacks Bastian Hart in ‘Gifted Youth’ at Helix Studios

Gifted Youth (Dalton Briggs Barebacks Bastian Hart) at HelixStudios

Join us as we take a look at two of the most well endowed & blessed wunderkinder in twinkdom. Dalton Briggs & Bastian Hart are known famously and respectively for Dalton’s 8.5 inch fattie fuck sword and Bastian’s big, beautiful, in-your-face badonkadonk. These two twink titans open up for a juicy pregame interview and discuss their costar’s heavy duty hardware as well as their own impressive equipment before they collide and go head to tail.

Dalton Briggs and JJ Knight Fuck Lance Taylor Bareback at Guys In Sweatpants

Dalton Briggs and JJ Knight Fuck Lance Taylor Bareback at Guys In Sweatpants

There’s a lot of cock in this video — 25 inches to be exact. We took Dalton Briggs, JJ Knight and Lance Taylor out to the mountains to play and do a photoshoot, and on the way back, Lance decided to whip JJ’s 10-inch cock out and play with it (naturally, we filmed it).

Dalton Briggs Fucks Marcel Gassion Bareback in ‘Taking Care of Dalton’ at Bel Ami Online

Taking Care of Dalton (Dalton Briggs Fucks Marcel Gassion) (Bareback) at

Our American import Dalton Briggs is back again today with the second hardcore scene that he filmed for us. This time we have paired him up with another of our models that enjoys getting fucked by big dicks, Marcel Gassion.

Bel Ami Online: Dalton Briggs Fucks Roald Ekberg

HBel Ami Online: Dalton Briggs Fucks Roald Ekberg at

Poor Dalton Briggs. When he first approached and asked if he could film some scenes with us he was really keen to film with Kevin. Of course we told him that it would be fine, as long as he didn’t mind bottoming, as well all know Kevin currently is just a top. He readily agreed and we booked his tickets to come over.

CockyBoys: Dalton Briggs Fucks Dillon Rossi (Hung, Young & Ready To Cum)

Dalton Briggs Fucks Dillon Rossi (Hung, Young & Ready To Cum) at

Dillon Rossi was very excited to break in our newest CockyBoy, Dalton Briggs. Dalton is really the full package — beautiful eyes and smile, a chiseled body, and an amazing uncut cock. He’s also one of the most well-mannered, sweet, and confident CockyBoys to come through our doors, which of course made Dillon giddy with anticipation.

Helix Studios: Dalton Briggs (Stroking Solo)

Dalton Briggs (Stroking Solo) at HelixStudios

Introducing new Helix stud Dalton Briggs in his sexy solo debut. Originally from Russia, 19-year-old Dalton enjoys playing soccer and video games. But we have to address the elephant in the room.