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Michael DelRay and Jackson Traynor Flip-Fuck in ‘Open House’ at NextDoorRAW!

Open House (Michael DelRay and Jackson Traynor Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW!

Just killing time on a lazy Saturday, Michael Del Ray and boyfriend Jackson Traynor stumble upon an open house showing at a gigantic house. With no real intention to buy, they show themselves around as the property manager tends to business in another room. Upon entering the kitchen, Michael gets a sneaky little idea in his head and convinces Jackson to go for it right there in the kitchen. Jackson checks over his shoulder and sees that she’s far too preoccupied, so consents, and Michael quickly pulls off his pants and begins to suck his cock as he leans against the custom made granite countertops.

Paul Canon, Dalton Briggs, Ty Thomas and Jackson Traynor in ‘Cuddle Puddle’ at NextDoorRAW!

Cuddle Puddle (Paul Canon, Dalton Briggs, Ty Thomas and Jackson Traynor) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With good friend Ty Thomas coming over, Paul Canon and his boyfriend Jackson Traynor prepare their den for a movie night. Ty brings his new roomie Dalton Briggs over with him. Straight boy Dalton is rumored to have a giant dick, at least that’s the rumor his ex-girlfriend is circulating, and as the movie drags on and Jackson and Dalton both fall asleep, Paul and Ty confer about the validity of this statement.

ChaosMen: Franco & Jackson (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

ChaosMen: Franco & Jackson (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

I mentioned in the summary for Jackson’s blow job video that he had texted back right away, saying he was down to try anything.

I was a little dubious the oral was his first time, and him ready to jump in to getting fucked added the idea he might have some ‘at home’ experience. Although, in his oral video, he clearly was not smooth and by no means a pro.

ChaosMen Presents Monster Cock Week: Day 1 (feat. Jackson)

Jackson (Monster Cock Week) (Day 1) at ChaosMen

Jackson couldn’t be sweeter, and was happy to hear you guys were going to like his amazing abs along with his curved 8″ inch cock. He keeps his bush natural, but had been told to shave it off by another studio that never did follow through with him. I was shocked to hear that. My initial photos from him he had full bush, and we did wait for them to grow back a decent amount.