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Michael DelRay Fucks Cameron Boyd in ‘Breeding My Best Friend’s Brother’ at NextDoorRAW

Breeding My Best Friend's Brother (Michael Del Ray Fucks Cameron Boyd) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

When Cameron Boyd finds his brother’s best friend at the door, he finds it a little odd, but when Michael Del Ray can’t stop staring at the bulge underneath Cameron’s towel, the reason becomes more obvious. Michael seems intent on hooking up with Cameron, telling him he’s been waiting for the right time to pounce, and now that Cameron’s brother is gone, Michael has decided now is the perfect moment.

Michael Delray Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Love & Lust in New Orleans’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Love & Lust in New Orleans (Michael Delray Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

It’s a rainy day in New Orleans and Michael Delray and Skyy Knox have been out enjoying the sights and having some lunch. By the time they make it back to the house, they’re soaking wet and need to get out of their clothes. Skyy can see that Michael has a raging hard-on inside his undies and gets to work taking it all the way down his throat. It’s a big dick, but Skyy can manage the whole thing and when Michael is at full mast, he decides to return the favor.

Connor Halstead Fucks Michael DelRay in ‘Show Me Your Moves’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Show Me Your Moves (Connor Halstead Fucks Michael DelRay) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

Bummed and broke, Michael Del Ray is moping around the house and Connor Halsted has taken notice. Asking Michael what his deal is, he learns that Michael is looking for a job and just about out of options. Michael asks Connor if his bar is hiring, and Connor tells him they’re looking for a go-go dancer.

Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Hart in ‘Photo Assistant’ at DylanLucas

Photo Assistant (Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Hart) at DylanLucas

Lance Hart has been interviewing potential photo assistants for his new photography business and Michael Delray is the last one of the day. Lance asks the standard questions for any job interview but Michael’s answers are leading to something more than just an interview.

Michael DelRay Fucks Scotty Zee and Dakota Young in ‘Double Load Resort’ at NextDoorRAW!

Double Load Resort (Michael DelRay Fucks Scotty Zee and Dakota Young) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

As they arrive at their weekend resort, Dakota Young hopes the atmosphere will help boyfriend Scotty Zee to loosen up a little and have some fun, and when he sees fellow guest Michael DelRay sunning himself right outside their door, Dakota begins to work a scheme to make it happen. Opening the blinds as Michael works on his tan, Dakota begins to suck Scotty off in bed, confident that Michael is spying through the door.

Michael Delray, Danny Gunn and Dane Stewart in ‘Finding Father’ Scene 1 at IconMale

Finding Father (Michael Delray, Danny Gunn and Dane Stewart) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

Danny Gunn and Michael DelRay head out on their road trip journey to find Danny’s stepfather. They stop for a rest in a hotel parking lot and soon find out you don’t necessarily need money for a room. The two young men put on a nasty sex show for the big, burly, tattooed Dane Stewart. It’s Soon turns into a fat cock sucking, ass banging, cum drenched three-way!

Michael Delray and Pierce Paris Flip-Fuck in ‘Looking For The Big One’ Scene 2 at Falcon Studios

Looking For The Big One (Michael Delray and Pierce Paris Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

When Pierce Paris and Michael Delray get in from a morning on the sunny beach, they can’t keep their hands off each other. The toned studs kiss and feel each other through their shorts until Michael can no longer keep Pierce under wraps. With the flip of the Velcro crotch on Pierce’s board shorts, his swim suit hits the floor and his massive hard dick is revealed.

Michael DelRay Fucks Scotty Zee in ‘Watch Me Iron’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Watch Me Iron (Michael DelRay Fucks Scotty Zee) at Next Door Studios

With pool boy Michael Del Ray on his way over, exhibitionist Scotty Zee has already set up his ironing board and his cameras, flaunting his naked ass while doing his ironing in front of the giant glass doorway that leads to the pool. Michael can’t help but get an eyeful, and he definitely likes what he sees, so when Scotty opens the doors, Michael takes it as an invite and lets himself in, where he finds Scotty seated on the sofa masturbating. Scotty tells him not to be shy, and Michael immediately sets to sucking off his employer.

Dudes In Public 9: Gage Unkut Fucks Michael DelRey (Bareback)

Gage Unkut Fucks Michael DelRey (Bareback) at Dudes In Public

Watch as Gage Unkut and Michael DelRey fuck and suck all over a public bathroom without a care in the world.

Michael DelRay and Jackson Traynor Flip-Fuck in ‘Open House’ at NextDoorRAW!

Open House (Michael DelRay and Jackson Traynor Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW!

Just killing time on a lazy Saturday, Michael Del Ray and boyfriend Jackson Traynor stumble upon an open house showing at a gigantic house. With no real intention to buy, they show themselves around as the property manager tends to business in another room. Upon entering the kitchen, Michael gets a sneaky little idea in his head and convinces Jackson to go for it right there in the kitchen. Jackson checks over his shoulder and sees that she’s far too preoccupied, so consents, and Michael quickly pulls off his pants and begins to suck his cock as he leans against the custom made granite countertops.

Kurtis Wolfe Fucks Michael Delray in ‘One Night At The Ready’ Scene 1 at HotHouse

Kurtis Wolfe Fucks Michael Delray) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Michael Delray and Kurtis Wolfe are old college football buddies who married their college sweethearts. They get together once a week to watch the Buckeye game The Ready Bar. They’re complaining about their wives no longer putting out when Michael sets down his drink and heads to the bathroom. Kurtis watches him leave then follows Michael’s lead and heads off to join him. Kurtis can hear Michael beating off in the stall and after a slight hesitation, he pulls out his own big hairy cock and starts jacking off by the sinks.

Michael DelRay Fucks Dante Martin in ‘Strange Breed’ at NextDoorRAW!

Strange Breed (Michael Del Ray Fucks Dante Martin) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

With very specific instructions, Dante Martin unlocks the door, strips out of his clothes, blindfolds himself, and positions himself on the bed, ass up, to patiently wait for Daddy to come home. When he feels the reassuring touch of fingers massaging his hole, he instantly feels secure, but when the voice in his ear belongs to a stranger, he rips off the blindfold to see Michael Del Ray twirling his huge cock.

Billy Santoro Fucks Michael DelRay in ‘Every Town Secrets’ Part 2 at

Every Town Secrets (Billy Santoro Fucks Michael DelRay) (Part 2) at Str8-To-Gay

Paperboy Michael Del Ray has something naughty in mind—he’s skipping school to suck Billy Santoro’s raging cock. Billy follows the note left in the morning’s paper, leaving the door unlocked and his sex-drive in overdrive. He slams Michael’s ass, pumping him full of that strong meaty rod.

Michael DelRay Fucks Allen Lucas in ‘Fully Charged’ at NextDoorRAW!

Fully Charged (Michael DelRay Fucks Allen Lucas) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

Michael DelRay and Allen Lucas are trying to figure out the issue with the vans engine. Allen is teaching Michael everything he knows about cars and he’s slowly catching on.

Massage Bait (GayRoom): Big Oiled Dick (Michael Del Rey Fucks Seth Santoro)

Big Oiled Dick (Michael Del Rey Fucks Seth Santoro) at GayRoom

Big dick, Michael Del Rey, fucks smooth muscle bottom, Seth Santoro, after a sensual massage.

Michael DelRay Fucks Jake Davis in ‘Leather Virgin’ at NextDoorRAW!

Leather Virgin (Michael DelRay Fucks Jake Davis) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

As he models his prospective outfit for the festival, Jake Davis’ excitement is palpatable. Decked out in a leather harness, he fantasizes about all the hot guys that will be there. Friend Michael DelRay has a chuckle, unaware of what goes on at these types of events. Jake tries to explain it, and Michael tells him he’s just going for all the cock. Jake responds that cock is all he’s interested in, and Michael’s ears perk up. He briefly considers offering his own member for Jake’s consumption, but decides it’s too weird.

Michael DelRay Fucks Dakota Young in ‘Let Me Hold It’ at NextDoorWorld

Let Me Hold It (Michael DelRay Fucks Dakota Young) at Next Door World

Infringing upon his roommate’s privacy, Michael Del Ray has helped himself to try out Dakota Young’s newest Fleshjack, and by the looks of it, he’s getting a lot of satisfaction from his impromptu demo, so much so that he doesn’t notice when Dakota re-enters the room. Busted, Michael shows no remorse, telling Dakota he’s made a wise purchase, slipping it off his cock to hand back to it’s rightful owner.

Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Ford in ‘What Are Friends For?’ at NextDoorBuddies

What Are Friends For? (Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Ford) at Next Door Buddies

With his most recent relationship crumbling, Michael Del Ray recounts all of his laments about his girlfriend to best buddy Lance Ford over a couple of beers. Michael asks Lance if he has the same problems with the guys he dates, and Lance tells him that there’s heartache on both sides. ‘Yeah,’ Michael counters, ‘but I hear at least guys give better head.’With that, Lance seizes the opportunity to cash in on a fantasy he’s harbored for years, and that’s to have Michael’s meaty cock all to himself.

Mormon Boyz: Elder Ence: Second Anointing (with President Nelson)

Elder Ence: Second Anointing (with President Nelson) at

When Elder Ence enters a room filled with piercing white light, he is pleased to see President Nelson there in his pressed white suit. Ence hasn’t seen the ripped muscle daddy since he formally invited him to join The Order and the boy is eager to show the man all he’s learned since.

Phenix Saint Fucks Michael DelRay in ‘Peepers’ Part 3 at

Peepers (Phenix Saint Fucks Michael DelRay) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Phenix Saint can’t help but fantasize about Michael DelRay but it isn’t long before the fantasy becomes reality. Once caught jacking off in his closet, Phenix makes the move to get Michael’s mouth on his cock. What starts as a quick BJ turns into an ass-pumping good time.

MormonBoyz: Elders Dudley, Ence & Sorensen (Threesome)

Elders Dudley, Ence & Sorensen (Threesome) at

During transfers, Elder Dudley, Elder Ence (Michael Delray), and Elder Sorensen were paired together. This was somewhat awkward for poor Elder Dudley who feels like Elder Ence is the guy of his dreams. And although he feels like he has fallen in love with Ence, he still fooled around with Elder Sorensen while the two were on splits.

Derrick Dime Fucks Michael Del Ray in ‘Arousing Memories’ at NextDoorRAW!

Arousing Memories (Derrick Dime Fucks Michael Del Ray) at NextDoorRAW

As he lay in bed tossing and turning, Derrick Dime can’t seem to shake the memories of his past, and as he twirls the wedding ring on his finger, he can’t help but think he’s made a mistake. The next day, he decides to act on it, as repairman Michael Del Ray finishes up at the property Derrick is restoring.

Mark Long & Michael Del Ray Fuck Quentin Gainz in ‘Cocky Straight Boys’ at NextDoorWorld

Cocky Straight Boys (Mark Long & Michael Del Ray Fuck Quentin Gainz) at Next Door World

Michael Del Ray is a discerning man of taste who understands that quality doesn’t come cheap. Luckily for him he has the means available to serve as a Sugar Daddy to the boys happen to catch his eye. It doesn’t hurt that Michael has a giant 9′ dick to give them, as well. Quentin Gainz likes the money but he’s honestly addicted to the cock, so he pleads with Michael to see him again, but Michael tells him to honor the arrangement if he wants some face time.

Guys In Sweatpants: Michael DelRay Fills Up Brett Beckham (Bareback)

Michael DelRay Fills Up Brett Beckham (Bareback) at Guys In Sweatpants

Michael Del Ray and Brett Beckham make a hot paring. Both of them have those smooth swimmers builds but hide a big fat dick in their New Urban Male trunks. But things really get wet away from the pool and inside the bedroom. These two hunks attack each other with hot french kissing and soon their engorged cocks are sticking out of their swim suits. Brett bends down to get a taste of Michael’s cock first.

Michael DelRay Fucks Johnny V at American Muscle Hunks

Michael DelRay Fucks Johnny V at American Muscle Hunks

Michael DelRay and Johnny V team up in this unbelievably hot scene. Michael begins by sucking Johnny’s pulsing cock until Johnny can’t take it anymore and begs to suck Michael’s large tool. As Johnny starts working over Michael’s dick, Michael flips Johnny over and starts eating his ass.