Archives’s Str8-To-Gay Subsite, Str8-To-Gay has the hottest gay boys that have mastered the art of seducing straight guys. These horny str8 sluts will stop at nothing to convert the hottest men and convince them to fuck them like their girlfriends. You can finally watch now and learn from the best!

MEN: Pierce Paris Fucks Cazden Hunter in ‘Up The Ante: Bareback’

Up The Ante: Bareback (Pierce Paris Fucks Cazden Hunter) at Str8-To-Gay

MEN: Pierce Paris is working for a car service, and his client dark-haired Cazden Hunter won’t stop commenting on how good he looks.

MEN: Ashland Fucks Will Braun in ‘Puzzle Boy’

Puzzle Boy (Ashland Fucks Will Braun) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: Ashland opened the gift to find puzzle pieces. He then proceeded to put them together discovering an image of naked, fit Will Braun, and his big dick.

MEN: Aspen Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Anything For My Brother’

Anything For My Brother (Aspen Fucks Beaux Banks) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: Beaux Banks has a crush on his sister’s boyfriend, the muscular hunk Aspen, and desperately wants a piece of his ass.

MEN Series: Zach Country Fucks Ty Mitchell in ‘Tricky Tricks, Part 3’

Tricky Tricks, Part Three (Zach Country Fucks Ty Mitchell) at Str8 To Gay

Ty Mitchell is having an affair with slender, cute Zach Country, his property owner’s husband, and he’s been feeling guilty about it.

MEN Series: Diego Sans Fucks Lucas Leon in ‘Sex-Crazed Men, Part 3’

Sex-Crazed Men, Part Three (Diego Sans Fucks Lucas Leon) at Diego Sans sneaks into the room and discovers the hunk in question is Lucas Leon. Diego can’t wait to get caught so he can slide his tongue right between those fat ass cheeks. Just enough to loosen his hole to receive his deep penetration.

MEN Series: Lawrence Portland Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Sex Clues, Part 2’

Sex Clues, Part Two (Lawrence Portland Fucks Beaux Banks) at Str8 To Gay The only way Lawrence Portland is going to get any information is by giving Beaux Banks exactly what he wants. Which happens to be his massive cock and a good pounding.

MEN: JJ Knight Fucks Pierce Paris in ‘Closet Bottom’

Closet Bottom (JJ Knight Fucks Pierce Paris) at Str8 To Gay Pierce Paris’s girlfriend walks in the room with JJ Knight and catches him mid-stroke! She takes off, but tattooed JJ sees this as an opportunity to fulfill his own needs by offering up his big, hung dick.