Archives’s Str8-To-Gay Subsite, Str8-To-Gay has the hottest gay boys that have mastered the art of seducing straight guys. These horny str8 sluts will stop at nothing to convert the hottest men and convince them to fuck them like their girlfriends. You can finally watch now and learn from the best!

MEN: Kaleb Stryker Fucks Ty Mitchell in ‘Bro, Is That Your Dick?!’

Bro, Is That Your Dick?! (Kaleb Stryker Fucks Ty Mitchell) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: College cuties Kaleb Stryker and Ty Mitchell are out in the woods making up some credits. Their only assignment? Survive a night in the woods.

MEN Series: Johnny Rapid and Michael DelRay Flip-Fuck in ‘Flesh Peddler, Part 2’

Flesh Peddler, Part Two (Johnny Rapid and Michael DelRay Flip-Fuck) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: Johnny Rapid and Michael DelRay take turns giving long, deep blowjobs while the old perv records them. The two sexy dudes flip flop fuck on the leather couch, getting their holes pounded while they moan and beg for more until finally they blow their thick creamy loads all over their faces.

MEN: William Seed Fucks Seth Knight in ‘A Closer Shave’

A Closer Shave (William Seed Fucks Seth Knight) at MEN

MEN: Seth Knight’sburly barber William Seed suggests that maybe it’s time he gave men a try. Unsure at first, William shows the bearded cutie that he might need to open his mind, rubbing his hard cock against his face and lips before sneakily popping it into his mouth.

MEN Series: Kaleb Stryker Fucks Logan Cross in ‘Flesh Peddler, Part 1’

Flesh Peddler, Part 1 (Kaleb Stryker Fucks Logan Cross) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: When Logan Cross comes home with a fat wad of cash Kaleb Stryker is naturally curious where he got it. When Logan says that he earned it with his dick Kaleb decides he needs to get to the bottom of it.

MEN Series: Chris Blades Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘A Mind Of Its Own, Part 1’

A Mind Of Its Own, Part One (Chris Blades Fucks Jacob Peterson) at MEN

Ignoring Chris Blades’ protest that he has a girlfriend, Chris’ cock insists that he should fuck his roommate, the towering Adonis Jacob Peterson.

MEN: Scott Demarco Fucks Logan Cross in ‘Cock Hungry Cowboy’

Cock Hungry Cowboy (Scott Demarco Fucks Logan Cross) at MEN

MEN: When cock-hungry cowboy Scott DeMarco sets his eyes on sweet-faced Logan Cross, he wastes no time lassoing the twink right out from under his female companion!

MEN: Kaleb Stryker Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Rodeo Romeo’

Rodeo Romeo (Kaleb Stryker Fucks Johnny Rapid) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: Ranch hand, Kaleb Stryker, spots straight rider Johnny Rapid after a particularly impressive ride, he can’t get his mind off of him.

MEN Bareback: Jax Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Bubble Bath Bang’

Bubble Bath Bang (Jax Fucks Jake Porter) at MEN

MEN: Almost caught by Jake Porter’s nosy mother, he stuffs Jax under the bubbles until she’s gone. Jax pounds Jake’s hole all over the bathroom in this wet and wild bareback fuck fest.

MEN Series: Jax Fucks Argos in ‘DICKSTRACTION, Part 2’

DICKSTRACTION, Part Two (Jax Fucks Argos) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Argos can’t take his eyes off of his hot step-dad Jax. He’s decided that enough is enough and he’s going to do whatever it takes to seduce him.

MEN: Johnny Rapid Fucks Michael Boston in ‘You’ve Changed, Bro!’

You've Changed, Bro! (Johnny Rapid Fucks Michael Boston) at MEN

MEN: Johnny Rapid and boy-next-door Michael Boston haven’t seen each other in years. The boys get together again for a good old fashioned movie night, but things take a turn when Michael finds the unimaginable on his old friend’s television– gay porn!

MEN: Alex Mecum Fucks William Seed in ‘Mr Fix-It’

Mr Fix-It (Alex Mecum Fucks William Seed) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: Alex Mecum’s wife gives him a business card for Mr. Fix-It, William Seed, she doesn’t realize it but she’s actually solving both of their problems. The two horny hunks fuck right there on the kitchen floor with Alex’s wife only a few feet away!

MEN: JJ Knight Fucks Michael Jackman in ‘Manifesting Dick’

Manifesting Dick (JJ Knight Fucks Michael Jackman) at

MEN: After a chance encounter, straight hunk JJ Knight can’t stop thinking about Michael Jackman. The tall, muscular Michael keeps showing up in JJ’s dreams.

MEN Bareback: Dean Phoenix Fucks Michael DelRay in ‘Shameless Thot’

Shameless Thot (Dean Phoenix Fucks Michael DelRay) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: Michael DelRay is trying to get the perfect thotty picture to tweet out to his followers, when his new step-dad, the DILFy and muscular Dean Phoenix catches him in the act.