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CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola

Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola at

One snowy evening in a high-rise hotel, restless & horny Troy Accola goes to great lengths to get laid. Leaving his door unlatched he sends out a live video stroking his cock and fingering his hole in the hopes that the recipient Ashton Summers will take the bait…

Ashton Summers Fucks Travis Berkley in ‘Photoshoot Bareback’ at Helix Studios

Photoshoot Bareback (Ashton Summers Fucks Travis Berkley) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Porn legend Ashton Summers is paired with one of our freshest new twinks, Travis Berkley for a double gorgeous photo shoot. After some horsing around and heavy duty flirting the poses lead to kisses, undressing and- HALLELUJAH- cock sucking!

Ashton Summers Fucks Leo Frost in ‘Hot Summers Day’ at Helix Studios

Hot Summers Day (Ashton Summers Fucks Leo Frost) at HelixStudios

It doesn’t get much hotter than Ashton Summers! We’ve gifted him (and you) with one of the freshest new faces on the Helix roster, Leo Frost. Little Leo is a tight blond boy with a NOT so little cock! The scene starts perfectly pervy. We get to peep through the curtains at these two sexy bastards like a peeping tom gettin’ all the goods!

Ashton Summers Fucks Landon Vega in ‘Latin Lust’ at Helix Studios

Latin Lust (Ashton Summers Fucks Landon Vega) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Heated up latin hotties Ashton Summers and Landon Vega ignite the screen from the word go with a lip smacking make out session that leads them south of the border. Ashton takes control of the tasty bronze twink, getting between his legs and going to work on that mammoth member of his.

Ashton Summers Fucks Gabriel Martin in ‘Fuente De Amor’ at Helix Studios

Fuente De Amor (Ashton Summers Fucks Gabriel Martin) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Super star Ashton Summers and gorgeous new boy Gabriel Martin make masturbation magic that will set your screen on FIRE! They flirt in their native language of lust, even if you don’t speak Spanish, the seductive sounds rolling off these golden god’s talented tongues will transport you to an exotic, erotic journey.

Ashton Summers Fucks Tyler Hill in ‘Pride Pound’ at Helix Studios

Pride Pound (Ashton Summers Fucks Tyler Hill) at HelixStudios

There’s always a special kind of magic in the air during Gay Pride. After a full day of fun Ashton Summers and Tyler Hill head back to the house to shower off, sweaty from a long day’s celebration. Tyler looks tasty as hell dripping wet while sudsing up his supple plump back side.

Kyle Ross Bottoms For Ashton Summers in ‘Kyle’s Crush’ at Helix Studios

Kyle's Crush (Kyle Ross Bottoms For Ashton Summers) at HelixStudios

Beautiful blond boy Kyle Ross has been crushing HARD on uber hottie Ashton Summers. He sees him running the stairs everyday for his work outs while Ross hits the books. When Summers lifts his shirt up to wipe the sweat glistening on his gorgeous face, Kyle can’t take his eyes off the stud and soon the sexy pair find a private place for Kyle’s fantasy to cum to true.

Ashton Summers Fucks Ben Masters in “Summers’ Sin” at Helix Studios

Summers Sun (Ashton Summers Fucks Ben Masters) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Cuddled up at a cozy cabin in the woods, perfect couple Ashton Summers and Ben Masters are determined to make the most of this romantic get away. Without a worry in the world, the couple enjoy the fresh mountain air outside in the sunlight. The fresh air fires up their horny hormones, getting them aroused and anxious to enjoy natures other naughtier, girthy gifts. The mountain air has replenished Ben’s sucking power and he gets down to blowing Ashton’s ample appendage. Summers injects some spiciness with some salty schlong slapping to his boy’s beautiful face.

Ashton Summers Fucks Joey Mills in ‘Cabin Fever’ at Helix Studios

Cabin Fever (Ashton Summers Fucks Joey Mills) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Twink super star Joey Mills is holed up in a cabin in the woods with super sexy Ashton Summers. With no one around for miles and no tv, the boys take advantage of the privacy and get pervy! It’s clear jailbait Joey wants all Ashton has to offer, which is a whole lotta dick, AND the skills to tame the twink with it!

Ashton Summers & Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck! at CockyBoys

Ashton Summers & Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck! at

Ashton Summers and Jack Hunter had followed each other on Twitter for a long time, hoping for a scene and fantasizing about it. When they meet they’re full of mutual compliments PLUS they’re both want a flip-fuck. Perfect! They kiss slowly as Ashton slips out of his clothes and his steel boner pops up while his sculpted muscles flex effortlessly. Jack takes Ashton’s cock in his mouth and relishes every inch giving Ashton breathless pleasure. He’s eager to give Jack the same pleasure and doesn’t hold back telling Jack how much he enjoys it.

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers and Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck

Ashton Summers and Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck at

Fate and CockyBoys bring together Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers, back in action after a year and looking hotter than ever. They had wanted to work together for a long time before this so they’re very happy and excited. BUT, they take it slow once their scene begins. Kissing and embracing with tender passion, clothes come off and Ashton takes out Calvin’s hardening cock, lingering on its powerful beauty before taking it in his mouth. After getting sucked with increasing hunger, Calvin slows things slightly to sit Ashton on the coffee table, undress him and enjoy his ready cock.

Justin Matthews Fucks Ashton Summers at CockyBoys

Justin Matthews Fucks Ashton Summers at

It’s been awhile, but Justin Matthews is back and better than ever. With his rock-hard abs and equally rock-hard cock, he’s more than ready to make one lucky and unsuspecting bottom run for his money. Good thing Ashton Summers and his perfectly round bubble-butt are ready and primed for the task.

Ashton Summers & Cory Kane Flip-Fuck at CockyBoys

Ashton Summers & Cory Kane Flip-Fuck at

It’s a rainy day outside and Ashton Summers and Cory Kane are snuggling up inside while keeping each other warm. Cory was down to explore a bit but Ashton is an island boy so he likes the sun and wanted to stay in and play so of course Cory was happy to do that as well. As they lay on the couch and make out Cory’s hand slowly makes its way down to Ashton’s rock hard cock and starts to play with it.

Ashton Summers Pounds Dillon Rossi in ‘In The Heat of the Night’ at CockyBoys

In The Heat of the Night (Ashton Summers Pounds Dillon Rossi) at

It’s getting a little chilly on the back patio so Ashton Summers and Dillon Rossi decide to build a fire to warm things up a bit. The find a lighter and grab some firewood and before you know it a roaring fire is blazing up the early evening.

Ashton Summers Barebacks Brendan Phillips at RandyBlue

Ashton Summers Fucks Brendan Phillips (Bareback) at RandyBlue

Latin Gay Porn Star, Ashton Summers, fills a load of cum inside gym body builder Brendan Phillips.

Introducing Ashton Summers with Carter Dane in ‘Hard Wood’ at CockyBoys

Hard Wood (Introducing Ashton Summers with Carter Dane!) at

Ashton Summer is new to Cockyboys and Carter Dane can’t wait to introduce him to everyone. The two of them really hit it off on the dancefloor when they first met but what they didn’t know was that they were both ballet dancers which of course explains the chemistry they had at the club. Back at the house the two of them can’t stop flirting with each other as they keep practicing ballet moves out on the front yard. Since this was their first time in the area the two of them decided to go out and explore. Once they got to the lake and it seemed like no one was around there was only one thing left to do – drop the pants and start sucking each other’s cocks.

Logan Rogue Flip-Fucks Ashton Summers in ‘Bareback Auditions 3’ Part 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 3 (Logan Rogue Flip-Fucks Ashton Summers) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

Ashton Summers returns for another go in ‘Bareback Auditions 03’ and the production team was ready to meet his needs. Logan Rogue was on set and hungry for some young meat, and Ashton has a thing for blonds. Logan sucks, licks, and fucks his Puerto Rican bottom before flipping over and giving him a shot as his own butt.

Alexander Volkov & Ashton Summers Flip-Fuck in ‘Bareback Auditions 3’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 3 (Alexander Volkov & Ashton Summers Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

Alexander Volkov is at the top of everyone’s list to get a turn with, and Ashton Summers is next in line. Ashton isn’t shy about showing off his flexibility (he’s a trained dancer, after all) and he loves a well-built guy, so the Russian hunk Volkov is a major score.

Ashton Summers Bottoms For Jonah Fontana in ‘Hitting It Raw’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Hitting It Raw (Ashton Summers Bottoms For Jonah Fontana) at LucasEntertainment

Jonah Fontana is back for more action, and this time around he wants to get his dick wet in Ashton Summers. Here’s the question, though: how easy will Ashton give it up to Jonah’ You don’t have to look far for the answer…

Ashton Summers Flip-Fucks Michael DelRay Bareback in ‘Ass Blasters’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Ass Blasters (Ashton Summers Flip-Fucks Michael DelRay Bareback) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

Ashton Summers and Michael DelRay could be brothers, and I’m sure that will appeal to a lot of the bareback gay porn fans out there.

Alex Mason & Ashton Summers Flip-Fuck Bareback in ‘Hole Wreckers’ Scene 2 at LucasEntertainment

Hole Wreckers (Alex Mason & Ashton Summers Flip-Fuck Bareback) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

Dylan James and Hugh Hunter started out the movie “Hole Wreckers” with some hard and rough fucking, but now Alex Mason and Ashton Summers show us how to take it easy when having sex. Alex is a lean otter and Ashton is a lean beach bum — it makes for the perfect sexual combination in this bareback sex encounter…

Jake Andrews and Ashton Summers Spit-Roast Rafael Lords in ‘Bareback Boyfriend Swap’ at Lucas Entertainment

Jake Andrews Shares Rafael Lords With Ashton Summers Bareback at LucasEntertainment

Sharing is caring: that’s a lesson Jake Andrews wants to demonstrate to Rafael Lords. The couple gets frisky on their bed when their housemate Ashton Summers “accidentally” stumbles across their fun. (Jake Andrews is performing oral sex on Rafael Lords, so of course Ashton Summers is going to be intrigued upon his intrusion.) Why be prudes when it’s far better to have an extra body to throw around?