Archives’s Drill My Hole Subsite, Drill My Hole: Our boys have been very bad and they need to be punished! Brutally dominant tops have been brought in to teach these boys a lesson they won’t soon forget.

MEN: Diego Reyes Fucks Lukas Daken in ‘Shadow Fucker’

Shadow Fucker (Diego Reyes Fucks Lukas Daken) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Lukas Daken and his shadow both get to suck hairy Diego Reyes’ thick meat before receiving a wet ass rimming opening them up for a deep drilling.

MEN: Diego Sans Fucks Vinny Blackwood in ’69 Days Without Sex’

69 Days Without Sex (Diego Sans Fucks Vinny Blackwood) at Drill My Hole

Vinny Blackwood, has gone days without sex and he is slowly losing it! Diego Sans is here to save the day with his thick penis!

MEN: Paddy O’Brian Fucks Orson Deane in ‘Power Dynamics’

Power Dynamics (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Orson Deane) at Drill My Hole

Power Dynamics: Paddy O’Brian is more than willing to give Orson Deane a test run for the job Orson seeks as he whips out his massive, throbbing cock.

MEN: William Seed Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Pranksters, Part 10’

Pranksters, Part Ten (William Seed Fucks Jake Porter) at Drill My Hole

Prankster William Seed decided to dress up in a dick costume. Jake Porter saw him coming so he was ready and waiting for tattooed William with his bubble butt peeking out his jeans.

MEN Series: Leo Giamani Returns to Fuck Alex Mecum in ‘Our Labor Is Sex, Part 2’

Our Labor Is Sex, Part Two (Leo Giamani Fucks Alex Mecum) at Drill My Hole

Porn stars, Leo Giamani and Alex Mecum, tell us why they love porn. It’s clear that both muscular men enjoy being able to meet different people. Alex and Leo give each other some lip service until Leo is ready to top Alex and piledrives into him.

MEN Series: Diego Sans Fucks Pierce Paris in ‘Our Labor Is Sex, Part 1’

Our Labor Is Sex, Part One (Diego Sans Fucks Pierce Paris) at Drill My Hole

Our Labor Is Sex: Diego Sans slowly fucks Pierce Paris’s throat with his throbbing, uncut cock as Pierce strokes his dick. Soon, muscular Diego is laying pipe and digging in as deep as he can.

MEN: Will Braun Fucks Spencer Whitman in ‘Robot Date’

Robot Date (Will Braun Fucks Spencer Whitman) at Drill My Hole

Robot Date: Will Braun is pretending to be a robot and it is driving Spencer Whitman crazy! He kicks Will out of the house and calls an Uber only to find that Will is his driver!

MEN: Nic Sahara Fucks Buck Richards in ‘DICKSTRACTION’

DICKSTRACTION (Nic Sahara Fucks Buck Richards) at Drill My Hole

Buck Richards is vying for some attention, but athletic hunk Nic Sahara is too busy playing video games with his friend to notice.

MEN: Rick Fantana Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Mystery Guest’

Mystery Guest (Rick Fantana Fucks Jacob Peterson) at Drill My Hole

Porn star Rick Fantana discovers lean, hairy-chested Jacob Peterson hiding in his closet and proceeds to punish him for trespassing.