Archives’s Drill My Hole Subsite, Drill My Hole: Our boys have been very bad and they need to be punished! Brutally dominant tops have been brought in to teach these boys a lesson they won’t soon forget.

MEN Bareback: Arad Winwin Fucks Finn Daniels in ‘Don’t Touch The Art!’

Don't Touch The Art (Arad Winwin Fucks Finn Daniels) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Finn Daniels is bored with his job as a museum watchman. When Finn gets too close to an alarmingly lifelike sculpture of Arad Winwin, the hairy-chested guard discovers that he might not be the only one bored in the gallery.

MEN Bareback: Cameron Parks Fucks Cassidy Clyde

Cameron Parks Fucks Cassidy Clyde [Bareback] at MEN

MEN: Curly-haired cutie Cameron Parks and exclusive Cassidy Clyde give an intimate peek into their sexual histories and feelings about each other in a brief interview with handsome men.

MEN Series: Max Konnor Fucks Michael Roman in ‘Nasty Nights, Part 3’

Nasty Nights, Part Three (Max Konnor Fucks Michael Roman) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Michael Roman comes across Max Konnor naked and stroking his huge cock. The shaved headed stud can’t resist and gives Max a long wet blowjob.

MEN: William Seed Fucks Shane Jackson in ‘William Seed Saves The World’

William Seed Saves The World (William Seed Fucks Shane Jackson) at Drill My Hole

MEN: The smoking hot William Seed is here to save the world, one insatiable hole at a time. William pounds Shane Jackson’s ass, dicking him deep and rough in that signature Seed style before slinging him over his shoulder to let Shane slurp his cock upside down.

MEN Series: Boomer Banks Fucks Colton Grey in ‘Nasty Nights, Part 1’

Nasty Nights, Part One (Boomer Banks Fucks Colton Grey) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Boomer Banks comes across Colton Grey in an alley looking sexy in some tight black shorts. The two nasty studs can’t resist their instant attraction and soon Boomer has Colton bent over taking a long silver dildo deep in his ass.

MEN Series: Andy Onassis Fucks Gabriel Phoenix in ‘Social Climber, Part 1’

Social Climber, Part One (Andy Onassis Fucks Gabriel Phoenix) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Gabriel Phoenix embarks on his journey of undermining the king by getting in touch with his blue collar roots. Today he seduces the king’s housekeeper, the dark-haired muscle top Andy Onassis.

MEN Bareback: Tristan Jaxx Fucks Argos in ‘Our Last Night Together’

Our Last Night Together (Tristan Jaxx Fucks Argos) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Breaking up is always hard, but it’s especially hard when you have the kind of chemistry that Tristan Jaxx and Argos have.

MEN Series: Pierce Paris Fucks Shane Jackson in ‘Power Yoga, Part 3’

Power Yoga, Part Three (Pierce Paris Fucks Shane Jackson) at

MEN: Pierce Paris and Shane Jackson show up to their yoga class ready for a tough workout. However, when Shane asks Pierce to help him stretch they realize that they’re going to be pushing each other a lot farther than they expected.

MEN: William Seed Fucks Matthew Parker in ‘Quite The Catch’

Quite The Catch (William Seed Fucks Matthew Parker) at Drill My Hole

MEN: When mustached hottie Matthew Parker sits down beside angler, William Seed, the men realize they have bigger fish to fry than the ones in the river.