Archives’s Drill My Hole Subsite, Drill My Hole: Our boys have been very bad and they need to be punished! Brutally dominant tops have been brought in to teach these boys a lesson they won’t soon forget.

MEN: Jake Porter’s Clone Blows Ryan Bones in ‘Attack of My Clone’

Attack of My Clone (Ryan Bones Fucks Jake Porter's Clones) at Drill My Hole

Adorable hunk, Jake Porter, clones himself so that he can skip doing housework. This surprises Ryan Bones, his dark-haired, tattooed and muscular partner.

MEN Series: Reformed Sinner, Part 1 (Jean Franko and Louis Ricaute Flip-Fuck)

Reformed Sinner, Part One (Jean Franko Fucks Louis Ricaute) at Drill My Hole

Venezuelan stud and reformed sinner, Jean Franko, imagines he and Louis Ricaute lip-locked and exploring each other’s bodies. Meanwhile, he prepares to dive deep in Louis’ hole for a much needed release.

MEN Series: Dato Foland Fucks Damon Heart in ‘Sex Stories, Part 2’

Sex Stories, Part Two (Dato Foland Fucks Damon Heart) at Drill My Hole

Now, it’s time for handsome, dark-haired stud Damon Heart to tell his own Sex Story. Here he’s chosen beefy Dato Foland to help him act it out.

MEN Series: Myles Landon Fucks Titus in ‘Living That Ho Life!’

Living That Ho Life!, Part Three (Myles Landon Fucks Titus) at Drill My Hole

Living That Ho Life, Part Three: Muscular Myles Landon is invited to dinner by Titus as a special guest. Young Titus then engages in a special game of footsy or, in this case, “dicksy”.

MEN Series: William Seed Fucks Derek Allan in ‘SNAP!, Part 4’

SNAP!, Part 4 (William Seed Fucks Derek Allan) at Drill my Hole

Derek Allan only has one thing on his mind and with one SNAP of his fingers, William Seed is standing in front of him butt naked!

MEN Series: On Leave, Part 1 (JJ Knight Fucks Dante Colle)

On Leave, Part 1 (JJ Knight Fucks Dante Colle) at Drill My Hole

Athletic, military hunk Dante Colle is on leave and he’s looking for a place to stay. He stops to ask chiseled blondie, JJ Knight, for suggestions.

MEN: Axel Kane Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Johnny’s Find’

Johnny's Find (Axel Kane Fucks Johnny Rapid) at MEN

Johnny Rapid’s first find is Asian hunk, Axel Kane. He sneaks into the shower and takes over the cleaning duties, starting with a good tongue washing before turning around and getting ass pumped doggy-style.

MEN Series: Arad Winwin and JJ Knight Tag-Team Jeremy Spreadums in ‘Friends Share, Part 2’

Friends Share, Part 2 (Arad Winwin and JJ Knight Tag-Team Jeremy Spreadums) at Drill My Hole

After exotic hottie Arad Winwin sees his gorgeous roommate, JJ Knight’s brawny, adorable booty call, Jeremy Spreadums, he sneaks into his JJ’s room to see if he can get some action too!

MEN Series: Sex Stories, Part 1 (Paddy O’Brian Fucks Damon Heart)

Sex Stories, Part One (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Damon Heart) at Drill My Hole

British hunk Paddy O’Brian leaves behind a tape for strapping stud, Damon Heart. Damon is glued to the screen as he listens to Paddy tell his Sex Stories.

Axel Kane Appears in Johnny Rapid’s New MEN Series: Johnny’s Find

Johnny's Find (Axel Kane Fucks Johnny Rapid) at MEN

Popular twink porn star, Johnny Rapid, is starting a new series called “Johnny’s Find!” His first find is Asian hunk, Axel Kane.

MEN Series: Living That Ho Life! (Arad Winwin Fucks Titus)

Living That Ho Life!, Part One (Arad Winwin Fucks Titus) at Drill My Hole

Titus decides it’s time to get out there and live that ho life! His first conquest; sexy, muscular stud named Arad Winwin.

MEN Series: Diego Sans Fucks Blaze Burton in “Paramour, Part 3”

Paramour, Part 3 (Diego Sans Fucks Blaze Burton) at Drill My Hole

Paramour, Part 3: Hairy hunk Diego Sans gets special services from Blaze Burton. Blaze gets a deep tissue, anal massage with Diego’s dick.

MEN Series: JJ Knight Fucks Beaux Banks in “Paramour, Part 2”

Paramour, Part 2 (JJ Knight Fucks Beaux Banks) at Drill My Hole

Paramour, Part 2: Brown-haired, adorable Beaux Banks is having an affair with his unhappily married, sexy, well-built next door neighbor, JJ Knight.