Archives’s Drill My Hole Subsite, Drill My Hole: Our boys have been very bad and they need to be punished! Brutally dominant tops have been brought in to teach these boys a lesson they won’t soon forget.

MEN Series: Paul Canon Fucks Colton Grey in ‘Attack Of My Clone, Part 4’

Attack of My Clone, Part Four (Paul Canon Fucks Colton Grey) at Drill My Hole

Colton Grey is totally oblivious to the fact that Paul Canon has a clone. So, Paul instructs his clone to take his place, and fuck Colton exactly the way he likes it. Colton definitely won’t be able to tell them apart once he’s being deep-dicked!

MEN Series: Dante Colle Fucks Shane Jackson in ‘The Longest Erection of My Life, Part 1’

The Longest Erection of My Life, Part One (Dante Colle Fucks Shane Jackson) at Drill My Hole

Shane Jackson just happened to be walking by Dante Colle’s window, and sneaks into the house to get an up close and personal show. Dark-haired Dante is stunned to see him, but he excited to bust another nut.

MEN: Ryan Bones Fucks Brandon Jones in “Creepin’ That Cock”

Creepin' That Cock (Ryan Bones Fucks Brandon Jones) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Ryan Bones isn’t one to turn away a good blowjob or the chance to fuck a tight eager bottom bitch like Brandon Jones.

MEN: Blake Ryder Fucks Casey Jacks in ‘Don’t Say A Word!’

Don't Say A Word (Blake Ryder Fucks Casey Jacks) at Drill My Hole

Casey Jacks gives his boyfriend a new VR game set to keep him distracted long enough for Blake Ryder to come over and fuck him.

MEN: Michael Roman Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Put It In Me!’

Put It In Me! (Michael Roman Fucks Armond Rizzo) at Drill My Hole Armond Rizzo is instantly turned on by Michael Roman’s huge, thick cock, and waits for him to return home later in the day with his spread ass cheeks. Will Michael take the bait and put it in him?

MEN Series: Lucas Fox and Louis Ricaute Flip-Fuck in ‘See You In My Dreams, Part 1’

See You In My Dreams, Part One (Lucas Fox and Louis Ricaute Flip-Fuck) at MEN

MEN: Lucas Fox and beefy beau Louis Ricaute are participating in a study to observe their dreams. They get hooked up to a few systems that will monitor their brain activity. Soon enough they meet up in their dreams.

MEN Series: Tyler Roberts Fucks Trelino in ‘Taboo, Part 2’

Taboo, Part Two (Tyler Roberts Fucks Trelino) at

MEN: Trelino has quite the smelly fetish! He loves smelling sweaty, used socks and underwear, especially from his tall, hot roommate Tyler Roberts.

MEN Series: Blake Ryder Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Pranksters, Part 14’

Pranksters, Part Fourteen (Blake Ryder Fucks Jake Porter) at Drill My Hole

Prankster Jake Porter’s butt plug falls out when he asks Blake Ryder to spot him with his weights. Most of the guys run off, but not blond-haired stud Blake Ryder.

MEN Series: William Seed Fucks Theo Ross in ‘Attack of My Clone, Part 3’

Attack of My Clone, Part Three (William Seed Fucks Theo Ross) at Drill My Hole

Theo Ross has the brilliant idea to create a clone of his ex, William Seed. He’s overjoyed when he gets an exact replica! Theo doesn’t waste any time testing out the goods

MEN Series: Ryan Bones Fucks D.O. in ‘Cheaters, Part 4’

Cheaters, Part Four (Ryan Bones Fucks D.O.) at MEN muscular D.O. is on a mission to get inside of beefy Ryan Bones’s pants; however, he knows hunky Ryan is mostly into younger men.

MEN: Diego Sans Fucks Pierre Fitch in ‘Bottoms Up’

Bottoms Up (Diego Sans Fucks Pierre Fitch) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Diego Sans and athletic Pierre Fitch are on a first date enjoying each other’s company. Hairy Diego is already horny, and ready to taste a piece of adorable Pierre, but Pierre doesn’t want to give it up just yet.

MEN Series: Blaze Austin Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Pranksters, Part 13’

Pranksters, Part Thirteen (Blaze Austin Fucks Jake Porter) at Drill My Hole

Prankster and wedgie-puller, Blaze Austin, is getting his way until he ends up on chiseled hunk Jake Porter, who happens to be wearing lacy, pink panties!

MEN Series: William Seed Fucks D.O. in ‘Virtual Fuck, Part 3’

Virtual Fuck, Part Three (William Seed Fucks D.O.) at Drill My Hole

Porn star, D.O., is feeling horny, and decides pull out his virtual reality goggles and fuck William Seed.