Malik Delgaty

Check out porn star Malik Delgaty gay porn scenes and updates, here on Malik Delgaty’s Threeway with Roman Todd and Shamu Azizam in ‘The Thirst, Part 3’

The Thirst, Part 3 (Roman Todd, Malik Delgaty and Shamu Azizam) at presents “The Thirst, Part 3” with Malik Delgaty, Roman Todd, and Shamu Azizam. Malik confronts warlord Roman in a steamy desert scene. They share a decadent hot shower, suck and finger each other, and take turns using Shamu’s holes. Experience intense frotting, riding, and two explosive loads.

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Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall Malik Delgaty Fucks Angel Santana in ‘Bowling Alley Fuckdown’

Bowling Alley Fuckdown (Malik Delgaty Fucks Angel Santana) at

Watch ‘Bowling Alley Fuckdown’ on, featuring Angel Santana and Malik Delgaty in a steamy bowling lesson turned hot encounter. As Malik shows Angel how to improve his form, things heat up when an unexpected rip leads to a wild ride. Don’t miss the intense action!

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall Malik Delgaty Fucks Marcus McNeil and Felix Trainor in ‘Twinning Is Fucking Winning’

Twinning Is Fucking Winning (Malik Delgaty Fucks Marcus McNeil and Felix Trainor) at

Marcus McNeil and Felix Trainor’s lookalike hookup turns into a steamy threesome with Malik Delgaty in ‘Twinning Is Fucking Winning’ at Surprises unfold as Malik joins the action, leading to intense spit-roasting and shared climaxes. Malik Delgaty Fucks Allen King in ‘Sporty And Horny’

Sporty And Horny (Malik Delgaty Fucks Allen King) at’s ‘Sporty and Horny’ features gay porn stars Allen King and Malik Delgaty in a steamy encounter that starts on the couch and ends in the bedroom. Watch as the game night turns into a passionate play, with sneaky fun and intense action. Don’t miss this thrilling scene!

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WhyNotBi?: Malik Delgaty, Waiter Mateo Tomas and GF La Petite Blonde in ‘Valentine’s Day Fuck Feast’

Valentine’s Day Fuck Feast (Malik Delgaty, Mateo Tomas and La Petite Blonde) at WhyNotBi

Join Malik Delgaty, his girlfriend La Petite Blonde, and waiter Mateo Tomas in ‘Valentine’s Day Fuck Feast’ at WhyNotBi? for a romantic threesome. Experience the excitement as flirtation turns into a passionate encounter, blending romance with wild desires. Watch now!

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2 Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto in ‘Hungry For His Baguette’

Hungry For His Baguette (Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto) at

Join porn stars Liam Alyesto and Malik Delgaty in ‘Hungry For His Baguette’. Witness the sizzling winter action as Liam, in a onesie, tempts Malik with a suggestive baguette play. Under-the-table hand jobs, passionate bedroom scenes, and intense spoon-position action await in this thrilling encounter. Don’t miss the explosive climax with Liam and Malik! Ice Rink Rivals Malik Delgaty and Dom King DP Ref Mateo Zagal in ‘No Pucks Given’

No Pucks Given (Malik Delgaty, Dom King and Mateo Zagal) at

Experience intense locker room dynamics in’s ‘No Pucks Given’ featuring Dom King, Malik Delgaty, and Mateo Zagal. Watch as a heated hockey match leads to unexpected encounters, with referee Mateo creatively resolving the tension between the players. Malik Delgaty Fucks Michael Vente in ‘Stuck In The Ceiling’

Stuck In The Ceiling (Malik Delgaty Fucks Michael Vente) at

Watch Malik Delgaty and Michael Vente in ‘Stuck In The Ceiling’ on! Newcomer Michael can’t resist experienced hunk Malik. A ladder mishap leads to a steamy encounter, with Michael sucking and riding Malik’s big dick. Experience intense action from piledriver to doggystyle, culminating in both men reaching climax. Don’t miss this high-energy scene where work turns into pleasure!

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall Malik Delgaty Shoves Game Controller Up Inside Zack Mackay in ‘1-Up His Ass’

1-Up His Ass (Malik Delgaty Fucks Zack Mackay) at

Watch stars Zack Mackay and Malik Delgaty in ‘1-Up His Ass’ as a gaming session turns steamy. Zack is irked to find Malik gaming instead of cleaning, but lust takes over as he rips open Malik’s briefs. Angry yet aroused, Malik dominates Zack with the controller, leading to intense doggystyle and missionary. Don’t miss Zack riding Malik until they both reach a climactic finish! Malik Delgaty Fucks Mateo Zagal in ‘Heating Up The Tanning Salon’

Heating Up The Tanning Salon (Malik Delgaty Fucks Mateo Zagal) at

In ‘Heating Up The Tanning Salon’ at, Mateo Zagal and Malik Delgaty turn a routine tanning session into an exhilarating encounter. Their chemistry ignites under the salon lights, leading to an intense session that goes beyond tanning, with passionate moments captured in every corner of the booth.

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall Malik Delgaty Tops Sam Ledger in ‘Bussy Control’

Bussy Control (Malik Delgaty Tops Sam Ledger) at

Discover’s ‘Bussy Control’ where Sam Ledger is left with a MenSexGear Saddle by his boyfriend. During a job interview, Malik Delgaty uncovers Sam’s secret, leading to an intense office encounter. High-quality, immersive scene featuring innovative adult toys and passionate action.

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall

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