Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto in ‘Hungry For His Baguette’

Hungry For His Baguette (Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto) at

Hungry For His Baguette (Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto) at
Hungry For His Baguette (Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto) at
Hungry For His Baguette (Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto) at

Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto in ‘Hungry For His Baguette’ at

In the scene “Hungry For His Baguette,” porn stars Liam Alyesto and Malik Delgaty turn a chilly winter day into a sizzling encounter. The action begins after the pair, along with their girlfriends, spend a day in the wilderness. As the evening unfolds, the chemistry between Liam and Malik heats up.

Liam, playfully dressed in a onesie, captivates Malik by revealing a bit more than expected. The two then share a moment over fondue, where Liam teasingly interacts with a baguette, hinting at his intentions. This playful exchange sets the tone for the rest of their encounter.

With the women occupied in the kitchen, Liam and Malik engage in more intimate activities. Under the table, Liam Alyesto treats Malik Delgaty to a tantalizing experience, further intensifying their connection. The passion escalates as they discreetly make their way to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, the scene reaches its peak. Malik finds Liam in a provocative pose, ready and waiting. What follows is a passionate display of their attraction. The two explore various positions, each more intense than the last. Liam takes the lead in a dynamic ride, culminating in a powerful and satisfying conclusion.

This production showcases a thrilling mix of playful teasing and intense passion, making “Hungry For His Baguette” a memorable and exhilarating scene. The chemistry between Liam Alyesto and Malik Delgaty is palpable, making it a must-watch for fans.

Watch as Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto at

Watch as Malik Delgaty Fucks Liam Alyesto at

daniel says:

I wish the girls would do porn they are both so hot

Quietist says:

Oh yeah, that would be something 😜. Have the girls go at it with a baguette.
And let DullGaty be the totally shrieked boyfriend.
Never circus enough at MEN.

BeeBee says:

They may. Who knows? I’m not Bi so that never interested or occurred to me. This is another (to me) FUN scene in which two guys become SOOOOOO horny for one another that they MUST have each other NOW! No matter what, where, how, or who else is there. It is also a play on the Gay man’s request to attractive Straight men to “Ditch The Bitch And Make The Switch”. I’ve never seen Liam before. He’s quite luscious (to me), and DelishGaty is always a treat for the eyes.

Jesus says:

Que pobre video , malik siempre saca videos excelentes pero esta vez se quedó demasiado corto , empezando por el pésimo actor que le pusieron como compañero ( Liam Alyesto ) no pudieron conseguir otro mejor ? digo ! Después la historia que es extremadamente mediocre y por último las posiciones que hicieron , que aburridas !! Lamentablemente se ve que les falto demasiada creatividad , inspiración y más talento. Aquí se ve obviamente que el presupuesto ya NO les alcanza (MEN.COM) ni para hacer un buen video porno gay. Porque no cambian de DIRECTOR ? P.D Aún sigo sin entender porque ponen a dos mujeres cuando la escena es de GAYS ! Que quieren demostrar o que quieren levantar ? el raiting ??? Suerte para la próxima !

DeeGee says:

History will not be kind to the “creative team” at Men dot dum.

Mark Coppola says:

Delgaty really let me down. After watching an interview where he was pretty negative about the gay community, it left a sour taste. It’s like, if you’re going to emphasize your straight identity that much, maybe stick to audiences that align with it, especially when it comes to earning from adult content.