Boxer Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott in ‘Fast & Vicious, Part 1’

Fast & Vicious, Part 1 (Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott) at

Fast & Vicious, Part 1 (Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott) at
Fast & Vicious, Part 1 (Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott) at
Fast & Vicious, Part 1 (Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott) at

Fast & Vicious”: A Multipart Series about Gangsters, Boxers, and Cops:

“Fast & Vicious” is a multipart series from that follows the dangerous world of gangsters, police officers, and undercover agents. The story revolves around Malik Delgaty, a boxer turned enforcer who gets caught up in a world of illicit dealings and power struggles.

In ‘Fast & Vicious, Part 1’, Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott:

Malik Delgaty [JustFor.Fans: MalikDelgaty], a boxer, receives an offer he can’t refuse from Austin Wolf, a local gangster. Afterward, he offers a proposition of his own to the hot driver, Presley Scott.

Pat-Down Turn-On:

During the pat-down, Presley is turned on by touching Malik’s big dick. Malik takes advantage of Presley’s arousal and gets his cock sucked.

Intense Sexual Encounter:

Malik Delgaty takes Presley Scott doggy-style and rides him hard. Demonstrating his strength, Malik fucks Presley in piledriver position. Presley requests more and Malik pounds him in missionary until he reaches orgasm. As a final act, the top cums all over Presley’s face.


However, Malik Delgaty wonders if he’s truly ready for what he’s signed up for, despite the intense sexual encounter.

Watch as Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott at

Watch as Malik Delgaty Fucks Presley Scott at

Leroy Shaffer says:

Malik Delgaty is fucking hot as hell

CM says:

Hes not my type, but the boy is hot with an amazing body

Leroy Shaffer says:

I know and he’s not even gay I don’t think but he Hot ass hell with a big Dick

CM says:

Would love a ride on his dick!!

Young Neil says:

I don’t know why, but Presley Scott looks hotter here than he does on SC’s site.

James Masters says:

Ikr! And he’s not the only one who looks hotter after leaving SC. 😅

OutRun says:

Presley deserve better

McM. says:

No he doesn’t. He chose this.

elyp says:

The bottom having limp dick is a major turnoff

Quietist says:

Porn stars trying to do some acting. I think they almost match kindergarten level. So, is this meant to be for a very young audience? Some work to be done. Followers of DullGaty might have noticed by now that his progress in acting is almost nil. Unfortunately, he has no other qualities either. So yes, he fully lives up to his nickname DullGay. So sad 😏.

And what about Presley’s O-face? Probably one of the questions on his application form: “Can you do a decent O-face? (If not, we won’t hire you.)” Of course you fill in “yes I can”.

Bair, don’t forget to give me a reply. And you know by now … it won’t count if it doesn’t contain the words “DELISHGaty” and “obsessed”.

Bair says:

I was feeling so proud for you. This trailer was released a couple days ago….and no you. I thought that you had perhaps conquered your OBSESSION for DELISHgaty and he had finally become to you what he is to most all others. Just ONE of MANY porn performers. To you he obviously represents so much more. This scene looks fun to me. I’m Gay and enjoy the sight of sexy, nekkid, handsome men. Both guys are GORGEOUS! There’s a playfully sexy seduction, and then it’s on to the fucking.

p.s. most people don’t watch porn for theatrical acting skills and techniques. They watch porn for the porn. Tehehehehe!