COMING SOON to MEN: Who’s Topping Malik?

Who's Topping Malik? at

Coming soon to Malik Delgaty bottoms in a new scene from titled, ‘Who’s Topping Malik?’.


Fummer43 says:

Malik looks very handsome in this trailer. I’d rather see him suck cock. Just my opinion.

Globe Trotter says:

What?! No BBC?!?! Epic fail!!

Scrapple says:

Why pretend to be keeping this a mystery when on the front page you clearly have Dom King’s name posted on the trailer?

Plus, the secret was already revealed before this.

JB says:

I am guessing it’s Austin Wolf.

whodunit? says:

Dom King. Another site verified it already.

Quietist says:

Like most of the MEN scenes for years now, this again is going to be a big joke.
For this one not even a shrieked women is necessary.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

And of course, it’s DullGaty, so never exciting, always as Dull as can be.
I won’t be surprised if he (again) can’t cum and fake cum will be used.

Aszpleazr says:

Funny, thought the title was “COMING to SOON To MEN: Who’s Topping Malik?”

Meh. I’m more interested in how it seems like he finally stopped shaving his pubes.

JJ says:

I hope he gets it good and hard! Plus, I wish I’d soon get to see him fucked alongside his pal Maverick

James Freedman says:

If this is really Dom King, it should have been a flip-fuck

lb blue says:

Here’s hoping this is a precursor to Dom King giving up his cherry with their Top to Bottom site.

Jorden says:

I love it when Malik bottoms but he’s boring. Dosent kiss or suck dick or eat ass… Dom king hasn’t bottomed. So I will probably pass on this one