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Beaux Banks, JJ Knight and Nick Sterling in ‘Gear Play’ Scene 5 at Hot House

Gear Play (Beaux Banks, JJ Knight and Nick Sterling) (Scene 5) at Hothouse

Catcher Beaux Banks gets between his teammates, JJ Knight and Nick Sterling, as they all make out and rub rock-hard body against rock-hard body. JJ can see that Nick wants to sample a bit of everything on the field and lifts Beaux up to spread his cheeks apart. This gives Nick access to both JJ’s big, hard dick and Beaux’s tight, smooth ass and he goes to town licking and sucking on both hot studs.

Jack Hunter, Beaux Banks and Sean Maygers in ‘VICE’ Scene 2 at Raging Stallion

VICE, Scene 2 (Jack Hunter, Beaux Banks and Sean Maygers) at Raging Stallion

When kingpin Sean Maygers leaves his hunky minions, Beaux Banks and Jack Hunter, alone in the warehouse, Beaux ends up getting Jack’s massive cock down his throat. When Sean returns, he’s annoyed but decides that it’s better to join in on the action than to stop it from happening. The hung studs form a pyramid of cock sucking until Sean is rock hard and ready to fuck.

Roman Todd Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Get Lit’ Scene 1 at Hot House

Get Lit (Roman Todd Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

In a futuristic sex play space, Beaux Banks is horny for dick and when Roman Todd straps him upside down with his legs in the air, Beaux is in complete bliss…

Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay Tag-Team Beaux Banks in ‘Couples Massage’ Part 2 at

Couples Massage (Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay Tag-Team Beaux Banks) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Cliff Jensen and Ashton McKay are out tossing a ball when Beaux Banks spots them and wants to toss more than a ball with Ashton. When Cliff steps away for a minute, Beaux swoops in to offer Ashton a private massage. Ashton happily agrees and Beaux gives him more than he bargained for. Not one to be left out, Cliff makes sure he gets a turn as well.

John Magnum Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘The DILF Diaries’ Part 1 at

The DILF Diaries (John Magnum Fucks Beaux Banks) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Beaux Banks’ crush on his friend, Johnny Rapid, leads him to ask for a mutual jerk off session. Someone agrees, but it’s not his friend…

Cliff Jensen Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘My Sister’s Boyfriend’ at

My Sister's Boyfriend (Cliff Jensen Fucks Beaux Banks) at Str8 To Gay

Cliff Jensen and his girlfriend are headed on a road trip, but her brother Beaux Banks can’t seem to stay away from Cliff’s sexy body. After a brief BJ, Cliff hurriedly stuffs Beaux in a bag to hide him from his girlfriend.

Austin Wolf Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 2 at Hot House

The Fixer (Austin Wolf Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

During breakfast at their modern mansion, Alex (Austin Wolf) is with his handsome husband, Tony (Beaux Banks). As Tony fiddles with his laptop, he discovers a blackmail email exposing Alex’s seedy tryst with Derek. The email includes the full video and provides instructions on how to get the video back. Tony reassures his husband that the two of them are in this together. He’s turned on by the video and wants to show Alex that he can fulfill all of Alex’s fantasies, kissing him as they begin peeling off their clothes.

Skyy Knox Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 3 at Hot House

The Fixer (Skyy Knox Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

In an attempt to take care of business on his own, Tony (Beaux Banks) is following the blackmailer’s instructions. He grabs a load of cash from their safety deposit box and heads off to the drop-off location. Tony pulls into a sleazy garage to meet the shady character, Don (Skyy Knox). Don is out to destroy Tony’s husband, Alex, by getting him cut off from the family money.

Adam Ramzi Fucks Beaux Banks in “It’s Coming” Scene 4 at Raging Stallion

It's Coming (Adam Ramzi Fucks Beaux Banks ) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Adam Ramzi is the proud new owner of the infamous murder house. Boyfriend Beaux Banks reluctantly helps him move in. What is the shadowy figure the security cameras pick up in the hallway? Later that night, Adam and Beaux are in bed. They hear a noise but Adam distracts anxious Beaux by putting his big hairy cock in his mouth. All the sucking gets Adam throbbing hard and ready to fuck.

Sean Zevran Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Dark Matter’ Scene 3 at HotHouse

Dark Matter (Sean Zevran Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Entranced with animalistic instincts, Sean Zevran and Beaux Banks crawl towards each other on the floor of a dimly-lit room. Both hunks are ready for fun and Sean is already hard as a rock, knowing that he’s going to get a piece of Beaux.

Diego Sans Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Summer Hummer’ at

Summer Hummer (Diego Sans Fucks Beaux Banks) at Drill My Hole

Diego Sans jams his thick rod into Beaux Banks muscled bottom, massaging that back passage with his powerful dick hammering.

Ricky Roman Fucks Beaux Banks at CockyBoys!

Ricky Roman Fucks Beaux Banks at

Ricky Roman and Beaux Banks’ flirtatious energy is immediately palpable as they start to make out, Beaux talking about how he used to watch Ricky’s videos, and Ricky admiring and carressing Beaux’s body. As Ricky carresses Beaux’s body, admiring his ass, he gives it his stamp of approval by slapping it while he kisses the back of Beaux’s neck.

Cocky Boys: Cory Kane Fucks Beaux Banks

Cory Kane Fucks Beaux Banks at

Beaux Banks has always admired Cory Kane for his many assets, but he’s admired him from afar. He would like to get to know him on a more personal level and explore the many facets of his personality and, more importantly, his body and a road trip is the perfect place for Beaux to get up close and personal with Cory.

Boomer Banks Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Haus of Banks’ at CockyBoys

Haus of Banks (Boomer Banks Fucks Beaux Banks) at

Beaux Banks has admired Boomer Banks from afar and is eager to get to know him more intimately. Luckily, Boomer has been waiting for him and the chemistry is electric. Their passionate makeout session quickly leads to Beaux kissing his way down Boomer’s toned chest until he takes his entire cock in his mouth. It isn’t long before Boomer throws Beaux onto the bed so that he can taste his willing hole and take Beaux’s cock in his mouth.