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Pierce Paris and Derek Bolt Flip-Fuck in ‘Private Practice’ Scene 3 at Hot House

Private Practice (Pierce Paris and Derek Bolt Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Derek Bolt is visiting Doctor Pierce Paris for treatment on a pulled groin muscle. Pierce needs to check Derek’s vitals and has him remove his shirt. That’s all it takes for the hung doctor to start to swell in his scrubs and it’s only a matter of seconds before the patient notices the growing bulge. Derek is hungry for cock and grabs Pierce by the crotch to pull him closer.

JJ Knight Fucks Ace Era in ‘Private Practice’ Scene 2 at HotHouse

Private Practice (JJ Knight Fucks Ace Era) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

JJ Knight is at Dr. Ace Era’s office for a routine physical. As the hunky doctor performs his check-up, the sexual chemistry between the two becomes evident as their eye contact intensifies. When Doctor Ace has JJ lie back on the table, the doc is in for a surprise when JJ’s boner pops out of his pants.

Jason Vario Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ Scene 5 at Hot House

Skuff: Dog House (Jason Vario Fucks Gabriel Cross) (Scene 5) at Hothouse

Jason Vario has his pup slave, Gabriel Cross, on a tight leash. Jason wants Gabriel to do everything he says and the pup is more than willing to comply. First up is to worship Jason’s massive, uncut cock. Gabriel loves a challenge and spits and sucks as hard as he can, taking the whole monster dick pelvis deep down his throat.

Austin Wolf Fucks Danny Gunn in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ Scene 4 at Hot House

Skuff: Dog House (Austin Wolf Fucks Danny Gunn) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Danny Gunn has been a good boy in his cage while his daddy, Austin Wolf, has been away. Austin lets his pup out to play and Danny is excited to give his master some attention. After some happy licks to Austin’s rock-hard body, Danny finds his way down to sniff his daddy’s crotch.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ Scene 2 at Hot House

Skuff: Dog House (Trenton Ducati Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

Trenton Ducati is an incredible puppy trainer and when he gets Skyy Knox on his leash, Skyy will do anything to make his master happy. With a reward of recognition for being a good boy with every proper command carried out, from sitting to fetching, Skyy gets his belly rubbed and his ass patted. Skyy knows he’s been a good puppy when Trenton moves from thumping his butt to rimming his smooth hole.

Gabriel Cross, Michael Roman and Jake Ashford in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ Scene 1 at Hot House

Skuff: Dog House (Gabriel Cross, Michael Roman and Jake Ashford) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Poor Gabriel Cross is just trying to deliver the mail without a hassle like every other mailman. This isn’t his first day at the ‘Skuff: Dog House’ and he knows that if he dilly dallies, he’s going to be the main attraction for Michael Roman and Jake Ashford.

Arad Winwin, Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox and Tyler Roberts in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 4 at Hot House

The Fixer (Arad Winwin, Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox and Tyler Roberts) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

The Fixer (Tyler Roberts), The Associate (Arad) and Alex (Austin Wolf) have their own plan, and they’re in their SUV when the threatening and demanding text messages start to arrive. The Fixer, Wolf, has a plan. They arrive at the garage where Don (Skyy Knox) is holding Tony (Beaux Banks) in no time flat.

Austin Wolf Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 2 at Hot House

The Fixer (Austin Wolf Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

During breakfast at their modern mansion, Alex (Austin Wolf) is with his handsome husband, Tony (Beaux Banks). As Tony fiddles with his laptop, he discovers a blackmail email exposing Alex’s seedy tryst with Derek. The email includes the full video and provides instructions on how to get the video back. Tony reassures his husband that the two of them are in this together. He’s turned on by the video and wants to show Alex that he can fulfill all of Alex’s fantasies, kissing him as they begin peeling off their clothes.

Skyy Knox Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 3 at Hot House

The Fixer (Skyy Knox Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

In an attempt to take care of business on his own, Tony (Beaux Banks) is following the blackmailer’s instructions. He grabs a load of cash from their safety deposit box and heads off to the drop-off location. Tony pulls into a sleazy garage to meet the shady character, Don (Skyy Knox). Don is out to destroy Tony’s husband, Alex, by getting him cut off from the family money.

Austin Wolf Fucks Alex Mecum in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 1 at Hot House

The Fixer (Austin Wolf Fucks Alex Mecum) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

With the love of his life at home, trust-fund millionaire, Alex (Austin Wolf) runs off to share a fantasy with his favorite escort, Derek (Alex Mecum). The pair meets up in a seedy motel and from the start, they can barely keep their hands off each other. Alex pulls down his pants and Derek immediately attaches his mouth to his John’s dick.

Tony Shore Fucks Josh Conners in ‘Dark Matter’ Scene 4 at HotHouse

Dark Matter (Tony Shore Fucks Josh Conners) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Exhibitionists Josh Conners and Tony Shore enter a dark, smoky room in leather harnesses and jockstraps. These performers are primed to show it all off. Their mutual instincts take over while their lips lock and their crotches grind. After feeling every inch of each other’s bodies, their hands reach to feel the goods in the pouches of their jocks.

Sean Zevran Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Dark Matter’ Scene 3 at HotHouse

Dark Matter (Sean Zevran Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Entranced with animalistic instincts, Sean Zevran and Beaux Banks crawl towards each other on the floor of a dimly-lit room. Both hunks are ready for fun and Sean is already hard as a rock, knowing that he’s going to get a piece of Beaux.

Chris Bines Fucks Johnny V in ‘Dark Matter’ Scene 2 at Hot House

Dark Matter (Chris Bines Fucks Johnny V) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

Pure and innocent Johnny V is mystical as he stands in his white jock in the darkness when hedonistic Chris Bines comes up behind him and starts turning the stud on with lots of licking and kissing all over his body. As the corruption story continues, Chris works his way around to the front where the two muscle hunks start a session of heavy petting.

Dakota Rivers, Johnny V and Jack Vidra in ‘One Night at The Ready’ Scene 4 at HotHouse

One Night at The Ready (Dakota Rivers, Johnny V and Jack Vidra) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Jack Vidra is the bartender at the Ready Bar and he’s seen a lot of action come and go on his watch. He never gets to join in on the action and usually has to live vicariously through all the other patrons. When he has to kick Johnny V out at closing time, Johnny wants to give something special back to Jack for all his hard work. His surprise is Dakota Rivers, a hunky stud with a body full of muscles who’s ready to please the bartender and his friend.

Jason Vario Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘One Night At The Ready’ Scene 3 at Hot House

One Night at The Ready (Jason Vario Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Skyy Knox is dressed in business attire having a drink at the Ready Bar when he spills it on Jason Vario’s construction uniform. Jason is upset and follows Skyy out to the alley. ‘You made a mess, now clean it up,’ Jason says to the clumsy stranger. Doing as he’s told, Skyy proceeds to lick the drink from Jason’s bulging bicep and dirty boot. Skyy is turned on by the whole humiliation and makes his way up Jason’s leg to his bulging crotch.

Austin Wolf Fucks Fane Roberts in ‘One Night At The Ready’ Scene 2 at Hot House

One Night at The Ready (Austin Wolf Fucks Fane Roberts) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

Fane Roberts sets his sights on Austin Wolf at The Ready Bar. He approaches his target without a moment’s hesitation and whispers in Austin’s ear to meet him in a hotel room. Austin heads upstairs and finds Fane ass up in bed and ready for Austin to have his way.

Kurtis Wolfe Fucks Michael Delray in ‘One Night At The Ready’ Scene 1 at HotHouse

Kurtis Wolfe Fucks Michael Delray) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Michael Delray and Kurtis Wolfe are old college football buddies who married their college sweethearts. They get together once a week to watch the Buckeye game The Ready Bar. They’re complaining about their wives no longer putting out when Michael sets down his drink and heads to the bathroom. Kurtis watches him leave then follows Michael’s lead and heads off to join him. Kurtis can hear Michael beating off in the stall and after a slight hesitation, he pulls out his own big hairy cock and starts jacking off by the sinks.

Arad Winwin Fucks Rex Cameron in ‘Trainer: No Excuses’ Scene 5 at Hot House

The Trainer: No Excuses (Arad Winwin Fucks Rex Cameron) (Scene 5) at Hothouse

Rex Cameron is giving a sports massage to Arad Winwin after a long, hard workout. Arad is oiled up on the table as Rex works his muscles with a deep tissue massage. All the work from Rex’s strong hands is getting Arad worked up. It’s hard for him to relax as Rex works his way down Arad’s bulging body. Rex can see that Arad has popped a boner that’s splayed out on the table like a tail between his legs. Rex doesn’t want to waste the opportunity of having such a hot muscle stud horny on his table and gets Arad to roll over onto his back so he can really work the muscle that counts. Rex adds a bit more oil and rubs it into Arad’s pecs without losing sight of the big hard cock that’s throbbing just below his abs. As Rex goes down on his client, Arad enjoys every second of the royal treatment and flexes his muscles to get Rex even more horned up and ready for the next step.

Dakota Rivers Fucks Josh Conners in ‘The Trainer: No Excuses’ Scene 4 at Hot House

The Trainer: No Excuses (Dakota Rivers Fucks Josh Conners) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Muscle hunk, Josh Conners, is training for boxing as he hits the bag and punch pads while Dakota Rivers eggs him on to go harder. It doesn’t take long before they’re both shirtless and making out with Josh running his mouth down Dakota’s hot body and feeling his protruding cock. They both pull out their raging hard-ons and jack each other off before Josh drops to his knees to slurp up what Dakota has to offer. Josh goes deep to train his throat with loads of stringy spit and precum to lube it all up.

Alex Mecum Fucks Micah Brandt in ‘The Trainer: No Excuses’ Scene 2 at Hot House

The Trainer: No Excuses (Alex Mecum Fucks Micah Brandt) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

Alex Mecum is lifting weights at the gym with his buddy, Micah Brandt. Micah promises Alex a present if he can do 30 reps of bench pressing. Alex takes the challenge and the two studs continue their workout until the chemistry in the air is overbearing.

Sean Zevran Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘The Trainer: No Excuses’ Scene 1 at Hot House

The Trainer: No Excuses (Sean Zevran Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Ripped stud, Sean Zevran, is training his muscled-up client, Skyy Knox, at the gym. They work their bulging biceps and perfect pecs before they call it a day and hit the locker room. The well-worked, sweaty hunks peel off their dirty gym clothes as Skyy tries to make small talk. Sean knows what he wants and shows off his thick, uncut cock to get Skyy’s undivided attention. The massive hardon makes Skyy hard as a rock and the two gym rats start making out. Skyy needs that pulsing pole down his throat so he gets on his knees to service Sean on the bench by the lockers. Sean face fucks his eager-to-please client and cops a feel of his smooth, tight ass while he plows his face.

Austin Wolf Fucks Sean Zevran in ‘Overpowered’ Scene 3 at Hot House

Overpowered (Austin Wolf Fucks Sean Zevran) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Austin Wolf is getting ready for a night out with his buddies and decides to hop in the shower. While he’s lathering up, his roommate, Sean Zevran, enters Austin’s bedroom and goes through his nightstand. Sean helps himself to some cash and finds Austin’s used jockstrap. He gives it a sniff and throws it in his other pocket just as Austin comes back from getting clean.

Austin Wolf Fucks Rex Cameron in ‘Overpowered’ Scene 1 at Hot House

Overpowered (Austin Wolf Fucks Rex Cameron) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

While washing the windshield on a client’s car, lustful apprentice Rex Cameron gets ‘Overpowered’ by muscle mechanic Austin Wolf, who quickly takes control of the situation. Working together on the car, testosterone in the air is making for a steamy setup. The burly mechanic walks straight over to his co-worker and pushes him down on the cars hood and pulls Rex’s jeans to his ankles.