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NextDoorBUDDIES: Elye Black and Scott Finn Flip-Fuck in ‘Room Rendezvous’

Room Rendezvous (Elye Black and Scott Finn Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at Next Door Buddies

Eskimo buddies Elye Black and Scott Finn are ready to hit the town and tag team the night away. But, it doesn’t all jump off for a couple more hours, and Scott’s already out of control.

NextDoorRAW!: Scott Finn and Dacotah Red Flip-Fuck in ‘Hot Squatter’

Hot Squatter (Scott Finn and Dacotah Red Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

NextDoorRAW: Officer Dacotah Red works a pretty hot beat, but it’s about to get a lot hotter when he answers a home invasion call and finds squatter Scott Finn inside.

NextDoorRAW!: Scott Finn and Ryan Jordan Flip-Fuck in “Clean Stalkin'”

Clean Stalkin' (Scott Finn and Ryan Jordan Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW

When Ryan Jordan comes home and finds a stranger (Scott Finn) in his home hallway cleaning, he has two competing reactions. The first is ‘What the fuck is a stranger doing in my house?’ The second is ‘Why does this stranger have such a nice ass?’.

NextDoorRAW!: Zak Bishop and Scott Finn Flip-Fuck in ‘Milkin’ Masseur’

Milkin' Masseur (Zak Bishop and Scott Finn Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Zak Bishop has Scott Finn right where he wants him. With Scott laid out, Zak has free reign to do whatever he wants to the perfect body in front of him, and as he begins to run his hands up and down Scott’s body, both guys begin to get super horny.

NextDoorSTUDIOS: Carter Woods Fucks Scott Finn in ‘Hiding From The Parents’

Hiding From The Parents (Carter Woods Fucks Scott Finn) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

Scott Finn’s home life is pretty much a jail cell. So when home owner Carter Woods finds Scott sneaking a smoke in his backyard, he doesn’t run him off.

NextDoorBuddies: Spencer Laval Fucks Scott Finn in ‘Helping Hands’

Helping Hands (Spencer Laval Fucks Scott Finn) at Next Door Buddies

As he starts his morning, Spencer Laval discovers that his hard on is already up and in need of attention. Spencer dutifully begins to rub one out, not knowing that curious roomie Scott Finn is peeking through the door and watching. Scott asks Spencer what he’s doing, and Spencer tries to play it off.

NextDoorRAW!: Danny Gunn Fucks Scott Finn in ‘Open Relationships, Part 3: Horny Again’

Open Relationships, Part 3: Horny Again (Danny Gunn Fucks Scott Finn) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Coming home from his indoctrination into the world of open relationships, Scott Finn finds his boyfriend, Danny Gunn, sitting pensively on the back porch.

ActiveDuty: Damien Nichols Fucks Scott Finn (Bareback)

Damien Nichols Fucks Scott Finn (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Damien Nichols kicks back as Scott Finn is really eager to suck on that big cock of his. Scott gulps it down balls deep feeling every inch fill his mouth up. Damien’s moans are a great sign that he is enjoying every moment of this amazing BJ from a vet like Scott. Scott has never had a rookie suck on his cock so he lays back and lets Damien take the plunge.

NextDoorRAW!: Mark Long, Trevor Jones and Scott Finn in ‘Open Relationships, Part 2: Learning to Play’

Open Relationships, Part 2: Learning to Play (Mark Long, Trevor Jones and Scott Finn) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

After being confronted by him in the parking lot, the last thing Mark Long expected to come home and find was Scott Finn blowing his boyfriend, Trevor Jones, but it seems two can play at Mark’s little game. Scott seems embarrassed to be caught, but Mark isn’t mad.

Mathias Fucks Scott Finn at Active Duty

Mathias Fucks Scott Finn (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Mathias is the first to get a nice hard cock down his eager throat. He starts deep throating Scott like the pro he has become without hesitation. Mathias’s ripped body flexes with every move he makes. Scott pulls him off his cock so not to cum so quickly and wraps his mouth around Mathias’s hard throbbing dick.

Gunner Canon Fucks Scott Finn in ‘Bangin’ Best Friends’ at NextDoorBuddies

Bangin' Best Friends (Gunner Canon Fucks Scott Finn) (Bareback) at Next Door Buddies

When Gunner Canon opened his home to let Scott Finn stay for a little while, Scott had no idea that Gunner was still harboring feelings from their past, but when Scott Finn stumbles upon Gunner shamelessly jacking his dick in his bedroom, he’s surprised when Gunner Canon invites him closer, and even more surprised to find out that Gunner has been longing for another affair.

Ryan Jordan and Scott Finn Flip-Fuck Bareback at Active Duty

Ryan Jordan and Scott Finn Flip-Fuck Bareback at ActiveDuty

Scott Finn is eager as all hell and once the introduction is over with he is between Ryan Jordan’s long legs sucking on that big dick of his. Scott loves every inch of Ryan as he strokes it while giving him some of the best head he’s ever had.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz, Scott Finn and Dominic (Bareback 3-Way)

Quentin Gainz and Scott Tag-Team Dominic (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

These three hunks begin blowing each other in beautiful fashion on the bed. They get in a circle of motion and all mouths have cocks in them or a sexy ass. Quentin Gainz takes the lead and shows the young bucks how it’s done as they shift from one position to another kissing and rubbing their bodies. Quentin’s always first to go deep in that ass as he fucks both Scott and Dominic before handing off the reigns to his fellow vets. There is so much hard pounding going on its hard to pay attention to the dick sucking and ass rimming as well but once you take it all in and feast your eyes on all the glory you realize that the ending is going to be cum drenching. Sadly this sexy power team comes full circle as Dominic gets his chest blasted full of cum by Scott and Quentin as well as his own big load. It’s a beautiful site to see all these creamy loads in one full shot. Enjoy!

ActiveDuty: Billie Starz Fucks Scott Finn (Bareback)

Billie Starz Fucks Scott V (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

The boys waste no time in servicing each other. They are both very cock hungry as they switch off blowing each other. These two smooth young bodies rubbing up on one another is almost too much to handle. Billie Starz is quiet but the balls from his cock are loud and noticeable. Billie takes the reigns while Scott takes Billie’s veiny cock deep in his ass. Scott is such a great submissive vet that Billie can’t help but fuck him hard and deep in multiple positions.

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz & Scott Finn (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Quentin Gainz & Scott (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ActiveDuty

Scott is back with us again and if you haven’t seen him alone you should check him out stroking his dick. Scott has that young delicious look that makes you want to lick his body up and down. His been with some great vets in the past and he can pound some ass, just check out the latest scene he is in. Scott does love to be on the receiving end from time to time but it has been awhile so it’s nice to see Quentin Gainz banging out that tight ass.

ActiveDuty: Princeton Price Fucks Scott Finn (Bareback)

Richard Buldger at ActiveDuty

Oh boy, these two recruits are a couple of my recent favorites. It’s Princeton Price along with Scott, a matchup I can’t believe we’re having for the first time. Princeton makes the first move, leaning over and taking Scott’s hard dick into his mouth.

Active Duty: Scott Finn Fucks James Devlin (Bareback)

Scott Fucks James Devlin (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Now this one falls under the esteemed category of unbelievable. It’s our fresh-faced, fuck machine, Scott, paired up with a sexy recruit we’ve only seen a couple times before, James Devlin.