Active Duty

Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty is a hardcore, military-themed gay porn site.

Active Duty: Gunner Canon Fucks Roman Eros (Double-Sided Dildo)

Gunner Fucks Roman Eros at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: A rock hard Gunner Canon grabs a double-sided dildo. He then slowly pushes it deep into Roman Eros’ shaved hole, getting ready for his cock.

Active Duty: Leo Walker

Leo Walker at ActiveDuty

Active Duty recruit, Leo Walker, is a very tall hunk of a man with amazing smooth dark skin. He has barely any hair on his sexy firm body and a perfect cock that’s ready to test out an elite one day.

Active Duty: Tyler Austin (New Recruit)

Tyler Austin at ActiveDuty

Active Duty recruit, Tyler Austin, takes his shirt off and the rest of his clothes revealing his smooth fit body. Once Tyler is rock hard and his balls are slapping from all the fast tugging he is doing

ActiveDuty: Cole Weston Fucks Elye Black (Bareback)

Cole Weston Fucks Elye Black (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Elye Black is rock hard and ready to roll. So, he decides to help out Cole Weston by sucking his cock and moments later Cole’s cock is reaching up for the sky. Elye buries his face in Cole’s hairy balls sucking them while Cole strokes his hard cock.

ActiveDuty: Spencer Shay

Spencer Shay (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty’s Dirk picks Spencer Shay’s brain before he lets him loose. Spencer has always been curious about being in his own porn and while he is on leave he has decided why not try it out.

Active Duty: Jayden Lawrence (New Recruit)

Jayden Lawrence (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Once Active Duty recruit, Jayden Lawrence, is naked he jumps onto the bed and spreads his smooth shaved legs as he strokes his very nice hard dick. You can see his shaved hole and his low hanging balls as he tugs away on his hard cock stroking every inch of it.

Active Duty: Luke Johnson and Donte Thick (Flip-Fuck)

Luke Johnson and Donte Thick (Flip-Fuck) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Luke Johnson lies down on the bed and Donte Thick walks over to him and begins to suck on his cock. This is Luke’s first time doing anything with another man.

Active Duty: Phoenix River Fucks Johnny B

Phoenix River Fucks Johnny B at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Johnny B II begins to suck on Phoenix River’s big throbbing cock. He engulfs it with his eager mouth taking every inch deep into his mouth. Phoenix has never had a man suck his cock but he is most definitely enjoying it.

Active Duty: Marc Montana (New Recruit)

Marc Montana (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty recruit, Marc Montana, doesn’t waste any time ripping his clothes off and jumping onto the bed.

Active Duty: Cole Weston, Laith Inkly & Gunner Canon

Cole Weston, Laith Inkly & Gunner Canon (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

ActiveDuty: Dirk has Cole Weston, Laith Inkly and Gunner Canon come into the room. Without many words they get straight to the point and begin to take their clothes off which leads them all into one nice 69.

Active Duty: Roman Eros (New Recruit)

Roman Eros (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty’s recruit Roman Eros is a very nice guy with a great laugh. He is upbeat and ready to have fun. Dirk lets him go at it after the interview and Roman wastes no time in dropping his clothes and stroking his hard cock.

Active Duty: Quintin Gainz Gives Kevin Texas His First Rimjob

Kevin Texas and Quintin Gainz (Oral) at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Quentin Gainz and Kevin Texas slowly take their pants off to reveal their cocks. They both begin to stroke their cocks until they are nice and hard. Quentin keeps staring at Kevin’s thick dick and eventually asks him if he would like him to suck it.

Active Duty: Phoenix River (New Recruit)

Phoenix River at ActiveDuty

Active Duty Recruit, Phoenix River, is a tall man with a great fit body.

Active Duty: Kevin Texas

Kevin Texas at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Kevin Texas was eager to get it going so we let him have at it. We threw some porn on and he had his hands down his pants rubbing his cock making every inch come to life.

Active Duty: Spencer Laval Fucks Cameron Vincent (Bareback)

Spencer Laval Fucks Cameron Vincent (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Cameron Vincent walks into the room and Dirk introduces the two. After the handshake Cameron can’t resist Spencer Laval’s sexy body. He has Spencer sit down on the bed as he starts to suck on his big fat dick.

Active Duty: Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson at ActiveDuty

Active Duty’s Luke Johnson has been waiting for this moment and gladly sits down in the chair and begins to get his cock hard.

Active Duty: Elye Black Fucks Ryan Jordan (Bareback)

Elye Black Fucks Ryan Jordan (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Elye Black starts sucking Ryan Jordan’s big hard cock instantly. Their clothes come off just as quick and Dirk can’t believe the quickness these two soldiers have.

Active Duty: Cole Weston Fucks Princeton Price

Cole Weston Fucks Princeton Price at ActiveDuty

Active Duty: Princeton Price compliments Cole Weston’s meaty throbbing dick and soon after he’s got every inch down his throat.