Active Duty: Tim Tank

Tim Tank at ActiveDuty

Tim Tank has one beefy cock. It’s thick like a soda can and he’s always got his hands full. Tim is a quiet fellow but such a nice young man. He was gracious enough to ease onto our couch and get comfortable enough to let us film him while he stroked that thick dick of his…

ActiveDuty: Princeton Price and Ryan V (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Princeton Price and Ryan V (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ActiveDuty

Princeton Price calls the shots and he wraps his mouth around Ryan V’s hard shaft right after the introduction. Ryan kicks back and takes pleasure in his first blow job from a man. Princeton gives him the special treatment taking care of every inch on that throbbing shaft. He even lets the new recruit fuck his face giving him the illusion that he’s calling shots. Ryan wants a taste of some hard dick and Princeton kicks back and let him go at it.

ActiveDuty: Calvin

Calvin at ActiveDuty

Calvin has big juicy lips that hypnotize you in to thinking just how amazing it would be to have them wrapped around your cock or better yet seeing him worship one of our vets. His body is in amazing condition and he has some very well placed ink. His look and those hot lips of his will drive you crazy as he begins to tug on his hard cock.

ActiveDuty: Kyler Build

Kyler Build at ActiveDuty

Kyler Build may have a small frame but his cock is another story. He has a thick perfect shaped cock hard and ready to be stroked and he can cum multiple times. He has a few tattoos and smooth milky white skin. Kyler pulls out his fat cock and begins stroking his thick meat.

ActiveDuty: Mathias Fucks Laith Inkley (Bareback)

Mathias Fucks Laith Inkley (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Mathias is sprawled out on the bed with Laith Inkley and with one look from Mathias Laith wraps his mouth for the first time around his hard waiting cock. Laith goes deep trying his best to suck on that veiny cock. Laith has a big fat cock just waiting for Mathias to suck and after a couple different positions of Laith blowing Mathias they switch it up. Laith has one fat cock and Mathias jumps right on it deep throating it showing him how it’s done here at ActiveDuty.

ActiveDuty: Rico

Rico at ActiveDuty

Once the opening interview is finished Rico stands up and reveals his sexy body by taking all his clothes off. His big long uncut cock flops right out and he sits on the couch and begins working his cock up. He only has a few tattoos and his body looks amazingly smooth. He strokes his long cock slowly as it continues to grow showing us every beautiful inch.

ActiveDuty: Alex Michaels Fucks Richard Buldger (Bareback)

Alex Michaels Fucks Richard Buldger (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Richard Buldger wastes no time after he introduces Alex Michaels. He jumps right on his cock wrapping his eager mouth around it and taking every inch deep down his throat. Richard loves to gag on cock and he likes it messy. Alex’s cock is lubed up complete with gobs of spit all over his shaft and dripping down his balls as Richard sucks and gargles on his rock hard cock. Richard does a great job of taking that big dick deep into his mouth again and again…

Active Duty: Spencer Laval Fucks Ryan Jordan (Bareback)

Spencer Laval Fucks Ryan Jordan (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Ryan Jordan introduces Spencer Laval and right after that Ryan is down on his knees sucking on Spencer’s big fat cock. Ryan loves to be gagged as he forces that thick cock deep down his throat…

ActiveDuty: Ryan V

Ryan V at ActiveDuty

Ryan can look like the nicest guy in the world as he strokes his big dick or he can be very intimidating. Here at Active Duty we like both and Ryan has the mix. He drops his pants and throws his shirt to the ground as he warms up that sexy dick.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz Fucks Johnny B (Bareback)

Quentin Gainz Fucks Johnny B (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Our sexy men have a passionate connection as they begin to kiss right after introductions. The slow moving kissing and rubbing soon leads straight into them on the bed in just some red underwear with their big bulge’s very noticeable. Johnny B wraps his fresh recruit mouth around Quentin Gainz’s hard waiting cock. Quentin wants to see just how good this rookie really is…

ActiveDuty: Twins Michael and Jacob Stax Tag-Team Richard Buldger (Bareback)

Twins Michael and Jacob Stax Tag-Team Richard Buldger (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

The brothers waste no time in getting Richard Buldger naked and stuffing their fat thick cocks down his throat. Richard is ready for the challenge and he doesn’t mind heading into friendly fire. Brothers Jacob and Michael Stax face fuck him deep and hard as Richard moves from one brother’s stiff cock to the next.

ActiveDuty: Mack (New Recruit)

Mack (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Mack starts out slow as he takes his shirt off and moving slowly down to undo his pants. Once he unzips his pants his sexy hard cock flops right out and he grabs it with both hands and immediately starts masturbating. He has a great looking dick and his thick firm thighs are to die for.

ActiveDuty: Princeton Price Fucks Leo Wyatt (Bareback)

Princeton Price Fucks Leo Wyatt (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Princeton Price introduces Leo Wyatt and they both are extremely excited to get the camera rolling to capture some amazing action. Right off the bat, Princeton is all over Leo’s sexy hard cock taking deep into his throat. Leo is kicking back as he feels Princeton’s tongue sliding up and down his shaft…

Active Duty: Myles Long (New Recruit)

Myles Long (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Myles Long has a sexy nerdy look to him as one of our newest recruits. Once he drops his pants we find out real quick why they call him Myles Long. The skinny soldiers always have really long cocks. Myles can barely hold onto his own big dick as he needs two hands to keep it under control.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz, Ryan Jordan and Alex Michaels (Bareback)

Quentin Gainz, Ryan Jordan and Alex Michaels (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Ryan Jordan is the first to kick back and let Quentin Gainz service his big cock while Alex Michaels feeds his cock deep into his open mouth. Ryan gags on Alex’s big dick as Quentin worships Ryan’s throbbing dick. Ryan takes a quick break and lets Alex in on the action.

Active Duty: Mathias (Holiday Special)

Mathias at ActiveDuty

Mathias is wearing his X-Mas hat which he has had for many years. He slowly undresses and reveals his massive veiny cock as he begins to slowly stroke his big dick. You can hear the excitement as he moans with pleasure stroking his thick shaft.

ActiveDuty: Mathias Fucks Johnny B (Bareback)

Mathias Fucks Johnny B (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Johnny seems really comfortable and he is ready to be Mathias’s soldier boy. Johnny is one beautiful man and his physique is on par with Mathias. Johnny is tall, well-mannered and ready to be broken in. Mathias kicks back and lets Johnny worship his cock. Johnny doesn’t hesitate at all and he gets down on his knees and gulps all of Mathias’s hard veiny cock.

Active Duty: Twin Brothers Michael & Jacob Stax Fuck Jaxon D (Bareback)

Twin Brothers Michael & Jacob Stax Fuck Jaxon D (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Right off the bat the Stax brothers have Jaxon D worshipping their big fat cocks. They switch off face fucking his eager fresh mouth. Jaxon is excited and you can see it all over his new recruit face as the brothers stuff that face with their throbbing dicks. Jaxon has done a great job in making those cocks hard and ready for his tight little ass. I think Michael Stax is the first to fuck him but it could be Jacob Stax but either way one of them bends him over the bend and pushes their dick into his ass.

Ryan Jordan and Princeton Price Flip-Fuck at ActiveDuty

Ryan Jordan and Princeton Price Flip-Fuck at ActiveDuty

Ryan Jordan and Princeton Price bring the fire with an outstanding 4 loads of cum between the both of them. It’s unbelievable how they can bust such big multiple loads. We can come back to that because first thing is first and that is warming up with some great cock sucking. Princeton wraps his eager mouth around Ryan’s hard shaft and gets it throbbing with every inch going down his throat. He loves to be gagged while Ryan face fucks him.

ActiveDuty: Poleski

Poleski at ActiveDuty

Poleski has a timid look to him as he introduces himself. He begins to feel more and more comfortable as he takes off his clothes. This is a good kid having a great time. He’s got a great veiny cock that sticks straight up into the air with some amazing smooth tasty balls just waiting for some action.

ActiveDuty: Damien Nichols Fucks Scott Finn (Bareback)

Damien Nichols Fucks Scott Finn (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Damien Nichols kicks back as Scott Finn is really eager to suck on that big cock of his. Scott gulps it down balls deep feeling every inch fill his mouth up. Damien’s moans are a great sign that he is enjoying every moment of this amazing BJ from a vet like Scott. Scott has never had a rookie suck on his cock so he lays back and lets Damien take the plunge.

ActiveDuty: Spencer Laval (New Recruit)

Spencer Laval (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Spencer Laval is his name and by the end of this scene his name will be engraved into your mind. His body is flawless and his build is what a true soldier in the field looks like.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz (A Proper Solo With His Buttplug & Dildo)

Quentin Gainz (A Proper Solo With A Buttplug & Dildo) at ActiveDuty

This is by no means like our usual solos. Quentin Gainz takes the reigns and shows all the new recruits out their how to pull off a solo the proper vet way. He begins by showing off his rock solid body. He has spent countless hours in the gym working on his physique and it looks like perfection.

ActiveDuty: Quentin Gainz Fucks Mathias (Bareback)

Quentin Gainz Fucks Mathias (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

Mathias is ready to take it to the next step but first he has Quentin Gainz wrap his mouth around his cock for a nice sultry BJ. Quentin loves Mathias’s veiny hard cock throbbing in his mouth and he is fired up to take that virgin ass. Quentin will be doing all the work so he kicks back and lets Mathias worship his rock hard cock.

ActiveDuty: Twin Brothers Jacob & Michael Stax Fuck Princeton Price and Dominic (Bareback)

Twin Brothers Jacob & Michael Stax Fuck Princeton Price and Dominic (Bareback) at ActiveDuty

The twins, Jacob Stax and Michael Stax, never hold back and this time they are all in taking turns fucking Dominic and Princeton Price. Princeton can’t tell either one apart but he loves those big cocks buried deep in his eager ass.