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NextDoorTwink: Markie More Fucks Jackson Cooper in ‘Emergency Serviced’

Emergency Serviced (Markie More Fucks Jackson Cooper) at Next Door Twink

It’s frustrating when your parents are away and your vehicle isn’t working properly. Jackson Cooper can’t function like a grown up without his car! Luckily, Mom said he could call Triple D whenever he had an issue. Markie More, an authorized Triple D mechanic is arriving to handle the situation and get Jackson’s motor running…in more ways than one!

NextDoorTwink: Johnny Torque Fucks Texas Holcum in ‘His First Dick’

His First Dick (Johnny Torque Fucks Texas Holcum) at Next Door Twink

Johnny Torque is one of the coolest guys at school, and a friend of Texas Holcum’s brother. When Johnny drops by to hang out with Texas’s bro, Texas is home alone. His brother went to the gym, so Johnny decides to hang out and pass some time chatting with Texas. Johnny takes out a pornographic magazine, featuring photos of naked girls.

NextDoorTwink: Garrett Cooper & Max Penn Flip-Fuck in ‘Prom Virgins’

Prom Virgins (Garrett Cooper Fucks Max Penn Flip-Fuck) at Next Door Twink

Max Penn is bummed out because he doesn’t think he’ll have a date for prom. He WANTS to go with Garrett Cooper, who’s been a good friend for a while now, but neither his own, nor Garrett’s parents know either of them are gay!

NextDoorTwink: Arad WinWin Fucks Cody Blake in ‘Schoolboy’s Crush’

Schoolboy's Crush (Arad WinWin Fucks Cody Blake) at Next Door Twink

It’s not easy being in school, dealing with class, parents, teachers, and a daily flood of hormones. It’s especially tough if when your classmate is Arad WinWin. For Cody Blake, the struggle is way too real.

Abel Archer Fucks Preston Burgess in ‘Hollywood Scandal’ at NextDoorTwink

Hollywood Scandal (Preston Burgess Fucks Abel Archer) at Next Door Twink

He’s new in Hollywood, but he’s determined to make it. With a yearning hunger for fame, Preston Burgess is contacting every talent agent he can, taking every opportunity he sees to be seen. Today, he’s made a call to a casting director named Abel Archer. Preston received Abel’s simple, plain-looking business card from a friend. This is his 6th call of the day.

Alex Greene Fucks Ian Levine in ‘Bubble Butt Massage’ at NextDoorTwink

Bubble Butt Massage (Alex Greene Fucks Ian Levine) at Next Door Twink

In a world where every massage experience is an uncharted course for adventure, Ian Levine makes himself comfortable on a table belonging to one Alex Greene, of the Vineyard Spa.

NextDoorTwink: Just The Tip (Mark Long Fucks James Dickson)

Just The Tip (Mark Long Fucks James Dickson) at Next Door Twink

What’s a better combination than sex and pizza?! Mark Long is getting hungry. But after looking in his refrigerator, high and low, he reaches out and orders up a hot pie for delivery. James Dickson, Mark’s pizza boy, is one of the sexy ones.

NextDoorTwink: Valet Serviced (Derrick Dime & James Dickson)

Valet Serviced (Derrick Dime & James Dickson) at Next Door Twink

In the service industry, valet guys have it rough sometimes. James Dickson works his cute little ass off for just enough to get by in a fairly exclusive part of town. Without giving a second thought, big shot executives like Derrick Dime flip James a few bucks when they visit the country club in their shiny, expensive cars. But when Derrick doubles back for his phone, just after handing James his keys to park his ride, he discovers James has a very strong sexual appetite.

NextDoorTwink: Just My Type (Joey Moriarty & Tommy White)

Just My Type (Joey Moriarty & Tommy White) at Next Door Twink

Joey Moriarty has been very excited over the amazing guy with whom he’s been chatting online. But when his friend Tommy White fesses up to being the mystery man, Joey’s mind is blown…along with his dick!

NextDoorTwink: Needled (Tyler Morgan & Diego A)

Needled (Tyler Morgan & Diego A) at Next Door Twink

Tyler Morgan is visibly nervous. Maybe it’s the presence of Diego’s needle buzzing away, or maybe he’s just intimidated and distracted by his tattoo artist’s ripped body, but whatever it is, Diego can sense that he’ll need to use a bit of tact in this situation. Diego is great with newbies, and has a few tricks to immediately put his customer at ease.

NextDoorTwink: My Valentine (Trent Ferris & Sam Truitt)

My Valentine (Trent Ferris & Sam Truitt) at Next Door Twink

Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris are one of the cutest couples you’ll ever see. They do EVERYTHING together! That’s why on Valentine’s Day, Trent is making sure to surprise his gorgeous boy in the most delightful way. He’s awaken early to make Sam breakfast in bed. As Sam slumbers, Trent works hard scrambling eggs, making toast, and preparing delicious fruit…

NextDoorTwink: What’s A Twunk? (Lucas Knight, Trent Ferris & Sam Truitt)

What's A Twunk? (Lucas Knight, Trent Ferris & Sam Truitt) at Next Door Twink

Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt enjoy laughing and goofing off every chance they get, especially on a lazy day without much else going on. When Sam asks Trent if he’s ever heard of something called a ‘Twunk,’ Trent takes a guess that it must refer to a Twink who’s a bit more muscular than average. Sam asks if he counts as a Twunk, but Trent teases him by saying Sam needs to spend some more time in the gym first. Then Trent tells Sam that their neighbor, Lucas Knight, is a much better example of a ‘twunk.’

NextDoorTwink: Pajama Bottom (Ace Parker & Daniel Ross)

Pajama Bottom (Ace Parker & Daniel Ross) at Next Door Twink

Daniel watches the Ace soap up his entire deliciously chiseled body. As he peers from around the door, Daniel touches himself, squeezing his growing boner. When Daniel slips on a corner of wet linoleum and bumps against the wall, blowing his cover, Ace is shocked.

NextDoorTwink: The Rebound (Micky Mackenzie & Zak Reed) (Flip-Flop)

The Rebound (Micky Mackenzie & Zak Reed) at Next Door Twink

He’s single, horny, and wants more. Not long ago, Micky Mackenzie and his now ex boyfriend, Cameron Walker called on the sexy Zak Reed to help their relationship by fucking them both. Things didn’t end up working out for Micky and Cameron, but Micky sure liked the way Zak pounded his ass!

NextDoorTwink: Raw Awakening (Trent Ferris & Sam Truitt)

Raw Awakening (Trent Ferris & Sam Truitt) at Next Door Twink

Trent Ferris loves sleeping in. On this Saturday morning, he awakens to realize his real-life boyfriend, Sam Truitt is already up and in the shower. Trent is always excited to surprise Sam and join him in the shower.

NextDoorTwink: Well Done, Boys (Landon Terry, Nick B, Jake Piper & Kaiden Haskins)

Well Done, Boys (Landon Terry, Nick B, Jake Piper & Kaiden Haskins) at Next Door Twink

As the boys return to the locker room after a hard-fought game on the diamond, they each breathe a sigh of relief now that playoffs are over. Landon Terry, unofficial team leader in the morale department, issues a verbal invitation to his three teammates, Nick, Jake Piper, and Kaiden Haskins.

NextDoorTwink: Dirty Dancing (Tyler Morgan & Marco Russo)

Dirty Dancing (Tyler Morgan & Marco Russo) at Next Door Twink

Tyler Morgan wants to learn to dance. He was referred to an instructor by a good friend. Not only does Marco Russo come with an excellent reputation, he also is supposedly extremely hot.Sure enough, Tyler sees that the latter is true upon Marco’s arrival. They get right into the lesson after Marco explains that he won’t tolerate less than full effort from a student.