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Jordan Levine, Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin, Jacob Peterson and Paul Canon in ‘Gaymates, Part 3’ at MEN

Gaymates, Part 3 (Jordan Levine, Cliff Jensen, Jay Austin, Jacob Peterson and Paul Canon) at JizzOrgy

Cliff Jensen and Jordan Levine are having some private time when they’re interrupted by the curious trio that is Jacob Peterson, Jay Austin and Paul Canon who hear the moans and want to see what’s going on. It soon turns into one big fuckfest.

Cliff Jensen Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Gaymates’ Part 2 at MEN

Gaymates, Part 2 (Cliff Jensen Fucks Paul Canon) at Str8 To Gay

Paul Canon confronts Cliff Jensen on catching he and Jay Austin the other day and entices him on finishing what he started while his girlfriend is in the shower.

Morgan Blake Fucks Thyle Knoxx (feat Paul Canon) in ‘Pranksters’ Part 3 at MEN

Pranksters Morgan Blake Fucks Thyle Knoxx (feat Paul Canon) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Thyle Knoxx is loving Paul Canon’s pranks and wants in on the action. This prank involves fake cumming on random guys then running away. His first victim, Morgan Blake, catches him and discovers the cum is fake but lucky for Thyle now he wants the real thing.

Paul Canon Fucks Jay Austin As Cliff Jensen Sneaks A Peek in ‘Gaymates, Part 1’ at MEN

Gaymates, Part 1 (Paul Canon Fucks Jay Austin As Cliff Jensen Sneaks A Peek) at Str8 To Gay

Cliff Jensen and his girlfriend are looking for a new place to live. Lucky for them Paul Canon and Jay Austin have the perfect room. Even better for Cliff as he finds the common space has more to watch than what’s on TV.

Paul Canon Fucks Thyle Knoxx in ‘Pranksters’ Part 2 at

Pranksters (Paul Canon Fucks Thyle Knoxx) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Paul Canon is at it again pranking as many men as he can find by walking up to them with a huge hard-on. Lucky for him, Thyle Knoxx is all but too happy to be pranked!

Manuel Skye and Ryan Bones Tag-Team Paul Canon in ‘Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody’ Scene 3 at

Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody (Manuel Skye (Alfred) and Ryan Bones (Batman) Tag-Team Paul Canon (Robin)) (Part 3) at

Robin (Paul Canon) gets Alfred (Manuel Skye) to hook up one more time before Batman (Ryan Bones) comes back and catches them. Batman catches Robin on his knees and decides the best way to deal with this; is to join in on the fun.

Kit Cohen Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Ass Controller’ Part 1 at

Ass Controller (Kit Cohen Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Paul Canon’s boyfriend is out of town for a week and gets him an electronic butt plug so he can play with his juicy ass from afar. Things get hot at the wrong time when Paul interviews with Kit Cohen and the toy is unleashed.

William Seed Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Pranksters’ Part 1 at

Pranksters (William Seed Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Paul Canon leads this new series on pranking unsuspecting hotties by pantsing them when he meets his match in William Seed. Paul gave it to him good, but William gives it back better.

Michael Roman, Damien Stone and Paul Canon in ‘The Bayou’ Part 3 at

The Bayou (Michael Roman, Damien Stone and Paul Canon) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Paul Canon, Damien Stone, and Michael Roman conspire to use Tobias for gator meat. But first, they take care of their insatiable hunger to fill each other with their throbbing, needy cocks.

Tobias Fucks Paul Canon in ‘The Bayou’ Part 1 at

The Bayou (Tobias Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Tobias and Paul Canon are on a couples road trip towards the backwoods bayou and somehow manage to get lost. They find reprieve in a stranger’s offer to stay for the night, but Paul can’t help but feel very nervous…and for good reason.

Paul Canon and Calvin Chambers Tag-Team Dakota Young in ‘Fresh Brotherhood 2’ at NextDoorRAW!

Fresh Brotherhood 2 (Paul Canon and Calvin Chambers Tag-Team Dakota Young) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Fresh off their newly minted brotherly hook up, but still waiting for their parents to officially tie the knot, Calvin Chambers and Paul Canon now find the annoying neighbor boy, Dakota Young knocking at their door. Paul and Calvin are quick to try and get rid of Dakota, when he suddenly asks if it’s because the want to fuck again. Paul and Calvin look ghost white with embarrassment, and as Dakota holds up his phone, they realize he’s suddenly holding all the cards.

Mike Stone Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Private Contractor’ at NextDoorRAW

Private Contractor (Mike Stone Fucks Paul Canon) at NextDoorRAW!

With his boyfriend studying downstairs, Paul Canon and contractor Mike Stone make their way towards the guest bathroom to discuss potential alterations to some of the fixtures, but on the way up the stairs, Paul boldly decides he’d rather do a different kind of pipe cleaning, as he throws Mike up against the wall and whips out his cock. Mike is down to get dirty, but he’s worried Paul’s boyfriend might hear them. This doesn’t deter Paul, who begins sucking Mike’s cock until he’s rock hard and ready to fuck.

Calvin Chambers Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Fresh Brotherhood’ Part 1 at NextDoorRAW!

Fresh Brotherhood (Calvin Chambers Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 1) at NextDoorRAW!

Having to attend his father’s wedding is strange enough for Paul Canon, but when he finds out his dad’s wife-to-be has a hot son who is also staying at the house they’ve rented for the wedding weekend, he doesn’t know what to make of the situation. On the other hand, Calvin Chambers (formerly Colt at CorbinFisher) knows all about Paul, having already heard all about him, including his recent break up. When Calvin over-hears Paul telling his friend on the phone that he thinks Calvin is cute, Calvin decides to initiate a little brotherly bonding. Cornering Paul in the sauna, Calvin’s hard on is right in Paul’s face, and he’s forced to admit that it’s been a while since he’s gotten any.

Paul Canon Fucks Aston Springs in ‘Lay Down That Pipe’ at

Lay Down That Pipe (Paul Canon Fucks Aston Springs) at Drill My Hole

Paul Canon and Aston Springs get down and dirty sucking and fucking their way to a cum bursting finish.

Colby Keller Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Mesmerize’ at

Mesmerize (Colby Keller Fucks Paul Canon) at Gods Of Men

Colby Keller fills Paul Canon’s tight behind with his hammer of a cock after opening that hole up with his thirsty tongue. Paul sucks that dick into his body, letting Colby thrust his way to orgasm.

Paul Canon Fucks Christian Bay in ‘Freshly Bros’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Freshly Bros (Paul Canon Fucks Christian Bay) at Next Door Studios

With his sister gone, Christian Bay lets himself into her house to do some cleaning for money. Assuming the house is empty, Christian gets a little freaked out when he hears sounds coming from upstairs, so cautiously, he decides to investigate. Making his way up the stairs and into the bedroom where the sounds are coming from, Christians fears turn to desire as he spies his sister’s boyfriend taking a shower. Paul Canon certainly lives up to his name, and Christian can’t help but sneak a few candid pics while he watches.

Paul Canon Lays Chad Piper at NextDoorBUDDIES

Paul Canon Lays Chad Piper at Next Door Buddies

Chad Piper isn’t brand new, but he’s new to Paul Canon, and that’s good enough for Paul. After chilling together by the pool, Paul is ready to get his hands on Chad’s assets. Chad is also eager to experience Paul’s cannon, and as Paul begins to suck him off, Chad realizes Paul knows more than one way to take care of his partner.

Jackson Grant Fucks Paul Canon in ‘The Lost Tapes’ Part 3 at

The Lost Tapes (Jackson Grant Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Jackson Grant helps Paul Canon cope with the realization of where Wesley has been.

Noah Jones Fucks Paul Canon in ‘The Lost Tapes’ Part 2 at

The Lost Tapes (Noah Jones Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Paul Canon tracks down the man from Wesley’s sex tape, Noah Jones. He gets in on that dick just as Wesley did before as he continues his search of Wesley’s whereabouts.

Paul Canon and Dalton Riley Flip-Fuck in ‘Physical Rent’ at NextDoorRAW!

Physical Rent (Paul Canon and Dalton Riley Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

With his shitty credit and a lack of network resources, Paul Canon was pretty sure his rental application was going to be denied, and sure enough, property manager Dalton Riley delivers the bad news after running the credit check. After discussing his lack of options, Dalton decides that he may be able to help Paul out and rent him a room at his place if the price is right. Paul balks, and Dalton finds out that Paul also doesn’t have employment presently. Paul realizes he really doesn’t have a lot of options, but fortunately for him, Dalton has an idea that for an arrangement that Paul might be able to swing.

Paul Canon Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘Fleet Week’ Part 2 at

Fleet Week (Paul Canon Fucks Jacob Peterson) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Jacob Peterson works his magic on Paul Canon’s delicious dick, savoring every inch from the head down the shaft to the balls. Paul flips Jacob on his back and eats that tasty hole, priming it for a plunging by his pulsing cock. Jacob takes it deep, hopping on top until the cum is fucked out of him.

Trevor Long Fucks Paul Canon in ‘Am I Being Stalked?’ at

Am I Being Stalked? (Trevor Long Fucks Paul Canon) at Drill My Hole

Hottie Paul Canon goes incognito in his attempts to spy on his crush Trevor Long today in “Am I Being Stalked?”

Ashton McKay Fucks Paul Canon in ‘ Addicted to Ass’ Part 1 at

Addicted to Ass (Ashton McKay Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Ashton McKay is addicted to ass. The bigger the booty the better—he just can’t get enough. Paul Canon’s juicy behind is about to get a slamming the morning Ashton wakes up with a raging hard on. One quick text and Paul’s over, offering up his hole for a good pounding.

Colby Keller, Jacob Peterson, Paul Canon, Roman Cage & Trevor Long in ‘My Whore Of A Roommate’ at

My Whore Of A Roommate (Colby Keller, Jacob Peterson, Paul Canon, Roman Cage & Trevor Long) at Jizz Orgy

This jizz orgy features hunks and hotties Trevor Long, Colby Keller, Paul Canon, Roman Cage, and Jacob Peterson after word gets out that Jacob is quite the whore. All guys are down to get dirty and prove those rumors true. The orgy quickly erupts with hole-swapping cum-guzzling fun.