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Raging Stallion: Alex Mecum, Eddy Ceetee and Riley Mitchell in ‘Bounty Hunters, Scene 5’

Bounty Hunters, Scene Five (Alex Mecum, Eddy Ceetee and Riley Mitchell) at Raging Stallion

Hollywood handsome bounty hunters Eddy Ceetee and Alex Mecum burst into Riley Mitchell’s bedroom, guns drawn, just as Riley slides out of sight. A distraught Eddy is convinced they’ve lost Riley for now.

Falcon Studios: Alex Mecum Fucks Alam Wernik in ‘Work It Up, Part 1’

Work It Up, Part One (Alex Mecum Fucks Alam Wernik) at FalconStudios

Blond power-bottom porn star, Alam Wernik, shows up to work and is greeted by his hunky co-worker, Alex Mecum. Alam can’t keep his eyes from wandering over to Alex’s desk in admiration.

MEN Series: Leo Giamani Returns to Fuck Alex Mecum in ‘Our Labor Is Sex, Part 2’

Our Labor Is Sex, Part Two (Leo Giamani Fucks Alex Mecum) at Drill My Hole

Porn stars, Leo Giamani and Alex Mecum, tell us why they love porn. It’s clear that both muscular men enjoy being able to meet different people. Alex and Leo give each other some lip service until Leo is ready to top Alex and piledrives into him.

Raging Stallion: Rideshare, Scene 1 (Alex Mecum Fucks Jay Austin)

Ride Sharing, Scene 1 (Alex Mecum Fucks Jay Austin) at Raging Stallion

‘Ride Share’ is a fuck-film from Raging Stallion about getting picked up by the guys you hire to pick you up. Whore-to-door service. Strap yourself in for a wild ride. Ultimately, these drivers are willing to go the extra mile for your 5-star review.

MEN: William Seed Fucks Alex Mecum in ‘Dick Face’

Dick Face (William Seed Fucks Alex Mecum) at Drill My Hole

When Alex Mecum suspects William Seed is lying to him about cheating, he gives him a truth elixir that makes his nose turn into a dick! Consequently, he has the antidote but can William earn his trust enough to get the remedy?

MEN Series: CHEATERS, Part 2 (Alex Mecum Fucks Thyle Knoxx)

Cheaters, Part 2 (Alex Mecum Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Alex Mecum is obsessed with Davey Wavey and Thyle Knoxx isn’t too pleased. Thyle informs him that a mutual friend met Davey via a popular dating app. Thyle Knoxx has a little surprise planned for him.

Falcon Studios: Alex Mecum Fucks Brett Dylan in ‘Service Me!, Scene 4’

Service Me!, Scene 4 (Alex Mecum Fucks Brett Dylan) at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios: Brett Dylan is frustrated trying to assemble his new furniture so he calls hunky handyman Alex Mecum to come over and help.

HotHouse: Jock Doc, Scene 4 (Alex Mecum and Skyy Knox Flip-Fuck)

Jock Doc, Scene 4 (Alex Mecum and Skyy Knox Flip-Fuck) at Hothouse

Skyy Knox’s arm is tender from an injury on the field and ‘Jock DocAlex Mecum wants to give him a full exam to make sure everything else is in good working order. Just when Alex is about to give Skyy the green light, Skyy reminds the doc that he needs an anal exam. Alex agrees that it’s a good idea and lubes up his fingers to slide them into Skyy’s tight bubble-butt.

Alex Mecum Fucks Max Wilde in ‘Masterclass, Part 1’ at MEN

Masterclass, Part 1 (Alex Mecum Fucks Max Wilde) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Alex Mecum and Max Wilde are the first ones up in this edition of Masterclass. Max, an expert cock sucker shows us how skilled he is.

MEN: Alex Mecum Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Let Me See It!’

Let Me See It! (Alex Mecum Fucks Jake Porter) at Str8 To Gay

Alex Mecum can’t resist making some extra coin when Jake Porter offers him some cash to drop his towel and show him the goods which leads to a quick fuck session.

Alex Mecum, Derek Bolt & Teddy Torres in ‘TSA Checkpoint’ Scene 6 at Raging Stallion

TSA Checkpoint (Alex Mecum, Derek Bolt & Teddy Torres) (Scene 6) at Raging Stallion

TSA Officer Alex Mecum just caught passenger Teddy Torres swapping cum by the men’s room and brings him into custody where fellow TSA Officer Derek Bolt grills Teddy on his dirty fun. When Teddy offers to suck both officer’s cocks, Derek pulls out his dick and lets the horny and handcuffed Teddy give him a blow…

Alex Mecum Fucks Taylor Reign at CockyBoys

Alex Mecum Fucks Taylor Reign at

Taylor Reign just knew that if he and Alex Mecum got together they would have an amazing, passionate scene…and he’s right! They ARE eager for this but they also want it to last. They make out slowly and sensuously and soon Taylor’s mouth finds another long-anticipated target: Alex’s sculpted hairy pecs and responsive nipples.

Brandon Cody Fucks Alex Mecum in ‘Fuck the Phony’ at

Fuck The Phony (Brandon Cody Fucks Alex Mecum) at Str8 To Gay

Brandon Cody decides to go see a medium to reach his ex-girlfriend, Tonya. Alex Mecum plays along and convinces Brandon that what Tonya really wants, is for them to hook up. Anything for Tonya.

CockyBoys: Alex Mecum Fucks Cory Kane

Alex Mecum Fucks Cory Kane at

Alex Mecum returns to Montreal to have some fun with Cory Kane! After spending a pleasant day in the city they simply can’t wait to enjoy each other’s company in other ways. Some sexy banter is followed by passionate kissing and Alex letting Cory’s cock out. However Cory is much more interested in getting Alex’s shirt off, enjoying his beautiful body and sucking his cock. Alex is soon in under the erotic spell of Cory’s oral skills and almost reaches the point of no return as he face fucks him, but they slow down so Alex can get his taste of cock.