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Alex Mecum, Derek Bolt & Teddy Torres in ‘TSA Checkpoint’ Scene 6 at Raging Stallion

TSA Checkpoint (Alex Mecum, Derek Bolt & Teddy Torres) (Scene 6) at Raging Stallion

TSA Officer Alex Mecum just caught passenger Teddy Torres swapping cum by the men’s room and brings him into custody where fellow TSA Officer Derek Bolt grills Teddy on his dirty fun. When Teddy offers to suck both officer’s cocks, Derek pulls out his dick and lets the horny and handcuffed Teddy give him a blow…

Alex Mecum Fucks Taylor Reign at CockyBoys

Alex Mecum Fucks Taylor Reign at

Taylor Reign just knew that if he and Alex Mecum got together they would have an amazing, passionate scene…and he’s right! They ARE eager for this but they also want it to last. They make out slowly and sensuously and soon Taylor’s mouth finds another long-anticipated target: Alex’s sculpted hairy pecs and responsive nipples.

Brandon Cody Fucks Alex Mecum in ‘Fuck the Phony’ at

Fuck The Phony (Brandon Cody Fucks Alex Mecum) at Str8 To Gay

Brandon Cody decides to go see a medium to reach his ex-girlfriend, Tonya. Alex Mecum plays along and convinces Brandon that what Tonya really wants, is for them to hook up. Anything for Tonya.

CockyBoys: Alex Mecum Fucks Cory Kane

Alex Mecum Fucks Cory Kane at

Alex Mecum returns to Montreal to have some fun with Cory Kane! After spending a pleasant day in the city they simply can’t wait to enjoy each other’s company in other ways. Some sexy banter is followed by passionate kissing and Alex letting Cory’s cock out. However Cory is much more interested in getting Alex’s shirt off, enjoying his beautiful body and sucking his cock. Alex is soon in under the erotic spell of Cory’s oral skills and almost reaches the point of no return as he face fucks him, but they slow down so Alex can get his taste of cock.

Austin Wolf Fucks Alex Mecum in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 1 at Hot House

The Fixer (Austin Wolf Fucks Alex Mecum) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

With the love of his life at home, trust-fund millionaire, Alex (Austin Wolf) runs off to share a fantasy with his favorite escort, Derek (Alex Mecum). The pair meets up in a seedy motel and from the start, they can barely keep their hands off each other. Alex pulls down his pants and Derek immediately attaches his mouth to his John’s dick.

Alex Mecum Fucks Casey Jacks in ‘Looking For The Big One’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Looking For The Big One (Alex Mecum Fucks Casey Jacks) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

It’s a hot and sunny day at the beach house when Alex Mecum and Casey Jacks hook up in the back yard. Alex gets throbbing hard as the two hunks kiss and when Casey notices how big Alex has become, he can’t help getting on his knees and opening his mouth wide.

Alex Mecum and Fane Roberts in ‘Route 69’ Scene 5 at Falcon Studios

Route 69 (Alex Mecum and Fane Roberts) (Scene 5) at FalconStudios

When Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway run out of gas on their road trip in the desert, Fane grabs a gas can and heads down the highway to hitchhike to the nearest filling station. As luck would have it, Alex Mecum picks Fane up in his pickup truck. After a brief and suggestive introduction, Fane realizes that Alex has more than just giving him a ride on his mind.

Alex Mecum and Alexander Volkov Flip-Fuck in ‘Boyfriend’s Cumming Home’ at GayRoom

Boyfriend's Cumming Home (Alex Mecum and Alexander Volkov Flip-Fuck) at Shower Bait

Sexy jock top, Alex Mecum, and his muscle bottom boyfriend, Alexander Vokov, enjoy a wet, steamy flip-flop fuck.

Alex Mecum Fucks Micah Brandt in ‘The Trainer: No Excuses’ Scene 2 at Hot House

The Trainer: No Excuses (Alex Mecum Fucks Micah Brandt) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

Alex Mecum is lifting weights at the gym with his buddy, Micah Brandt. Micah promises Alex a present if he can do 30 reps of bench pressing. Alex takes the challenge and the two studs continue their workout until the chemistry in the air is overbearing.

Alex Mecum Fucks Aiden Hart in ‘Freedom Fuckers’ at GayRoom

Freedom Fuckers (Alex Mecum Fucks Aiden Hart) at ManRoyale

Two Horny Muscle Jocks, Alex Mecum and Aiden Hart, celebrate their 4th of July with sweaty, park horseplay before heading home for a firework, freedom-fuck finale.

Adam Ramzi, Alex Mecum, Julian Knowles and Kurtis Wolfe in ‘Dangerous Days’ Part 3 at

Dangerous Days (Adam Ramzi, Alex Mecum, Julian Knowles and Kurtis Wolfe) (Part 3) at Jizz Orgy

Things are looking bleak for the lone female survivor of the women’s plague. Adam Ramzi, Alex Mecum, Julian Knowles and Kurtis Wolfe continue to resort to each other for some release.

Alex Mecum Fucks Jacen Zhu! at CockyBoys

Alex Mecum Fucks Jacen Zhu! at

The strong, romantic chemistry between vivacious duo Alex Mecum and Jacen Zhu lights up the screen as they compliment each other with sweet sincerity and affection. And, since Jacen is already sitting in Alex’s lap, it’s easy for them to go right ahead and show you that their connection is quite real.

Tex Davidson and Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck in ‘Sling’ Scene 2 at TitanMen

Sling (Tex Davidson and Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2) at TitanMen

Tex Davidson delivers a sling to Alex Mecum, the clean-cut jock staring at the blue-collar stud as they set it up. “Anything else I can do for you?” asks Tex, getting up close to the tall Alex as they rub each other’s bulges. Tex releases his huge cock, Alex smiling as he drops to his knees: “Fuck, you’re so big!” Tex fucks his face, repeatedly dick whipping the sucker’s eager mouth.

Alex Mecum, Zander Cole & Alessandro Haddad in ‘Property Lovers’ Scene 4 at Falcon Studios

Property Lovers (Alex Mecum, Zander Cole & Alessandro Haddad) (Scene 4) at FalconStudios

Gardener Alessandro Haddad is working on getting the grounds in shape while interior designer Zander Cole installs the finishing touches in the bedroom. Lead contractor Alex Mecum observes Zander’s work – and Zander’s fuckable ass in his tight jeans. Zander pulls out Alex’s massive cock and puts his lips to work. Alex’s hairy, muscular body flexes as he enjoys Zander’s expert head.

Alex Mecum and Gabriel Lunna Flip-Fuck in ‘UNDISCLOSED’ at MenAtPlay

UNDISCLOSED (Alex Mecum and Gabriel Lunna Flip-Fuck) on MenAtPlay

So we’ve been teased with security cam flashes of politician Alex Mecum during an ‘indiscretion’ which he tried to cover up. in ‘full disclosure’ Alex confronted his head of security Massimo Piano over the sensitive footage but we were left asking “what actually happened” on the night of the campaign dinner event?

Alex Mecum Fucks Dustin Holloway in ‘Property Lovers’ Scene 2 at Falcon Studios

Property Lovers (Alex Mecum Fucks Dustin Holloway) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

Young, successful couple Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight just bought their dream home: all it needs is a bit of remodeling for everything to be just perfect. After JJ leaves for work, Brent welcomes the sexy contractors into the house. After Brent heads out, Alex Mecum interrupts Dustin Holloway’s painting for a high-stakes rim job. Dustin unzips Alex’s jeans, liberating his massive, throbbing boner.

Adam Ramzi & Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck in ‘2 Men Kiss’ Scene 2 at Titan Men

2 Men Kiss (Adam Ramzi & Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2) at TitanMen

Alex Mecum lays his head in Adam Ramzi’s lap—and is quickly greeted with a kiss. Adam rubs his furry face on the jock’s chest. He grabs Alex’s ass, then releases the stud’s huge cock. The two slurp each other, Adam reaching up to grip Alex’s pec as he sucks him—Alex resting his own hand atop it before Adam feeds him a finger.

Conan McGuire Fucks Alex Mecum in ‘Married Secrets’ at NextDoorBuddies

Married Secrets (Conan McGuire Fucks Alex Mecum) at Next Door Buddies

Torn between his marriage and his heart, Conan McGuire is struggling with the former so as not to betray the latter. Staying at best friend Alex Mecum’s house, he wishes he could tell Alex the whole story, but he’s afraid of alienating him. When Alex happens upon Conan and his ‘chat’ buddy, Conan’s secret is out, and suddenly, it forces Alex to confront his mutual feelings for his long time friend.

Alex Mecum & Bruce Beckham Flip-Fuck in ‘Beards’ Scene 4 at Titan Men

Beards (Alex Mecum & Bruce Beckham Flip-Fuck) (Scene 4) at TitanMen

A day at the barber becomes more than either man bargained for when muscle stud Bruce Beckham gets a shave from the handsome and ripped Alex Mecum. Unable to keep their hands off each other, the two men lose the trimmer, lose their pants and lose their inhibitions as they get into action right there on the barber’s chair.

Alex Mecum Fucks Tegan Zayne at CockyBoys

Alex Mecum Fucks Tegan Zayne at

If there’s one thing Tegan Zayne enjoys it’s sucking cock. Which is perfect because Alex Mecum is all horned up and ready to be serviced!

Alex Mecum Fucks Markie More in ‘Wrestling The Urge’ at NextDoorBuddies

Wrestling The Urge (Alex Mecum Fucks Markie More) at Next Door Buddies

With a late night phone call, old friends Markie More and Alex Mecum reunite. Catching up, Markie marvels at Alex’s new found success, while confessing to Alex that he abandoned his own successful practice to find deeper meaning and satisfaction. Alex asks Markie if he’s found that thing he’s looking for, and with a look, Markie conveys that he thinks he has.

Alex Mecum Fucks Jake Davis in ‘The Piano Teacher’ at NextDoorWorld

The Piano Teacher (Alex Mecum Fucks Jake Davis) at Next Door World

As a student, Jake Davis definitely has potential on the piano. His desire and focus both are apparent, but instructor Alex Mecum thinks what’s missing is the feeling. Jake doesn’t seem to really understand what Alex is talking about, so Alex ‘s tutoring is required in other areas of Jake’s life.

Alex Mecum Fucks Jacob Peterson in ‘About Last Night’ Scene 1 at FalconStudios

About Last Night (Alex Mecum Fucks Jacob Peterson) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Jacob Peterson walks alone towards the bachelor party bus he took to the club with his buddies. The driver, Alex Mecum, lets him in and asks, ‘Where are the guys?’ ‘They’re out having fun,’ Jacob replies, clearly feeling left out. Alex joins Jacob in the back of the bus to keep him company, and Jacob shows Alex some pics he took on his phone, including one of Jacob’s buddy Ryan Rose getting his dick sucked in the club!

Sean Zevran & Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck in ‘Skuff: Rough Trade 2’ Scene 1 at HotHouse

Skuff: Rough Trade 2 (Sean Zevran & Alex Mecum) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Hairy-chested Alex Mecum, clad in red and black leather, presses his ripped body against Sean Zevran. Sean, wearing all black, kisses Alex passionately. Their beefy muscles and bulging jockstraps prove that these two studs are intent on intense, connected sex. Getting down on his knees, Alex rips the codpiece off Sean’s jock and inhales Sean’s hard, stiff cock.

Alex Mecum & Matthew Bosch Flip-Fuck in ‘CAUKE for FREE’ Scene 1 at TitanMen

CAUKE for FREE (Alex Mecum & Matthew Bosch Flip-Fuck) (Scene 1) at TitanMen

Former senator Mike Cauke (Matthew Bosch) secures votes to bring an anti-discrimination bill closer to passing. He’s thanked by former marine Alex Mecum, who was fired for his sexuality. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first saw your sex video,” he smiles, the two soon swapping sucks—hands clasped over Alex’s leg, Matthew’s uncut monster throbbing as he sucks. The jocks flip fuck, Alex licking a load off Matthew’s chest before dripping it into his mouth and kissing.