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Michael Delray Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Love & Lust in New Orleans’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Love & Lust in New Orleans (Michael Delray Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

It’s a rainy day in New Orleans and Michael Delray and Skyy Knox have been out enjoying the sights and having some lunch. By the time they make it back to the house, they’re soaking wet and need to get out of their clothes. Skyy can see that Michael has a raging hard-on inside his undies and gets to work taking it all the way down his throat. It’s a big dick, but Skyy can manage the whole thing and when Michael is at full mast, he decides to return the favor.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ Scene 2 at Hot House

Skuff: Dog House (Trenton Ducati Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

Trenton Ducati is an incredible puppy trainer and when he gets Skyy Knox on his leash, Skyy will do anything to make his master happy. With a reward of recognition for being a good boy with every proper command carried out, from sitting to fetching, Skyy gets his belly rubbed and his ass patted. Skyy knows he’s been a good puppy when Trenton moves from thumping his butt to rimming his smooth hole.

JJ Knight Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Head Play’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Head Play (JJ Knight Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

JJ Knight finally has the virtual reality trophy he needs to win the game when Skyy Knox comes from behind and scoops it up. Knowing that he can’t win without seducing JJ, Skyy gets on his knees to suck the willing stud and his massive dick.

Arad Winwin, Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox and Tyler Roberts in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 4 at Hot House

The Fixer (Arad Winwin, Austin Wolf, Skyy Knox and Tyler Roberts) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

The Fixer (Tyler Roberts), The Associate (Arad) and Alex (Austin Wolf) have their own plan, and they’re in their SUV when the threatening and demanding text messages start to arrive. The Fixer, Wolf, has a plan. They arrive at the garage where Don (Skyy Knox) is holding Tony (Beaux Banks) in no time flat.

Ryan Rose Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Head Play’ Scene 1 at Falcon Studios

Head Play (Ryan Rose Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Ryan Rose is an adventurer in a virtual world seeking treasure and when he finds what he’s looking for and avoids a booby trap, he’s cornered by a crafty hunk with virtual superpowers, Skyy Knox. In the blink of an eye, Ryan is tied to a tree and before Skyy takes the coveted treasure, he decides to take a taste of the hunky specimen in front of him.

Skyy Knox Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘The Fixer’ Scene 3 at Hot House

The Fixer (Skyy Knox Fucks Beaux Banks) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

In an attempt to take care of business on his own, Tony (Beaux Banks) is following the blackmailer’s instructions. He grabs a load of cash from their safety deposit box and heads off to the drop-off location. Tony pulls into a sleazy garage to meet the shady character, Don (Skyy Knox). Don is out to destroy Tony’s husband, Alex, by getting him cut off from the family money.

Skyy Knox Fucks Dustin Holloway in ‘Route 69’ Scene 6 at Falcon Studios

Route 69 (Skyy Knox Fucks Dustin Holloway) (Scene 6) at FalconStudios

Dustin Holloway is in the car by the side of the road waiting for Fane Roberts to return from getting gas. He’s jacking off in the front seat when he looks up to see Skyy Knox walking across the barren desert. As Skyy approaches, he asks if Dustin needs a helping hand and reaches down to feel the stud’s hard dick. Skyy wants to do more than give Dustin a handie and opens wide to take Dustin’s rod in his mouth. After giving Dustin a nice head session, Dustin wants access to what Skyy is packing and the guys take the fun to the side of the road.

Jason Vario Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘One Night At The Ready’ Scene 3 at Hot House

One Night at The Ready (Jason Vario Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Skyy Knox is dressed in business attire having a drink at the Ready Bar when he spills it on Jason Vario’s construction uniform. Jason is upset and follows Skyy out to the alley. ‘You made a mess, now clean it up,’ Jason says to the clumsy stranger. Doing as he’s told, Skyy proceeds to lick the drink from Jason’s bulging bicep and dirty boot. Skyy is turned on by the whole humiliation and makes his way up Jason’s leg to his bulging crotch.

Sean Zevran Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘The Trainer: No Excuses’ Scene 1 at Hot House

The Trainer: No Excuses (Sean Zevran Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Ripped stud, Sean Zevran, is training his muscled-up client, Skyy Knox, at the gym. They work their bulging biceps and perfect pecs before they call it a day and hit the locker room. The well-worked, sweaty hunks peel off their dirty gym clothes as Skyy tries to make small talk. Sean knows what he wants and shows off his thick, uncut cock to get Skyy’s undivided attention. The massive hardon makes Skyy hard as a rock and the two gym rats start making out. Skyy needs that pulsing pole down his throat so he gets on his knees to service Sean on the bench by the lockers. Sean face fucks his eager-to-please client and cops a feel of his smooth, tight ass while he plows his face.

Colby Jansen Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Pre-Break Up Pleasures’ at Colby’s Crew

Pre-Break Up Pleasures (Colby Jansen Fucks Skyy Knox) at Colby's Crew

Colby Jensen is at the cottage, tending to the fire in the wood stove when a knock at the door breaks the stillness of the air. He answers the door, eyeing a hunky Skyy Knox stranded as his car is stuck in the snow down the road. The winter may be cold, but things in the cottage have just heated up a notch. Hospitable host that he is, Colby offers the stud a beer while he waits. Wondering what this hot specimen of a man was doing so far from anywhere, Colby asks him what brought him so deep in the middle of nowhere. Skyy explains that he just came by to break up with his boyfriend, He’s just too eager to slut around with other dudes.

Brent Corrigan and Skyy Knox Flip-Fuck in ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’ Scene 6 at Falcon Studios

Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 (Brent Corrigan and Skyy Knox Flip-Fuck) (Scene 6) at FalconStudios

Rogue (Skyy Knox) was a sex slave, but he turned his back on his master, The Devil and became Earthbound. After stumbling into a crowded bar, Rogue finds his personal angel: Lucky (Brent Corrigan), an angelic gogo dancer. It’s true love at first sight, and the power of their love frees Rogue from his enslavement by the Devil. Rogue, overwhelmed with gratitude, kisses Lucky passionately. Removing their clothing, Lucky wraps his lips around Rogue’s huge cock. Switching places, Rogue slathers spit along the shaft of Lucky’s cock, then uses his fingers to probe inside Lucky’s tight hole, then gives Lucky a taste.

Paddy O’Brian, Diego Reyes, Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox in ‘Secret Affair’ Part 3 at

Secret Affair (Paddy O'Brian, Diego Reyes, Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox) (Part 3) at JizzOrgy

Couple Paddy O’Brian and Diego Reyes continue their cheating ways—together. Gabriel Cross and Skyy Knox share their beautiful bodies and delicious dicks with the newly ex-boyfriends, engaging in a hot four-way.

Skyy Knox Fucks Johnny V in ‘Blindfolded’ Scene 4 at HotHouse

Blindfolded (Skyy Knox Fucks Johnny V) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Skyy Knox and Johnny V make out passionately until Skyy takes control and throws Johnny in a sling with a blindfold on. Johnny hoists his legs in the straps with the help from Skyy giving him easy access to Johnny’s awaiting hole. Finger, tongue, finger, tongue is the tease for this unknowing bottom.

Eduardo Piccaso Fucks Skyy Knox at TimTales

Eduardo Piccaso Fucks Skyy Knox at TimTales

For the final chapter of Skyy Knox’s visit to Barcelona, we got him the cherry on the cake. It’s just the biggest, most massive cock in porn! Timtales Exclusive Eduardo Picasso seal the deal for Skyy’s wide hole. He fucks him to submission and definitely to his limits. Skyy couldn’t believe his eyes, mouth or hole. “It’s so heavy!” he told us. It takes four hands to hold!

Paddy O’Brian Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Secret Affair’ Part 1 at

Secret Affair (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Skyy Knox) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Paddy O’Brian gets intimate with Skyy Knox behind his boyfriend’s back. Skyy savors every inch of Paddy’s huge cock, taking that beautiful mushroom-head deep down his throat. Paddy works his tongue into Skyy’s cute little hole. After a close-call with his returning boyfriend, Paddy and Skyy continue to the main event. That thick Irish cock pillages Skyy’s ass until their cum can’t be contained any longer.

Skyy Knox Gets Double-Fucked by Arad Winwin and Boomer Banks at CockyBoys

Skyy Knox Gets Double-Fucked by Arad Winwin and Boomer Banks at

Skyy Knox is a man of action. If he spots one or more hot guys on the street, he quickly uses his phone and the right apps to seek them out, find out if there’s connection, and go for it. Here, Boomer Banks and Arad WinWin are the like-minded guys he “meets” and in no time they’re in the bedroom. At first Arad and Skyy kiss and caress each other while Boomer watches from the bed, but things move quickly once Skyy’s beautiful bubble butt is revealed and all three are totally engaged and enjoying each other… non-stop.

Caio Veyron Fucks Skyy Knox at TimTales

Caio Veyron Fucks Skyy Knox at TimTales

Timtales Exclusive the Carioca horsecock Caio Veyron makes a total wreckage out of the muscular Canadian Skyy Knox. Rough, intense and deep penetration at its best! Caio’s massive cock, hard as stone, can’t get enough of Skyy’s bottomless hole. Talking about his hole, at the end of the shoot, it was wider than a church door. Enjoy:)

Austin Wolf, Logan Moore and Skyy Knox in ‘Blindfolded’ Scene 1 at Hot House

Blindfolded (Austin Wolf, Logan Moore and Skyy Knox) (Scene 1) at Hothouse

Blindfolded and sprawled onto the bed doggy-style, Skyy Knox eagerly awaits his anonymous stuffing. Beefy stud Austin Wolf sneaks in from behind and dives straight into Skyy’s hairless fuck hole, lathering Skyy’s ass with spit. After prepping Skyy’s hole, Austin hits record on his phone as he pushes his fat member into Skyy’s ass.

Jason Wolfe & Skyy Knox Flip-Fuck in ‘Broken-Hearted’ Part 3 at

Broken-Hearted (Jason Wolfe & Skyy Knox Flip-Fuck) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Skyy Knox’s ripped physique is just what Jason is hunting for. A quick suck and fuck is the best thing for these two guys to get rid of their heartbreak.

Tim Kruger Fucks Skyy Knox at TimTales

Tim Kruger Fucks Skyy Knox at TimTales

We had the chance to work with Canadian actor Skyy Knox in Barcelona. This guy is beautiful! Muscular all around, with a strong ass that can take ANY cock size… So we offered him Timtales holy trinity, starting with Tim Kruger of course. As you can expect, Tim opens that hole like an expert. A wide bottomless hole opened and ready for our stallions! Stay tuned for more scenes with Skyy Knox in his Timtales Eurotrip.

Jack Hunter & Brandon Jones DP Skyy Knox at CockyBoys

Jack Hunter & Brandon Jones DP Skyy Knox at

Skyy Knox has always want to take on two partners at once and Brandon Jones and Jack Hunter are ready to indulge him. From double penetration to two men filling his mouth with their cum, Skyy is ready to experience it all.

Manuel Skye Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Undercover Stripper’ Part 1 at

Undercover Stripper (Manuel Skye Fucks Skyy Knox) (Part 1) at

Manuel Skye is going undercover as a stripper to investigate criminal activities—but before going out on the job he needs to receive training from Skyy Knox. The guys go from stretching hamstrings to holes after Skyy puts on his hottest striptease, working Manuel into a horny frenzy. His thick cock fits snugly in Skyy’s deliciously tight hole, and he pounds away until both men erupt.

Marco Gagnon Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘The Huntsman’ Part 2 at

The Huntsman (Marco Gagnon Fucks Skyy Knox) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Marco Gagnon stumbles upon Skyy Knox’s cabin while lost out in the freezing wilderness. Skyy knows just how to warm him up—starting with a blow and a rim job before moving onto the main event. Marco’s huge dick fits snugly within Skyy’s tight hole, warming both men with feverish pleasure.

Skyy Knox Fucks Dustin Holloway in ‘The Huntsman’ Part 1 at

The Huntsman (Skyy Knox Fucks Dustin Holloway) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Skyy Knox is out in the wild hunting for some fresh meat. Dustin Holloway, hungry for some meat, is eager to return with Skyy to his tent. It may not be the game he was hunting for, but Skyy’s cock will satisfy him nonetheless. The men take turns sucking cock until Skyy is primed to plunge into Dustin’s eager pink hole.