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Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Troy Accola in ‘In The Closet 2’ Scene 4 at IconMale

In The Closet (Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Hot teen stud Troy Accola has a thing for closeted ‘straight guys,’ and school security guard Jaxton Wheeler is right in his wheelhouse! Burly, muscular, and a sucker for a tight, twink hole, Jaxton meets up with sexy Troy and sucks the teen’s big, hard cock until the square-jawed hottie is begging the hairy bear to fuck him into a stupor. Intense and explosive orgasms with hot, cum filled passion to finish this visual feast.

Troy Accola Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Boys Of Summer’ Scene 4 at IconMale

Boys Of Summer (Troy Accola Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Hot, Latin lover, Armond Rizzo bottoms from the top as he manipulates hard-jawed twink Troy Accola into believing more of his cheating lies. But, while Troy knows Armond is a snake, he still can’t resist the sculpted stud’s perfect little hole — and the mind-blowing orgasms only Armond can provide.

Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Boys Of Summer’ Scene 3 at Icon Male

Boys Of Summer (Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Sexy, shy Brendan Patrick is desperate to feel desired, and predatory hottie Armond Rizzo moves in on his easy prey. Hairy, bearded, hard-body Brendan is no match for sex addict Armond, who seduces the older Irishman for an intense round of dick sucking, rimming, and explosive fucking.

Noah Donovan Fucks Roman Todd in ‘His Sister’s Lover 3’ Scene 4 at IconMale

His Sister's Lover Vol. 3 (Noah Donovan Fucks Roman Todd) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Hot, muscular sex god Roman Todd and dark, sexy stud Noah Donovan can no longer deny the powerful attraction between them. After a night of watching movies and having a few drinks, Roman’s inhibitions are down, and he admits his lustful desire for his beautiful, ebony-eyed brother in law. Watch the two fuck and suck the night away, until they drench each other in cum and sweat.

Gabriel Alanzo Fucks Troy Accola in ‘The Stepfather 4’ Scene 2 at IconMale

The Stepfather 4 (Gabriel Alanzo Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Gorgeous young studs Troy Accola and Gabriel Alanzo get nasty, when fucking each other. They love slamming assholes and sucking on each other’s cocks. There is nothing these two guys won’t do to keep each other cumming! This is a steamy scene you do not want to miss!

Dolf Dietrich Fucks Troy Accola in ‘Fathers & Sons Vol 6’ Scene 3 at IconMale

Fathers & Sons Vol 6 (Dolf Dietrich Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Stepdad Dolf Dietrich and sexy teen Troy Accola steal away to a hotel to escape problems at home with Troy’s dad, and Troy confesses that he’s always had a secret crush on the hung older man he now calls Dad. With no one around to witness their sin, the two indulge in a forbidden tryst and finally explore each other’s hot, hard cocks and tight assholes.

Brendan Patrick Fucks Troy Accola in ‘Fathers & Sons Vol 6’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Fathers & Sons Vol 6 (Brendan Patrick Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Sexy teen Troy Accola seduces older bearded brother Brendan Patrick by forcing the hairy Irishman to submit to an intense, surprise blow job. Soon the two are enjoying a forbidden tryst in the blonde teen’s bedroom, as Brendan mounts his younger brother and gives him an explosive orgasm that makes the sexy young stud fall instantly in love.

Noah Donovan Fucks Troy Accola in ‘His Sister’s Lover’ Scene 2 at Icon Male

His Sister's Lover (Noah Donovan Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Sexy and muscular ebony stud Noah Donovan fucks pretty young twink Troy Accola with his monster cock, until the slender teen squeals with a mixture of pain and pleasure, before cumming in a show-stopping orgasm.

Kristofer Weston Fucks Danny Gunn in ‘Finding Father’ Scene 4 at Icon Male

Finding Father (Kristofer Weston Fucks Danny Gunn) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

It’s finally time for Danny Gunn’s big payoff. The intimacy between stepdad and stepson quickly turns to raw male carnage. Kristofer Weston the hot horny stepdad, takes stepsons cock deep down his throat. After eating his boys ass all the pent-up sexual longing comes to a head as stepdad and stepson take out all their frustrations on each other’s bodies. Taking Daddy’s load is Danny’s job and he does his job perfect!

Roman Todd Fucks Jaime Steel in ‘Sugar Daddies Vol 4’ Scene 1 at Icon Male

Sugar Daddies Vol 4 (Roman Todd Fucks Jaime Steel) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

Sexy and sinister Roman Todd fucks innocent Jaime Steele into submission, dominating the young, slender twink with his ripped, muscular body and huge, hard cock, until the teen agrees to do the money-hungry hustler’s bidding.

Kyler Ash and Timothy Drake Flip-Fuck in ‘Finding Father’ Scene 3 at Icon Male

Finding Father (Kyler Ash and Timothy Drake Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

When Danny Gunn and Micheal Delray arrive at what they think is the destination, they find that the stepfather has moved and two stepbrothers have moved in. These two horny hunks, Kyler Ash and Timothy Drake keep it all in the family when they take to the bedroom to exchange rim jobs, blowjobs, and they flip fuck each other down!Each guy shoots a huge load on the face of the other.

Brendan Patrick Fucks Drake Magnum in ‘The Therapist’ Scene 4 at IconMale

The Therapist (Brendan Patrick Fucks Drake Magnum) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Stunning, hairy Brendan Patrick is hot for sexy young stud Drake Magnum and takes the teen’s massive cock like a champ until the two explode in mutual cum soaked orgasms.

Alex Chandler Fucks Addison Blue in ‘Finding Father’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Finding Father (Alex Chandler Fucks Addison Blue) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Michael Delray goes to the bathroom to rub one out and is soon distracted by the loud sex sounds coming from next-door. Alex Chandler and Addison Blue are going at it hot and heavy in this retro themed, uncut cock coupling. In their cut off jeans and oil up bodies, these two horny guys chew on each other’s foreskin, watch each other in the mirror and fuck the night away.

Drake Magnum Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘The Therapist’ Scene 3 at IconMale

The Therapist (Drake Magnum Fucks Hans Berlin) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Older German Daddy Hans Berlin seduces mega-dicked nubian stud Drake Magnum and takes the younger man’s massively huge cock like a champ. Watch as these two hot, cum-filled men drench each other in sweat and explode in mutual satisfying orgasms.

Michael Delray, Danny Gunn and Dane Stewart in ‘Finding Father’ Scene 1 at IconMale

Finding Father (Michael Delray, Danny Gunn and Dane Stewart) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

Danny Gunn and Michael DelRay head out on their road trip journey to find Danny’s stepfather. They stop for a rest in a hotel parking lot and soon find out you don’t necessarily need money for a room. The two young men put on a nasty sex show for the big, burly, tattooed Dane Stewart. It’s Soon turns into a fat cock sucking, ass banging, cum drenched three-way!

Roman Todd Fucks Alex Chandler in ‘The Hitchhiker’ Scene 4 at Icon Male

The Hitchhiker (Roman Todd Fucks Alex Chandler) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Alex Chandler has had enough of Roman Todd living with them. He tells him he should leave that he’s not welcome anymore. But Roman explains how Rodney Steele wants him to stay and that Alex should stop acting like a little bitch. Alex kind of gets turns on by Roman’s aggressive bad boy attitude towards him! Roman demands him to get down on his needs and suck his cock like a real man! Roman bends Alex over and fucks his pretty boy ass! Till they’re both dripping with cum!

Vadim Black Fucks Billie Ramos in ‘Coming Out’ Scene 3 at IconMale

Coming Out (Vadim Black Fucks Billie Ramos) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Homophobic Vadim Black is angry that his childhood best friend Brandon Wilde has come out as gay. He goes to the local bar to have a drink, and meets gorgeous free spirit Billie Ramos. Billie wonders if Vadim is simply curious about gay sex himself, and proceeds to seduce the angry straight guy and show him the pleasures of male on male sex.

Nick Sterling Fucks Brandon Wilde in ‘Coming Out’ Scene 2 at Icon Male

Coming Out (Nick Sterling Fucks Brandon Wilde) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Gorgeous blonde Brandon Wilde is seduced by his mother’s creepy fiancee Nick Sterling, who gets aroused by the sight of Brandon’s bubble butt walking by in tight little shorts. Brandon resists, but Nick knows just how to turn on the hot younger man, and the two agree to keep their forbidden tryst a secret.

Billie Ramos Fucks Nick Sterling in ‘Coming Out’ Scene 1 at IconMale

Coming Out (Billie Ramos Fucks Nick Sterling) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

Buff boss Nick Sterling seduces slender, young assistant Billie Ramos in his home office while Nick’s wife runs to the store. ‘Straight’ Nick can’t get enough of Billie’s tight asshole and throbbing cock, and fucks the younger man hard until both explode in mutual earth-shaking orgasms.

Pierce Hartman Fucks Troy Accola in ‘Age of Innocence’ Scene 3 at IconMale

Age of Innocence (Pierce Hartman Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Troy Accola is down because things are not working out as planned, luckily he has Pierce Hartman there to support him by sucking his hard cock and pounding his ass till he is stress-free and cumming everywhere! Nothing like a good friend who you can console you and fuck you all in one shot!

Billy Santoro Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Truth Or Dare’ Scene 4 at Icon Male

Truth Or Dare (Billy Santoro Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Once the truth or dare game is over Armond Rizzo and Billy Santoro find themselves on the couch together, they confess that they have been curious about how it would be like to fuck each other. They get straight to it, Armond rides Billy’s massive cock and they fuck each other passionately. Exploding with cum and intensive orgasms!

Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Kory Houston in ‘His Hot Brother-In-Law Vol 2’ Scene 4 at Icon Male

His Hot Brother-In-Law Vol 2 (Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Kory Houston) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

While Kory Houston is creeping in Jaxton Wheeler’s room he starts jerking off to the thought of fucking Jaxton. In the middle of his jerking off session Jaxton happens to walk in and catch him. He is extremely turned on and decides to give him a hand. He then he gives him his mouth, ass and cum. All of Kory’s jerking off fantasies just became a reality!

Nick Sterling Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Truth Or Dare’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Truth Or Dare (Nick Sterling Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

It’s Nick Sterling’s turn for a dare, Roman Todd states the fact that Armond Rizzo has a huge crush on Nick. He dares him to take Armond to the bedroom and let him live out his fantasy! Nick is totally into this dare he drags Armond directly into the bedroom. Nick slams his cock into his tight hungry asshole! Shoving his cock down his throat. Giving him a night he will never forget!

Roman Todd Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Forgive Me Father 5’ Scene 1 at IconMale

Forgive Me Father 5 (Roman Todd Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

Sinister church worker Roman Todd seduces troubled youth Armond Rizzo and fucks the hot Latin sex addict with his huge, hard cock. Making sure he is straightened out after the hard core fucking he just received! A thick dick always does the trick!

Roman Todd Fucks Mason Lear in ‘My Hot Uncle’ Scene 3 at Icon Male

My Hot Uncle (Roman Todd Fucks Mason Lear) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Mason Lear confronts Roman Todd about him seeing another guy, Roman explains how he isn’t ready for a commitment and felt like he needed something different. He explains how it was nice to fuck a big strong man for a change. Mason is offended and pins Roman down hard on the bed, proving he can be just as strong! They fuck each other hard slamming each other’s tight assholes. Aggressive sex this is exactly what they both love! They climax cumming all over each other at the same time!