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Mario Galeno Barebacks Seth Santoro at TimTales

Mario Galeno Fucks Seth Santoro at TimTales

Mario Galeno with his thick Brazilian cock digs deep in a hunky hairy American bottom. Seth Santoro was ready for more after his scene with massive cock Devon Lebron. So we teamed him with a rough top. His hole was already open pretty wide.

TimTales: Devon Lebron Barebacks Seth Santoro

Devon Lebron Barebacks Seth Santoro at TimTales

We got you the tale about an American boy wanting to get raw fucked by Europe’s biggest cocks! When Seth Santoro wrote to us, he told us he was craving some of our horsecocks. So of course, he had to meet Timtales Exclusive Devon Lebron and his ridiculously thick cock.

Seth Santoro, Rikk York and Damian Taylor in ‘Trapped’ Scene 5 at Raging Stallion

Trapped (Seth Santoro, Rikk York and Damian Taylor) (Scene 5) at Raging Stallion

Rikk York has a dilemma. He’s camping in the woods with Seth Santoro and Rikk York and he can’t decide which one to fuck. Rather than make the decision himself, he lets the guys do their work to let the action play out naturally. Damien is hungry for dick and gets down on his knees in front of both Rick and Seth to suck their big hard cocks. Damien and Seth make out as they get their dicks serviced by the horny stud. Seth wants to play the cock sucking game too and soon joins Damien on his knees to share Rikk’s throbbing dick.

Seth Santoro and Ryan Finch in ‘Trapped’ Scene 2 at Raging Stallion

Trapped (Seth Santoro and Ryan Finch) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

Tegan Zayne heads north for the weekend to collect his thoughts and to sort out his life. After stopping in at a watering hole he finds himself in a less than ideal situation with a local stud who takes advantage of his distraught state of mind. Tegan is drugged and kidnapped right outside the bar in broad daylight. Meanwhile, inside the bar, Seth Santoro and Ryan Finch have their cocks out by the pool table.

Mike Maverick Fucks Seth Santoro in ‘Get To Work!’ at PrideStudios

Get To Work! (Mike Maverick Fucks Seth Santoro) at PrideStudios

Seth Santoro is sitting in the back room of the warehouse he works at looking at his phone when Mike Maverick comes through the door. Annoyed that Seth is not working; Mike calls him out and tells him he needs to stop being lazy and get back to work.

Seth Santoro, Jay Alexander and Cesar Rossi in ‘Surprise Big Dick Threeway’ at Extra Big Dicks

Surprise Big Dick Threeway (Seth Santoro, Jay Alexander and Cesar Rossi) at

Cesar Rossi and Seth Santoro are at home in bed discussing their day when Seth tells Cesar he has a surprise for him and shows him a couple photos of Jay Alexander on his cell phone. Cesar is impressed with the size of Jay’s big cock and Seth tells him that since they have discussed having a three-way for a while, he has invited Jay over to fuck them both.

Jacob Durham Fucks Seth Santoro in “Hook’d” Scene 5 at FalconStudios

Hook'd (Jacob Durham Fucks Seth Santoro) (Scene 5) at FalconStudios

As Jacob Durham undresses after a long day, he gets some hot pics from Seth Santoro. They share their progress digitally, as their cocks get harder and harder. Seth comes over and wraps his lips around Jacob’s girth-y tool. Lying back on the bed, Jacob uses his phone to take a video. Reaching up to grab Seth’s plump nipples and muscular pecs, Seth uses his special deept-hroating abilities to give Jacob an epic blowjob.

JJ Knight Fucks Seth Santoro in ‘Into The Blue’ Scene 1 at Falcon Studios

Into The Blue (JJ Knight Fucks Seth Santoro) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Underneath a bright clear sky, with palm fronds swaying in the breeze, Seth Santoro dives into the cool, blue waters of the swimming pool. His swimsuit shows off his smooth, toned body. JJ Knight lounges nearby, watching intently as Seth swims his laps.

Massage Bait (GayRoom): Big Oiled Dick (Michael Del Rey Fucks Seth Santoro)

Big Oiled Dick (Michael Del Rey Fucks Seth Santoro) at GayRoom

Big dick, Michael Del Rey, fucks smooth muscle bottom, Seth Santoro, after a sensual massage.

Woody Fox Fucks Seth Santoro in ‘Pitching Tents’ Scene 5 at FalconStudios

Pitching Tents (Woody Fox Fucks Seth Santoro) (Scene 5) at FalconStudios

Muscle stud Woody Fox hits the outdoor showers at the campgrounds. Hidden beneath enormous redwoods, the area offers up some instant excitement when Woody spies Seth Santoro naked under the water. Slowly stripping down, Woody casts subtle glances towards Seth, and Seth looks over his shoulder to return eye contact. As Woody turns on the water in the next shower stall, he turns around to show off his swelling cock. Working the soap into a thick lather, Seth scrubs his muscular butt, then invites Woody to help wash his back. As Woody walks up from behind, his massive boner thrusts into Seth’s ass cheeks. With the water running over their bulging muscles, Seth and Woody turn to each other and kiss passionately.

Shower Bait (GayRoom): Deck The Balls (Arad Winwin Fucks Seth Santoro)

Deck The Balls (Arad Winwin Fucks Seth Santoro) at Shower Bait

Arad Winwin sneaks and finds Seth Santoro lathering up after a romantic gift exchange.

Sean Duran, Billy Santoro & Seth Santoro in ‘Sharing Done Right’ at MenOver30

Sharing Done Right (Sean Duran, Billy Santoro & Seth Santoro) at MenOver30

Billy Santoro & Seth Santoro have decided to bring in a third for the evening and they do a text book three way. Sean Duran is hyped to be the lucky guy sucking, licking and fucking with these two lovers. The Santoro’s love to share with the right person and this hot encounter brings it all to the front.

Alessandro Del Toro Fucks Seth Santoro in ‘Which Husband Fucks Better?’ Part 2 at MenOver30

Which Husband Fucks Better (Alessandro Del Toro Fucks Seth Santoro) (Part 2) at MenOver30

Alessandro Del Toro has banged Billy Santoro and now he is off to explore Seth Santoro to see which husband is better at fucking.

Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro in ‘Freshly Flipped’ at MenOver30

Freshly Flipped (Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro) at MenOver30

The sexy couple that everyone wants to be with is at it again and this time Seth Santoro is up early making a killer breakfast for him and his hubby. Seth is only wearing an apron with his ass hanging out as he cooks up some eggs. Billy Santoro can smell the sweetness and slowly crawls out of bed and sees his sexy man half naked…

MenOver30: Broken Aperture (Seth Santoro Fucks Daxton Ryker) (Part 3)

Broken Aperture (Seth Santoro Fucks Daxton Ryker) (Part 3) at MenOver30

Seth Santoro has just woke up and is enjoying a nice cup of coffee when he sits down at his computer to finish up some work. He notices a conversation online and quickly realizes that his BF Alejandro has been cheating on him. Seth calls up the photographer Daxton Ryker to get an appointment for a photo shoot but Seth also wants to get back at his BF. Seth rushes down to Daxton’s studio and they begin the photo shoot. Daxton is loves to tell Seth what to do as he has him undress to reveal his sexy built body.

JizzOrgy: Runaway (Nicoli Cole, Ricky Decker, Colby Jansen, Seth Santoro & Rafael Alencar) (Part 4)

Runaway (Nicoli Cole, Ricky Decker, Colby Jansen, Seth Santoro & Rafael Alencar) (Part 4) at

Nicoli Cole, Ricky Decker, Colby Jansen, Seth Santoro, and Rafael Alencar have a hot time in this sexy scene as they take turns sucking and fucking until all five studs are dripping in jizz.

Drill My Hole: Runaway (Nicoli Cole & Seth Santoro) (Part 3)

Runaway (Nicoli Cole & Seth Santoro) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Nicoli Cole runs into Seth Santoro who reminds him a lot about himself and decides to help guide him before the city spits him out. The two share an instant connection and decide to pound each other’s desperate holes.

NextDoorWorld: Sexual Tension (Seth Santoro & Tom Faulk) (Flip-Fuck)

Sexual Tension (Seth Santoro and Tom Faulk) at Next Door World

Tom Faulk has been looking forward to this all week, ever since he booked his appointment with maseusse Seth Santoro. Seth has a way of really getting to the core of Tom’s tension, which is something he could really use after hitting the gym so hard lately.

The Gay Office: An Eye For A Guy (Diego Sans & Seth Santoro)

An Eye For A Guy (Diego Sans & Seth Santoro) at The Gay Office

Coworkers Seth Santoro and Diego Sans can’t resist the urge to fuck any longer. Diego pounds Seth’s beautiful ass with his meaty cock, leaving puddles of cum all over.

Str8-To-Gay: Freaky Friday (Adam Bryant, Brenner Bolton & Seth Santoro) (Part 2)

Freaky Friday (Adam Bryant, Brenner Bolton & Seth Santoro) (Part 2) at Str8-To-Gay

An old man’s dream comes true as he takes over the body of hung hottie, Adam Bryant. His neighbor with the sweetest ass on the block, Seth Santoro, can’t get enough of his big dick. Seth invites over his cock hungry friend, Brenner Bolton, to help him service his neighbor the way he deserves.

Str8-To-Gay: Freaky Friday (Adam Bryant & Seth Santoro) (Part 1)

Freaky Friday (Adam Bryant & Seth Santoro) (Part 1) at Str8-To-Gay

As you age the boys seem to keep getting younger and younger. You dream of fucking that young, tight ass. What happens when your dream actually comes true? In a magical twist an old man takes over the virile body of Adam. He now has the look he wants to get any guy he wants. He takes full advantage and plows Seth’s ass in part one.