Men At Play

MenAtPlay is one of the hottest suit fetish sites that feature European and British men in fantasy situations.

MENatPLAY: Dante Colle Fucks Dani Robles in ‘The Connoisseur’

The Connoisseur (starring Dante Colle Fucks Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

The Connoisseur shows what happens when Dani Robles, an art connoisseur, tries to buy some paintings from Dante Colle.

MENatPLAY: Kayden Gray Fucks Lukas Daken in ‘For The Record’

For The Record (Kayden Gray Fucks Lukas Daken) on MenAtPlay

Lukas Daken, with his managerial professionalism, set against Kayden Gray’s wide-boy, ‘whatever’ attitude, make this encounter warm and humorous to watch.

MENatPLAY: Xavi Duran Fucks Salvador Mendoza in ‘The Drop’

The Drop (Xavi Duran Fucks Salvador Mendoza) on MenAtPlay

After Salvador Mendoza tastes the inferior product Xavi Duran is selling. He prepares to get what’s coming to him by bending Xavi over the hood of his car and banging it out of him.

MENatPLAY: Dato Foland Fucks Gabriel Phoenix in ‘Drenched!’

Drenched! (Data Foland Fucks Gabriel Phoenix) on MenAtPlay

Dato Foland is trying to relax and sunbathe by the pool. Up walks Gabriel Phoenix who is rudely yammering on his cellphone and ending Dato’s serenity.

MENatPLAY: The LONDONER (Gabriel Phoenix and Pietro Duarte Flip-Fuck)

The LONDONER (Gabriel Phoenix and Pietro Duarte) on MenAtPlay

Blondes are few and far between these days on MENatPLAY. So we snapped up blue-eyed, blonde Gabriel Phoenix to bring a bit of authentic Brit-action to the mix. And like all english guys he can at first, seem a little reserved. Gabriel is soon dropped off at a vacation villa by dark spaniard cabby, Pietro Duarte.

MENatPLAY: HAD (Salvador Mendoza Fucks Andy Star)

HAD (Andy Star and Salvador Mendoza) on MenAtPlay

Don’t overthink it. HAD is not an acronym. But if it were, you could say it stands for Hot Amazing Dick, which is what our newest stud, Salvador Mendoza, has to offer. Dressed in a tailored gray suit, Salvador decides to have a little fun at coworker Andy Star’s expense.

MENatPLAY: Reunited (starring Jonas Jackson and Kayden Gray)

Reunited (starring Jonas Jackson and Kayden Gray) on MenAtPlay

This week, Jonas Jackson and Kayden Gray play former fuck buds who are reunited, and it feels so good! After checking into a posh hotel and being told that his room is not ready, Kayden begins to sense something familiar about concierge Jonas.

MENatPLAY: Take A Shot (Diego Reyes Fucks Teddy Torres)

Take A Shot (Diego Reyes Fucks Teddy Torres) on MenAtPlay

The incongruity of a well suited manager in a sweaty sports environment is always a horny scenario from the outset. So when beefy footballer Diego Reyes has to discuss his performance and position in the team with our hot, dark, Teddy Torres as his sharp dressed manager; those sports shorts are already tenting with the thought of what could happen next.

MENatPLAY: Making It BIG: The Fitting (Manuel Skye Fucks Klein Kerr)

Making It BIG: The Fitting (Manuel Skye Fucks Klein Kerr) on MenAtPlay

Part three of MENatPLAY’s Making It Big series shift gears at bit, but still cranks up the heat. Manuel Skye oozes sex appeal as a movie star getting a wardrobe fitting for an upcoming film. Klein Kerr, the stylist, is undeniably hot, and Manuel knows it.