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MenAtPlay is one of the hottest suit fetish sites that feature European and British men in fantasy situations.

MENatPLAY: Making It BIG: The Roommate (Logan Moore Fucks Damon Heart)

Making It BIG: The Roommate (Logan Moore Fucks Damon Heart) on MenAtPlay

Part two of our Making It Big series catches up with rising actor Damon Heart at his flat. In this episode, Logan Moore plays Damon’s roommate. When Damon borrows Logan’s suit for an audition without asking him, Logan is a little pissed off, but also turned on by the site of his mate dressed up. Damon asks Logan to run lines with him, but Logan has other plans in mind.

MENatPLAY: Making It BIG: The Agent (starring Damon Heart and Teddy Torres)

Making It BIG: The Agent (starring Damon Heart and Teddy Torres) on MenAtPlay

In Part One of Making It Big, Teddy Torres, Damon Heart’s agent, manages to acquire a mega project for him: the lead role in a spy series. But in order for Damon to take the role he’ll have to get naked on-screen.

Damon Heart Fucks Dani Robles in ‘RAIN DATE’ at MENatPLAY

RAIN DATE (Damon Heart Fucks Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

Dani Robles is back, and this week he’s squeezing his tight anus around Damon Heart’s cock.
Poor, poor Dani. The rain is coming down in buckets, drenching his fine, skin-tight suit, and he’s lost the key to his flat. Damon—a new model here at MAP—is his kind neighbor, offering him shelter from the storm . . . but for a price!

Max Duro Fucks Andy Star in ‘Perfect Strangers 2’ at MENatPLAY

Perfect Strangers 2 (Max Duro Fucks Andy Star) on MenAtPlay

Maybe it’s in the men’s room of a crowded train station. Maybe it’s in a coffee shop afterhours. Maybe it’s among the stacks of a dusty library crowded with sacred, old books. Or, in the case of Max Duro and Andy Star, maybe it’s in a sunny Andalusian resting spot. But no matter where it is, sex with the perfect stranger never lacks thrills.

Klein Kerr and Geordie Jackson in ‘XLingo’ at MenAtPlay

XLingo (starring Klein Kerr and Geordie Jackson) on MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay welcomes Geordie Jackson this week in XLingo. Geordie, a blonde, handsome stud from the UK, has a new language translation app to promote, and with work partner Klein Kerr’s assistance, it could be a big hit. Yet the pair soon decide that instead of filming an advert, they would rather bang like crazy in front of the camera.

Dato Foland Fucks Gabriel Lunna in ‘Bare Cheek’ at MenAtPlay

Bare Cheek (starring Dato Foland Fucks Gabriel Lunna) on MenAtPlay

The plumber’s hairy ass crack is an old stereotype for sure, but with the right stud it can also be a hot turn on. Dato Foland makes the ultimate plumber in Bare Cheek. When white collar daddy Gabriel Lunna’s pipes get clogged, he phones Dato to come over and give him the servicing he so desperately needs.

MenAtPlay: RESOLUTE (starring Jonas Jackson & Dani Robles)

RESOLUTE (starring Jonas Jackson & Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay ends 2017 with Dani Robles and MAP’s newest model Jonas Jackson all spiffed-up and eager for the party of the year to begin.

Denis Vega Fucks Seth Santoro in ‘Al Fresco’ at MenAtPlay

Al Fresco (Denis Vega Fucks Seth Santoro) on MenAtPlay

Denis Vega and Seth Santoro scorch the great outdoors in Al Fresco. Snoozing poolside, Denis is every man’s fantasy: a bronze Adonis exuding sex in the bright sunlight. And Seth knows it. Sporting a fine dark suit and shiny shoes, Seth attends to Denis’s needs like a proper manservant. But he just can’t stop himself from caressing and sucking Denis’s dick while he sleeps. And when Denis wakes up, things go from hot to hotter.

Cristian Sam Fucks Robbie Rojo in ‘RED LIGHT’ at MenAtPlay

Red Light (Cristian Sam Fucks Robbie Rojo) on MenAtPlay

Robbie Rojo and Cristian Sam take a walk on the wild side. These two hot guys are on the prowl in a sex club, all dressed up in slick suits and ties, throwing each other lustful looks and sharing cigarettes. In the dim red glow, not even metal bars can stop these horny studs. They kiss and grope each other until their suits come off, and Robbie reveals a leather harness. Combining two fetishes—suits and leather—is just the start of this hot fuck session.

Gabriel Lunna Fucks Dario Beck in ‘Private Eyes’ at MenAtPlay

Private Eyes (Gabriel Lunna Fucks Dario Beck) on MenAtPlay

Private Eyes gives us Gabriel Lunna and Dario Beck as two cops eager to uncover the truth, serve justice, and service each other. Dario gets the action started by making a pass at Gabriel. Then Gabriel, ready to please, takes the lead and bends Dario over to give him the pleasure he’s been wanting. He drills Dario’s hairy ass with his hot, wet tongue before he spreads Dario’s butt and thrusts him deep with his cock.

Denis Vega Fucks Nicolas Brooks in ‘STAR FUCK’ at Men At Play

STAR FUCK (Denis Vega Fucks Nicolas Brooks) on MenAtPlay

Think of your favorite porn star, the man you jerk off to again and again and again. What would you do if you met him in person, alone, dressed in the sharpest suit imaginable? Well, that’s the situation Nicholas Brooks finds himself in in Star Fuck, when he serves a gin and tonic to none other than Menatplay’s ultimate star fucker, Denis Vega.