Men At Play

Gabriel Lunna Fucks Dario Beck in ‘Private Eyes’ at MenAtPlay

Private Eyes (Gabriel Lunna Fucks Dario Beck) on MenAtPlay

Private Eyes gives us Gabriel Lunna and Dario Beck as two cops eager to uncover the truth, serve justice, and service each other. Dario gets the action started by making a pass at Gabriel. Then Gabriel, ready to please, takes the lead and bends Dario over to give him the pleasure he’s been wanting. He drills Dario’s hairy ass with his hot, wet tongue before he spreads Dario’s butt and thrusts him deep with his cock.

Denis Vega Fucks Nicolas Brooks in ‘STAR FUCK’ at Men At Play

STAR FUCK (Denis Vega Fucks Nicolas Brooks) on MenAtPlay

Think of your favorite porn star, the man you jerk off to again and again and again. What would you do if you met him in person, alone, dressed in the sharpest suit imaginable? Well, that’s the situation Nicholas Brooks finds himself in in Star Fuck, when he serves a gin and tonic to none other than Menatplay’s ultimate star fucker, Denis Vega.

Logan Moore Fucks Dani Robles in ‘STYLE & BLOW’ at MenAtPlay

STYLE & BLOW (Dani Robles & Logan Moore) on MenAtPlay

It may be hard to believe, but Logan Moore and Dani Robles, two of Menatplay’s most popular studs, have never starred in a film together—until now. Over the years we’ve seen Logan and Dani model dozens of refined suits, accessorized with fancy OTC socks and polished dress shoes. We’ve seen them fucked every way imaginable: in showers, on medical exam tables, in pools, in cars, in beds, in movie theatres, on card tables, and on desks. Together, Logan and Dani have shot gallons of cum on the MenAtPlay set. Now the versatile Dutch wonder and the Spanish power-bottom are finally busting their nuts together. And you don’t want to miss it!

Logan Moore and Teddy Torres Flip-Fuck in ‘RAISE’ at MenAtPlay

RAISE (Logan Moore and Teddy Torres Flip-Fuck) on MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay are right on the money this week with a white-hot LOGAN MOORE / TEDDY TORRES pairing and some serious tuxedo action, worthy of the most twisted ‘Bond-fantasy’.

Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone Tag-Team Logan Moore in ‘Hoodwinked’ at MenAtPlay

Hoodwinked (Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone Tag-Team Logan Moore) on MenAtPlay

When real life lovers Mick Stallone and Manuel Sky emailed us and said they’d like to come play with us, we were happy to let them take their pick of studs from the Menatplay menu. These boys have great taste as they decided they wanted to have their fun with Mr Logan Moore. Logan was more than ready to relinquish control and be the couples fuck-boy for the day. And the men came up with a very hot game to play for us.

Dato Foland Fucks Andy Star in ‘Morning, Tiger!’ at MenAtPlay

Morning, Tiger! (Dato Foland Fucks Andy Star) on MenAtPlay

OK we’re not gonna lie, this is hands down one of the best sex scenes we’ve ever had on MENATPLAY – and we’ve filmed a LOT of sex scenes. But very rarely, when the elements and the energy all align, the result is pure magic. ‘Morning Tiger’ starts with a sensuality that we don’t often see in porn, however this quickly turns into some seriously nasty fucking once the guys let loose.

Mick Stallone Fucks Dani Robles in ‘Yes Sir!’ at MenAtPlay

Yes Sir! (Mick Stallone Fucks Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

Menatplay is back where it all started this week – in the office. This scene is classic Menatplay material and it’s where the whole idea began of working suited men turning the 9 to 5, into a horny game. New guy Mick Stallone is working in our offices for the first time and he gets a little flustered when asked to do the simplest of tasks – is it first day nerves? or just the fact that his boss is veteran Menatplay star, sexy Dani Robles? Dani is as always perfectly attired and every inch the confident suited executive.

Ricky Blue Fucks Flex Xtremmo in ‘Out Of The Blue’ at MenAtPlay

Out Of The Blue (Ricky Blue and Flex Xtremmo) on MenAtPlay

Hot on the trail of a long line of straight studs that Menatplay have introduced to you over the past 15 years Ricky Blue is the latest, and probably the youngest to show us how he likes to use his cock inside another man. Ukrainian born 19 year old Ricky with his sexy smirk and green eyes makes his debut in ‘Out of the Blue’. And that’s just how we came across him, from out of nowhere. Every once in a while a gem like Ricky presents himself to us and we are happy to offer him to you so you can lap him all up.