Men At Play

MenAtPlay is one of the hottest suit fetish sites that feature European and British men in fantasy situations.

MENatPLAY: Logan Moore Fucks JP Dubois in ‘Logan’s Butler’

Logan's Butler (Logan Moore Fucks JP Dubois) on MENatPLAY

MENatPLAY: Logan Moore is up bright and early after a long flight. Meanwhile, his personal butler JP Dubois is getting him caught up to speed on the full day of meetings that lay ahead.

MENatPLAY: Dario Beck Fucks Denis Vega in ‘Final Verbal Warning’

Final Verbal Warning (Dario Beck Fucks Denis Vega) on MENatPLAY

MENatPLAY: Dario Beck has been caught yet again sleeping on the job and his boss Denis Vega has finally reached his breaking point.

MENatPLAY: Dato Foland Fucks Lukas Daken in ‘The Mentor and Mentee’

The Mentor and Mentee (Dato Foland Fucks Lukas Daken) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: Lukas Daken is on a secret mission. Get into Dato Foland’s apartment, find the hidden pen drive and get out unnoticed.

MENatPLAY: JP Dubois and Jonas Jackson Flip-Fuck in ‘The Top Floor’

The Top Floor (JP Dubois and Jonas Jackson Flip-Fuck) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: Ginger stud Jonas Jackson has a big surprise in store for his lover JP Dubois. He’s purchased them a penthouse apartment in Spain with a gorgeous view of the ocean.

MENatPLAY: Enzo Rimenez Fucks Dario Beck in ‘Wedding Attire’

Wedding Attire (Enzo Rimenez Fucks Dario Beck) on MenAtPlay

MenatPlay: Dario Beck is hard at work meticulously planning and prepping Enzo Rimenez’s attire for each occasion. Unable to keep his eyes and focus on anything other than the sexy Dario, Enzo offers to assist him with his selections.

MENatPLAY: Leander Fucks Andy Star in ‘Real Estate Broker, Part 2’

Real Estate Broker, Part Two (Leander Fucks Andy Star) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: Happy with his real estate position, Leander pulls the scorching hot Andy Star aside for their weekly meeting to see how his prospects have been coming along.

MENatPLAY: Derek Bolt Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘LOW TONER’

LOW TONER (Derek Bolt Fucks Gabriel Cross) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: When muscle stud Derek Bolt sees that his new hunky colleague Gabriel Cross is struggling to figure out how to work the printer, he doesn’t waste any time jumping in to show him the ropes.

MENatPLAY: Antonio Miracle Fucks Paco in ‘The Secret Chamber’

The Secret Chamber (Antonio Miracle Fucks Paco) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: There is a new gym open in town and Paco is one of the first in line to get the full tour by owner Antonio Miracle.

MENatPLAY: Jean Franko Fucks Lukas Daken in ‘121 BPM’

121 BPM (Jean Franko Fucks Lukas Daken) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: DJ Lukas Daken preps for his upcoming gig. Meanwhile Club manager Jean Franko quietly watches him spin from behind the bar. He’s imagining all the things he’d like to do to his new sexy DJ once he finished up.

MENatPLAY: Andy Onassis Fucks Malek Tobias in ‘Make Me Wet’

Naked Eye (Andy Onassis Fucks Malek Tobias) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: When Andy Onassis and Malek Tobias run into each other in the gym locker room the sexual tension is undeniably palpable.

MENatPLAY: Kayden Gray Fucks Damon Heart in ‘#1 FAN’

#1 FAN (Kayden Gray Fucks Damon Heart) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY fan favorite Damon Heart returns with his tight dancer body. This time he’s paired with another favorite Kayden Gray in this week’s Men at Play scene fittingly titled… #1 Fan.

MENatPLAY: JJ Knight Fucks Jonas Jackson in ‘Checkin’ Up Jonas’

Checkin' Up Jonas (JJ Knight Fucks Jonas Jackson) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: JJ Knight goes straight for Jonas Jackson’s ass – rimming and fucking him in 3 positions. In the end, JJ comes all over Jonas’ suit with his nice sticky mess!

MENatPLAY: Teddy Torres and Dani Robles in ‘2 Of A Kind’

2 Of A Kind (Teddy Torres and Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: Press Play and find out if you have what it takes to play a hand with Teddy Torres and Dani Robles.