Men At Play

MenAtPlay is one of the hottest suit fetish sites that feature European and British men in fantasy situations.

MENatPLAY: Teddy Torres Fucks Massimo Piano in ‘Extra Shot’

Extra Shot (Teddy Torres Fucks Massimo Piano) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: Teddy Torres, a dapper hotel clerk who secretly spied on Massimo Piano in the shower, brought him a lukewarm of coffee. But when he returns with a hot cup, he brings something else hot along.

MENatPLAY: Manuel Skye Fucks Emir Boscatto in ‘BOUND’

BOUND (starring Manuel Skye Fucks Emir Boscatto) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY is combining suitsex with bondage here in Bound, featuring Emir Boscatto & Manuel Skye looking hotter than ever.

MENatPLAY: Vadim Romanov Fucks Diego Reyes in ‘A+’

A+ (Vadim Romanov Fucks Diego Reyes) on MenAtPlay

Diego Reyes and new MENatPLAY stud Vadim Romanov take out their classroom frustrations on each other this week in A+.

MENatPLAY: Dante Colle Fucks Dani Robles in ‘The Connoisseur’

The Connoisseur (starring Dante Colle Fucks Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

The Connoisseur shows what happens when Dani Robles, an art connoisseur, tries to buy some paintings from Dante Colle.

MENatPLAY: Kayden Gray Fucks Lukas Daken in ‘For The Record’

For The Record (Kayden Gray Fucks Lukas Daken) on MenAtPlay

Lukas Daken, with his managerial professionalism, set against Kayden Gray’s wide-boy, ‘whatever’ attitude, make this encounter warm and humorous to watch.

MENatPLAY: Xavi Duran Fucks Salvador Mendoza in ‘The Drop’

The Drop (Xavi Duran Fucks Salvador Mendoza) on MenAtPlay

After Salvador Mendoza tastes the inferior product Xavi Duran is selling. He prepares to get what’s coming to him by bending Xavi over the hood of his car and banging it out of him.

MENatPLAY: Dato Foland Fucks Gabriel Phoenix in ‘Drenched!’

Drenched! (Data Foland Fucks Gabriel Phoenix) on MenAtPlay

Dato Foland is trying to relax and sunbathe by the pool. Up walks Gabriel Phoenix who is rudely yammering on his cellphone and ending Dato’s serenity.