Men At Play

MenAtPlay is one of the hottest suit fetish sites that feature European and British men in fantasy situations.

MENatPLAY: Andy Onassis Fucks Malek Tobias in ‘Make Me Wet’

Naked Eye (Andy Onassis Fucks Malek Tobias) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: When Andy Onassis and Malek Tobias run into each other in the gym locker room the sexual tension is undeniably palpable.

MENatPLAY: Kayden Gray Fucks Damon Heart in ‘#1 FAN’

#1 FAN (Kayden Gray Fucks Damon Heart) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY fan favorite Damon Heart returns with his tight dancer body. This time he’s paired with another favorite Kayden Gray in this week’s Men at Play scene fittingly titled… #1 Fan.

MENatPLAY: JJ Knight Fucks Jonas Jackson in ‘Checkin’ Up Jonas’

Checkin' Up Jonas (JJ Knight Fucks Jonas Jackson) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: JJ Knight goes straight for Jonas Jackson’s ass – rimming and fucking him in 3 positions. In the end, JJ comes all over Jonas’ suit with his nice sticky mess!

MENatPLAY: Teddy Torres and Dani Robles in ‘2 Of A Kind’

2 Of A Kind (Teddy Torres and Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY: Press Play and find out if you have what it takes to play a hand with Teddy Torres and Dani Robles.

MENatPLAY: Victor D’Angelo Fucks Dani Robles in ‘Off Air’

Off Air (Victor D'Angelo Fucks Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

MENatPLAY closing out 2018 with a hot fuck between Dani Robles and Victor D’Angelo. In Off Air, Victor plays a new TV personality who’s more than a little nervous about his first on-air appearance.

MENatPLAY: Salvador Mendoza Fucks Robbie Rojo in ‘Unwrapped’

Unwrapped (Salvador Mendoza Fucks Robbie Rojo) on MenAtPlay

Salvador Mendoza and Robbie Rojo are taking MENatPLAY’s love of sock garters and OTC’s to another level.

MENatPLAY: Gabriel Phoenix Fucks Malek Tobias in ‘Serviced Included’

Serviced Included (Gabriel Phoenix Fucks Malek Tobias) on MenAtPlay

Our models here at Menatplay also have to be ready to get down to hardcore fucking anywhere. Gabriel Phoenix and Malek Tobias learn this the hot and horny way in this week’s feature, Service Included.

MENatPLAY: Dato Foland Fucks Tyler Berg in ‘PLAY’

PLAY (Dato Foland Fucks Tyler Berg) on MenAtPlay

Dato Foland is MENatPLAY’s favorite Russian import. He is naked and tied up with ropes in his bedroom exactly where Tyler Berg left him.

MENatPLAY: Denis Vega and Victor D’Angelo Flip-Fuck in ‘Maître X’

Maître X (Denis Vega and Victor D'Angelo Flip-Fuck) on MenAtPlay

Denis Vega may be a veteran stud on MENatPLAY, but this week he’s learning the ropes in Maître X with Victor D’Angelo.