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Logan Moore and Massimo Piano Flip-Fuck in ‘Kept’ on MenAtPlay

Kept (Logan Moore and Massimo Piano Flip-Fuck) on MenAtPlay

In day to day life Massimo needs to feel he’s in control of his own world, so he tries to callit off with his gift-buying sugar daddy Logan Moore. But real life convictions and sexual fantasies can so often be at odds.

Jean Franko Fucks Paco in ‘First Impressions’ at MenAtPlay

First Impressions (Jean Franco Fucks Paco) on MenAtPlay

Appearances can be very deceptive. What you wear can really make people prejudge what they expect from you. This couldn’t be truer of the suited man. The suit holds such powerful symbolism that we assume any man seen wearing it is a respectable 9-5 kind of guy , may be a bit straight-laced, conformist and prudish.

Logan Moore Fucks Sunny Colucci in ‘COOL IT’ at MenAtPlay

COOL IT (Logan Moore Fucks Sunny Colucci) on MenAtPlay

If you can’t stand the heat…maybe it’s time to get out of the sauna and take a dip in the jacuzzi. For Logan Moore the heat shot up in the sauna when sexy young Sunny Colucci decided to park his butt right next to Logan. Sunny may look sweet but that boy ain’t shy and as he begins to play with his cock in full view of Logan’s piecing blue eyes it looks like the two might get it on right there and then.

Alex Mecum and Gabriel Lunna Flip-Fuck in ‘UNDISCLOSED’ at MenAtPlay

UNDISCLOSED (Alex Mecum and Gabriel Lunna Flip-Fuck) on MenAtPlay

So we’ve been teased with security cam flashes of politician Alex Mecum during an ‘indiscretion’ which he tried to cover up. in ‘full disclosure’ Alex confronted his head of security Massimo Piano over the sensitive footage but we were left asking “what actually happened” on the night of the campaign dinner event?

Xavi Duran Fucks Hector de Silva in ‘SUBGAMES’ at MenAtPlay

SUBGAMES (Xavi Duran Fucks Hector de Silva) on MenAtPlay

MenAtPlay doing what it does best – Kinky suit fetish games. Sub Games sees Hector de Silva meeting Xavi Duran, a salesman from a rival brewery touting for business at what seems like a regular night club. But when the two of them go down to the basement in search of the proprietor they discover something much more captivating, literally. Rooms full of sex toys and whips, restraints and cages . Hector demonstrates ( in every sense of the word) to Xavi, the Cross.

Maikel Cash Fucks Robbie Rojo in ‘Well Suited’ at Men At Play

Well Suited (Robbie Rojo and Maikel Cash) on MenAtPlay

Maikel Cash Fucks Robbie Rojo in ‘Well Suited’ on Men At Play.

Klein Kerr Fucks Gabriel Lunna in ‘Face Off’ at MenAtPlay

Face Off (Klein Kerr Fucks Gabriel Lunna) on MenAtPlay

This week we’re all about Gabriel Lunna, and so apparently is Klein Kerr. Two sexy suited men having a quiet drink , turns in to an accusation, which escalates in to a bar brawl and moves in to super stacked Gabriel getting stripped and fucked by our beautiful Mr. Kerr.

Dato Foland and Frank Valencia Flip-Fuck in ‘FLIP’ on MenAtPlay

FLIP (Dato Foland and Frank Valencia Flip-Fuck) on MenAtPlay

It’s not called MenAtPlay for nothing. But by ‘Play’ we don’t mean a bunch of tedious business men at a dreary office party getting slowly hammered, stuck in awkward conversations.

Matthew Anders Fucks Paco in ‘The Big Tip’ at MenAtPlay

The Big Tip (Matthew Anders Fucks Paco) on MenAtPlay

Leaving his digits on the receipt at an Italian restaurant has the desired effect for Matthew Anders. The lucky waiter on the receiving end of this business man’s blatant flirt is Paco. This sexy, hairy Italian bear hasn’t been seen on Menatplay since June 2014 and we are very happy to see him back power bottoming like he does best.

Kayden Gray Fucks Dani Robles in ‘Nobody’s Business’ at MenAtPlay

Nobody's Business (Kayden Grey Fucks Dani Robles) on MenAtPlay

Kayden Grey is as subtle as he can be when faced with such a beauty as Dani Robles. Then, when he gets the signals he’s been waiting for he gentle strokes his shoe up and down Dani’s calf under the table.

Klein Kerr Fucks Sunny Colucci in ‘Up A Gear’ at MenAtPlay

Up A Gear (Klein Kerr Fucks Sunny Colucci) on MenAtPlay

Klein Kerr is ready to go before he’s even put the keys in the ignition, when he finds himself seated next to the hot garage manager Sunny Colucci.

Hector de Silva Fucks Sebastian Reiss in ‘CTRL+C’ at MenAtPlay

CTRL+C (Hector de Silva Fucks Sebastian Reiss) on MenAtPlay

Newcomer Alert! We have a new face (and cock) on the block, Sebastian Reiss and we’re so buzzed about this one.
Hector de Silva however is not that thrilled with the new guy especially as he’s been noticing a few suspicious changes in his look since he started here at MENATPLAY headquarters – from the beard to the way he dresses. Could it be that Sebastian is on a mission to become the next Hector de Silva?

Dato Foland Fucks Enzo Rimenez in ‘Damaged’ at MenAtPlay

Damaged (Dato Foland Fucks Enzo Rimenez) on MenAtPlay

Yes yes, Fucking yes! Tall ,dark, masculine stud Enzo Rimenez finally gets Dato Foland’s juicy cock deep inside his French ass, a first for Menatplay!

Frank Valencia Fucks Diego Reyes in ‘The Naked Chef’ on MenAtPlay

The Naked Chef (Frank Valencia Fucks Diego Reyes) on MenAtPlay

When cocky executive Frank Valencia comes home on his lunch break he’s greeted by beefcake lover Diego, who ever the cock tease has cooked his suited daddy a meal while wearing nothing but an apron. As Diego plays the innocent his muscular body effortlessly taunts horny Frank who reaches for Diego’s thick hanging semi under that apron. As Diego cooks at the hob Frank goes down and starts on lunch early eating out Diego’s chunky butt before stuffing it with his hard horny cock.

Jean Franko Fucks Mike De Marko in ‘Mantrap’ at MenAtPlay

Mike de Marko unwittingly becomes Jean Franko’s very own fuck-toy. Mike gets all the uncut dick he could wish, as Jean Franko plays with him and rams his thick meat all the way down his throat. But after his time away, what Jean Franko needs is to get his dick inside a warm, tight hole and Mike is just the man he needs. Watch as Mike gets a rough dick-pounding that will have you all wishing you were him.

Kayden Gray Fucks Emir Boscatto in ‘Analyze This’ on MenAtPlay

Analyze This (Kayden Gray Fucks Emir Boscatto) on MenAtPlay

Huge juicy cock! If you don’t usually read through the synopsis of our films I needed to get straight to the main point right from the outset . This film is hot on so many levels but Kayden, seemingly the underdog, filling boss emirs ass with his dick, is unmissable. The shots of that thick rod penetrating between Emir’s muscled Butt cheeks and stretching his hole as he sits astride the young job candidate, are just so clear and well filmed that you’d be forgiven for thinking this section alone makes the whole film.