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Dato Foland Fucks Andy Star in ‘Uncut Legends’ Part 1 at

Uncut Legends (Dato Foland Fucks Andy Star) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Dato Foland and Andy Star kick off this series with their beautiful throbbing uncut cocks.

Alejandro Torres Fucks Andy Star in ‘Morning Fuck-Fest’ at Fuckermate

Morning Fuck-Fest (Alejandro Torres Fucks Andy Star) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

When a power top like our sexy Alejandro Torres meets one of our best power bottoms like Andy Star, the result can only be a rough and intense session of raw fucking! While Andy is busy in the kitchen, preparing his morning coffee, Alejandro comes from behind, caught by his friend’s perfect ass: our dominant guy got an hard-on instantly and the two mates, both horny and hot, reach the couch.

TimTales: Rodrigo Fucks Andy Star

Rodrigo Fucks Andy Star at TimTales

Timtales found you a new gigantic cock to indulge on. It’s eye opening.. I mean, hole-opening! Ask Andy Star and his gaping hole. Rodrigo is this Brazilian macho from Manaus. He’s got this beautiful, massive black cock ready for destruction. You gotta admit that Andy Star is quite the trooper. He took that massive cock all in. He felt it till his second hole and beyond! Get ready for the deepest fucking!

Theo Ford Fucks Andy Star in ‘Consulting Cock’ Part 3 at

Consulting Cock (Theo Ford Fucks Andy Star) (Part 3) at The Gay Office

After a meeting gets canceled, Theo Ford takes advantage of the open time with Andy Star, putting on a wet and wild show for the rest of the staff.

Diego Lauzen Fucks Andy Star in ‘Consulting Cock’ Part 2 at

Consulting Cock (Diego Lauzen Fucks Andy Star) (Part 2) at The Gay Office

Diego Lauzen takes what he’s learned from Theo and entices Andy Star to be the next participant in these not so private office meetings. Diego takes Andy’s tight behind, as Theo is trying to figure out why Andy is falling behind.

Brock Magnus and Andrey Vic Double-Team Andy Star in ‘Cum Hungry Butt Sluts’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Cum Hungry Butt Sluts (Brock Magnus and Andrey Vic Double-Team Andy Star) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

Andy Star is a cock-hungry power bottom who has proven his ability to handle two strong powers tops at the same time. Andrey Vic wants another go at Andy, and this time he brings along his buddy, the muscle jock (and new Lucas Entertainment exclusive model) Brock Magnus.

TimTales: Patrick Grau Barebacks Andy Star

Patrick Grau Barebacks Andy Star at TimTales

Timtales Exclusive Patrick Grau let’s himself go and barebacks Andy Star to his limits. Before the shoot, Andy told him he could freely fuck him as hard as he wanted. And boy, he did! For a moment, I thought Andy’s hole would break, but no. He kept going and wanting more. Andy’s hole ended the day, gapping wide open, gasping for air :)

Guillaume Wayne Fucks Andy Star in ‘Filthy Neighbors’ at Fuckermate

Filthy Neighbors (Guillaume Wayne Fucks Andy Star) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

You know how boring is doing the housework, but sometimes it can be more exciting than it sounds. That’s just what happened to our Brazilian power bottom Andy Star today, when he went out to his terrace to hang out the laundry and found the sexy French mate Guillaume Wayne enjoying the hot sunny day outdoor.

TimTales: Santiago Figueroa Barebacks Andy Star

Santiago Figueroa Barebacks Andy Star at TimTales

Timtales got you some serious raw fucking this Friday! First, let’s introduce a sexy young alpha top with a massive cock. Santiago Figueroa is a true alpha breeder. He’s here to fuck you down and take ownership of your hole. And that’s exactly what he does to Andy Star. Santiago barebacks the hell out of Andy’s poor hole. Leaving him wide open and dripping with his breeder’s seeds. What a hot scene!

Dato Foland Fucks Andy Star in ‘Morning, Tiger!’ at MenAtPlay

Morning, Tiger! (Dato Foland Fucks Andy Star) on MenAtPlay

OK we’re not gonna lie, this is hands down one of the best sex scenes we’ve ever had on MENATPLAY – and we’ve filmed a LOT of sex scenes. But very rarely, when the elements and the energy all align, the result is pure magic. ‘Morning Tiger’ starts with a sensuality that we don’t often see in porn, however this quickly turns into some seriously nasty fucking once the guys let loose.

Logan Rogue Barebacks Andy Star in ‘Bareback Auditions 7’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 7 (Logan Rogue Barebacks Andy Star) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

I don’t know which Logan Rogue and Andy Star would rather be doing: talking or sucking on each other’s dicks. In the tradition of a “Bareback Auditions” scene from Lucas Entertainment, Logan and Andy sit in bed together and chat before Logan dives on Andy’s cock. Logan is the top in the scene, and he alternates between giving Andy’s ass a good fucking and then taking a breather to rim so he can taste his juices mingled with Andy’s!

Viktor Rom Visser Fucks Andy Star in ‘Between Bars’ at FuckerMate

Between Bars (Viktor Rom Visser Fucks Andy Star) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

Brazilian power bottom Andy Star is in Sitges today, looking for the right place to have some horny action. So we brought him at Bukkake Cruise Bar the best and busiest gay spot in Sitges where to have fun, getting lost in his large cruising area and meeting the hottest men in the city.

Andrey Vic, Andy Star, Bogdan Gromov and Dani Robles in ‘Fuck N Cuck’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Fuck N Cuck (Andrey Vic, Andy Star, Bogdan Gromov and Dani Robles) (Scene 4) at Lucas Entertainment

Andy Star is hanging out with his best friend Dani Robles while Andy’s boyfriend, Andrey Vic, is picking up his Russian friend from the airport. Andrey has wanted to get his hands on Dani for a while now, but Andy will only allow that to happen if he’s offered a hot guy to occupy him in the meantime. Andrey sends Dan and Andy a picture of his friend, Bogdan Gromov, and Andy instantly falls for his incredibly body and warm smile. By the time the foursome is well underway, Andy Star and Dani Robles are full of raw Russian dick as Bogdan Gromov and Andrey Vic fuck the hell out of them!

Andrey Vic Fucks Rico Marlon and Andy Star in ‘Fuck N Cuck’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Fuck N Cuck (Andrey Vic Fucks Rico Marlon and Andy Star) at Lucas Entertainment

Andrey Vic Is a young and hot muscular top with an insatiable sexual appetite, and what his boyfriend Andy Star doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Because Andy would be incredibly jealous to know that alpha-top Rico Marlon has been secretly messaging Andrey asking him to fuck his ass bareback.

TimTales: Devon Lebron Barebacks Andy Star

Devon Lebron Barebacks Andy Star at TimTales

“Caralho!” Yes Andy, it’s hell of a heavy massive cock! Timtales exclusive Devon Lebron barebacks the living fuck out of Andy Star’s greedy hole. But don’t be wrong. Andy freaking loved that cock. It’s his perfect size he told us. Watch him worship that horse cock like no one. Andy rides and takes Devon’s raw cock with pure ecstasy. Quite a scene!

Carlos Leão, Andy Star and Patrick Dei in ‘LATIN TRIO RAW’ at Fuckermate

LATIN TRIO RAW (Carlos Leão, Andy Star and Patrick Dei) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

This week we tripled the pleasure and we present you a fucking awesome scene with three of our hottest mates: we first paired our Brazilian power top Carlos Leão with his sexy compatriot Andy Star and when we noticed that only one huge cock was not enough for our power bottom Andy, we called the nasty Latin stud Patrick Dei to join them. We are sure you don’t want to miss any second of this intense fucking: watch how Carlos enjoys both Andy’s and Patrick’s mouths and butts with his huge pole and then watch how the bitchy Andy begs for having his hungry ass destroyed by his sex buddies!

Sean Xavier Fucks Andy Star in ‘Bareback Cinco De Mayo’ at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Cinco De Mayo (Sean Xavier Fucks Andy Star) at Lucas Entertainment

Sean Xavier’s favorite holiday is Cinco De Mayo, and he’s excited to celebrate during his trip to Gran Canaria. Wearing his lucky sombrero and with his trusty maracas in hand, Sean encourages his boyfriend Andy Star to get into the spirit of Cinco De Mayo too. Andy reminds Sean the holiday is only celebrated in Mexico, but then again, who cares?

Tim Kruger Fucks Andy Star at TimTales

Tim Kruger Fucks Andy Star at TimTales

Tim Kruger is meeting a total “safado” from Rio de Janeiro today. Andy Star arrived, ready to get his hole opened wide. He really wanted to take Tim’s massive cock. “Fuck me harder, hurt me!” It’s certain is that Andy freaking loved Tim’s cock. He wanted more and more. The deeper the better. Andy came twice. First without touching himself and second while riding in ecstasy. You got some serious deep fucking here. Tim went so deep he could feel Andy’s heart beating.

Paddy O’Brian’s 4-Way with Andy Star, Ely Chaim & Lucas Fox in ‘Hat Trick’ Part 3 at

Hat Trick (Andy Star, Ely Chaim, Lucas Fox & Paddy O'Brian) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Paddy O’Brian and his three lovers—Lucas Fox, Andy Star, and Ely Chaim—finally work up the courage to all fuck around together. With boners raging and cum flowing, it is sure to be something they partake in often.

Paddy O’Brian Fucks Andy Star in ‘Hat Trick’ Part 1 at

Hat Trick (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Andy Star) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Paddy O’Brian loves sex as evidenced by his numerous lovers—the first being Andy Star. He swallows Paddy’s perfect cock before opening his hole for a rimming. Paddy cares to his hole before working it deep inside. Andy loves a dick deep in his ass, and Paddy certainly delivers.

Mario Galeno and Andy Star in ‘Brazilian Duo’ at Fuckermate

Brazilian Duo (Mario Galeno and Andy Star) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

This week we introduce you not one, but two new mates, filming with us for the first time. Supersexy Brazilian Andy Star meets his newcomer compatriot Mario Galeno in hot bareback action! After chatting in the balcony the two guys move inside the house: they are so excited that they don’t even have time to get into the bedroom and begin to fuck on the couch.