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Lucas Knight and Dylan James Flip-Fuck in ‘The Lost Videos’ Part 2 at Lucas Entertainment

The Lost Videos (Lucas Knight and Dylan James Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2) at Lucas Entertainment

Once believed to be gone forever, “The Lost Videos” have been recovered and they’re sure to reunite you with your gay porn favorites! Stephen Harte services Philip Zyos’ big uncut cock with his mount and ass. Colton Grey and Nigel Banks take turns sucking and fucking each other. Joey Pele stretches out Dmitry Osten’s ass. Lucas Knight uses his monster cock to slam Dylan James’ ass raw. And Michael Lucas fucks Nico Deen!

Dylan James And Angel Duran Fuck Tom Faulk in ‘Gentlemen 21: Top Management’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Gentlemen 21: Top Management (Dylan James And Angel Duran Fuck Tom Faulk) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

Business associates Dylan James and Angel Duran are hanging around the office waiting for Dylan’s package to arrive before they head out after a hard day at work. They keep it professional during the workday, but they are casual fuck buddies after hours. However, when Tom Faulk shows up as the gay delivery boy, Dylan and Angel decided to take advantage of their office setting — and that involves them having their way with Tom! Dylan especially takes a liking to Tom, as you can tell when you see how long and hard he fucks the skater-punk’s hole raw.

Dylan James And Drae Axtell Double Team Lee Santino in ‘Gentlemen 20: Inside Trade’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Gentlemen 20: Inside Trade (Dylan James And Drae Axtell Double Team Lee Santino) (Scene 4) at Lucas Entertainment

Lee Santino is doing exactly what you should never do while at work: watch porn at his desk. His colleagues Dylan James and Drae Axtell catch him – but hey, if Lee is horny at the office and if no one else is around, why not answer his needs? Rules and norms be damned: Dylan James and Drae Axtell both take turns on Lee Santino’s mouth and ass.

Scott DeMarco Flip-Fucks With Dylan James in ‘Bareback Auditions 8’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Bareback Auditions 8 (Scott DeMarco Flip-Fucks With Dylan James) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

The ultra-gorgeous Scott DeMarco usually tops the guys he fucks, but he’s been craving The D ever since he saw what Dylan James has between his legs. After Dylan and Scott talk for their “Bareback Auditions” interview, the two meet up again at night to fuck beside the pool. Dylan has a soft spot for handsome Italian-American men, and he loves every moment of Scott being inside him. When the situation is flipped, Scott rides Dylan… and his rock-hard Italian cock is a beautiful sight to behold as he bounces!

Dylan James Seeds Ricky Verez’s Throat & Ass in ‘Bottom Boy Bitches’ Scene 3 at Lucas Entertainment

Bottom Boy Bitches (Dylan James Seeds Ricky Verez’s Throat & Ass) (Scene 3) at Lucas Entertainment

All Dylan James wants to do is relax a bit and watch some TV. He’s not interested in entertaining the whims of Ricky Verez. But Ricky is always bored and in need of getting his ass fucked, so he makes it his personal mission to provoke Dylan into teaching him a lesson. Ricky achieves this goal by splashing water on Dylan. So be it: if Ricky Verez wants Dylan James to rough him up and bareback his hole with all nine inches of his cock, that’s exactly what he’s going to get!

Sergeant Miles and Dylan James Double-Team Devin Franco in ‘Raw Double Penetrations 06: No Holes Spared’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Raw Double Penetrations 06: No Holes Spared (Sergeant Miles and Dylan James Double-Team Devin Franco) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

Sergeant Miles and Dylan James are having a private Fourth of July celebration: they’re hanging out and barbecuing, but they can’t do much with their food because Devin Franco is late with the buns. He arrives empty-handed because he thought Dylan and Sergeant meant his buns.

Drae Axtell’s Corporate Threesome w/ Dylan James and Stas Landon in ‘Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work (Drae Axtell's Corporate Threesome w/ Dylan James and Stas Landon) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

The Lucas Men are “Hard at Work” in the corporate office in the nineteenth installment of the Gentlemen series. Drae Axtell has his hands full servicing the executive cocks of Dylan James and Stas Landon. Office interns Devin Franco and Lee Santino plays with dildos and their raw cocks while the boss is away. Dominant top Sergeant Miles propositions Ace Era to earn a bonus. And Brian Bonds gives up his ass to Stas Landon and Jack Andy for a rough bareback fucking after hours. When was the last time you were this “Hard at Work”?

James Castle and Dylan James Own Bogdan Gromov’s Ass in ‘Ass-Fucking Alpha Males’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Ass-Fucking Alpha Males (James Castle and Dylan James Own Bogdan Gromov’s Ass) (Scene 1) at Lucas Entertainment

James Castle snuggles up with his young lover, Bogdan Gromov, in bed watching television. James is fresh from the shower with only a towel covers his always stunning body. What Bogdan doesn’t know is James invited over alpha-male Dylan James to shake things up and give them both a taste of some masculine dominance. Dylan shows up in a tank top and jeans and jerks his dick while James and Bogdan fool around. But before long Dylan James strips down (showing off his sexy-as-hell tattoos) and gets his hard raw cock wet in both James Castle and Bogdan Gromov.

Dylan James Fucks Rafael Lords in ‘Young, Hung & Raw’ Scene 2 at Lucas Entertainment

Young, Hung & Raw (Dylan James Fucks Rafael Lords) (Scene 2) at Lucas Entertainment

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen Rafael Lords get thrown around by a hot top. There’s no Lucas Entertainment exclusive model better for the job than alpha-male Dylan James. His masculine face, tattooed muscular body, and hard nine-inch cock… there’s nothing about Dylan that Rafael isn’t drooling over. Dylan doesn’t take it easy on his bottoms, and Rafael’s little ass gets one hell of a bareback fucking!

Dylan James Fucks Josh Rider in ‘Cock Huntr’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Cock Huntr (Dylan James Fucks Josh Rider) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

Dylan James is a true alpha-male: his worked-out gym body and big nine-inch dick are attributes that own every man they use. The scene opens with Dylan building up his body and increasing his strength. This is a fact Josh Rider is well aware of and admires in Dylan James. Josh follows Dylan on Cock Huntr and after his workout session Josh meets him in his shower and gives his ass up for a hard bareback fucking!

Lucas Entertainment: Brandon Wilde’s Bareback Premiere with Dylan James

Brandon Wilde's Bareback Premiere with Dylan James at LucasEntertainment

Don’t be fooled by Brandon Wilde’s sweet, boy-next-door face. He might look like an adorable all-American guy, but behind that face he’s a sex-hungry porn star skilled at servicing dick. For Brandon’s bareback sex premiere, he plays out a fantasy of working in an office with a tall, strong, and dominant boss that uses his body after hours.

Dylan James Fucks Damon Heart in ‘Barebackula’ Scene 2 at LucasEntertainment

Barebackula (Dylan James Fucks Damon Heart) (Scene 2) at LucasEntertainment

The dark servants that populate Castle Bare do more than serve the household needs of Count Barebackula. They’re permitted to mingle and play with each other, but when the needs of the count call, they must obey. The count may be the ruler of Castle Bare, but when his sexual commands are fulfilled, he calls upon the strength of his minions to control and subjugate him. Damon Heart as Barebackula summons his dark servant Dylan James to fulfill his nightly needs for sex and seed. The count gives over his throat and ass to earn his minion’s cum… and to seduce the unwitting British Attorney Jonathan Harder.

Alex Kof Fucks Dylan James in ‘Barebackula’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Barebackula (Alex Kof Fucks Dylan James) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

The Barebackula story begins as Jonathan Harder watches on as Alex Kof and Dylan James engage in limitless carnal pleasure. In the scenario Alex shows Dylan how to ride his intimidating nine-inch uncut dick. Dylan, in turn, gets Alex on his back for balls-deep penetration.

Seven-Man Orgy Feat. Dylan James, Alejandro Castillo & Drae Axtell in ‘Good Service’ Scene 3 at Lucas Entertainment)

Good Service (Seven-Man Orgy Feat. Dylan James, Alejandro Castillo & Drae Axtell) (Scene 3) at LucasEntertainment

Dylan James, Drae Axtell, and Stas Landon spend some time bonding in the hot tub. They share their sexual stories while soaking in the water, but when it’s time to get out the towels are missing. Koda Gold and Asher Devin were in charge of giving the other guys their towels, but they instead started making out and messing around with one another.

Dylan James Fucks Mario Domenech in ‘Cock Craze’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Cock Craze (Dylan James Fucks Mario Domenech) (Scene 4) at Lucas Entertainment

It’s double the muscle jock in this scene: tattooed hunk Dylan James hooks up with the beefcake Mario Domenech. Mario might look like a beast, but he enjoys getting on all fours and submitting to a top. But for Dylan, he plays with his asshole first using some anal toys — check out 9:30 to see what I’m talking about.

Dylan James Fucks Michael DelRay in ‘Hitting It Raw’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Hitting It Raw (Dylan James Fucks Michael DelRay) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

Michael DelRay has the look of a wise-cracking smart ass with plenty of attitude… which is why it’s so satisfying watching Lucas Entertainment exclusive beefcake Dylan James bend him over and pork him in the butt bareback. Michael is a lean guy with a huge cock, but it’s his hole that gets used in this encounter.

Dylan James Fucks Rikk York in ‘Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex’ Scene 4 at LucasEntertainment

Dylan James Fucks Rikk York in Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex at LucasEntertainment

Dylan James is just as hungry as Sergeant Miles is — these military men can’t help themselves! Rikk York is perfect for Dylan since he loves a good cock-sucking challenge himself, and man, does he swallow every inch Dylan gives him.

Dylan James Fucks Sergeant Miles in ‘Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex’ Scene 3 at LucasEntertainment

Sergeant Miles Gags On Dylan James’ Nine-Inch Cock in Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex at LucasEntertainment

Let’s hope that Xavier Jacobs isn’t the jealous type and his fun with Sergeant Miles was purely carnal. Because Sergeant is moving his sexual appetite over to Dylan James, and I’m pretty sure I know why. You see, Sergeant is a bit of a fellatio enthusiast: this guy loves sucking cock, and it’s apparent in his scenes (especially the one with Michael Lachlan from the movie “Saluting Sergeant”).

Dylan James & Jonah Fontana Flip-Fuck Bareback in ‘Ass Blasters’ at Lucas Entertainment

Ass Blasters (Dylan James & Jonah Fontana Flip-Fuck Bareback) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

If you have a particular appetite for juicy asses, then this encounter between Dylan James and Jonah Fontana will appeal to you in particular. Jonah really has a body you can sink your teeth into — and his dashingly handsome face pulls it all together.

Dylan James and Hugh Hunter Flip-Fuck Raw in ‘Hole Wreckers’ Scene 1 at LucasEntertainment

Hole Wreckers (Dylan James and Hugh Hunter Flip-Fuck Raw) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

Two hot muscular guys roughhousing in their underwear — sign me up! That’s exactly what’s going on with Dylan James, who can’t hold back from grinding on Hugh Hunter (who both fill out their Andre Christian underwear beautifully, might I add). It’s only natural that screwing around like this would give daddy-hunk Hugh a boner, and Dylan doesn’t restrain himself from pulling the hard piece of meat out of his underwear and sucking on it for a while. Both Dylan James and Hugh Hunter are versatile guys in bed, and the fucking really gets rough around 41:45 — check it out for yourself!

LucasEntertainment: Raw DVD (Dylan James & Valentino Medici) (Alpha Male Flip-Fucking) (Scene 3)

Raw DVD (Dylan James and Valentino Medici) (Alpha Male Flip-Fucking) (Scene 3) at LucasEntertainment

Where the bears are I want to be! Porn star Valentino Medici makes his first appearance in this set of scenes (which will be collected in the upcoming Raw DVD film) and he’s showing off his goods to Dylan James. These two have matching body types — they’re well muscled and rock solid in their builds — which shows when they start fucking each other, because it’s apparent they’re not afraid of breaking anything.

Lucas Entertainment: Raw DVD (Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James) (Scene 1)

Raw DVD (Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

It’s been said before on the Lucas Blog (by me) that Viktor Rom is a total top — not to mention why that makes him appealing in this world filled with bottoms. Dylan James agrees with me: Dylan is versatile, but liked the idea of Viktor taking his ass for a ride from start to finish. Why not relax and enjoy a full-service job? Viktor does not disappoint him: he starts with a foot rub that turns quickly into a strip show (Dylan can’t hide his excitement when he sees Viktor’s beautiful uncut Latin cock pop out of his shorts). Dylan’s jaw gets a workout in between the raw pounding action.

Guys In Sweatpants: Dylan James’ First Video (Andrew Collins & Dylan James) (Bareback)

Dylan James' First Video (Andrew Collins & Dylan James) (Bareback) at Guys In Sweatpants

The title of this video may be a bit confusing. Let me explain. Dylan has obviously made quite a name for himself, but this was one of the first duo videos he shot with us! Some of the footage was misplaced, but was recently found!