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Manuel Skye, Marco Vallant and Mickael Lane in ‘Ramming My Daughter’s Boyfriend’ at MEN

Ramming My Daughter's Boyfriend (Manuel Skye, Marco Vallant and Mickael Lane) at Str8 To Gay

Marco Vallant finds his daughter’s phone just as it happens to be receiving a dick pic from her boyfriend, Mickael Lane, who later shows up to the house. He’s curious and decides to test him out on behalf of his daughter.

Manuel Skye and Ryan Bones Tag-Team Paul Canon in ‘Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody’ Scene 3 at

Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody (Manuel Skye (Alfred) and Ryan Bones (Batman) Tag-Team Paul Canon (Robin)) (Part 3) at

Robin (Paul Canon) gets Alfred (Manuel Skye) to hook up one more time before Batman (Ryan Bones) comes back and catches them. Batman catches Robin on his knees and decides the best way to deal with this; is to join in on the fun.

Manuel Skye Fucks Massimo Piano in ‘The Genie’ Part 3 at

The Genie (Manuel Skye Fucks Massimo Piano) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Genie makes sure Massimo Piano uses his last wish wisely; on him. Manuel Skye shows Massimo just how it’s done.

Manuel Skye Fucks River Wilson in ‘Get It In’ Part 3 at

Get It In (Manuel Skye Fucks River Wilson) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Manuel Skye is next in line to sample his stepson’s delicious boyfriend, River Wilson.

Butch Dixon: Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland

Manuel Skye Fucks Zack Acland at Butch Dixon

We’ve got a glut of sexy ginger blokes and stunning Zack Acland is giving it up big style to handsome horse hung Manuel Skye. These hairy, tall, broad and very masculine guys are a frenzy of hairy fuckery. Manuel is 100% top beef and stunning Zack is deliciously bearded, uncut and sexy as hell.

Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone Tag-Team Logan Moore in ‘Hoodwinked’ at MenAtPlay

Hoodwinked (Manuel Skye, Mick Stallone Tag-Team Logan Moore) on MenAtPlay

When real life lovers Mick Stallone and Manuel Sky emailed us and said they’d like to come play with us, we were happy to let them take their pick of studs from the Menatplay menu. These boys have great taste as they decided they wanted to have their fun with Mr Logan Moore. Logan was more than ready to relinquish control and be the couples fuck-boy for the day. And the men came up with a very hot game to play for us.

William Seed and Manuel Sky Tag-team Jessy Bernardo in ‘Exposure’ Part 2 at

Exposure (William Seed and Manuel Sky Tag-team Jessy Bernardo) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

William Seed and Jessy Bernardo catch Manuel Skye jacking off to them fucking. Manuel doesn’t want any trouble and tries to run off but they soon catch up to him and a hot threesome is the only way to remedy the situation. These studs drill and suck away, working themselves into a hot outdoor frenzy.

Manuel Skye Fucks Rikk York in ‘Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks!’ Scene 3 at Raging Stallion

Beards, Bulges & Ballsacks! (Manuel Skye Fucks Rikk York) (Scene 3) at Raging Stallion

Rikk York is smoking a cigarette next to a barrel fire in a seedy alleyway. He isn’t wearing anything but a leather vest and big black boots. Dirty muscle daddy, Manuel Skye, approaches the hung stud and rubs his cock through his jockstrap as he gives Rikk a peek at his giant, meaty sack.

Manuel Skye Fucks CJ Phillips in ‘Two Dick Minimum’ Scene 4 at Raging Stallion

Two Dick Minimum (Manuel Skye Fucks CJ Phillips) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Last call at the cruise bar has cum and gone, and with the patrons gone, the bar staff is free to do as they please. Barback CJ Phillips leans against the bar with his ass in bartender Manuel Skye’s face, and he sucks eagerly on CJ’s tight hole.

Manuel Skye Fucks Beau Reed in ‘STEAM’ at

Steam (Manuel Sky Fucks Beau Reed) at Gods Of Men

Beau Reed and Manuel Skye have some fun in the shower. Beau’s tight bubble ass is pillaged by the pumping of Manuel’s deliciously long dick.

Mick Stallone and Manuel Skye Flip-Fuck in ‘Two Dick Minimum’ Scene 1 at Raging Stallion

Two Dick Minimum (Mick Stallone and Manuel Skye Flip-Fuck) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

It’s a quiet night at the local cruise bar, which means that studs Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone can do as they please without interruption. As Mick works the pool table, Manuel works the bulge in his jeans. They approach each other and begin kissing deeply with lots of tongue. Mick grabs Manuel’s nipple, then his ass. Undoing Manuel’s belt and freeing his enormous cock, Mick eagerly drops to his knees and services Manuel’s hard meat and hefty balls.

River Wilson, Manuel Skye & Matthew Parker’s Three-Way at CockyBoys

River Wilson, Manuel Skye & Matthew Parker's Three-Way at

Manuel Skye and River Wilson make their Cocky Boys debuts, joined by returning fellow Canadian Matthew Parker, and they’re ready to make a strong first impression. Spoiler alert: they do… BIG TIME, especially the explosive Manuel. He leads the opening introduction (and much of the action), whereas the other guys exhibit low-key, cosmopolitan charm… even in discussing sex. But once the super-sexy trio start kissing and playing with each other it’s a non-stop fast track to passionate and wildly uninhibited three-way sex.

Manuel Skye Fucks Teddy Torres in ‘Undercover Stripper’ Part 3 at

Undercover Stripper (Manuel Skye Fucks Teddy Torres) (Part 3) at

It’s time for the sting operation—but not before some hardcore penetration. Manuel Skye and Teddy Torres suck and fuck in the explosive conclusion of Undercover Stripper.

Mick Stallone Fucks Manuel Skye in ‘Undercover Stripper’ Part 2 at

Undercover Stripper (Mick Stallone Fucks Manuel Skye) (Part 2) at

Mick Stallone hires undercover stripper Manuel Skye, unaware that he is Manuel’s first true test of his undercover cop abilities. All is a success, with Mick taking Manuel’s cock in his mouth before the pants have hit the floor. After trading blow-jobs, Manuel mounts up on Mick’s long slender rod. He bounces away, taking that dick deeper and deeper until Manuel’s abs are covered in cum.

Manuel Skye Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Undercover Stripper’ Part 1 at

Undercover Stripper (Manuel Skye Fucks Skyy Knox) (Part 1) at

Manuel Skye is going undercover as a stripper to investigate criminal activities—but before going out on the job he needs to receive training from Skyy Knox. The guys go from stretching hamstrings to holes after Skyy puts on his hottest striptease, working Manuel into a horny frenzy. His thick cock fits snugly in Skyy’s deliciously tight hole, and he pounds away until both men erupt.