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CockyBoys: JJ Knight Fucks Sean Zevran (Bondage Session)

Bondage Session (JJ Knight Fucks Sean Zevran) at

Sean Zevran is already in bed stripped down to his underwear and tugging at his wrist and ankle restraints when JJ Knight begins a bondage session.

CockyBoys: Cade Maddox Fucks A Ball-Gagged Max Adonis

Cade Maddox Fucks Max Adonis at

A romantic getaway for Cade Maddox & Max Adonis is spiced up with a little bondage play! It’s Max’s idea but a slightly hesitant Cade comes around once he sees the ball gag. Even with the gag on the sensual affection continues.

CockyBoys: Cory Kane Fucks Ben Masters!

Cory Kane Fucks Ben Masters! at

You’re invited to spend an intimately romantic, early summer day with Cory Kane & Ben Masters…followed by a sensually hot outdoor sexual CockyBoys encounter.

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Sean Ford!

Ashton Summers Fucks Sean Ford! at

Sean Ford isn’t a morning person, but thanks to Ashton Summers he learns to appreciate how good morning sex can be! A sleepy Sean is slowly aroused by playfully horny Ashton’s kisses on his neck and body and is fully hard when they kiss and Ashton dry humps him through their underwear. After Ashton slips Sean’s cock and balls out of his undies for a taste test, he kisses him again while Sean slides Ashton’s underwear down to let out his raging hard cock.

CockyBoys: Justin Matthews Fucks Ben Masters

Justin Matthews Fucks Ben Masters at

In his first filmed scene with Cocky Boys (shot prior to his Before The Afterglow episode) Ben Masters is VERY excited that his debut is with Justin Matthews! Justin is just his type physically and Ben thinks will take control…which is true right from the start.

CockyBoys: Before The Afterglow, Part 4 (Ethan Slade and Taylor Reign Flip-Fuck!)

Before The Afterglow, Part 4 (Ethan Slade & Taylor Reign!) at

Taylor Reign & Ethan Slade take an ordinary day of outdoor chores at Camp CockyBoys and turn into a day of flirty foreplay and mentally edging each other. Taylor is a little bolder though by taking a naked outdoor shower just to wash off a little paint and luring Ethan to watch take a little break.

CockyBoys: Before The Afterglow, Part 3 (Josh Moore Fucks Max Adonis)

Before The Afterglow, Part 3 (Josh Moore Fucks Max Adonis) at

Max Adonis makes his Cocky Boys debut with Josh Moore in ‘Before The Afterglow‘, and together they explore the pleasures as well as the excitement of foreplay. While lying together poolside Max lures Josh with his cute butt and a seductive question, “Wanna have some fun?”

CockyBoys: JJ Knight and Justin Matthews DP Levi Karter!

JJ Knight and Justin Matthews DP Levi Karter! at

As far as JJ Knight is concerned three is the perfect number, especially if it involves Levi Karter & Justin Matthews, two guys he’s long wanted to have scenes with. So, Cocky Boys makes it happen, with the guys adding some DP action into the mix.

CockyBoys: Jack Hunter Fucks Vincent O’Reilly!

Jack Hunter Fucks Vincent O'Reilly! at

When Vincent O’Reilly models for photographer Jack Hunter he can barely conceal his attraction to him. Yet, as much as he flirts with him, Jack remains a professional. That is until Vincent loses concentration and gets rock hard when he gets a look at Vincent’s mouth-watering ass stretching out his underwear. He suspends the photo-session and professionalism goes out the window as they kiss deeply.

CockyBoys Series: Fans Only! Bareback (with Calvin Banks & Cory Kane!)

Fans Only! (with Calvin Banks & Cory Kane!) at

Longtime friends Calvin Banks & Cory Kane have their first scene together in a VERY special way, in their first Cocky Boys Fans Only (CBFO) scene: intimate & condom free! AND, it was filmed in Guadalajara, Mexico when CockyBoys was there for the film festival premiere of the Bruce LaBruce short film series.

CockyBoys: Love Lost & Found (Taylor Reign, Cory Kane and Allen King)

Love Lost & Found (Taylor Reign, Cory Kane and Allen King) at

Couple Taylor Reign (formerly Alex Vaara) & Cory Kane are off to sunny Mexico to have some fun with each other…and whomever else they might meet!

CockyBoys: Cory Kane and Valentin Braun Flip-Fuck

Cory Kane and Valentin Braun Flip-Fuck at

Before his scene with Cory Kane sexy charmer Valentin Braun says he’s turned on when the other person is turned on. To put it simply. “I feed off other people’s pleasure.” He soon learns that seems to be Cory’s outlook too. Their compatibility and chemistry is self-evident as they kiss almost non-stop like long-term lovers & Cory sucks Valentin as though he’s done it hundreds of times before. Soon the rock-hard duo go to bed where their kissing turns into a lengthy and loving 69.

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Taylor Reign

Ashton Summers Fucks Taylor Reign at

Their pairing is a long time coming and Taylor Reign & Ashton Summers want this to last with some slowly seductive foreplay. As they make out they’re entranced with each other AND their reflection in the mirror. Taylor strip-teases his ass in front of a naked & stroking Ashton who in turn wants some head before he gives him his cock. Taylor eagerly obliges with some deep sucking that practically melts Ashton…who still manages to reach over and play with the ass he’s about to own.

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola

Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola at

One snowy evening in a high-rise hotel, restless & horny Troy Accola goes to great lengths to get laid. Leaving his door unlatched he sends out a live video stroking his cock and fingering his hole in the hopes that the recipient Ashton Summers will take the bait…

CockyBoys: Adam Ramzi Fucks Calvin Banks in ‘ALL SAiNTS’ (feat: Levi Karter, Ricky Roman & Troy Accola)

Adam Ramzi Fucks Calvin Banks in 'ALL SAiNTS' (feat: Levi Karter, Ricky Roman & Troy Accola) at

In New Orleans Adrian (Calvin Banks) over sleeps and rushes out the door, walking briskly through quaint neighborhoods on his way to class. He stops only once at the gates of a cemetery when he thinks he catches a glimpse of someone. Adrian moves on, unaware that the hidden figure watches him as he walks away. Adrian arrives at the tail end of the religious lecture conducted by a professor & priest (Adam Ramzi) and proceeds to shine, in spite of being late. Nevertheless, after class the professor re-establishes his authority by sternly chastising Adrian for his tardiness…

CockyBoys: Introducing Ellis Fisher (Jack Hunter Fucks Ellis)

Jack Hunter Fucks Ellis Fisher at

In his Cocky Boys debut, very experienced Ellis Fisher (formerly Ellis at Corbin Fisher) says upfront that he loves a huge cock in his ass…especially when he’s cumming. Still, he’s a bit anxious… because he’s taking on Jack Hunter!

CockyBoys: REDUX: Introducing Troy Accola (with Calvin Banks)

REDUX: Introducing Troy Accola (with Calvin Banks) at

Troy Accola makes his long-awaited Cocky Boys debut and there’s no one better to welcome him than Calvin Banks. They have a history together on camera and off and now get a chance for a more exciting redux…with Troy now more sexually confident and open to more options.

Jack Hunter and Ollie Flip-Fuck in ‘Postcards From LA’ at CockyBoys

Postcards From LA: Ollie and Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck at

Jack Hunter & Ollie’s (formerly Ollie of Sean Cody) fun and flirty day at the beach winds down with a balmy sunset, but when they return to their room their simmering sexual chemistry bursts into a full flame of passion right as soon as they close the door. After deep kissing one another, Jack makes his way down Ollie’s hard body to his cock where his mouth engulfs his hardening cock. Soon Ollie is eager to return the pleasure..especially once he gets a look at Jack’s ginormous cock. He has to use his hands and his mouth to take on Jack, but Ollie perseveres in his oral challenge.