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NOIR Male: Osiris Blade Fucks Michael Roman in ‘Work Out Warm Up’

Work Out Warm Up (Osiris Blade Fucks Michael Roman) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: Studs Michael Roman and Osiris Blade meet up before going to the gym to stretch together. They can’t handle the sexual tension between them.

NOIR Male: Aaron Trainer Fucks Brian Bonds in ‘My Dad Fucked Your Dad’

My Dad Fucked Your Dad (Aaron Trainer Fucks Brian Bonds) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: Aaron Trainer and Brian Bonds are two daddies who crave each other’s hard cocks. A quick masturbation session quickly evolves into their massive cocks in each other’s mouths!

NOIR Male: Pheonix Fellington, Trent King and Fame in ‘Business Deals’

Business Deals (Pheonix Fellington, Trent King and Fame) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: Trent King, Pheonix Fellington and Fame, find themselves in a hotel room together. Hornier than ever they are craving thick cock in all of their holes! It’s time for the wildest threesome yet with hardcore cock sucking and fucking. Nothing is better than business with extra pleasure!

NOIR Male: Rocco Steele Fucks Liam Cyber in ‘The Ring’

The Ring (Rocco Steele Fucks Liam Cyber) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: Rocco Steele finally learns his lesson and realizes he will not find anyone better than adorable, Liam Cyber.

NOIR Male: Jason Vario Fucks Jackson Reed in ‘Measure Up’

Measure Up (Jason Vario Fucks Jackson Reed) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: When getting measured for his wedding day, Jackson Reed (formerly Gerin at ChaosMen) cannot help himself from getting turned on by Jason Vario.

NOIR Male: Jaxx Maxim Fucks Johnny V in ‘Shared Shower’

Shared Shower (Jaxx Maxim Fucks Johnny V) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: Gorgeous roommate Jaxx Maxim and Johnny V just can’t get along! There is nothing worse than someone hogging the shower when you need it!

NOIR Male: Jason Vario Fucks Nick Fitt in ‘The Rub Down’

The Rub Down (Jason Vario Fucks Nick Fitt) at Noir Male

Noir Male: Confident Nick Fitt is ready to take on ‘straight’ stud Jason Vario giving him the deepest rub down massage.

NOIR Male: Jaxx Maxim and Dillon Diaz Fuck Devin Franco in ‘Plumber’s Helper’

Plumber's Helper (Jaxx Maxim and Dillon Diaz Fuck Devin Franco) at Noir Male

Devin Franco’s sink gets clogged and the plumbers are immediately called. But when stunning Jaxx Maxim and Dillon Diaz show up Devin cannot contain himself!

NOIR Male: Pierce Paris Fucks Trelino in ‘Pass or Fail’

Pass or Fail (Pierce Paris Fucks Trelino) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: With no hesitation Trelino jumps into action and services Pierce Paris quite well with his mouth, tongue and tight ass! Intense blowjobs leads to epic ass fucking and explosive, wet come shots!

NOIR Male: Parker Payne Fucks Nick Fitt in ‘Poking Around’

Poking Around (Parker Payne Fucks Nick Fitt) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: When the Parker Payne comes back unexpected and finds Nick Fitt in his bed, he tells him he’s been watching him for a long time and that it’s time they get down to business…and fuck!

NOIR Male: XL Fucks Travis Yukarin in ‘Extra Security’

Extra Security (XL Fucks Travis Yukarin) at Noir Male

NOIR Male: Looking for the key to get into the house Travis Yukarin is stopped by the hunky, sexy AF security guard, played by XL.