Armond Rizzo

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Troy Accola Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Boys Of Summer’ Scene 4 at IconMale

Boys Of Summer (Troy Accola Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Hot, Latin lover, Armond Rizzo bottoms from the top as he manipulates hard-jawed twink Troy Accola into believing more of his cheating lies. But, while Troy knows Armond is a snake, he still can’t resist the sculpted stud’s perfect little hole — and the mind-blowing orgasms only Armond can provide.

Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Boys Of Summer’ Scene 3 at Icon Male

Boys Of Summer (Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Sexy, shy Brendan Patrick is desperate to feel desired, and predatory hottie Armond Rizzo moves in on his easy prey. Hairy, bearded, hard-body Brendan is no match for sex addict Armond, who seduces the older Irishman for an intense round of dick sucking, rimming, and explosive fucking.

Fuckermate: Alejandro Torres Barebacks Armond Rizzo in ‘Nasty Awakening’

Nasty Awakening (Alejandro Torres Barebacks Armond Rizzo) at Fuckermate

What’s better than being woken up by the kisses of a hung friend all over the body and the ass? It is just what happened to the sweet bottom Armond Rizzo this morning, when our horny power top Alejandro Torres got into the bedroom, finding the perfect ass of Armond in front of his lustful eyes.

Fuckermate: Carlos Leão Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Only The Biggest’

Only The Biggest (Carlos Leão Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Bareback) at Fuckermate

After long time we finally had the opportunity to film with the amazing Armond Rizzo! This week we bring you his first scene with us, together with our hung Brazilian stud Carlos Leão! Armond is internationally considered the best bottom ever: he loves only the hugest dicks around and the brazilian anaconda that Carlos got between his legs is the perfect toy for him.

Billy Santoro Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Truth Or Dare’ Scene 4 at Icon Male

Truth Or Dare (Billy Santoro Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Once the truth or dare game is over Armond Rizzo and Billy Santoro find themselves on the couch together, they confess that they have been curious about how it would be like to fuck each other. They get straight to it, Armond rides Billy’s massive cock and they fuck each other passionately. Exploding with cum and intensive orgasms!

Nick Sterling Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Truth Or Dare’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Truth Or Dare (Nick Sterling Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

It’s Nick Sterling’s turn for a dare, Roman Todd states the fact that Armond Rizzo has a huge crush on Nick. He dares him to take Armond to the bedroom and let him live out his fantasy! Nick is totally into this dare he drags Armond directly into the bedroom. Nick slams his cock into his tight hungry asshole! Shoving his cock down his throat. Giving him a night he will never forget!

Andrew Stark Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’ Scene 3 at Falcon Studios

Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 (Andrew Stark Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

Lord (Andrew Stark) is angered, and he sends his Henchman out to find some answers. Left to his own devices, Lord turns to his courtesan, Alleycat (Armond Rizzo), to relieve the tension. Stripping off Lord’s shirt, Alleycat leans in to teasingly lick Lord’s sensitive nipples. Lord wraps his big, strong hands around Alleycat’s tight, muscular ass, probing at the crack. Working his way down Lord’s impressive torso, Alleycat liberates Lord’s huge cock.

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Adam Russo Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Firemen’ Scene 4 at IconMale

Firemen (Adam Russo Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Armond Rizzo can’t stop fantasizing about the other firemen at his station fucking! He pictures gorgeous, black Noah Donovan fucking his fire chief’s tight asshole, and even thinks about pretty boy Calvin Banks and Noah doing double anal on Adam Russo, whose slutty asshole takes both giant cocks without any problem. When Armond tells Adam his fantasy, Adam takes young Armond into his arms and makes out with him. This turns into Armond getting the fuck of his life, as Adam sucks off the younger man and then fucks his tight little asshole until the boy needs to cum. Adam cums all over Armond, and both of them are left exhausted and satisfied.

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall