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Extra Big Dicks: Dustin Steele Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘Big Dick For Sexy Accent’

Big Dick For Sexy Accent (Dustin Steele Fucks Brendan Patrick) at

Brendan Patrick tells Dustin Steele he is from Ireland and Dustin loves hearing his sexy accent. Dustin tells him he is a trucker from South Georgia and Brendan likes his accent too.

Men Over 30: Jon Galt and Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck in ‘Worked Out Lovers’

Worked Out Lovers (Jon Galt and Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck) at

Jon Galt and Brendan Patrick are back in the locker room after their workout and Jon is obviously very horny based on the hard cock flopping in his shorts.

Family Dick: Mr Stevenson’s Boy: Chapter Three (I HAVE TO FINISH MY HOMEWORK)

Mr Stevenson's Boy: Chapter Three (I HAVE TO FINISH MY HOMEWORK) at FamilyDick

While he’s working on a school essay, a young man’s (Timothy Drake) horny, aggressive step dad (Brendan Patrick) sneaks in to his room to bust a nut bad, seeing a chance to do it while his wife is out.

Family Dick: Mr Stevenson’s Boy, Chapter 2: Curfew (Brendan Roberts (Stepdad) and Logan Roberts (Stepson))

Mr Stevenson's Boy: Chapter Two (Curfew) at FamilyDick

When his stepson stays out all night, this angry daddy waits up to give him what for! When the boy comes home, he’s got nothing to say but lies and denials. Not wanting to hear it, the dad shoves the boy’s mouth down on his cock before he punish fucks him hard on the couch. Maybe this time he’ll learn his lesson!

Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Boys Of Summer’ Scene 3 at Icon Male

Boys Of Summer (Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Sexy, shy Brendan Patrick is desperate to feel desired, and predatory hottie Armond Rizzo moves in on his easy prey. Hairy, bearded, hard-body Brendan is no match for sex addict Armond, who seduces the older Irishman for an intense round of dick sucking, rimming, and explosive fucking.

Brendan Patrick Fucks Troy Accola in ‘Fathers & Sons Vol 6’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Fathers & Sons Vol 6 (Brendan Patrick Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Sexy teen Troy Accola seduces older bearded brother Brendan Patrick by forcing the hairy Irishman to submit to an intense, surprise blow job. Soon the two are enjoying a forbidden tryst in the blonde teen’s bedroom, as Brendan mounts his younger brother and gives him an explosive orgasm that makes the sexy young stud fall instantly in love.

Family Dick: Mr Stevenson’s Boy, Chapter 1: Jerk Bathroom (Brendan Roberts (Stepdad) and Logan Roberts (Stepson))

Mr Stevenson's Boy, Chapter 1: Jerk Bathroom (Brendan Roberts (Stepdad) and Logan Roberts (Stepson)) at FamilyDick

Logan Roberts’ got it bad for his stepdad and thinks he can steal a shot of him showering. He plants his phone and starts filming, only to be turned on and start jerking as well. When his stepdad gets out of the shower, he catches the boy and shoves his face on his cock! The boy sucks hard, eager to swallow his sexy stepdad’s man juice.

Brendan Patrick Fucks Drake Magnum in ‘The Therapist’ Scene 4 at IconMale

The Therapist (Brendan Patrick Fucks Drake Magnum) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Stunning, hairy Brendan Patrick is hot for sexy young stud Drake Magnum and takes the teen’s massive cock like a champ until the two explode in mutual cum soaked orgasms.

Damian Taylor and Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck in ‘Jock Strap Fuckers’ at MenOver30

Jock Strap Fuckers (Damian Taylor & Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck) at

Brendan Patrick & Damian Taylor are in the locker room and Damian is excited to show Brendan that he is wearing his jock strap. Brendan is totally enamored with seeing Damian’s perfect ass framed in the straps of the jock and he cannot keep his hands off his ass. Brendan then drops to his knees and begins rimming Damian’s ass deep and wet. Damian then sucks Brendan’s cock through his jock strap for a while before begging for Brendan to fuck him.

Jace Chambers Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘The Moment of Truth’ at ExtraBigDicks

The Moment of Truth (Jace Chambers Fucks Brendan Patrick) at

Jace Chambers & Brendan Patrick have been communicating and it is now The Moment Of Truth. Jace is extremely turned on by Brendan’s Irish accent. Brendan is new to the area and as they finish talking about his past Brendan tells Jace that he desires big cocks and that he can handle a hard fuck, so Jace wastes no time in getting down to business. Brendan also wastes no time as he deep throats and gags on Jace’s massive cock. Jace then rims Brendan’s ass before taking his big cock and plowing it deep into his ass.

Brendan Patrick, Cesar Rossi & Chandler Scott in ‘WHOREDERS’ at MenOver30

Whoreders (Brendan Patrick, Cesar Rossi & Chandler Scott) at

Chandler Scott and Cesar Rossi are getting ready to move and they are cleaning out their garage. They are arguing a bit about the amount of stuff that Chandler seems to not want to part ways with when their friend Brendan Patrick shows up to help them.

Jeff Powers Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘Breeding My Bossy Otter’ at Bromo

Breeding My Bossy Otter (Jeff Powers Fucks Brendan Patrick) (Bareback) at Bromo

Jeff Powers and Brendan Patrick are a hairy dream come true. These two can’t seem to get enough of each other’s rock hard and hairy bodies, and frankly we don’t want them to. They treat us to some intense man-on-man action (an intense 69 included) from beginning to end, and we just want to keep seeing more.

BROMO!: Michael Roman Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘Raw Spankers, Part 1’

Raw Spankers (Michael Roman Fucks Brendan Patrick) (Part 1) at Bromo

Michael Roman and Brendan Patrick like a bit of rough stuff. Brendan especially loves to get spanked hard, which Michael is more than happy to oblige. The two hunks play rough with Michael face-fucking Brendan before spreading his cheeks wide open and sliding his massive cock raw inside him. Michael then tosses Brendan around like a rag-doll until the two blow their loads all over each other.

Brendan Patrick, Donny Forza, Jack Hunter, Jordan Boss & Rod Peterson in ‘Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody Trailer’ Part 1 at

Star Trek: A Gay XXX Parody Trailer (Brendan Patrick, Donny Forza, Jack Hunter, Jordan Boss & Rod Peterson) at

The Enterprise and her crew are in danger of destruction—Spock and Captain Kirk argue their way through a daring rescue mission. Once the ship is steadied and safe from harm, the crew celebrates the best way they know how—with an intergalactic jizz orgy.

Darin Silvers Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘Mail Order Husband’ Part 2 at

Mail Order Husband (Darin Silvers Fucks Brendan Patrick) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Brendan Patrick has just made it to his American abode. His new roommate Darin Silvers shows him round the house before the boys fill out the paperwork for marriage. The questionnaire is going smoothly until they have to describe each other’s penises and what it’s like to have sex together.

Brendan Patrick, Max London & Ken in ‘He Likes It Rough & Raw: Volume 2’ Part 3 at Bromo

He Likes It Rough & Raw: Volume 2 (Brendan Patrick, Max London & Ken) (Part 3) at Bromo

Max London and Ken thought manhandling Brendan Patrick would scare him, but little do they know that this is a big fantasy of his. The rougher they get with him, the hotter he finds it. So they go all in and use his hot ass (and mouth) as the cum-guzzling machine he is. From tying him up and face-fucking him, to taking turns fucking him raw, they definitely don’t hold back in this hot scene.

Jaxton Wheeler, Brandon Evans, Aaron Bruiser & Brendan Patrick in ‘Rednecks’ Part 4 Finale at Bromo

Rednecks (Jaxton Wheeler, Brandon Evans, Aaron Bruiser & Brendan Patrick) (Part 4) at Bromo

What a smoking hot scene we brought you for your personal pleasure! Watch the Redneck series final instalment starring Jaxton Wheeler, Brandon Evans, Aaron Bruiser gangbanging Brendan Patrick bareback in a dirty roadside restroom.