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ExtraBigDicks: Clay Towers, Joe Parker and Jay Donahue in ‘Moving Day Fuck’

Moving Day Fuck (Clay Towers, Joe Parker and Jay Donahue) at

Pride Studios: Clay Towers and Jay Donahue have helped Joe Parker move into his new place and as they are unpacking stuff in his bedroom, they discover a box that contains a bottle of lube and a lot of condoms.

Extra Big Dicks: Aaron Trainer Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘Wow, That Is Actually Your Dick!’

Wow That Is Actually Your Dick (Aaron Trainer Fucks Hans Berlin) at ExtraBigDicks

Extra Big Dicks: Aaron Trainer and Hans Berlin are sitting on the couch after just meeting each other online. Aaron tells Hans he is much better looking in person and Hans wants to know if what Aaron told him about the size of his cock is true.

Extra Big Dicks: Jack Andy Fucks Jacob Connar in “Jack’s Big Dick Playroom”

Jack's Big Dick Playroom (Jack Andy Fucks Jacob Connar) at

Pride Studios: Jack Andy walks into his playroom with his huge cock leading the way out of his jean shorts. He beckons for Jacob Connar to join him and he has to encourage him a few times to join him.

Extra Big Dicks: Dustin Steele Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘Big Dick For Sexy Accent’

Big Dick For Sexy Accent (Dustin Steele Fucks Brendan Patrick) at

Brendan Patrick tells Dustin Steele he is from Ireland and Dustin loves hearing his sexy accent. Dustin tells him he is a trucker from South Georgia and Brendan likes his accent too.

ExtraBigDicks: Osiris Blade Fucks Aston Springs in ‘BIG Shock’

BIG Shock (Osiris Blade Fucks Aston Springs) at ExtraBigDicks

Extra Big Dicks: Osiris Blade is in the warehouse bathroom stroking his big cock when Aston Springs accidentally walks in on him.

ExtraBigDicks: Jay Alexander Fucks Jaxx Thanatos in ‘Help My Gag Reflex!’

Help My Gag Reflex! (Jay Alexander Fucks Jaxx Thanatos) at ExtraBigDicks

Jaxx Thanatos (formerly Barton at ChaosMen) has come to be examined by Doctor Jay Alexander because he loves to suck big cocks, but lately his gag reflex has been kicking in too much and causing him to choke and gag.

Extra Big Dicks: Osiris Blade Fucks Chandler Scott in ‘Share Your Towel?’

Share Your Towel? (Osiris Blade Fucks Chandler Scott) at

Osiris Blade and Chandler Scott are in the locker room when Osiris discovers he forgot to bring his towel with him to take a shower.

Extra Big Dicks: Jace Chambers and Cesar Rossi Flip-Fuck in ‘Big-Dicked & Versatile’

Big-Dicked & Versatile (Jace Chambers and Cesar Rossi Flip-Fuck) at

Jace Chambers and Cesar Rossi are in the bedroom discussing sex. Cesar tells Jace that he loves getting fucked by his big dick, but sometimes he wants to also top.

Extra Big Dicks: Michael Stax Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Twin Studies, Part 1’

Twin Studies, Part One (Michael Stax Fucks Cesar Rossi) at ExtraBigDicks

Michael Stax & Jacob Stax are identical twins and have decided to participate in a Twin Study led by Cesar Rossi to make some extra cash.

Extra Big Dicks: Rego Bello Fucks Alexander Garrett in ‘Tested and Approved’

Tested and Approved (Rego Bello Fucks Alexander Garrett) at ExtraBigDicks

Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello have just returned from getting their STD Test Results. They are both super excited because after many years together, they are going to make love bareback.

Extra Big Dicks: Rafael Cruz Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Hard Working Stiffs’

Hard Working Stiffs (Rafael Cruz Fucks Cesar Rossi) at ExtraBigDicks

Rafael Cruz is in his smelly uniform when Cesar Rossi walks in. When Rafael asks Cesar if he wants his uniform washed, Cesar is just staring at Rafael’s fat cock hanging between his legs.

Extra Big Dicks: Aspen Fucks Daxx Carter in ‘Shower Seduction’

Shower Seduction (Aspen Fucks Daxx Carter) at

Daxx Carter is taking a shower at the gym when Aspen walks in and they strike up some small talk. Aspen talks about how huge Daxx’s muscles are and Daxx replies that Aspen’s cock is equally as impressive as it is big even soft. He then makes a move on Aspen and wants to see how big it grows.

Extra Big Dicks: Alexander Garrett and Scott DeMarco Tag-Team Hans Berlin in ‘International Big Dick’

International Big Dick (Alexander Garrett and Scott DeMarco Tag-Team Hans Berlin) at

Alexander Garrett and Scott DeMarco are sitting in the locker room and Hans Berlin is asking them how they met and if they are a couple. When he hears an accent coming from Alexander Garrett, he asks where he is from. As soon as he hears Venezuela he perks up and proclaims that he heard guys from there have big dicks.