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Damien Crosse Fucks Nicolas Brooks in ‘Skilled Tricks’ Part 2 at

Skilled Tricks (Damien Crosse Fucks Nicolas Brooks) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Damien Crosse hires Nicolas Brooks to clean up his space, but with a couple of special requirements. It starts with just taking off a few pieces of clothes… the rest is all Nicolas’ choice.

TimTales: Damien Crosse and Louis Ricaute (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Damien Crosse and Louis Ricaute (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at TimTales

Damien Crosse couldn’t be more excited by the sight of Louis Ricaute’s perfectly muscular body. He wanted to lick every incheof his sweaty frame. Damien and Louis are quite the fit. Both versatile, ready to take cocks and eager to fuck each other. Timtales got you some hot versatile action for this Tuesday! Enjoy :)

Damien Crosse and Jake Cook Flip-Fuck Bareback at TimTales

Damien Crosse and Jake Cook Flip-Fuck at TimTales

Raw fucking doesn’t get more intense than this! Timtales Exclusive Jake Cook is on fire. Damien Crosse and him are fucking (almost fighting) all around Tim’s place. It’s incredibly hot! I was just standing there with my camera trying to follow them. They just couldn’t stop raw fucking each other. Spitting, slapping, breeding in such intensity! I could barely focus. Enjoy! :)

TimTales: Vadim Romanov Barebacks Damien Crosse

Vadim Romanov Barebacks Damien Crosse at TimTales

Pure uninhibited raw sex. Damien Crosse meets our hung Russian Vadim Romanov. You guys already know how much Damien loves deepthroating a thick cock. Well, he’s at his best today! He takes Vadim fat cock all the way in (and deeper!). Before the shoot, Damien told Vadim “I like it hard” and Vadim had this naughty corner smile. Damien ends up getting the deep raw fuck he eagerly wanted.

Damien Crosse’s Bareback Threesome with Devon Lebron & Koldo Goran at TimTales

Damien Crosse's Threesome with Devon Lebron & Koldo Goran at TimTales

For Easter we got you quite a dirty treat! The ultimate taker Damien Crosse gets fucked hard and raw by Timtales Exclusives Devon Lebron and Koldo Goran. It’s so hot it’s hard to watch! Damien first worships the hell out of these two massive cocks. He’s gasping for air, chocking on more cock. Then, Damien gets all of his holes filled by the finest raw stallions. Barebacked and bred, Damien wants more and more. The kinda raw greed that turns me on. When I get hardons while editing, I know it’s gonna be an epic scene.

Damien Crosse Fucks Diego Reyes in ‘At First Sight’ at

At First Sight (Damien Crosse Fucks Diego Reyes) at Gods Of Men

Damien Crosse was hooked from the first moment he set eyes on Diego Reyes. Cocks are sucked and asses are eaten leading up to the main dish. Damien works his dick into Diego, deliberately slow and steady before beginning the deep dicking.

Alejandro Castillo, Bogdan Gromov, Damien Crosse, Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom Visser in ‘Seriously Hard Fucking’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Seriously Hard Fucking (Alejandro Castillo, Bogdan Gromov, Damien Crosse, Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom Visser) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

Damien Crosse might look macho and butch, but when he’s put into the right scenario he turns into a submissive bottom. And the kind of scenario needed is four sexy guys surrounding him ready to use his body.

Damien Crosse Fucks Jessy Ares in ‘A Return’ at

A Return (Damien Crosse Fucks Jessy Ares) at Drill My Hole

Damien Crosse will be the lucky man to plunge into Jessy Ares’ hairy hole with his rock hard rod, but not before Jessy slobbers on that smooth uncut dick. After the messy face-fuck, Damien gets a taste of Jessy’s cock and then moves to that luscious ass with his tongue. Once inside him, both men share the pleasure until the nut-emptying end.

Damien Crosse, Damon Heart, Devin Franco, Drae Axtell & James Castle Star in a 5-Man Orgy in ‘Greedy Holes’ Scene 1 at LucasEntertainment

Greedy Holes (Damien Crosse, Damon Heart, Devin Franco, Drae Axtell & James Castle Star in a 5-Man Orgy) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

Damien Crosse is a gay porn performer that steals the show every time he’s on camera. He is a top in total control of the scene, and he makes the other guys service his fat and throbbing uncut cock. Lucas Entertainment exclusive models James Castle, Devin Franco, Damon Heart, and Drae Axtell are all ready to fulfill his needs with their asses and mouths. This scene has an incredible lineup of exceptionally hot guys!

Damien Crosse Fucks Bogdan Gromov in ‘Good Service’ Scene 1 at LucasEntertainment

Good Service (Damien Crosse Fucks Bogdan Gromov) (Scene 1) at LucasEntertainment

The Lucas Men are enjoying a day at the beach while Damien Crosse watches them from afar. Damien is known for his sexual appetite, and he can’t help the erection he gets while lounging on the sand observing all of the fresh meat at play.

Tim Kruger Fucks Damien Crosse at TimTales!

Tim Kruger Fucks Damien Crosse at TimTales

We got quite the improvised update this week. Tim Kruger met Damien Crosse at Circuit Barcelona and brought him home for a fuck fest. I just had time to set up a light, turn on the camera and they were already fucking. And fucking they did… Damien was in complete ecstasy gasping for air while getting fuck by Tim’s massive cock. The room smelled cigarette, sweat and cum. Damien ended up with a gaping hole covered in piss and cum. Hope you enjoy it as much as Tim and I did ;)

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Damien Crosse in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Part 1 at

Batman Vs. Superman 'A Gay XXX Parody' (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Damien Crosse) at

Reporter Clark Kent (Topher DiMaggio) believes Batman is a vigilante who is not doing the city any favors. Clark believes that Superman’s superpowers make him the city’s true protector. Of course, he is probably biased being that he is the one and only man of steel. Watch Topher DiMaggio rescue Damien Crosse by fending off his attackers and then drill his hole with his fat Superman cock.

Dillon Rossi Fucks Damien Crosse at CockyBoys

Dillon Rossi Fucks Damien Crosse at

A weekend in the big city is just the ticket to strip away those small town inhibitions and Damien Crosse and Dillon Rossi barely made it into the hotel room before their animal desire took control. Sightseeing in the Big Apple will have to wait!

CockyBoys Newcomer Kris Karr Bottoms for Damien Crosse

Newcomer Kris Karr Bottoms for Damien Crosse at

Kris Karr is a young New Yorker originally from Jamaica and he decided to join the CockyBoys team to live out some fantasies. We paired him up with Damien Crosse since he’s pretty much everyone’s fantasy and told Kris he can pick any fantasy he wants. He told us how one time he met this stranger by the water and how he followed him to his hotel room and had one of the best sexual encounters of his life so of course he wanted to relive the fantasy of having a complete stranger take control of him. Damien was the perfect match for that since he’s a big, strong, passionate top and he gave Kris not only the thrill of being dominated but also a lot of passionate moments that Kris is sure to remember for a long time.

Colby Jansen Fucks Damien Crosse in ‘My Brother The Hooker’ Part 1 at

My Brother The Hooker (Colby Jansen Fucks Damien Crosse) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Colby Jansen finds out his brother is a hooker but he doesn’t seem to mind. While hitting the town together, he catches the eye of sexy stud, Damien Crosse. It takes some convincing but Colby decides to give Damien’s hot ass a spin.

Damien Crosse Fucks Dario Beck in ‘Truck Stop’ Part 2 at

Truck Stop (Damien Crosse Fucks Dario Beck) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Dario Beck has been on the road a while and needs a break. When he hears a fellow truck driver over the radio looking to pound some ass, he jumps on the opportunity to have his hole stretched. Damien Crosse jackhammers Dario’s sweet ass, giving the newcomer the proper welcome he deserves.

Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch in ‘Thirst’ (Finale) at

Thirst (Abraham Al Malek, Damien Crosse, Dominique Hansson, Jimmy Fanz & Pierre Fitch) (Part 4) at Jizz Orgy

Damien Crosse orchestrates this late night vampire fuck session. Abraham Al Malek takes Pierre Fitch’s huge cock down his throat while Jimmy Fanz lets his cock loose on Dominique Hansson’s hot ass. Watch as Damien Crosse suck the hot cum clean from all of these hot men before blowing a load of his own.

Damien Crosse Fucks Pierre Fitch in ‘Thirst’ Part 2 at

Thirst (Damien Crosse Fucks Pierre Fitch) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Tough man Damien Crosse has his way with Pierre Fitch’s hot ass, but not before having his face truly fucked by the hung stud. Damien holds onto Pierre’s head as he rams his cock into his sexy hole. Watch Pierre’s huge cock bounce as he rides Damien’s stiff dick.

Damien Crosse Fucks Jimmy Fanz in ‘Thirst’ Part 1 at

Thirst (Damien Crosse Fucks Jimmy Fanz) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Damien Crosse is a vampire and Jimmy Fanz wants nothing more than to follow in his footsteps. Damien offers Jimmy a helping hand, first by stroking and sucking on his excited cock, and then by slamming his ass with his rock hard, vampire dick.

Men Of UK: Room In Madrid (Damien Crosse Fucks Gabriel Cross) (Part 1)

Room In Madrid (Damien Crosse Fucks Gabriel Cross) (Part 1) at Men of UK

Damien Crosse fucks Gabriel Cross’ hot bubble butt and he does not disappoint. Damien Crosse plows deep into Gabriel Cross’ ass.