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Topher DiMaggio Fucks Brendan Phillip in ‘Random Hookup’ at

Random Hookup (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Brendan Phillip) at Str8-To-Gay

Topher DiMaggio gets ahold of Brendan Phillips hot little hole and hard and large pole.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Brent Corrigan in ‘Into The Blue’ Scene 4 at Falcon Studios

Into The Blue (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Brent Corrigan) (Scene 4) at FalconStudios

Lounging by the pool, Brent Corrigan waits as Topher DiMaggio approaches. Topher knows what he wants and goes for it right away, wrapping his lips around Brent’s thick cock. He sucks on Brent’s balls and fingers Brent’s tight hole. Standing up, Topher pulls out his meat and offers it to Brent to suck on. With his expert deep throating skills, Brent is eager and up to the task.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Jeremy Spreadums in ‘Into The Blue’ Scene 2 at Falcon Studios

Into The Blue (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Jeremy Spreadums) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

Topher DiMaggio is horsing around in the clear, blue pool with Jeremy Spreadums. Topher reaches around and pulls down the back of Jeremy’s rainbow swimsuit, fingering his tight hole. Jeremy goes underwater, pulls down Topher’s bathing suit, and gives an underwater blowjob. Coming up for air, Jeremy makes out with Topher while stroking Topher’s hard cock.

Topher Di Maggio Fucks Austin Carter in ‘Take The Bait’ Part 3 at

Take The Bait (Topher Di Maggio Fucks Austin Carter) (Part 3) at Str8-To-Gay

Topher DiMaggio and Austin Carter have something similar in mind—both want to slyly hook-up with each other and bring along a girl to help coax the other guy into sex. Both girls realize the guy’s plan and laugh as Topher and Austin get down to business.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Adam Bryant in ‘Sometime Bottom’ at

Sometime Bottom (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Adam Bryant) at Drill My Hole

Adam Bryant has only ever bottomed once, and is nervous about his second time. He hires Topher DiMaggio to work his hole, taking the time to open him up before taking his ass and pumping it full of his cock.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Ryan Rose in ‘About Last Night’ Scene 2 at FalconStudios

About Last Night (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Ryan Rose) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

Ryan Rose hired go-go dancer Topher DiMaggio for his friend’s bachelor party, and Topher’s so good that Ryan can’t keep his hands off him. Ryan is turnt up with Topher, and the action starts getting extra heavy! As the music bumps, Topher grinds his massive bulge against Ryan’s ripped body, and Ryan figures why not go with it since he’s footing the bill.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Ricky Roman in ‘Going In Deep’ at CockyBoys

Topher Dimaggio has been away from Cockyboys for a while and he couldn’t wait to get back and drill his best buddy Ricky Roman. These two have known each other for a few years now and like to get fuck both on and off camera. Today they met up near the lake to take their desires to the next level.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Jeremy Spreadums in ‘Chemistry’ at

Chemistry (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Jeremy Spreadums) at Gods Of Men

Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Spreadums take each other to orgasmically new heights. After a rousing face-fuck, Topher is ready to penetrate Jeremy’s sweet ass with his rod of pleasure. Jeremy spreads those cheeks to take all of Topher until he sprays his cum all over his chest.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Ricky Decker in ‘Confessions’ Part 2 at

Confessions (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Ricky Decker) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Topher DiMaggio recalls the time a young client waited for him blindfolded so that when he gets there his only focus will be on the taste and feel of cock. Topher gives Ricky Decker the experience he always wanted. He fucks the cum out of him and then shoots his own load on Ricky’s chest.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Lucky Daniels in ‘Ride’ Part 2 at

Ride (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Lucky Daniels) (Part 2) at Str8 To Gay

Lucky Daniels is hired by Topher DiMaggio to give him a ride home. When he sees Topher come out of a gay porn theater he sees this as the perfect opportunity to get fucked. After reaching for Topher’s crotch, Lucky moves to the backseat where he strokes and sucks his big dick. Watch Topher jackhammer Lucky’s hole and then shoot his load all over his face.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Landon Mycles in ‘Anything Can Happen’ at

Anything Can Happen (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Landon Mycles) at Gods Of Men

Topher DiMaggio and Landon Mycles suck each other’s big dicks followed by Landon getting his sweet hole fucked in this hot Gods of Men scene.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Kody Stewart in ‘Bangin’ Beach Boys’ at CockyBoys

Bangin' Beach Boys (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Kody Stewart) at

Topher DiMaggio told Kody Stewart to meet him at Muscle Beach in California for a workout in the sun. The thought of Topher’s muscular body shirtless at the beach gets Kody all excited so of course he shows up early and patiently waits for Topher to arrive so he can show him some tricks at the slings. The chemistry between them turns into a playful bromance that turns into an undeniable tension and need for explore further so after some fun in the water the guys decide to go back to Kody’s place and really let loose. As soon as they walk in, Topher wastes no time. He drops his shorts and asks Kody “Is this what you were waiting for?” Kody just looks down at Topher’s massive dick and with a grin on his face admits that it’s all he really wants and then gets down on his knees to suck it.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Damien Crosse in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Part 1 at

Batman Vs. Superman 'A Gay XXX Parody' (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Damien Crosse) at

Reporter Clark Kent (Topher DiMaggio) believes Batman is a vigilante who is not doing the city any favors. Clark believes that Superman’s superpowers make him the city’s true protector. Of course, he is probably biased being that he is the one and only man of steel. Watch Topher DiMaggio rescue Damien Crosse by fending off his attackers and then drill his hole with his fat Superman cock.

Topher DiMaggio Pummels Tayte Hanson in ‘Steamy Shower Sex’ at CockyBoys

Topher DiMaggio Pummels Tayte Hanson at

It’s incredible what can happen when you get two professionals in one room. Topher Dimaggio & Tayte Hanson first met a couple years ago and Tayte admits that his first impression of Topher was that he is an arrogant cocky fuck. But now that he’s had a chance to get to know him a little bit better – he can’t seem to be able to get enough of him. After a short walk around LA, Topher decides to take Tayte back to the hotel room for some mid-afternoon “pound your brains out” kind of sex.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Dennis West in ‘The Married Bottom’ at

The Married Bottom (Topher Di Maggio Fucks Dennis West) at Str8 To Gay

Dennis West is straight and married but he loves to bottom for hot guys. When Topher Di Maggio offers to drill his sexy hole, Dennis comes right over. Topher gives him the pounding he craves, but not before making him suck his big dick.

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Will Braun in ‘Young Conservatives’ Part 2 at

Young Conservatives (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Will Braun) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Topher DiMaggio is running for office but someone has just leaked to the public that he is gay. Convinced it was Will Braun, he has him choke on his stiff cock and then take it deep in his ass.

Drill My Hole: My Way Inn (Casey Everett & Topher DiMaggio)

My Way Inn (Casey Everett & Topher DiMaggio) at Drill My Hole

Casey Everett is a wannabe pornstar and wonít stop trying to get his biggest role model, Topher Di Maggio, on the phone. All he wants is to prove to Topher that he has what it take to be a porn sensation just like him. Topher finally decides to see what Casey has to offer.

FalconStudios: Easy Inn (Topher DiMaggio & Colt Rivers) (Scene 2)

Easy Inn (Topher DiMaggio & Colt Rivers) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

Colt Rivers is cooking breakfast for the guys at Easy Inn, but Topher DiMaggio is hungry for Colt’s tight ass. The craving is so intense that he goes down and eats Colt’s firm ass right there in the Easy Inn kitchen.

Drill My Hole: Tour of Duty (Jaxton Wheeler, Tom Faulk & Topher DiMaggio) (Part 2)

Tour of Duty (Jaxton Wheeler, Tom Faulk & Topher Di Maggio) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

The Tour of Duty series moves on to part two with a hot 3 way between Jaxton Wheeler, Topher Di Maggio and Tom Faulk. With too much time on their hands the boys decided to get hardcore. Tom opens his holes wide getting fucked hard by Jaxton & Topher.

Drill My Hole: Reality Sucks (Colt Rivers & Topher DiMaggio)

Reality Sucks (Colt Rivers & Topher Di Maggio) at Drill My Hole

Reality Sucks is a hot new scene from’s Drill My Hole niche site. Colt Rivers gets blown and fucked hard by industry legend Topher Di Maggio. Colt’s hot ass keeps Topher’s dick hard and thrusting deep!