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CockyBoys: Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck!

Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck! at

It’s the end of summer at CockyBoys where Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign talk about all the fun times, but also about something they didn’t get around to doing: each other! And so, on the cusp of fall the guys finally pursue their pent-up attraction with sex outdoors. After climbing down from a lofty perch atop a ladder tree stand, they make out and instinctively their hands grope their bulging crotches. Ricky can’t even keep his shorts on. He slips them down and raises himself up a few rungs on the metal ladder so Taylor can easily suck his hard cock at eye level.

CockyBoys: Josh Moore & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck

Josh Moore & Ricky Roman Flip-Fuck at

“I think we’re a couple of nice guys…who like to fuck!” This is what Ricky Roman and Josh Moore agree on after getting to know each other better and enjoying the simple pleasure of making a connection. One night they explore this connection without inhibition or hesitation, making out in the window with the drapes wide open and getting naked and hard. Without a care of being watched, their clothes come off and Ricky sits on the bed to suck on Josh’s plump, juicy, uncut monster cock.

CockyBoys: Beau Taylor Fucks Ricky Roman

Beau Taylor Fucks Ricky Roman at

There’s already a spark between Ricky Roman and CockyBoys’ newcomer Beau Taylor thanks to their paths crossing a couple years ago…and the fact that Beau has a bit of a longstanding crush on Ricky. Plus, as Ricky admits in the introduction, once he officially met and got to know the sexually confident Beau, that was it for him. They ease right into kissing each other with passionate sensuality and getting their first taste of each other and their hardening uncut cocks. Beau jumps in first, casts aside any of his self-admitted nervousness and sucks Ricky to moan-inducing pleasure. After more kissing Ricky returns the favor by going down on Beau and learning quickly he’s a grower as well as a vocal, take-charge fellow!

Ricky Roman Fucks Beaux Banks at CockyBoys!

Ricky Roman Fucks Beaux Banks at

Ricky Roman and Beaux Banks’ flirtatious energy is immediately palpable as they start to make out, Beaux talking about how he used to watch Ricky’s videos, and Ricky admiring and carressing Beaux’s body. As Ricky carresses Beaux’s body, admiring his ass, he gives it his stamp of approval by slapping it while he kisses the back of Beaux’s neck.

Meet The Morecocks 3: Team Tan with Ricky Roman & Levi Carter at CockyBoys

Meet The Morecocks: Team Tan with Ricky Roman & Levi Carter at

CockyBoys proudly presents the third episode of our behind-the-scenes docuseries, MEET THE MORECOCKS. World premiering at New York’s LGBT film festival, NewFest, “Team Tan” joins the previous two episodes, “Lightning in a Bottle” and “The Jake Bass Experience”, as having been selected and screened at major gay film festivals around the world.

Justin Brody Fucks Ricky Roman in ‘Missed Connections’ at CockyBoys

Missed Connections (Justin Brody Fucks Ricky Roman) at

There’s no wrong way to make a connection, even if it’s as instant as a few quick glances outside a bookshop in Los Angeles. As Ricky Roman recounts with a deep, sultry narration, it’s actually these passing connections that often drive us the most wild. Ricky meets a man named Justin but can’t remember that this man is in fact Justin Brody. And after being so transfixed on Justin’s striking blue eyes, his forwardness, and that hard bulge in his denim jeans, Ricky forgets to save Justin’s phone number.

Ricky Roman Fucks Allen King in ‘Get On My Dick’ at CockyBoys

Get On My Dick (Ricky Roman Fucks Allen King) at

Ricky Roman and Allen King met a while ago in Los Angeles and they immediately knew right then and there they wanted to have sex with each other. But back then Ricky was dating Michael Milano and Allen was dating Angel Cruz so it was hard to make it happen. After patiently waiting for almost a year, Ricky and Allen are finally alone together and they have the whole day to explore each other’s bodies. And when you have two hot-blooded Latino studs together on the same couch there is only one way things could go down.

Jimmy Durano Fucks Ricky Roman in ‘Fire Island Fuck’ at Cocky Boys

Fire Island Fuck (Jimmy Durano Fucks Ricky Roman) at

Jimmy Durano and Ricky Roman enjoy a day at the beach on Fire Island before returning to the house to heat things up on the back patio. The rinse the sand off their feet then strip down for the main event. Fucking!

Topher DiMaggio Fucks Ricky Roman in ‘Going In Deep’ at CockyBoys

Topher Dimaggio has been away from Cockyboys for a while and he couldn’t wait to get back and drill his best buddy Ricky Roman. These two have known each other for a few years now and like to get fuck both on and off camera. Today they met up near the lake to take their desires to the next level.

Ricky Roman & Cory Kane Flip-Fuck at CockyBoys

Ricky Roman & Cory Kane Flip-Fuck at

Ricky Roman and Cory Kane have been exchanging dirty pics on Snapchat for a while now and they were both eager to get it on in real life. They got together by the pool and immediately started making out before stripping down and letting their horny desires run wild.Ricky has been dreaming of cory’s enormous uncut cock and he pulls that monster out of his pants and swallows as much as he can take.

Boomer Banks Fucks Ricky Roman in ‘Just Love’ at CockyBoys

Just Love (Boomer Banks Fucks Ricky Roman) at

In honor of Pride month, CockyBoys introduces a new erotic documentary series that’s simply all about LOVE — specifically loving yourself. Shot entirely on a gorgeous private island off the coast of Puerto Rico, this new series showcases exclusive models Boomer Banks, Ricky Roman, Carter Dane, Jimmy Durano, and Levi Karter opening up and being truthful about learning to love and accept themselves for exactly who they are. Novel concept, right? Well… their answers may surprise you — not because their journeys deviate from the norm per se, but because of how universally relateable they are at heart. Touching on topics such as self health, expectations and acceptance, coming out, and (don’t worry!) even sex, this sensitive and insightful series aims to engage and inspire all viewers, serving up a spoonful of honest love before showing you some of the most passionate sex between men shot on film.

JJ Knight Flip-Fucks Ricky Roman in ‘Touch Him, Taste Him’ at CockyBoys

Touch Him, Taste Him (JJ Knight Flip-Fucks Ricky Roman) at

JJ Knight and Ricky Roman have known each other for a while now and they both admit the chemistry has been there from the very first moment they saw each other. Ricky was looking for a new roommate in LA when he was introduced to JJ and the two hit it off immediately. But Ricky knew that being roommates with someone that he wants to have sex with would just turn into a 24/7 sex marathon so they decided they’re better off as just friends.

Ricky Roman Fucks Jae Roze in ‘Big Bro, Little Bromance’ at CockyBoys

Big Bro, Little Bromance (Ricky Roman Fucks Jae Roze) at

Meet Jae Roze: CockyBoys’ newest pint-sized Latino with a contagious smile and a wealth of positive energy. He may actually remind you of Ricky Roman when he first started out as a CockyBoy — a sweet guy with tattoos so pretty they look painted on, and of course, a streak of charisma and passion that runs so deep you can’t help but fall in love. And that’s why it made perfect sense to pair Jae up with Ricky for his debut sex scene (at CockyBoys and porn altogether)!

CockyBoys: Giving Him That Good Dick (Tryp Bates Fucks Ricky Roman)

Giving Him That Good Dick (Tryp Bates Fucks Ricky Roman) at

We’ve seen a new wave of CockyBoys recently — Alex Mecum, Logan Moore, and of course Tryp Bates — and now we’re ready to start feeding them to some of our regular pups! This mixing and matching is of course one of the hottest experiments to watch, and who better to pair up Tryp Bates with than Ricky Roman?

CockyBoys: Inked Up (Ricky Roman & Jo Diamond)

Inked Up (Ricky Roman & Jo Diamond) at

The chemistry between Jo Diamond and Ricky Roman was instant. They’re both super confident, just the right amount of flirty, and have gorgeous inked up bodies, so you could say they were very comfortable together.

CockyBoys: Meeting Liam! (Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson)

Meeting Liam! (Levi Karter, Liam Riley, Ricky Roman & Tayte Hanson) at

Two years ago today, CockyBoys released the first part of the erotic thriller The Haunting. Now an entirely new ghost story begins. Newly minted exclusive model Liam Riley has just moved to New York and is set to film his first sex scene with Levi Karter, his best friend, boy crush, and Roommate. But with Jake Jaxson and company away for the weekend, Levi has been tasked to film the scene himself just as he did before with the film Meeting Jasper. Equipped with nothing but their phones, the guys film everything that goes on from their initial meetup to their eventual hookups… but not everything is as it seems.

CockyBoys: A Little Experimenting (Ricky Roman Fucks Levi Michaels)

A Little Experimenting (Ricky Roman Fucks Levi Michaels) at

Ricky Roman and Levi Michaels are two of our most charismatic CockyBoys, yet they’ve never done a scene together until now. They first met and flirted at a club in New York, then in Las Vegas for a CockyBoys event, then back in New York again with plenty of “practice” sex in between. With that chemistry already in place, we knew it was going to be one hot scene!

CockyBoys: So You Wanna Be A CockyBoy 2? (Ricky Roman & Felix Warner)

So You Wanna Be A CockyBoy 2? (Ricky Roman & Felix Warner) at

Ricky Roman and Felix Warner might be CockyBoys now, but their relationship goes all the way back to their early teens. To put that timeline in perspective, they met on MySpace and continued to chat on AIM before finally meeting face to face in New York later on. So you could say it was puppy love that blossomed over the years before they finally met again as two of the hottest adult film stars on CockyBoys!

CockyBoys: Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman

Colby Keller Hammers Ricky Roman at

Colby Keller and Ricky Roman have wanted to get together for a while, and not just because their fans have been dying to see them in action. These two have real chemistry — Colby is one of the hottest tops in the business and Ricky one of the hottest bottoms. And when two guys know exactly what they want from each other, the sex just gets hotter and hotter.

CockyBoys: Answered Prayers: The Banker (Jake Bass & Ricky Roman)

Answered Prayers: The Banker (Jake Bass & Ricky Roman) at

From sea to sea, the earth is plagued with brilliant natural disasters, Acts of God, economic collapse, and bumbling political drones — all broadcast on various forms of media at all hours of the day for the hungry and panic-stricken public eye.

CockyBoys: Boys To Adore Galore (Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Jett Black, JD Phoenix, and Ricky Roman)

Boys To Adore Galore (Bravo Delta, Dillon Rossi, Max Ryder, Levi Karter, Jett Black, JD Phoenix, and Ricky Roman) at

In this short film directed by Jake Jaxson, we’re taken on an exciting, celebratory journey through history while also witnessing it being created before our very eyes. As much of a tribute to Andy Warhol as it is inspired by the artist, Boys to Adore Galore features an ensemble of hot CockyBoys in their most natural form.

CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark Rams Ricky Roman

Gabriel Clark Rams Ricky Roman at

Ricky Roman has worked with a lot of different CockyBoys since he first started, but he still had never been plowed by the ever-popular Gabriel Clark.

CockyBoys: Ricky Roman & Jake Bass (Flip-Flop)

It’s been a while since Ricky Roman bottomed — after he pounded Pierre Fitch and then Ben Rose, his butt hole was itching for a nice cock. So we asked Jake Bass what he was up to now that he was back from his epic Road Strip, and he was thrilled to finally give Ricky that fuck he was yearning for.

Watch Ricky Roman & Jake Bass at CockyBoys

CockyBoys: Ricky Roman Hammers Ben Rose!

Ricky Roman Hammers Ben Rose! at

Ricky Roman and Ben Rose make the perfect pairing — they’re both dark, muscular, and have about the same amount of tattoos. Their chemistry was undeniable when they first met and Ben loved to suck Ricky’s giant cock. In turn, Ricky loved rimming Ben’s ass before fucking him. We can’t really tell which of these two is more cocky… if one thing’s for sure, they both had big smiles on their faces after they were through with each other.

Watch Ricky Roman & Ben Rose at

CockyBoys: Ricky Roman Fantasy Fucks Pierre Fitch!

Ricky Roman Fantasy Fucks Pierre Fitch! at

Whenever you see Ricky Roman with that signature mischievous smirk across his face, you know he’s having some dirty thoughts. But when you’re about to fuck the world-famous Pierre Fitch, who wouldn’t be a little bit giddy with excitement?

Watch Ricky Roman & Pierre Fitch at