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Allen King and Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck in ‘JUST ONE NIGHT’ at CockyBoys

JUST ONE NIGHT (Allen King and Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck) at

Sometimes you meet someone special when you stop trying so hard. So it is for Calvin Banks who watches all the fun interaction going on all around him at a club one night but just can’t make a connection with anyone. However, later on the subway stranger Allen King appears and they exchange glances and sweet smiles. Calvin gets off at his stop and keeps it cool as Allen follows him to his jeep and climbs in. “You wanna go somewhere?” is all Calvin has to ask and he silently drives Allen to a secluded spot in the country to park and make out.

Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter in ‘Flip-Fuck Fireworks’ at CockyBoys

Flip-Fuck Fireworks (Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter) at

Blue-eyed beauties Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter just couldn’t hold off fooling around in their hotel room before their scene! Fortunately as Calvin says it was a “doozy”, and they’re excited to do it again for the cameras..right back in the hotel room. Sitting on top of the bed they kiss and fondle each other until Calvin takes out Jack’s hard cock and in one eye-opening gulp takes him into his throat.He keeps sucking his cock and balls with such enthusiasm that Jack responds with an incredulous “oh my God”. When it’s Jack’s turn works up to it and succeeds in giving Calvin’s long cock the same deep-throating pleasure as Calvin stands by the edge of the bed..

Calvin Banks & Josh Moore Flip-Fuck in ‘Camp CockyBoys’ Scene 3 at CockyBoys

Camp CockyBoys (Calvin Banks & Josh Moore Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at

When night descends at Camp CockyBoys, it’s lights out for virtually everyone…except Calvin Banks and Josh Moore! They use the cover of night for a secret pool rendezvous, playing with the inflatables, and kissing affectionately in the cool water. However they’re soon drawn to the patio and the outdoor fireplace where they resume kissing by the hearth. Soon, Josh pulls down Calvin’s speedos and starts sucking the fully hard cock that springs out in silhouette. After getting some juicy head from Josh, Calvin bends down to kiss Josh’s torso and suck his thick cock with lusty enthusiasm.

CockyBoys: Ashton Summers and Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck

Ashton Summers and Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck at

Fate and CockyBoys bring together Calvin Banks & Ashton Summers, back in action after a year and looking hotter than ever. They had wanted to work together for a long time before this so they’re very happy and excited. BUT, they take it slow once their scene begins. Kissing and embracing with tender passion, clothes come off and Ashton takes out Calvin’s hardening cock, lingering on its powerful beauty before taking it in his mouth. After getting sucked with increasing hunger, Calvin slows things slightly to sit Ashton on the coffee table, undress him and enjoy his ready cock.

CockyBoys: Introducing Exclusive Sean Ford (with Calvin Banks)

Introducing Exclusive Sean Ford (with Calvin Banks) at

Sean Ford makes his dazzling debut, opening himself up to a new adventure and impressing his scene partner Calvin Banks. Sean is immediately attracted to Calvin and his big dick but also to his smart and sweet personality and his desire to open up Sean to new experiences. On a bike ride in the country, Calvin eagerly invites Sean to a secluded spot by the lake for the new experience of erotic pleasure in the summer rain…an invitation to which Sean happily agrees.

Summer Sex with Calvin Banks, Dillon Rossi and Taylor Reign at CockyBoys

Summer Sex with Calvin Banks, Dillon Rossi and Taylor Reign at

The temptation of summertime sex draws Calvin Banks and Taylor Reign from their chores at the Cocky Boys house, but its the free-form fun of a threesome with Dillon Rossi that turns out to be more alluring. At first it’s just Calvin and Taylor, sitting among the grass and wildflowers, quickly getting playfully affectionate and kissing. Shorts soon slide down and hard cocks pop out, followed by Calvin going down on Taylor whose wandering hand and fingers find their way to Calvin’s ass.

Justin Matthews Fucks Calvin Banks in ‘Snow Day’ at CockyBoys

Snow Day (with Justin Matthews Fucks Calvin Banks) at

It seems that Justin Matthews is here to stay. With his rock-hard abs and irresistible cock, all of the cockiest boys around want a piece. And Calvin Banks is no exception to the rule; a former top turned bottom who wants nothing more than to please and be pleased.

Calvin Banks Fucks Mikey Jr in ‘The Ten Spot’ Episode 1 at NakedSword

The Ten Spot (Calvin Banks Fucks Mikey Jr) at NakedSword

Calvin Banks and Mikey Jr. make out and within seconds Mikey has Calvin’s giant cock in his mouth. Woody flips Mikey Jr over to eat his ass before shoving his rock hard dick deep in his hole. Calvin pounds the hell out of Mikey (including a reverse pushup power-fuck move like you’ve never seen before!). Mikey jumps up on Calvin’s dick and pumps a load out of his own cock then gets down and sucks Calvin off until he shoots all over Mikey’s face.

A CockyBoy Is __________. Featuring Calvin Banks and Boomer Banks at CockyBoys

A CockyBoy Is __________. Featuring Calvin Banks and Boomer Banks at

CockyBoys is proud to present the first installment of our newest erotic-doc series, exploring and defining the diversity of our unique performers. Don’t let the blank space in the title fool you— “A CockyBoy is _____.”

Calvin Banks Fucks Kory Houston in ‘REVENGE’ Scene 3 at IconMale

Revenge (Calvin Banks Fucks Kory Houston) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Calvin Banks is livid about being betrayed by Kory Houston. He waits till Kory comes home and confronts Kory by telling he needs to be taught a lesson. He aggressively fucks the shit out of him! Showing him who and where he belongs! Banging his ass and making him suck his cock like he should be doing! Kory takes it like the bad boy he is and understands that no one can fuck him the way Calvin just did!

Brent Corrigan & Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck in ‘Ultra Fan: Extra Sausage’ Scene 1 at Naked Sword

Ultra Fan: Extra Sausage (Brent Corrigan & Calvin Banks Flip-Fuck) (Scene 1) at NakedSword

“Extra Sausage” Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan’s live webcam show is hijacked by an Ultra Fan. After being shown some incriminating material, Brent agrees to do as he’s told. The night begins with a knock on the door – it’s pizza boy Calvin Banks and his extra sausage.

Calvin Banks Fucks Brandon Wilde in ‘His Sister’s Lover 2’ Scene 1 at IconMale

His Sister's Lover 2 (Calvin Banks Fucks Brandon Wilde) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

After Brandon Wilde’s boyfriend storms out of the house when he finds out Brandon’s sister’s boyfriend Calvin Banks has been living in the extra room. Calvin confesses to Brandon that he is into him more than his sister! He grabs him and intensely kisses him Brandon doesn’t resist for a second. They fuck and lick each other’s asses. Sucking each other’s cocks till them both climax into mind blowing orgasms!

Calvin Banks Fucks Troy Accola in ‘Brothers 2’ Scene 4 at IconMale

Brothers 2 (Calvin Banks Fucks Troy Accola) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Calvin Banks can’t stand his pretty boy stepbrother Troy Accola, the two boys have to share a room and they argue about everything; this time the argument gets out of control. The anger turns into thirst for each other and they aggressively fuck, suck each other’s dicks and enjoy ass licking fun! A pretty boy step brother may be not so bad after all!

Andrew Fitch Fucks Calvin Banks in ‘Brothers 2’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Brothers 2 (Andrew Fitch Fucks Calvin Banks) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Calvin Banks and Andrew Fitch fuck each other wild, in Calvin’s stepbrother’s bed. They pound each other’s asses hard. Sucking each other off, getting nasty and sloppy without any limits! They fuck each other till they climax into explosive orgasm! Let’s just hope they don’t get caught!

Calvin Banks Fucks Dirk Wakefield in ‘The Stepfather 3’ Scene 1 at IconMale

The Stepfather 3 (Calvin Banks Fucks Dirk Wakefield) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

Sexy young stud Calvin Banks is in the mood for some afternoon ass, and friend Dirk Wakefield is happy to be the hot hung teen’s fuckboy. Calvin rims and fucks his lanky teen friend to explosive mutual orgasms.

Roman Todd Fucks Calvin Banks in ‘His Hot Brother-In-Law’ Scene 4 at IconMale

His Hot Brother-In-Law (Roman Todd Fucks Calvin Banks) (Scene 4) at Icon Male

Hot bad boy Roman Todd and horny hung teen Calvin Banks fuck and suck each other while Roman’s wife is at the office. Watch these two gorgeous studs have intense, forbidden sex filled with the wildest dick sucking, ass fucking, finishing each other by shooting their loads in mutual explosive orgasms.

Calvin Banks Fucks Billy Santoro in ‘His Hot Brother-In-Law’ Scene 3 at IconMale

His Hot Brother-In-Law (Calvin Banks Fucks Billy Santoro) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Billy Santoro can’t resist teen stud Calvin Banks’ huge cock and begs the horny teen to fuck his throat. He wants to deep throat that massive cock and have his tight asshole pounded, until he shoots his hot load all over the gorgeous young stud. Boy on boy fucking can’t get any hotter!

Calvin Banks Fucks Justin Owen in ‘Enjoying Calvin’s Cum’ at HelixStudios

Enjoying Calvin's Cum (Calvin Banks Fucks Justin Owen) at HelixStudios

On their own, Calvin Banks & Justin Owen are two of the industries hottest young jocks. Together, they’re an absolute mountain of muscle. Watch these rock hard & horny hunks fuck like two twink tanks with some of the best chemistry captured on screen.

Calvin Banks Fucks Brad Chase in ‘Boardwalk Boys’ at HelixStudios

Boardwalk Boys (Calvin Banks Fucks Brad Chase) at HelixStudios

Combined with some classic carnival style fun & games and topped off with a beautiful beachfront sunset, there’s only one place a date with Calvin Banks & Brad Chase could possibly end up. Watch as these two extremely sexy & strapping young studs take their good time to go and finish their fun raw & unwrapped in an amazing date scene & fuck show you won’t want to miss!

Helix Studios Newcomer Calvin Banks Fucks Tyler Hill in ‘Introducing Calvin Banks’

Calvin Banks (Introducing Calvin Banks) at HelixStudios

Introducing, Calvin Banks. Calvin is a well built & blue eyed beautiful piece of Mass. Recently, he met up at San Diego’s Balboa Park with Helix Superstar & exceptionally skilled bottom, Tyler Hill for his opening interview before popping his porn cherry. The two Balboa bad boys talked coming out, first times & best times before taking it behind closed doors. Watch as Tyler’s world famous fuck rump conjure a fat load from Calvin’s wide 8.5 inch wand and see why the dominant dude from the Bay State might be a Massachusetts native, but today he’d rather be in Tyler Hill.

Helix Studios: Calvin Banks (Solo)

Calvin Banks (Solo) at HelixStudios

As Helix Studios take their first look at young & hung pierced up muscle-babe Calvin Banks, they head to the great outdoors for a little nature boy action as captain cutie-pie gets half naked and one with nature before heading indoors and getting wild.