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Alex Mecum Fucks Taylor Reign at CockyBoys

Alex Mecum Fucks Taylor Reign at

Taylor Reign just knew that if he and Alex Mecum got together they would have an amazing, passionate scene…and he’s right! They ARE eager for this but they also want it to last. They make out slowly and sensuously and soon Taylor’s mouth finds another long-anticipated target: Alex’s sculpted hairy pecs and responsive nipples.

Jacen Zhu Fucks Taylor Reign in ‘JUST ONE NIGHT’ at CockyBoys

JUST ONE NIGHT (Jacen Zhu Fucks Taylor Reign) at

“I don’t want my job to be a graveyard of boys that never call back.” As the host of happening late night parties Jacen Zhu keeps things professional and doesn’t go after all the hot guys around him. However he makes an exception to his rules with an after-hours invitation to sweet but persistent club goer Taylor Reign. Later as they chat on his well-appointed terrace Jacen remains guarded, but when Taylor puts subtly seductive moves on him, Jacen’s lust shatters his rules and he brings him inside where they kiss at length with romantic passion.

CockyBoys: Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck!

Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck! at

It’s the end of summer at CockyBoys where Ricky Roman & Taylor Reign talk about all the fun times, but also about something they didn’t get around to doing: each other! And so, on the cusp of fall the guys finally pursue their pent-up attraction with sex outdoors. After climbing down from a lofty perch atop a ladder tree stand, they make out and instinctively their hands grope their bulging crotches. Ricky can’t even keep his shorts on. He slips them down and raises himself up a few rungs on the metal ladder so Taylor can easily suck his hard cock at eye level.

Taylor Reign Fucks Frankie V in ‘Camp CockyBoys: Workout’ Scene 4 at CockyBoys

Camp CockyBoys (Taylor Reign Fucks Frankie V) (Scene 4) at

It’s time for the Camp CockyBoys Workout! Camp CB offers fun and recreation and for the fitness-minded there’s a jungle gym..which Taylor Reign converts into circuit training station for his daily workouts: “I’m always trying to do things that hit as many muscles as possible”. Frankie V gets up earlier than he’s accustomed to join Taylor, ostensibly for personal training but Taylor gets the message when Frankie reaches into his shorts. And Taylor is more than happy to have some fun before AND during their workout…however little there is of it.

Allen King Fucks Taylor Reign! in ‘Outdoor Romance’ at CockyBoys

Outdoor Romance with Allen King & Taylor Reign! at

Taylor Reign and Allen King show that when you’re horny and resourceful you don’t need a bed or even a stick of furniture to experience an exciting afternoon of outdoor summer sex at Camp CockyBoys. They begin by kissing while reclining in a large hammock and in no time Allen has Taylor’s cock out of his shorts and in his mouth, sucking it passionately.

Summer Sex with Calvin Banks, Dillon Rossi and Taylor Reign at CockyBoys

Summer Sex with Calvin Banks, Dillon Rossi and Taylor Reign at

The temptation of summertime sex draws Calvin Banks and Taylor Reign from their chores at the Cocky Boys house, but its the free-form fun of a threesome with Dillon Rossi that turns out to be more alluring. At first it’s just Calvin and Taylor, sitting among the grass and wildflowers, quickly getting playfully affectionate and kissing. Shorts soon slide down and hard cocks pop out, followed by Calvin going down on Taylor whose wandering hand and fingers find their way to Calvin’s ass.

Taylor Reign Bottoms For Justin Matthews at CockyBoys

Justin Matthews Fucks Taylor Reign! at

Taylor Reign had two requests for a new scene: hot Justin Matthews, whose “bro vibe” Taylor thinks is “sexy as fuck”, and outdoor sex. The first request was easy to grant. However, because of cooler than expected spring weather, the second request only went so far as to give the guys some time outside to get acquainted and make out before heading inside to get REALLY warmed up. They plop down on the bed and make out some more but Taylor can’t waitóhe pulls Justin’s quickly hardening cock out of his shorts and sucks away. Taylor’s oral talents work wonders on rousing the laid back Justin, who kicks off his remaining clothes and sighs heavily ass he’s sucked off. He’s also eager to give head to Taylor as he kneels above him.

Arad WinWin Fucks Taylor Reign! at CockyBoys

Arad WinWin Fucks Taylor Reign! at

What to do on a cold and rainy day in L.A.? Seattle boy Taylor Reign is used to rainy weather but he isn’t used to being inside with horny an bored muscleman Arad WinWin. Arad is just his type, a big muscle jock who Taylor hopes will manhandle him and tell him what to do. Fortunately Arad, who usually likes to cuddle and chill out watching TV, has the same thought. While lying on the bed in his jeans, Arad plays with his cock as Taylor hangs out by the balcony, his hands in his jeans bemoaning the weather and once Taylor says, “Yeah, it’s still raining. I don’t know what to do today” Arad solves the problem by motioning Taylor over to the bed to join him.

Levi Karter & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck! in ‘Missed Connections’ at Cocky Boys

Missed Connections (Levi Karter & Taylor Reign Flip Fuck!) at

Levi Karter has noticed a handsome new stranger in his neighborhood and it seems as though they cross paths at every turn. Waiting at the crosswalk, coffee on the street, lunch in the park; every day is another chance meeting and Levi decides it’s time to reach out. Placing a missed connections ad, he hopes that the handsome stranger will respond.

Lance Hart Fucks Taylor Reign in ‘My Hot Stepbrother’ at Dylan Lucas

My Hot Stepbrother (Lance Hart Fucks Taylor Reign) at DylanLucas

Lance Hart is visiting his stepbrother Taylor Reign who seems preoccupied. Lance begins with some small talk about how his life has been going and Taylor is just not that enthusiastic about anything. Once Lance tries to figure out what’s bugging him Taylor moves in slow for a kiss which stuns Lance but he is excited about it. They start kissing and Taylor pulls out his stepbrother’s hard cock and wraps his eager mouth around it taking it deep inside.

GayRoom (Men POV): DL Hookup (Mason Lear Fucks Taylor Reign)

DL Hookup (Mason Lear Fucks Taylor Reign)

Mason Lear, a straight guy on the DL gets lured into gay sex by Taylor Reign (Alex Vaara), a cute jock free balling at the park.

FratBoy: Alex Gets Frosted (Alex Vaara & Shane Frost)

Alex Gets Frosted (Alex Vaara & Shane Frost) at

Alex Vaara isn’t shy about wanting Shane Frost’s fat hard dick. The young cutie is intent on getting the whole cock down his throat. The couch doesn’t leave a lot of room for 69’ing but these college guys manage just fine. Like a bug on his back, Alex gives up his ass to the horny fucker who digs his cock deep into Alex’s insides. Don’t miss an HD closeup of Shane pulling his massive cock all the way out and plunging it in repeatedly. All this jock fucking leaves little Alex drenched in his own cum and Shane’s hot load as well.

Watch Alex Vaara & Shane Frost at HelixStudios

CockyBoys: Jake Bass & Alex Vaara’s Perfect Weekend

Jake Bass & Alex Vaara's Perfect Weekend at

Jake Bass and Alex Vaara are like a match made in heaven. They are both young, cute, and full of cum. So the little fucks decided to ditch all the big muscle boys for the weekend and instead spend a few days alone, getting to really know each other.

Watch Jake Bass & Alex Vaara at

CockyBoys: Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara at

What goes around comes back around. And so do our cockyboys. Tony has been enjoying his time back at the Cockyboys Mansion but he needed to take a break. So he went out for a hike only to run into one of our hungry little cock-sucker, Alex Vaara. (I swear to God, we’re everywhere).

Watch Tony Capucci & Alex Vaara at

College Dudes: Angel Rock Fucks Alex Vaara

Angel Rock Fucks Alex Vaara at

Angel Rock makes Alex Vaara one of the happiest bottoms alive in this awesome fuck! Angel and Alex are rock hard from the start, and Alex loves trying to stuff his mouth full of Angels stiff latin dick.

Watch Angel Rock Fucks Alex Vaara at

CockyBoys: Alex Vaara (Shows Off)

Alex Vaara (Shows Off) at

True or False? – Alex Vaara looks like the typical innocent and friendly young boy who you’re more likely to see helping out an old lady cross the street than getting into trouble? True. He does look like that. But is that who he really is? FALSE!!! If you even for a second thought any of that could be close to the truth you need to spend just a few minutes with him to realize – this boy has a little devil in him and it’s no joke. Alex Vaara‘s middle name is Trouble (that’s right, Alex Trouble Vaara), and there is absolutely no question about that.

Watch Alex Vaara at

CollegeDudes: Scott Isaac Fucks Alex Vaara

Scott Isaac Fucks Alex Vaara at

Alex Vaara is in for a treat this week as he gets his hole slammed by Scott Isaac and Scott’s big dick. Alex likes getting fucked, and we are sure that he loves every minute of Scott because Alex is harder than a brick as Scott slams his shaft deep inside him.

Watch Scott Isaac Fucks Alex Vaara at

Watch Scott Isaac Fucks Alex Vaara at

NextDoorTwink: Twink Train (Alex Vaara, Hayden Michaels & Tyler Sweet)

Twink Train (Alex Vaara, Hayden Michaels & Tyler Sweet) at Next Door Twink

Alex Vaara is trying to gain inclusion into the hottest secret club at school. He’s submitted his application for approval and has finally been called in for a preliminary interview. Hayden Michaels & Tyler Sweet are presiding over the proceedings, and have every intention of running Alex through a thorough examination, to see if Alex has the right ‘member’ ship qualifications. Also they want to see if the boy can suck a cock or not.

Watch Alex Vaara, Hayden Michaels & Tyler Sweet at NextDoorTwink

HazeHim: Midnight Raid!

Midnight Raid! at

GET UP GET UP GET UP is all the pledges heard as their alpha brothers rushed in their dorm room in the middle of the night wearing masks and banging on trashcans. As the pledges awoke they were showered with flour and feathers to further confuse them as they still struggled to comprehend what was going down before their eyes…

Watch Midnight Raid! at HazeHim

NextDoorTwink: First Taste of Glory (Alex Vaara & Tyler Sweet)

First Taste of Glory (Alex Vaara & Tyler Sweet) at Next Door Twink

The name ‘Tyler Sweet’ is quite apropos. Tyler has never seen what’s commonly known as a ‘glory hole.’ But he’s quite a curious boy. His friend Alex Vaara has seen ’em. He even knew a guy who got a blowjob through one of these mysterious passageways.

Watch Alex Vaara & Tyler Sweet at NextDoorTwink

It’s Gonna Hurt: Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call at ItsGonnaHurt

If you love big black dick then you would love to be woken up by one being stabbed in your eye. This weeks update is classic. We actually started this shoot with Izzy slapping his massive dick off this guy Alex’s face while he was asleep. As soon as Alex woke up he was in heaven and immediately started blowing the shit out of that big chocolate stick. Alex really enjoyed himself today and we think you will too. Check it out bitches!

Watch Alex Vaara & Izzy at ItsGonnaHurt

CollegeDudes: Kenny Coors Fucks Alex Vaara

Kenny Coors Fucks Alex Vaara at

Ever since we first met Kenny, we had been hoping he would come back and put his dick to work. Kenny gave us a ring out of the blue one day and said that he was down to fuck – we had him on the next flight because Alex Vaara was around.

Watch Kenny Coors Fucks Alex Vaara at CollegeDudes

NextDoorTwink: The Hidden One (Matthew Keading & Alex Vaara)

The Hidden One (Matthew Keading & Alex Vaara) at Next Door Twink

There’s someone or something lurking in Matthew Keading’s closet. It’s peering, breathing, calculating. As it watches its prey, it grows hungrier. It salivates with an animal instinct, craving flesh more and more with every moment it stalks from behind the cracked doors. This creature goes by the name of Alex Vaara and he has a taste for fat, twink cock. When the unsuspecting Matthew opens the closet, Alex pounces, hoping to scare the living daylights out of his victim. BUT, Matthew’s not a very jumpy boy and it’s gonna take a lot more than a wolf mask to get a rise out of him. Alex’s mouth, however, is making Matthew’s cock rise! Watch Matthew enjoy a passionate blowjob from mischievous Alex before sixty-nining. Then see Matthew’s cock make its way into Alex’s tight asshole for a proper twink pounding when this spook out turns very hot!

Watch Matthew Keading & Alex Vaara at NextDoorTwink