ColbyKnox: Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers in ‘Cum Meat My Cowboy’

Cum Meat My Cowboy (Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers) at ColbyKnox

Cum Meat My Cowboy (Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers) at ColbyKnox
Cum Meat My Cowboy (Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers) at ColbyKnox
Cum Meat My Cowboy (Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers) at ColbyKnox

Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers in ‘Cum Meat My Cowboy’ at ColbyKnox:

Last time we saw quarterback Drake Von, he was blitzing Calvin Banks’s [JustFor.Fans: CalvinBanksxxx] cowboy ass. He had so much fun that he describes all the juicy details to a teammate, Colby Chambers [JustFor.Fans: ColbyChambersXX].

Revelation in the Garage:

“Dude. This hot fucking cowboy just let me bareback his ass,” Drake explains as they pull up to the garage. Colby doesn’t believe the tale, but Drake insists he’s telling the truth and nothing but. “He’ll let you come in his ass,” Drake says. “He’ll suck your dick. You’ll get to eat his ass. It was amazing.” Colby, intrigued, asks, “He’ll let me do it?” Drake promises it won’t be a problem. “Dude. You can do anything you want to him,” Drake guarantees.

Heading to the Shed:

As Drake Von continues to explain what he and Calvin did, it’s obvious Colby wants to try the same things. They get out of the car and walk to the shed, the scene of Drake and Calvin’s first encounter. As Drake talks about the beauty of the cowboy’s ass, Colby notes it’s been a while since he lost a load. “I’m going to bust the biggest nut into him,” Colby vows.

Arrival at the Shed:

They reach the shed, and Calvin Banks is working. Introductions are made. “I told you to bring a friend,” Calvin states before he and Colby kiss. Drake isn’t left out of the action. He gets a chance to lock lips with the cowboy.

Reminiscing and Teasing:

“You’re going to walk around with your team next,” Calvin Banks jokes, remembering a promise Drake Von made. “I’ll bring the whole squad,” Drake replies. “He’s been talking about you,” Colby remarks. He moves behind Calvin, rubbing the cowboy’s plump backside. “Have some fun with it,” Calvin suggests. Colby hits his knees, worshipping the luscious cake. “Get up in there,” Drake urges. Colby’s tongue makes Calvin moan.

Savoring the Flavor:

“Tastes good,” Calvin Banks asks. Colby allows his tongue to do the talking. “Told you it would,” Drake notes. “Hot cowboy ass,” Colby remarks. His tongue is deep inside Calvin’s hole. He leans over so Colby can go deeper. This gives Drake a chance to smack that ass.

An Explicit Request:

Colby stands up; he has a request. “Calvin? Will you suck my dick?” Calvin cheerfully gets on his knees to service it, handing his hat to Drake Von. He swallows to the base. When he comes up for air, Calvin gobbles Drake’s dick. He goes from one rod to the other. “Slobber all over it,” Colby coaxes. He face fucks the cowboy. “He fucking loves that,” Drake observes. Spit and precum fall from Calvin’s mouth. When he comes up for air, Colby gives him a passionate kiss.

Double Pleasure:

Both football players force their tools down Calvin Banks’s gullet. Colby’s shaft is drenched with slobber. “Suck that cock like a fucking cigar,” Drake Von orders when Calvin returns to his meat. Colby’s shaft is wet enough for Blake’s hole. He picks him up and bends him over. Slowly, but firmly, he works his bare meat inside Calvin. He groans as he locks lips with Drake. “I can’t believe you let me fuck you in your ass,” Colby whispers. “Fucking raw, too,” Drake replies. “I told you, dawg.”

Tight Encounters:

Calvin Banks moves his booty up and down Colby’s shaft. Drake guides Calvin to his tool. Both of the cowboy’s holes are used. Drake keeps Calvin’s head in place so his tongue can work.

Taking Control:

As for Colby Chambers, he pounds to the balls. “Take it like a fucking man,” Colby commands. He notices that when Calvin’s throat gags on Drake’s dick, Calvin’s hole clenches. “He gets so tight,” Colby says to Drake Von. “Gag him.” The quarterback doesn’t need much encouragement to make Calvin choke on man meat. He comes up for air, but Drake doesn’t approve. “Don’t stop sucking on that fucking dick,” Drake orders.

Change of Location:

Today Calvin Banks’s holes must satisfy the two studs. The trio decides to take the fuck session indoors. On the sofa, Calvin pulls his legs to his chest. Drake is at the cowboy’s hole. Colby gives directions. “Stick it in him,” Colby proposes. Once Drake’s inside, he begins to fuck. Calvin holds on. Drake drills down, making sure each stroke is committed to memory. “Fuck me,” Calvin implores.

Shared Pleasure:

Colby Chambers, who strokes himself as he watches Calvin’s taint hole get broken, leans down to cup Calvin’s nuts. “Grab you by these big nuts while my boy fucks you,” Colby observes. “You like that?” Calvin just holds on to Colby, whimpering as Drake Von hammers. “Oh, my God,” Calvin moans. “You’re so fucking big.” It’s time for Calvin to show how he rides a bronc.

Riding in Full Swing:

Colby takes a seat, and Calvin straddles him. Drake watches the spectacle. “Fuck, yeah,” Colby says. “Ride me.” “Ride that fucking cock, cowboy,” Drake instructs. Calvin goes up and down. “Smash me with that fucking ass,” Colby demands. As Calvin rides, he leans down, giving Drake’s monster oral love. Colby takes over the fucking, pounding up.

Returning to the Cowboy’s Hole:

It’s time for Drake Von to get back inside Calvin Banks’s tighter hole. “Bend over for my boy,” Colby Chambers orders. Calvin nods, getting on his hands and knees (on the sofa). Drake re-enters. Once back inside, Drake grabs Calvin’s hips, slamming his entire shaft to the hilt. Colby makes sure Calvin’s mouth is used also. “Down your throat,” Colby advises. “Be a good cowboy.” Drake isn’t being gentle. “Fuck that cowboy butt,” Colby says. He gets behind Drake, pushing him into Calvin.

But Colby doesn’t want the quarterback to have all the fun. “Want me to go again?” he wonders. Drake steps aside, and Colby pushes his tool back inside Calvin. “Take that dick, cowboy,” Colby commands. “Take every fucking bit of that dick.” Calvin cries out.

Intense Climax:

Colby creampies his cowboy, leaving a substantial load inside him. “Take that fucking load,” Colby says. “Take it deep.” “Please keep fucking me, sir,” Calvin whimpers. “Don’t stop fucking me. Harder. Fuck the come out of me. Please. Please.” Calvin shoots out streams of man milk.

A Messy Finish:

The camera catches cum bubbling out of Calvin’s soaked hole. Drake Von has been enjoying the show and he wants to bust all over Calvin’s butt cheeks. His load first hits the middle of Calvin’s back. What remains lands on the top of the cowboy’s curvy backside.

A Hasty Exit:

Drake Von and Colby Chambers are late for practice. So they leave the jizz-soaked cowboy. All alone. On the sofa. What are the odds they return? With a few more teammates

Watch Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers at ColbyKnox

Watch Drake Von, Calvin Banks and Colby Chambers at ColbyKnox

Curlee says:

These novel sized write-ups are ludicrous.

Fummer43 says:

These three look to be in tip top shape. I approve.

moondoggy says:

I loves Colby. Gawd knows I do. But I have yet to see a scene with Drake that I actually like. As for Calvin, I never tire of him. It’s just that often he is the one who seems to tire of what he’s doing, and the resulting scene is just meh.

As for the high five moment between two tops, this is corny as fuck. (If they’re holding hands, I guess that’s marginally better.)

DeeGee says:

Yes, for Drake. As Gertrude Stein said of Oakland, there is no there, there.

DeeGee says:

Wow, that’s an epic poem of a description.

Hobart says:

Drake looks really good in this scene. Calvin however looks like he’s been forgetting to hit the gym.