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Falcon Studios: Brandon Wilde, Trenton Ducati and Brian Bonds in ‘Secrets & Lies, Scene 1’

Secrets & Lies, Scene One (Brandon Wilde, Trenton Ducati and Brian Bonds) at FalconStudios

The day started out like any other on the Ridge Family Farm. Duke (Rocco Steele), his son Ryder (Colton Grey), brother-in-law Fredrick (Trenton Ducati) and nephew Beckett (Jacob Peterson) head out for a long, hot day of hard labor.

Nasty Daddy: Trenton Ducati Fucks Jack Hunter in ‘Bound & Raw’

Bound & Raw (Trenton Ducati Fucks Jack Hunter) (Bareback) at NastyDaddy

Big-dicked daddy, Trenton Ducati, has a fetish for jocks who submit. Watch him dominate his boy Jack Hunter. After swallowing all of Jacks cum Ducati fucks his boy until he cums deep in his hole. This scene starts out in a garage where we find Jack Hunter duct taped and bound tight. Ducati comes in and…

Dylan Lucas: Trenton Ducati Fucks Kory Houston in ‘Little Piggy’

Little Piggy (Trenton Ducati Fucks Kory Houston) at DylanLucas

Kory Houston hasn’t cleaned up his room and he isn’t about too. Trenton Ducati his stepdad comes into the room and sees Kory sitting in bed with an extremely messy bedroom.

Dylan Lucas: Trenton Ducati Fucks Britain Westbury in ‘Repair Man’

Repair Man (Trenton Ducati Fucks Britain Westbury) at DylanLucas

Trenton Ducati is hanging out in his bedroom and when he tries to turn on the AC nothing happens. It’s extremely hot outside and without any AC it makes everything really uncomfortable. Trenton calls the HVAC guy and he arrives in no time. Britain Westbury (aka Elder Garrett at MormonBoyz) meets Trenton inside his room where the problem is.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ Scene 2 at Hot House

Skuff: Dog House (Trenton Ducati Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 2) at Hothouse

Trenton Ducati is an incredible puppy trainer and when he gets Skyy Knox on his leash, Skyy will do anything to make his master happy. With a reward of recognition for being a good boy with every proper command carried out, from sitting to fetching, Skyy gets his belly rubbed and his ass patted. Skyy knows he’s been a good puppy when Trenton moves from thumping his butt to rimming his smooth hole.

Tommy Smith and Trenton Ducati in ‘Naughty Job Interview 3’ at Maskurbate

Naughty Job Interview 3 (Tommy Smith and Trenton Ducati) at Maskurbate

Tommy Smith came to L.A. to apply on a waiter job. This very special position required some nude dancing. Tommy wasn’t comfortable being filmed while auditioning, so Trenton offered him to wear a mask. It didn’t take long for Tommy to show him his best moves and he surely had what it takes to entertain our guests. Trenton noticed how the new guy fucked his Fleshjack and took note to call him back to see how his large cock can actually fuck a guy for real. To be continued…

Trenton Ducati Fucks Alexander Gustavo in ‘TKO: Total Knockouts’ Scene 3 at Hot House

TKO Total Knockouts (Trenton Ducati Fucks Alexander Gustavo) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Trenton Ducati and Alexander Gustavo circle the ring, psyching each other out in an ultimate showdown for the fucking title. Trenton wins the first round, pinning Alexander to the ground. They lose their shorts for round 2, wrestling on the ground in their jockstraps. For round three they’re fully nude, Trenton takes the win just before both studs fall on each other, sucking each other’s cocks and pressing their lips together in passionate kissing.

Trenton Ducati, Connor Patricks, Ryan Rose, Rod Peterson and Griffin Barrows in ‘Urban Spokes’ Scene 4 at Falcon Studios

Urban Spokes (Trenton Ducati, Connor Patricks, Ryan Rose, Rod Peterson and Griffin Barrows) (Scene 4) at FalconStudios

It’s been a busy week of recruitment for the members of ‘Urban Spokes’, an elite club of San Francisco’s hottest gay cyclists. Three new recruits arrive for initiation into the club at the hands of intimidating club leaders Trenton Ducati and Ryan Rose. Whoever performs best gets the chip that signifies membership into the club. Stripping off their clothes, Connor Patricks, Rod Peterson, and Griffin Barrows present themselves to the whims of Ryan and Trenton. Rod makes out with Ryan, then lowers himself to the ground to suck Ryan’s cock.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Trent Ferris in ‘Busted and Banged’ Part 1 at DylanLucas

Busted and Banged (Trenton Ducati Fucks Trent Ferris) (Part 1) at DylanLucas

Officer Trenton Ducati and his buddy Bruce who is a PO are on break enjoying some donuts in the police cruiser when they see a few punks hanging out side drinking beer and talking about smoking the weed. Officer Ducati notices that one of them is Trent Ferris who is on house arrest but he is obviously out of his house. The two decide to go fuck with the college kids…

MEN Series: Trenton Ducati Fucks Vadim Black in ‘Son Swap: European Vacation, Part 9’

Son Swap: European Vacation (Trenton Ducati Fucks Vadim Black) (Part 9) at Drill My Hole

Vadim Black makes sure Trenton Ducati doesn’t miss out on the son-swapping fuck fest going down in his own home. In an act of defiance Trenton takes Vadim’s smoothly toned body for his own, sucking the cock that fucked his son before filling him up with his gorgeous pink D.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Lev Ivankov in ‘Riding Daddy-Dick’ at CockyBoys

CockyBoys at

Lev Ivankov can only smile as Trenton Ducati walks up and kisses him hard on the lips. It’s amazing to see Trenton’s muscular frame tower over Lev’s skinny little twink body and this power dynamic sets the scene for what’s about to come.

GayRoom (Thick and Big): Trenton Ducati Fucks Rex Cameron in ‘Cheating Trenton’

Cheating Trenton (Trenton Ducati Fucks Rex Cameron) at GayRoom

Will taking a break from his wife, Trenton Ducati calls his FB Rex Cameron over for some thick muscle cock.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Chris Abbot in ‘Summer Voyeur’ at DylanLucas

Summer Voyeur (Trenton Ducati Fucks Chris Abbot) at DylanLucas

It’s a beautiful sunny day in California and Trenton Ducati is outside in his backyard relaxing in his shorts and spraying himself down with some tanning spray. He’s under his sun umbrella enjoying a nice read when he hears splashing in the neighbor’s yard. He goes and peaks over the fence to see Chris Abbot who is much younger then Trenton swimming around in his pool.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Sweet Dreams’ Part 3 at

Sweet Dreams (Trenton Ducati Fucks Gabriel Cross) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Trenton Ducati has the sweetest dream ever as he gets to fuck the face and ass of Gabriel Cross. Gabriel works Trenton’s hot dick with his mouth and then sits on his face for a good licking. Trenton slams Gabriel’s eager hole until he can’t hold his load anymore and sprays Gabriel’s sweet ass with his cum.

Jessy Ares Fucks Trenton Ducati in ‘Sweet Dreams’ Part 2 at

Sweet Dreams (Jessy Ares Fucks Trenton Ducati) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

As a sleep deprived Jessy Ares waits for Trenton Ducati in the waiting room he has a fantasy of his own, he dreams of fucking Trenton’s tight ass. Trenton Ducati rides Jessy Ares’ cock until he cums all over his furry body.

Trenton Ducati Flip-Fucks With Damien Crosse in ‘Sweet Dreams’ Part 1 at

Sweet Dreams (Trenton Ducati Flip-Fucks With Damien Crosse) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Trenton Ducati just can’t stop day dreaming about a man he met today in a waiting room, Damien Crosse. Trenton fantasizes about how the two would suck and flip fuck each other with their huge tools. Finally, Trenton would cum and have Damien taste his sweet load.