Nick Vargas and Marty in ‘The Horny Client’ at Maskurbate

The Horny Client (with Nick Vargas and Marty) at Maskurbate

This week, our muscled newcomer Marty was in the hands of sexy Nick Vargas (aka Romi Zuska) for a massage session that took an unexpected turn. Bisexual Nick has many skills, not only is he a great stripper, he also gives relaxing massages to athletes. It often happens that his clients get an erection during the process, which is very normal. But Nick rarely had a client like Marty, so horny that he ended up getting undressed and sucked!

Maskurbate: The Cable Guy (with Hendell)

The Cable Guy (with Hendell) at Maskurbate

My cable company sent a technician to my house to fix a low signal issue. He is so sexy, so handsome & muscular, I cannot keep my eyes off him. I wish I could see what he looks like naked. I bet he is spectacular. I’ve hidden an adult toy behind the tv to see how he would react. Here’s how it went…

Maskurbate: Obsessed (with Zack Lemec)

Obsessed (with Zack Lemec) at Maskurbate

Hot pornstar Zack Lemec’s number one fan has lost his mind. His love turned into hate after Zack stopped replying to his harassment messages… Pascal, the owner of Maskurbate, let Zack know that the 49 y.o. known as Etienne, found his address.

Jackson Stock in ‘My Stepdad’s Younger Brother’ at Maskurbate

My Stepdad's Younger Brother (Jackson Stock) at Maskurbate

Jackson Stock is my new stepdad’s younger brother. He approached me during our family reunion. He said that he had a great body, perfect for my website. I guess my stepdad told him how much fun he had making his first scene a couple of weeks ago. So I agreed to give him a chance to audition, which was not disappointing at all. Looking forward to my next family reunion!

Tommy Smith and Trenton Ducati in ‘Naughty Job Interview 3’ at Maskurbate

Naughty Job Interview 3 (Tommy Smith and Trenton Ducati) at Maskurbate

Tommy Smith came to L.A. to apply on a waiter job. This very special position required some nude dancing. Tommy wasn’t comfortable being filmed while auditioning, so Trenton offered him to wear a mask. It didn’t take long for Tommy to show him his best moves and he surely had what it takes to entertain our guests. Trenton noticed how the new guy fucked his Fleshjack and took note to call him back to see how his large cock can actually fuck a guy for real. To be continued…

Maskurbate: Jeffrey Lloyd (Quest for David’s Next Fuck)

Jeffrey Lloyd (Quest for David's Next Fuck) at Maskurbate

Since we featured David’s latest scene, I’ve received many requests from men wanting to get fucked by our new straight stud. Young Jeffrey is one of them. He wanted me to shoot a video of him so he could show David all he can offer. Jeffrey is a power bottom and his main attributes are without a doubt, his huge cock and his beautiful butt. Let’s see if he’ll get David’s attention!

Maskurbate: Morgan (Soon-To-Be Stepdad)

Morgan (Soon-To-Be Stepdad) at Maskurbate

My mom presented me to her new boyfriend, soon-to-be stepdad. He’s much younger than her and full of muscles. He knew about Maskurbate and offered to show me his huge uncut cock.

Maskurbate: David Boss’ First Fuck

David Boss's First Fuck at Maskurbate

Ryan went to collect the rent even though David Boss made arrangements with Peter to delay the payment. Ryan had something else in mind. The money was not the issue. He simply wanted to get fucked by the new tenant.

Maskurbate: Tyson

Tyson at Maskurbate

On our previous scene, you met Ron, who is Tyson’s friend. They both needed extra cash to fully enjoy their last days of vacation. This time I had the pleasure of meeting Tyson, one of my hottest newcomers this year. I love everything about this straight 19 year old dude. His physique, his manly open-minded attitude and of course his huge uncut cock. For a guy who has never done porn before, I was really impressed with his performance. Enjoy!

Maskurbate: College Jock Ron

College Jock Ron at Maskurbate

Ron & his buddy were week’s away from beginning their College’s new semester and both needed to make quick money to go on vacation at the Beach. I first met with Ron, who is the typical College Jock who’s never appeared in porn before but surely has the physique for it. A really gorgeous young men who had no problem getting a hardon in front of me. A sexy back to school edition!

Maskurbate: Free Groceries For Marty

Free Groceries For Marty at Maskurbate

Our cameraman is always on the lookout for new potential talents. This time, he encountered young Marty as he was leaving the grocery store. We gently offered him money so we could have a look at his young muscular body. After a few minutes of negotiation, he agreed as long as he wore the mask. So they went to our storage garage nearby and started taking pictures.

Peter Lipnik & David Boss in ‘Paying Rent Sucks’ at Maskurbate

Paying Rent Sucks (Peter Lipnik & David Boss) at Maskurbate

Peter Lipnik came to David Boss’s new apartment to collect his first rent. Unfortunately David had to use part of the money for car repair, so he asked Peter for an extension. Peter is a very understanding landlord and accepts to give him a few more days in exchange for a little favor. Peter saw David’s solo on Maskurbate and wants him to put the mask on while he worships his body and sucks his straight cock…

Maskurbate: First-Time Jocks (Yanik & Ryan)

First-Time Jocks (Yanik & Ryan) at Maskurbate

There’s a first time for everything. This week, Maskurbate is proud to present a scene featuring straight jocks Yanik and Ryan. Yanik has never been sucked by a guy before and Ryan told us he never sucked a guy. They both agreed to immortalize this moment though Yanik insisted on wearing the mask. Quite hot to feel the tension in the air and to watch them get more comfortable as the scene progresses. A must see!

Maskurbate: Zack Lemec’s Favorite Ass

Zack Lemec's Favorite Ass at Maskurbate

Just before he went to the gym, I asked Zack to try another one of my toys. This time, I thought it might be cool to see the muscled jock fuck a brand new silicone ass I recently ordered online. Who better than Zack to put it to the test! Reality at its best! Enjoy!

Maskurbate: National Holiday’s Trick (with Jake)

National Holiday's Trick (with Jake) at Maskurbate

Jake got caught in the shed getting a blowjob then I met with him in the kitchen, where I set up my video equipment to do some interviews of my models during the day. Jake was still hard and didn’t want to return to the party like that, so we decided to take advantage of his hardon and play a trick on our friend Remi, mixing his wine with Jake’s cum. Remi had already too much to drink so we doubt he will notice it. Jake didn’t mind me filming him while he jerked off and made sure that no one was sneaking up on him.

Luke Ward in ‘Big Boner Is Watching You’ at Maskurbate

Big Boner Is Watching You (Luke Ward) at Maskurbate

In a society where every citizen is under constant surveillance by the Leader, Big Boner, people are constantly reminded that they are slaves and must obey HIS every wishes. Some try to hide their identities for a glimpse of freedom, but wherever they are, he’ll find them. Big Boner then takes control of their bodies while the entire adult community has the obligation to watch.

Ennio Guardi, Vinna Reed and Naomi Bennet in ‘Three’s Company’ at Maskurbate

Three's Company (Ennio Guardi, Vinna Reed and Naomi Bennet) at Maskurbate

Vinna Reed invited her friend Naomi Bennet over she could tell her about the Hypno Mask she found. Last time, hot jock Ennio Guardi obeyed all her orders, so she plans to invite him again and let her friend join the fun. All they need to do is make him wear the mask, then he will be theirs…

Ennio Guardi is ‘The Hitchhiker’ at Maskurbate

The Hitchhiker (with Ennio Guardi) at Maskurbate

On his way to visit his family for the weekend, our photographer encountered a sexy hitchhiker, Ennio Guardi. Always open for new opportunities, the muscled jock accepted to model in exchange for a ride into the city…

Maskurbate: New Stripper At The Masquerade (with Nick Bargas)

New Stripper At The Masquerade (with Nick Bargas) at Maskurbate

Newcomer Nick Bargas was hired to strip at a Masquerade. Wanting to impress his new employer, he decided to practice before the big event. Slowly but surely he got in the mood and even excited himself as he was dancing. At the end of his number, hard as a rock, he put down his headphones and finished himself off… Lucky are those who will attend that party.

Maskurbate: From Earth To Ultron (with Zahn)

From Earth To Ultron (with Zahn) at Maskurbate

A New Order encouraging divisions and hate crimes forced part of Humanity to depart to the planet Ultron, leaving only fantasies of their loved ones… Even though it’s been almost 3 years now, Zahn still has hopes that one day, he and his boyfriend Felix will be united again in a World without racism, prejudice and discrimination. Will Felix reach Ultron safely? Will they ever be reunited again? You only, have the power to make things right again. Enjoy Maskurbate’s first emotional cinematic sci-fi scene!

Maskurbate: I’ll Tell Your Mom Unless (Richard Fucks Peter Lipnik)

I'll Tell Your Mom Unless (Richard Fucks Peter Lipnik) at Maskurbate

Peter Lipnik’s new stepfather found his masked porn scene online. He threatened to tell his mother unless he does what he says. Peter had no choice but to accept.

Maskurbate: Theo’s Audition

Theo's Audition at Maskurbate

Young Theo contacted me a year ago to audition for Maskurbate. At the time he’d just started working out and felt he needed a little more definition to fit our criteria.

Maskurbate: The Ultimate Sperm Donor (with Peter Lipnik)

The Ultimate Sperm Donor (with Peter Lipnik) at Maskurbate

A mad scientist is looking for a the perfect sperm donor so he can create a sex machine superhero. From a very young age, Peter Lipnik had a higher sex drive than normal, which made him the perfect candidate. Every male & female he encountered had to have sex with him and he didn’t disappoint anyone. Scientist Dick Knowles knew Peter was the One. Here’s how he got his hands on the Ultimate Sperm…

Maskurbate: The New Paperboy (with Zack Stock)

The New Paperboy (with Zack Stock) at Maskurbate

Here’s my new paperboy Zack Stock. He’s been teasing me every single morning inserting nude pictures of himself in between pages. This morning he had no newspaper but still delivered a very steamy headline.

Maskurbate: Need a Hand, Dominic?

Dominic (Need a Hand, Dominic?) at Maskurbate

Straight Dominic agreed to make a handjob video as long as he wore the mask. It was so nice to finally have the chance to worship his body, caress his muscles and stroke his shaft. Watching this scene, it is obvious that he liked it. Hope he’ll be back for more soon! :)