Maskurbate: The Broke Real Estate Broker (feat. Sam Cuthan)

The Broke Real Estate Broker (feat. Sam Cuthan) at Maskurbate

Our cameraman is meeting with his real estate broker, Sam Cuthan (a.k.a. Tomas Salek), to visit his future furnished apartment. The place is small but perfect for one person. The first time they met, Sam was in serious need of money and agreed to take his clothes off with a mask on. This time, before signing the official papers, our cameraman asks him if his financial situation has improved and offers him to perform again without the mask.

Maskurbate: L.A. Auditions (feat. Arad Winwin)

L.A. Auditions (feat Arad Winwin) at Maskurbate

Arad Winwin was amazing as always. My only regret is that I wasn’t there on location to worship his amazing body. Well we never know… Maybe someday!

Maskurbate: Solo Rider (feat. Zack Lemec)

Solo Rider (Zack Lemec) at Maskurbate

Me and my friend Zack Lemec went away for a snowboard weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well the first day and Zack had to go solo. He brought his new portable camera to try it out while I was resting in the cabin we rented.

Maskurbate: The Porter (feat. Andy)

The Porter (feat. Andy) at Maskurbate

For those of you who travel, I’m sure you once encounter a sexy porter bringing your luggage to your hotel room. Have you ever fantasized about asking him to stay a little longer to see what he looks like naked? Well, I sure did and it inspired me to shoot this scene with our newcomer Andy.

Maskurbate: Larry McCormick (Far Away Love)

Larry McCormick (Far Away Love) at Maskurbate

Larry McCormick’s new boyfriend went away for work, and like any new relationship, it’s hard to be separated from the one you love. They spent all their free time texting each other. Larry fantasizes about his return and simply can’t wait to hold him in his arms again.

Maskurbate: Manuel Deboxer’s 10th Anniversary

Manuel DeBoxer's 10th Anniversary at Maskurbate

Manuel Deboxer made his masked debut 10 years ago. I decided to invite him to the same location, 10 years later, for a video encore. It was a nice reunion and we shared a lot of good memories from our past shootings. This video is for all Deboxer’s fans. I’m sure you’ll be excited to see him again, like an old buddy you haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy!

Maskurbate: Zack Lemec’s Valentine Retreat

Zack Lemec's Valentine Retreat at Maskurbate

For Valentine’s day, I paid my friend Zack Lemec a nice spa retreat for 2 days. The only thing I asked him in return was to take some time to capture a couple of live shots in his gorgeous Suite.

Maskurbate: Sam Cuthan (Jerkoff)

Sam Cuthan (Jerkoff) at Maskurbate

Our cameraman met sexy Sam Cuthan (a.k.a. Tomas Salek) as he was shopping for a new mortgage. It didn’t take long for the conversation to switch from numbers to a modeling offer. Sam wasn’t quite happy with the money he was currently making so he quickly accepted to strip for cash. As soon as he opened his shirt, leaving his tie in place, we knew that his hairy muscled body would make him a very popular newcomer on Maskurbate.

Maskurbate: Massaging Zack Lemec

Massaging Zack Lemec at Maskurbate

This long-awaited scene features Zack Lemec’s first gay massage. Watch as I worship his amazing body from head to toe then give him the handjob of his life until he shoots a huge load. From what he could remember this was his longest orgasm preceding a cumshot, and all that, by the hand of another man,. Lucky me and lucky us that this is all digitally captured! Enjoy!

Maskurbate: Angelo’s Spy Cam (with Angelo Godshack)

Angelo's Spy Cam (with Angelo Godshack) at Maskurbate

Angelo Godshack’s (aka Ennio Guardi) girlfriend Vinna, put some spy cams in their apartment suspecting him to jerk off several times a day when she’s away. Angelo finds one of the cam and decided to show her that’s exactly what he’s doing!

Maskurbate: Stripper Service 4 (Pascal & Hendell)

Stripper Service 4 (Pascal & Hendell) at Maskurbate

My cable company sent Hendell back for a check-up visit. While he was on location, I received a call from a friend of mine looking for a male stripper for his wife’s birthday. I instantly thought of the gorgeous repairman in front of me. Hendell had never done this before but agreed to show his body to my friend. It was so hot! I got to shoot The muscled stud with my mobile phone while my friend was giving directions.

Maskurbate: Ricci Hulk (Straight Muscle Debut)

Ricci Hulk (Straight Muscle Debut) at Maskurbate

This is Ricci Hulk’s debut on Maskurbate. Straight muscled guys are always attracted by wearing the famous mask. I guess they feel more comfortable to let go their inhibitions. I don’t know Ricci very well but he looked very confident in front of me and my camera. He’s got a tough look but he’s a really sweet guy. He told me he liked his audition very much and would be interested in doing another one. So I guess we’ll see him very soon!

Maskurbate: New Years Fuck (with Jeffrey Lloyd and Marty) (Bareback)

New Years Fuck (with Jeffrey Lloyd and Marty) (Bareback) at Maskurbate

On New Year’s eve, Marty went to see his friend Jeffrey Lloyd who looked like he needed company. Jeffrey was so disappointed that the scene with his idol David Boss got canceled. Marty reached out to him and said: ‘ I’m here for you, and I’m good too!’ Seconds later they were in each other’s arms.

Maskurbate: Zack’s Sex Cam (with Zack Lemec)

Zack's Sex Cam (with Zack Lemec) at Maskurbate

After 22 scenes, Maskurbate’s muscled hunk Zack Lemec is back in his first sex cam where he answers fans questions live, from his abs secret, sex with men and shemales, strap-ons to biceps/tits licking, and he even performs their wishes on demand.

Maskurbate: Naughty Trade (with Angelo Godshack)

Naughty Trade (with Angelo Godshack) at Maskurbate

Angelo Godshack (formerly Ennio Guardi) found his neighbor’s mail in his own mailbox and decided to bring it to him while his wife was waiting in the car. Little did he know that his neighbor was a big fan and watched all his movies. In order to have a private show, the neighbor offered him to mow his lawn for the rest of the summer. Angelo’s garden is huge so this was a deal he couldn’t refuse.

Maskurbate: Jackson Fucks (with Jackson Stock)

Jackson Fucks (with Jackson Stock) at Maskurbate

Young Jackson Stock is back for his second scene on Maskurbate. Members really liked his smooth muscular body and wanted him back. I decided to shoot this scene in my own bedroom, to give it a more intimate surrounding for Jackson. He asked me to stroke with a Fleshlight for his second solo but I decided to make him fuck one with the mount. I thought I would be more exciting to see him in action this way. He showed up with a body even more ripped than the last time. What a gorgeous young men he is. I hope you’ll all enjoy Jackson’s encore!

Nick Vargas and Marty in ‘The Horny Client’ at Maskurbate

The Horny Client (with Nick Vargas and Marty) at Maskurbate

This week, our muscled newcomer Marty was in the hands of sexy Nick Vargas (aka Romi Zuska) for a massage session that took an unexpected turn. Bisexual Nick has many skills, not only is he a great stripper, he also gives relaxing massages to athletes. It often happens that his clients get an erection during the process, which is very normal. But Nick rarely had a client like Marty, so horny that he ended up getting undressed and sucked!

Maskurbate: The Cable Guy (with Hendell)

The Cable Guy (with Hendell) at Maskurbate

My cable company sent a technician to my house to fix a low signal issue. He is so sexy, so handsome & muscular, I cannot keep my eyes off him. I wish I could see what he looks like naked. I bet he is spectacular. I’ve hidden an adult toy behind the tv to see how he would react. Here’s how it went…

Maskurbate: Obsessed (with Zack Lemec)

Obsessed (with Zack Lemec) at Maskurbate

Hot pornstar Zack Lemec’s number one fan has lost his mind. His love turned into hate after Zack stopped replying to his harassment messages… Pascal, the owner of Maskurbate, let Zack know that the 49 y.o. known as Etienne, found his address.

Jackson Stock in ‘My Stepdad’s Younger Brother’ at Maskurbate

My Stepdad's Younger Brother (Jackson Stock) at Maskurbate

Jackson Stock is my new stepdad’s younger brother. He approached me during our family reunion. He said that he had a great body, perfect for my website. I guess my stepdad told him how much fun he had making his first scene a couple of weeks ago. So I agreed to give him a chance to audition, which was not disappointing at all. Looking forward to my next family reunion!

Tommy Smith and Trenton Ducati in ‘Naughty Job Interview 3’ at Maskurbate

Naughty Job Interview 3 (Tommy Smith and Trenton Ducati) at Maskurbate

Tommy Smith came to L.A. to apply on a waiter job. This very special position required some nude dancing. Tommy wasn’t comfortable being filmed while auditioning, so Trenton offered him to wear a mask. It didn’t take long for Tommy to show him his best moves and he surely had what it takes to entertain our guests. Trenton noticed how the new guy fucked his Fleshjack and took note to call him back to see how his large cock can actually fuck a guy for real. To be continued…

Maskurbate: Jeffrey Lloyd (Quest for David’s Next Fuck)

Jeffrey Lloyd (Quest for David's Next Fuck) at Maskurbate

Since we featured David’s latest scene, I’ve received many requests from men wanting to get fucked by our new straight stud. Young Jeffrey is one of them. He wanted me to shoot a video of him so he could show David all he can offer. Jeffrey is a power bottom and his main attributes are without a doubt, his huge cock and his beautiful butt. Let’s see if he’ll get David’s attention!

Maskurbate: Morgan (Soon-To-Be Stepdad)

Morgan (Soon-To-Be Stepdad) at Maskurbate

My mom presented me to her new boyfriend, soon-to-be stepdad. He’s much younger than her and full of muscles. He knew about Maskurbate and offered to show me his huge uncut cock.

Maskurbate: David Boss’ First Fuck

David Boss's First Fuck at Maskurbate

Ryan went to collect the rent even though David Boss made arrangements with Peter to delay the payment. Ryan had something else in mind. The money was not the issue. He simply wanted to get fucked by the new tenant.

Maskurbate: Tyson

Tyson at Maskurbate

On our previous scene, you met Ron, who is Tyson’s friend. They both needed extra cash to fully enjoy their last days of vacation. This time I had the pleasure of meeting Tyson, one of my hottest newcomers this year. I love everything about this straight 19 year old dude. His physique, his manly open-minded attitude and of course his huge uncut cock. For a guy who has never done porn before, I was really impressed with his performance. Enjoy!