Maskurbate: Blowing Jeremy (Uncut Version)

Blowing Jeremy Uncut at Maskurbate

Maskurbate: In this uncut version of Blowing Jeremy you can feel the nervousness and sexual tension between Pascal and model Jeremy.

Maskurbate: One-On-One (with JP)

One-On-One (with JP) at Maskurbate

Get even more intimate with one of Maskurbate’s most popular models, JP, with more never-before-seen footage.

Maskurbate: Never Seen Footage, Part 2 (feat. Zack Lemec, Pascal, Brad and Ricky)

Never Seen Footage, Part 2 (feat. Zack Lemec, Pascal, Brad and Ricky) at Maskurbate

Here’s part 2 of the never before seen Maskurbate footage and behind-the-scene shots of Maskurbate’s most popular models from the past.

Maskurbate: Need A Hand, Max?

Need A Hand Max? at Maskurbate

It’s been a long time since Maskurbate had the pleasure to worship their models. Therefore, their cameraman didn’t want to lose the opportunity to get more intimate with sexy Max.

Maskurbate: Arturo’s Audition

Arturo's Audition at Maskurbate

Arturo’s fantasy was to do porn once in his life. Therefore, we’re glad to bring his taped audition so you can judge for yourself.

Maskurbate: Mickey’s Audition

Mickey's Audition at Maskurbate

Here we have Mickey’s first audition for Maskurbate. For this scene we made the decision to give Mickey some privacy. In other words, one mask, one camera and 30 minutes to prove to us why we should select him.

Maskurbate: Marty Lang Fucks Sam Cuthan (Bareback)

Marty Lang Fucks Sam Cuthan (Bareback) at Maskurbate

Young Marty Lang (a.k.a. Boris Lang and Rob Blond) saw real estate broker Sam Cuthan’s (a.k.a Tomas Salek at William Higgins) performance on Maskurbate. Consequently he decided to go see him to rent an apartment and offer him an indecent proposal.

Maskurbate: At Home With Angelo Godshack

At Home With Angelo Godshack at Maskurbate

Watch Angelo Godshack (aka Ennio Guardi) at home as he gets out of bed and streches out for his morning training. Don’t miss this never-before-seen intimate look at one of the most popular male pornstars.

Maskurbate: Stripper Service 5 (feat. Zack Lemec)

Stripper Service 5 (feat. Zack Lemec) at Maskurbate

Ever wonder what it would be like to hire male stripper Zack Lemec for a private show? Well, we decided to offer you the opportunity to experience it, as close as possible to the real thing. From the moment Zack arrives to your room till he showers after his performance, you won’t miss a thing! Sit down, drop your pants and feel the excitement, Zack’s here for you!

Maskurbate: The Broke Real Estate Broker (feat. Sam Cuthan)

The Broke Real Estate Broker (feat. Sam Cuthan) at Maskurbate

Our cameraman is meeting with his real estate broker, Sam Cuthan (a.k.a. Tomas Salek), to visit his future furnished apartment. The place is small but perfect for one person. The first time they met, Sam was in serious need of money and agreed to take his clothes off with a mask on.

Maskurbate: L.A. Auditions (feat. Arad Winwin)

L.A. Auditions (feat Arad Winwin) at Maskurbate

Arad Winwin was amazing as always. My only regret is that I wasn’t there on location to worship his amazing body. Well we never know… Maybe someday!

Maskurbate: Solo Rider (feat. Zack Lemec)

Solo Rider (Zack Lemec) at Maskurbate

Me and my friend Zack Lemec went away for a snowboard weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well the first day and Zack had to go solo. He brought his new portable camera to try it out while I was resting in the cabin we rented.

Maskurbate: The Porter (feat. Andy)

The Porter (feat. Andy) at Maskurbate

For those of you who travel, I’m sure you once encounter a sexy porter bringing your luggage to your hotel room. Have you ever fantasized about asking him to stay a little longer to see what he looks like naked? Well, I sure did and it inspired me to shoot this scene with our newcomer Andy.

Maskurbate: Larry McCormick (Far Away Love)

Larry McCormick (Far Away Love) at Maskurbate

Larry McCormick’s new boyfriend went away for work, and like any new relationship, it’s hard to be separated from the one you love. They spent all their free time texting each other. Larry fantasizes about his return and simply can’t wait to hold him in his arms again.

Maskurbate: Manuel Deboxer’s 10th Anniversary

Manuel DeBoxer's 10th Anniversary at Maskurbate

Manuel Deboxer made his masked debut 10 years ago. I decided to invite him to the same location, 10 years later, for a video encore. It was a nice reunion and we shared a lot of good memories from our past shootings. This video is for all Deboxer’s fans. I’m sure you’ll be excited to see him again, like an old buddy you haven’t seen in a while. Enjoy!

Maskurbate: Zack Lemec’s Valentine Retreat

Zack Lemec's Valentine Retreat at Maskurbate

For Valentine’s day, I paid my friend Zack Lemec a nice spa retreat for 2 days. The only thing I asked him in return was to take some time to capture a couple of live shots in his gorgeous Suite.

Maskurbate: Sam Cuthan (Jerkoff)

Sam Cuthan (Jerkoff) at Maskurbate

Our cameraman met sexy Sam Cuthan (a.k.a. Tomas Salek) as he was shopping for a new mortgage. It didn’t take long for the conversation to switch from numbers to a modeling offer. Sam wasn’t quite happy with the money he was currently making so he quickly accepted to strip for cash. As soon as he opened his shirt, leaving his tie in place, we knew that his hairy muscled body would make him a very popular newcomer on Maskurbate.

Maskurbate: Massaging Zack Lemec

Massaging Zack Lemec at Maskurbate

This long-awaited scene features Zack Lemec’s first gay massage. Watch as I worship his amazing body from head to toe then give him the handjob of his life until he shoots a huge load. From what he could remember this was his longest orgasm preceding a cumshot, and all that, by the hand of another man,. Lucky me and lucky us that this is all digitally captured! Enjoy!