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GayRoom: Arad Winwin Fucks Michael Boston in ‘Broken A/C’

Broken A/C (Arad Winwin Fucks Michael Boston) at ManRoyale

GayRoom: Clothes come off and dicks get hard when Arad Winwin, the repair guy’s, sweaty muscles overheat a thirsty bottom boy, Michael Boston.

GayRoom: Seth Santoro Fucks Michael Boston in ‘Time’s A Changing’

Time's A Changing (Seth Santoro Fucks Michael Boston) at GayRoom

GayRoom: Seth Santoro secretly changes his roommate, Michael Boston’s clock ahead an hour to give him a surprise shower fuck before work.

GayRoom: Colton Andrews Fucks Nate in ‘Battle of the Big Dicks’

Battle of the Big Dicks (Nate & Colton Andrews) at ManRoyale

Big dick bottom leaves a trail of thirst for his throbbing top, Colton Andrews, to find.

GayRoom’s Shower Bait: Cade Maddox Fucks Jackson Reed in ‘Longing For The Real Thing’

Longing For The Real Thing (Cade Maddox Fucks Jackson Reed) at Shower Bait

Jackson Reed’s dildo is no comparison to Cade Maddox’s 9-inch thick cock.Jackson Reed’s dildo is no comparison to Cade Maddox’s 9-inch thick cock.

GayRoom (Shower Bait): Ollie Fucks Erik Andrews in ‘Anything to Pay the Rent’

Anything to Pay the Rent (Ollie Fucks Erik Andrews) at Shower Bait

Erik Andrews can’t afford this month’s rent again. He pleads with his sister’s boyfriend, Ollie, for help and gets more than he asked for. Or does he?