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Dylan Lucas: My Hot Boss (Dean Phoenix Fucks Chase Chandler)

My Hot Boss (Dean Phoenix Fucks Chase Chandler) at DylanLucas

Chase Chandler has a hot boss by the name of Dean Phoenix and every weekend Dean has Chase come over to be his servant but today turns out to be different. Chase has just finished up cleaning and Dean once him to grab him one more drink before he is off for the weekend. Chase comes back with his fresh tea but Dean wants him to service his cock.

Gaberial Issacs Fucks Javier Cruz in ‘Don’t Tell Anyone About This’ at Pride Studio

Don't Tell Anyone About This (Gabriel Isaacs Fucks Javier Cruz) at PrideStudios

Javier Cruz & Gabriel Isaacs are teammates and they are back in the locker room hanging out. Gabriel asks Javier if he is going to come to the big party over the weekend and that there will be lots of hot girls there. Javier tells him no and Gabriel gets pushy with him because he never wants to come hang out with the guys.

Cesar Rossi Fucks Jessie Colter in ‘Nice Glutes!’ at MenOver30

Nice Glutes! (Cesar Rossi Fucks Jessie Colter) at

Cesar Rossi is admiring Jessie Colter’s glutes in the locker room and asks him how he works out to get them. Jessie, not one to be shy, drops his pants to give Cesar a better view and tells Cesar he can touch.

Lex Sabre Fucks Fernando Del Rio in ‘Can You Take It All?’ at ExtraBigDicks

Can You Take It All? (Lex Sabre Fucks Fernando Del Rio) at ExtraBigDicks

Fernando Del Rio has brought Lex to his play space and Lex Sabre questions him as to whether or not he can really take all that he has to offer. Fernando assures him he can and Lex pulls out his cock. At first he is soft, but it is still very large.

Scott Demarco Fucks Aiden Hart in ‘Earning My Keep’ at Pride Studios

Earning My Keep (Scott Demarco Fucks Aiden Hart) at PrideStudios

Scott Demarco & Aiden Hart are sitting in bed discussing their future vacation to Italy. Aiden asks Scott if he has been saving his money as he said he would and Scott admits that he might have to borrow some from him.

Myles Landon Fucks Alex Chandler in ‘My Sexy Swim Coach’ at Dylan Lucas

My Sexy Swim Coach (Myles Landon Fucks Alex Chandler) at DylanLucas

Alex Chandler and Coach Myles Landon are in the back practicing for the next swim meet. Coach has Alex doing some laps in the pool before they head back into the house. Coach is busy writing when Alex comes in but now Alex seems preoccupied with something on his mind.

Diego März Fucks Aston Springs in ‘BEEFCAKE’ at Pride Studios

BEEFCAKE (Diego März Fucks Aston Springs) at PrideStudios

Aston Springs has entered the locker room after his workout and he is toweling off and stretching when Diego März walks into the room. They make a little small talk and admit that they have both been watching one another while they were working out.

Max Sargent, Jack Gunther & Jett Rink in ‘Coach’s Big Dick’ at ExtraBigDicks

Coach's Big Cock (Max Sargent, Jack Gunther & Jett Rink) at ExtraBigDicks

Jett Rink & Jack Gunther are both custodian’s and they are tasked with cleaning up the athletic locker room. They are talking about the coach and the fact that he has a large bulge in his shorts all the time and wondering how big his cock might be. Just then, Coach Max Sargent walks in on them.

Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo Flip-Fuck in ‘Big Dick Flip Flop’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Dick Flip Flop (Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo Flip-Fuck) at ExtraBigDicks

Sean Maygers and Marco Lorenzo have been friends for a while, but have never hooked up. They discover that they have fucked the same guy and both know that he only goes for guys with big cocks.

Sean Duran Fucks Jessie Colter in ‘Playroom Fuckers’ at MenOver30

Playroom Fuckers (Sean Duran Fucks Jessie Colter) at

Sean Duran and Jessie Colter have wanted to fuck for many years, but never had the opportunity. Sean brings Jessie to his playroom and the two waste no time getting into some heavy play with each other.

Connor Halstead Fucks Jack Gunther in ‘That’s a Big Cock On You!’ at Extra Big Dicks

That's a Big Cock On You! (Connor Halstead Fucks Jack Gunther) at ExtraBigDicks

Jack Gunther is in the locker room undressing after his workout when Connor Halstead walks in. He too begins to undress, but he is being very shy about it because his cock is hard as a rock.

Teddy Bryce Fucks Liam Aries in ‘Assistant’ at Dylan Lucas

Assistant (Teddy Bryce Fucks Liam Aries) at DylanLucas

Liam Aries is being interviewed by Teddy Bryce for a new job as his assistant. Liam claims to know exactly what to do without any training. Once Teddy hears Liam boasting about how good he is at his job he stands up and unzips his pants right in front of his face. Without any hesitation Liam wraps his eager little mouth around his, possibly, new boss’s hard throbbing cock. Teddy fucks his faced deep and hard making him gag and drool all over the ground.

Lex Sabre Fucks Jett Rink in ‘The Glory Of BIG Cock’ at Extra Big Dicks

The Glory Of BIG Cock (Lex Sabre Fucks Jett Rink) at ExtraBigDicks

Lex Sabre is in the public restroom stroking his big cock and watching porn on his phone in hopes of someone coming to service him via the glory hole. Jett Rink comes into the restroom and discovers the urinal is out of order, but he then sees the glory hole in the stall and discovers a huge cock on the other side.

Connor Halstead Fucks Fernando Del Rio in ‘My Credit SUX’ at PrideStudios

My Credit SUX (Connor Halstead Fucks Fernando Del Rio) at PrideStudios

Connor Halstead comes to Fernando Del Rio, who is his financial advisor, because he wants to buy a new car but his credit is bad. Fernando looks up his credit information and informs him that his score is way too low and he would have to pay too much to finance a new car.

Jace Chambers Fucks Aiden Hart in ‘My Partner the Proctologist’ at MenOver30

My Partner the Proctologist (Jace Chambers Fucks Aiden Hart) at

Aiden Hart is let into the exam room at the hospital and he is wearing a hospital gown that is open in the back exposing his beautiful round ass. Dr Jace Chambers comes into the room and begins his exam. He starts by putting on a glove and feeling the exterior area of Aiden’s ass. He then lubes up his fingers and as he inserts them into Aiden’s ass, we hear him moan with pleasure.

Jay Alexander Fucks Ceasar Camaro in ‘Train Me’ at Extra Big Dicks

Train Me (Jay Alexander Fucks Ceasar Camaro) at ExtraBigDicks

Ceasar Camaro is a boxer and has just finished his training session and is back in the locker room. Jay Alexander walks in and asks Ceasar if he would be willing to train him.

Julian Knowles Fucks Fernando Del Rio ‘Playroom Surprise’ at MenOver30

Playroom Surprise (Fernando Del Rio and Julian Knowles) at

Julian Knowles has brought Fernando Del Rio to a playroom for a surprise and at first, Fernando seems a bit timid, but it is apparent that Julian knew exactly what his lover’s desires were. He takes control and starts intensely kissing Fernando and then forces him down to his growing cock through his pants.

Tristan Jaxx Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘Home Delivery’ at Dylan Lucas

Home Delivery (Tristan Jaxx Fucks Leo Luckett) at DylanLucas

Tristan Jaxx has been waiting for his groceries to arrive for quite some time now. He ordered them online and the delivery boy is really late. Tristan had time to shower and now he’s in his towel checking his phone for the tracking number. He finally here’s the delivery boy at the door and he heads over to answer it. Tristan invites Leo Luckett inside his home so he can check the bag to make sure all the food is in it. Tristan notices that he is missing his bananas and Leo becomes embarrassed but just before he heads to get them from his car Tristan drops his towel and reveals his huge big uncut cock.

Jack Andy Fucks Jack Gunther in ‘Jock Strap Lust’ at MenOver30

Jock Strap Lust (Jack Andy Fucks Jack Gunther) at

Jack Andy is in the shower area trying to decide which Jock Strap he wants to wear after his shower when Jack Gunther walks in. Gunther asks why Andy always wears Jock Straps and liking the attention we see Jack Andy getting aroused in his jock.

Dylan Lucas: Coach (Robbie Carusso and D Arclyte)

Coach (Robbie Carusso and D Arclyte) at DylanLucas

Robbie Carusso’s Coach Mr. Arclyte is pushing him hard for the next rack meet. They are running some practices out in Coach’s backyard. After Robbie shows Coach that he is ready for the track to meet Coach offers him a ride back home. As they enter Coach’s house they forget about the car ride and instead begins passionately making out.

Alexander Garrett Fucks Ace Era in ‘Sex Club Fucking’ at Extra Big Dicks

Sex Club Fucking (Alexander Garrett Fucks Ace Era) at ExtraBigDicks

The scene opens with Ace Era standing alone wearing just a pair of boots and a jockstrap waiting for some action in the sex club playroom. We then see Alexander Garrett walk into the room and, like a pair of dogs, the two of them start circling each other and smelling each other. Soon they are lip locked and the heat is rising in the room.

Jace Chambers Fucks Ace Era in ‘Glory Fuck’ at MenOver30

Glory Fuck (Jace Chambers Fucks Ace Era) at

Jace Chambers is inside the stall at a seedy bathroom messaging Ace Era on his smartphone. After seeing a couple photos of Ace’s ass and some chat, Jace tells him to come to the bathroom and enjoy him through the glory hole. Ace walks in and immediately goes to the hole and motions for Jace’s cock.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Britain Westbury in ‘Repair Man’ at Dylan Lucas

Repair Man (Trenton Ducati Fucks Britain Westbury) at DylanLucas

Trenton Ducati is hanging out in his bedroom and when he tries to turn on the AC nothing happens. It’s extremely hot outside and without any AC it makes everything really uncomfortable. Trenton calls the HVAC guy and he arrives in no time. Britain Westbury (aka Elder Garrett at MormonBoyz) meets Trenton inside his room where the problem is.

Max Sargent Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Ageless Lovers’ at MenOver30

Ageless Lovers (Max Sargent Fucks Cesar Rossi) at

Max Sargent and Cesar Rossi are new boyfriends and while sitting in the bedroom, Max is asking Cesar if he is truly OK with the difference in their ages. Max is in his early 50’s and Cesar 30. Cesar assures him that the age is not an issue and tells Max to not worry about it so much. With that conversation over, they start to make love with each other.