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Pride Studios: Sean Duran Fucks Adrian Suarez in ‘Get Off Your Phone!’

Get Off Your Phone! (Sean Duran Fucks Adrian Suarez) at PrideStudios

Sean Duran and Adrian Suarez are in bed but Adrian is on his phone ignoring Sean. Sean whips out his hard cock to get Adrian to notice but it doesn’t work and Sean begins to get pissed.

Extra Big Dicks: Osiris Blade Fucks Chandler Scott in ‘Share Your Towel?’

Share Your Towel? (Osiris Blade Fucks Chandler Scott) at

Osiris Blade and Chandler Scott are in the locker room when Osiris discovers he forgot to bring his towel with him to take a shower.

Dylan Lucas: Vadim Black Fucks Derek Reed in ‘Don’t Be So Uptight’

Don't Be So Uptight (Vadim Black Fucks Derek Reed) at DylanLucas

Vadim Black tells Derek Reed (a.k.a. Zeke Weidman) that if he wasn’t so uptight he might get laid more often. After a little awkward silence between them Vadim makes a move and says they should have some fun and with that they start making out. Derek drops to his knees and sucks Vadim’s beautiful cock.

Extra Big Dicks: Jace Chambers and Cesar Rossi Flip-Fuck in ‘Big-Dicked & Versatile’

Big-Dicked & Versatile (Jace Chambers and Cesar Rossi Flip-Fuck) at

Jace Chambers and Cesar Rossi are in the bedroom discussing sex. Cesar tells Jace that he loves getting fucked by his big dick, but sometimes he wants to also top.

MenOver30: Lex Sabre Fucks Jay Alexander in ‘Sore Muscles’

Sore Muscles (Lex Sabre Fucks Jay Alexander) at

Lex Sabre is in the locker room stretching out his arms when Jay Alexander walks in. Lex asks Jay if he has tried the new Yoga class yet and Jay says he hasn’t.

Pride Studios: Aspen Fucks Nate Long in ‘Deep Massage’

Deep Massage (Aspen Fucks Nate Long) at PrideStudios

Aspen is lying face down in his underwear on the massage table when Nate Long walks into the room and introduces himself. He asks Aspen if he would like a deep or soft massage and Aspen says he likes it deep.

Dylan Lucas: Tom Bentley and Nate Long Flip-Fuck in ‘Beach Day’

Beach Day (Tom Bentley and Nate Long Flip-Fuck) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Nate Long and Tom Bentley are walking along the road at the beach when they stop and decide to walk down by the ocean on the beach. Once there, they decide to go into the water to cool off a little bit and splash each other with some water.

Pride Studios: Osiris Blade Fucks Jorden Michaels in ‘My Sex Diary’

My Sex Diary (Osiris Blade Fucks Jorden Michaels) at PrideStudios

The scene opens with Jorden Michaels in bed writing in his Sex Diary. Fade out and into him and Osiris Blade in bed together naked and making out with each other.

Extra Big Dicks: Michael Stax Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Twin Studies, Part 1’

Twin Studies, Part One (Michael Stax Fucks Cesar Rossi) at ExtraBigDicks

Michael Stax & Jacob Stax are identical twins and have decided to participate in a Twin Study led by Cesar Rossi to make some extra cash.

Dylan Lucas: Brad Kalvo Fucks Nick Fitt in ‘My Sexy Tenant’

My Sexy Tenant (Brad Kalvo Fucks Nick Fitt) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Sexy tenant Nick Fitt is renting a room from Brad Kalvo. Nick thinks Brad is a really hot Daddy type bear, but he doesn’t think Brad would be into him.

Extra Big Dicks: Rego Bello Fucks Alexander Garrett in ‘Tested and Approved’

Tested and Approved (Rego Bello Fucks Alexander Garrett) at ExtraBigDicks

Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello have just returned from getting their STD Test Results. They are both super excited because after many years together, they are going to make love bareback.

MenOver30: Cesar Rossi and Mason Lear Flip-Fuck in ‘Pain & Pleasure’

Pain & Pleasure (Cesar Rossi and Mason Lear Flip-Fuck) at

Dr. Cesar Rossi comes in to exam Mason Lear. The Doctor asks what caused the pain and he explains that it was an intense sexual encounter he had.