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MenOver30: Dirk Caber and Julian Torres Flip-Fuck in ‘New Gay’

New Gay (Dirk Caber and Julian Torres Flip-Fuck) at MenOver30

Dirk Caber and Julian Torres are in the locker room and Dirk asks Julian what he means by being a ‘New Gay.’

Dylan Lucas: Angel Ventura Fucks Bennett Anthony in ‘Lifeguard Duties’

Lifeguard Duties (Angel Ventura Fucks Bennett Anthony) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Angel Ventura and Bennett Anthony are both lifeguards at a water park and they are back in the employee locker room talking about their day.

Dylan Lucas: Zario Travezz Fucks Adrian Suarez in ‘Single Is Better’

Single Is Better (Zario Travezz Fucks Adrian Suarez) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Adrian Suarez and Zario Travezz are relaxing on the couch but Zario doesn’t look too happy. Adrian, on the other hand, is laughing about a post some has made regarding relationships.

Extra Big Dicks: Jack Andy Fucks Jacob Connar in “Jack’s Big Dick Playroom”

Jack's Big Dick Playroom (Jack Andy Fucks Jacob Connar) at

Pride Studios: Jack Andy walks into his playroom with his huge cock leading the way out of his jean shorts. He beckons for Jacob Connar to join him and he has to encourage him a few times to join him.

Dylan Lucas: Aspen Fucks Dustin Steele in ‘The Taste Of Defeat’

The Taste Of Defeat (Aspen Fucks Dustin Steele) at DylanLucas

Aspen and Dustin Steele have come outside where Aspen has a training tire in the parking lot. The challenge is to see who can flip the tire the fastest and whoever wins gets to fuck the other.

Extra Big Dicks: Dustin Steele Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘Big Dick For Sexy Accent’

Big Dick For Sexy Accent (Dustin Steele Fucks Brendan Patrick) at

Brendan Patrick tells Dustin Steele he is from Ireland and Dustin loves hearing his sexy accent. Dustin tells him he is a trucker from South Georgia and Brendan likes his accent too.

Men Over 30: Jon Galt and Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck in ‘Worked Out Lovers’

Worked Out Lovers (Jon Galt and Brendan Patrick Flip-Fuck) at

Jon Galt and Brendan Patrick are back in the locker room after their workout and Jon is obviously very horny based on the hard cock flopping in his shorts.

Dylan Lucas: Mars Rousseau Fucks David Austin in ‘Rainy Day Fun’

Rainy Day Fun (Mars Rousseau Fucks David Austin) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: David Austin and Mars Rousseau are outside standing by some trees and using their boogie boards to cover themselves from the rain.

Pride Studios: Ashton McKay Fucks Jay Donahue in ‘Pass The Soap’

Pass The Soap (Ashton McKay Fucks Jay Donahue) at PrideStudios

Ashton McKay has come into the shower after his workout and is alone cleaning himself when Jay Donahue arrives and asks if he can join him.

ExtraBigDicks: Osiris Blade Fucks Aston Springs in ‘BIG Shock’

BIG Shock (Osiris Blade Fucks Aston Springs) at ExtraBigDicks

Extra Big Dicks: Osiris Blade is in the warehouse bathroom stroking his big cock when Aston Springs accidentally walks in on him.

ExtraBigDicks: Jay Alexander Fucks Jaxx Thanatos in ‘Help My Gag Reflex!’

Help My Gag Reflex! (Jay Alexander Fucks Jaxx Thanatos) at ExtraBigDicks

Jaxx Thanatos (formerly Barton at ChaosMen) has come to be examined by Doctor Jay Alexander because he loves to suck big cocks, but lately his gag reflex has been kicking in too much and causing him to choke and gag.

MenOver30: Jack Andy and Sean Harding Flip-Fuck in ‘Single & Loving It’

Single & Loving It (Jack Andy and Sean Harding Flip-Fuck) at

Jack Andy and Sean Harding are sitting in the sauna talking about being single and how much better their sex lives are now that they are in their 30’s.