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Pride Studios: Jessie Colter Fucks Adrian Suarez in ‘Fun At The Glory Hole’

Fun At The Glory Hole (Jessie Colter Fucks Adrian Suarez) at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Jessie Colter notices that someone is inside the stall so he sticks his cock through the glory hole and Adrian Suarez starts sucking him.

MenOver30: Tony Orion and Sean Harding in ‘One Month Anniversary Fuck’

One Month Anniversary Fuck (Tony Orion and Sean Harding) at

Sean Harding and Tony Orion are lying in bed and they are making out and discussing that it has been a month together and Sean wants to know if Tony is ready to move in with him. Based on Tony’s sensual reaction, we know the answer.

ExtraBigDicks: Clay Towers, Joe Parker and Jay Donahue in ‘Moving Day Fuck’

Moving Day Fuck (Clay Towers, Joe Parker and Jay Donahue) at

Pride Studios: Clay Towers and Jay Donahue have helped Joe Parker move into his new place and as they are unpacking stuff in his bedroom, they discover a box that contains a bottle of lube and a lot of condoms.

Dylan Lucas: Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura Flip-Fuck in ‘SCORE!’

SCORE! (Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura Flip-Fuck) at DylanLucas

Pride Studios: Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura are back in the locker room after their soccer scrimmage and Chandler is obviously upset with his performance on the field.

MENOver30: Atlas Grant Fucks Julian Torres in ‘Wet Bears’

Wet Bears! (Atlas Grant Fucks Julian Torres) at

MENOver30: Julian Torres and Atlas Grant have come to the public shower to fool around with each other and they are very excited about it

Dylan Lucas: Vadim Black Fucks Javier Cruz in ‘Beach Buddies, Part 1’

Beach Buddies, Part One (Vadim Black and Javier Cruz) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Vadim Black fucks Javier Cruz from behind and then flips him on his back and continues to fucks Javier until Javier explodes with cum.

Pride Studios: Jaxx Thanatos Fucks Gustav Netto in ‘There You Are!’

There You Are! (Jaxx Thanatos Fucks Gustav Netto) at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Gustav Netto and Jaxx Thanatos are in the locker room and Gustav is staring at Jaxx like a dog stares at a piece of steak.

Dylan Lucas: Troy Thomas and Luke Taylor Flip-Fuck in ‘Beach Buddies, Part 2’

Beach Buddies, Part Two (Troy Thomas and Luke Taylor Flip-Fuck) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Troy Thomas and Luke Taylor come into the room thinking they will see Vadim and Javier, but when they see the used condom on the floor Troy exclaims, ‘I knew it! I knew they were fucking each other.’

Pride Studios: Rego Bello Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Good Neighbor’

Good Neighbor (Rego Bello Fucks Cesar Rossi) at PrideStudios

Pride Studios: Cesar Rossi is Rego Bello’s neighbor who lives in the downstairs apartment. Rego has recently come home after surgery from a car accident and Cesar has missed him so he is checking in on him.

Extra Big Dicks: Aaron Trainer Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘Wow, That Is Actually Your Dick!’

Wow That Is Actually Your Dick (Aaron Trainer Fucks Hans Berlin) at ExtraBigDicks

Extra Big Dicks: Aaron Trainer and Hans Berlin are sitting on the couch after just meeting each other online. Aaron tells Hans he is much better looking in person and Hans wants to know if what Aaron told him about the size of his cock is true.

MenOver30: Julian Torres Fucks Sean Harding in ‘Hard Work’

Hard Work (Julian Torres Fucks Sean Harding) at

Julian Torres is up on a ladder doing some construction work when he calls for Sean Harding to help him out. When Sean Harding shows up, he asks him to hand him the work light. Sean turns the light on, but before handing it to Julian, he uses it to look up into Julian’s shorts.

Dylan Lucas: Mateo Fernandez Fucks Adrian Suarez in ‘Caught You Staring’

Caught You Staring (Mateo Fernandez Fucks Adrian Suarez) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Adrian Suarez and Mateo Fernandez are inside a public shower area. Mateo is cleaning his boogie board when he notices that Adrian is just sitting and staring at him.

MenOver30: Dirk Caber and Julian Torres Flip-Fuck in ‘New Gay’

New Gay (Dirk Caber and Julian Torres Flip-Fuck) at MenOver30

Dirk Caber and Julian Torres are in the locker room and Dirk asks Julian what he means by being a ‘New Gay.’

Dylan Lucas: Angel Ventura Fucks Bennett Anthony in ‘Lifeguard Duties’

Lifeguard Duties (Angel Ventura Fucks Bennett Anthony) at DylanLucas

Dylan Lucas: Angel Ventura and Bennett Anthony are both lifeguards at a water park and they are back in the employee locker room talking about their day.