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Alexander Garrett Fucks Ace Era in ‘Sex Club Fucking’ at Extra Big Dicks

Sex Club Fucking (Alexander Garrett Fucks Ace Era) at ExtraBigDicks

The scene opens with Ace Era standing alone wearing just a pair of boots and a jockstrap waiting for some action in the sex club playroom. We then see Alexander Garrett walk into the room and, like a pair of dogs, the two of them start circling each other and smelling each other. Soon they are lip locked and the heat is rising in the room.

Jace Chambers Fucks Ace Era in ‘Glory Fuck’ at MenOver30

Glory Fuck (Jace Chambers Fucks Ace Era) at

Jace Chambers is inside the stall at a seedy bathroom messaging Ace Era on his smartphone. After seeing a couple photos of Ace’s ass and some chat, Jace tells him to come to the bathroom and enjoy him through the glory hole. Ace walks in and immediately goes to the hole and motions for Jace’s cock.

Trenton Ducati Fucks Britain Westbury in ‘Repair Man’ at Dylan Lucas

Repair Man (Trenton Ducati Fucks Britain Westbury) at DylanLucas

Trenton Ducati is hanging out in his bedroom and when he tries to turn on the AC nothing happens. It’s extremely hot outside and without any AC it makes everything really uncomfortable. Trenton calls the HVAC guy and he arrives in no time. Britain Westbury (aka Elder Garrett at MormonBoyz) meets Trenton inside his room where the problem is.

Max Sargent Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Ageless Lovers’ at MenOver30

Ageless Lovers (Max Sargent Fucks Cesar Rossi) at

Max Sargent and Cesar Rossi are new boyfriends and while sitting in the bedroom, Max is asking Cesar if he is truly OK with the difference in their ages. Max is in his early 50’s and Cesar 30. Cesar assures him that the age is not an issue and tells Max to not worry about it so much. With that conversation over, they start to make love with each other.

Dylan Drive Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘Big Cock Yoga’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Cock Yoga (Dylan Drive Fucks Leo Luckett) at ExtraBigDicks

Leo Luckett is instructing Dylan Drive in a few Yoga Positions and stretching exercises. When they put their feet together and start stretching, Dylan Drive’s big cock falls outside the side of his shorts and he is obviously getting aroused because he is leaving a pre-cum trail from the end of his cock to the exercise mat.

Hunter Vance Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Boxer Tension’ at MenOver30

Boxer Tension (Hunter Vance Fucks Bruno Bernal) at

Bruno Bernal is a boxer and has just come to the locker room after a sparring match. He is tense and frustrated when Hunter Vance walks in trying to pump him up. Hunter praises him, but Bruno is not in a good mood. Hunter starts massaging his shoulders and then Bruno exclaims that what he needs is a good fuck! He pulls out Hunter’s cock and starts sucking him.

Rego Bello Fucks Ace Era in ‘Doc, I Need Your Cock!’ at MenOver30

Doc, I Need Your Cock! (Rego Bello Fucks Ace Era) at

Ace Era has come to the Doctor because he has been very sexually active recently and has noticed that the feeling in his ass is not as great as it once was and he is concerned. Dr. Rego Bello begins and exam of his ass and when inserting a finger, Ace indicates he cannot feel it. So, Dr. Bello inserts two fingers and Ace says he can feel a little pressure.

Jaxton Wheeler Fucks James Hastings in ‘Moving In’ at Dylan Lucas

Moving In (Jaxton Wheeler Fucks James Hastings) at DylanLucas

James Hastings has just moved into a new house and he is still unpacking when a friend gives him a call to see how the move is going. James tells his buddy that his new landlord Jaxton Wheeler is a smoking hot Daddy. James would love to hook up with him but he tells his friend that his landlord is probably not into him. What James doesn’t know is that Mr. Wheeler has been listening in on his conversation from the other side of the wall.

Marco Lorenzo Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Raunchy & Deep’ at ExtraBigDicks

Raunchy & Deep (Marco Lorenzo Fucks Bruno Bernal) at ExtraBigDicks

Marco Lorenzo and Bruno Bernal are cruising each other in the backroom. Bruno shows his beautiful ass to Marco first and then they approach each other. Bruno says he only wants 8 inches or more and Marco assures him he has what he wants.

Lex Ryan Fucks Hunter Vance in ‘Office Stress Release’ at Pride Studios

Office Stress Release (Lex Ryan Fucks Hunter Vance) at PrideStudios

Hunter Vance has arrived at Lex Ryan’s office and he is excited about their weekend trip. Lex is still not ready to leave the office yet and Hunter starts coaxing him to get out of there. He massages Lex and then decides he should seduce him into having sex right there in the office.

Rego Bello Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Frustrated Lovers’ at MenOver30

Frustrated Lovers (Rego Bello Fucks Bruno Bernal) at

Bruno Bernal is in bed watching porn on his laptop and enjoying his time alone when his lover Rego Bello comes home. We can tell that Bruno is annoyed when he hears Rego, but he continues watching the porn until Rego walks into the room.

Nick Capra Fucks Danny Gunn in ‘Skateboarder’ at Dylan Lucas

Skateboarder (Nick Capra Fucks Danny Gunn) at DylanLucas

Danny Gunn is at it again and he better be careful or Nick Capra will come out and bust his ass. Danny loves to skateboard on his neighbor’s driveway which pisses Nick off all the time. Usually Danny gets away with it but today he slams on the asphalt and takes a breather which is when his guard went down. Nick can hear the sounds of a skateboard outside and rushes out to see if it’s Danny again. Yup sure enough Nick can see him and he pushes Danny over and grabs his board and heads off into his home.

Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chandler Scott in ‘My Big Cock Hookup’ at ExtraBigDicks

My Big Cock Hookup (Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chandler Scott) at ExtraBigDicks

Pheonix Fellington has led Chandler Scott into his bedroom where they have a little small talk. Both have been chatting online for a while and the time is finally here to hook up. Once the small talk is over, Pheonix pulls out his massive cock and Chandler is excited and scared of it.

Sean Duran and Michael Roman Flip-Fuck in ‘Sean’s Versatile Playroom’ at MenOver30

Sean's Versatile Playroom (Sean Duran and Michael Roman Flip-Fuck) at

Sean Duran’s at it again and this time he has brought Michael Roman to his playroom. This time Sean tells us he wanted to be versatile and he has always wanted to do that with Michael. Sean brings Michael to his playroom and once he sees it he immediately bends Sean over the bench and pulls down his pants.

Timothy Rivers Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘1st Time Lovers’ at Pride Studios

1st Time Lovers (Timothy Rivers Fucks Leo Luckett) at PrideStudios

Leo Luckett and Timothy Rivers are sitting on the couch watching a movie. When the movie ends, both are a little annoyed with the ending and they start up a conversation. Timothy asks how Leo’s dating life is going and Leo lets him know it is non-existent and he has difficulty with girls.

Jay Alexander Fucks Hans Berlin in ‘Morning Sausage’ at ExtraBigDicks

Morning Sausage (Jay Alexander Fucks Hans Berlin) at ExtraBigDicks

Jay Alexander walks into the kitchen, wearing loose fitting shorts that reveal his massive cock beneath, and begins to prepare breakfast for Hans Berlin and himself. When he asks Hans what he wants, Hans replies that he wants Eggs. Jay opens the refrigerator and discovers there are no Eggs…

Rego Bello and Colby Jansen Flip-Fuck in “Let’s Be Versatile, Baby!” at Pride Studios

Let's Be Versatile, Baby (Rego Bello and Colby Jansen Flip-Fuck) at PrideStudios

Colby Jansen & Rego Bello are sitting in bed discussing their sex life and the fact that they always do the same thing. They want to spice it up a bit and try fucking each other. They share blowjobs to warm each other up and then Colby goes right for Rego’s big bubble but and he rims his ass deep before fucking him Doggy style.

Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Hart in ‘Photo Assistant’ at DylanLucas

Photo Assistant (Michael DelRay Fucks Lance Hart) at DylanLucas

Lance Hart has been interviewing potential photo assistants for his new photography business and Michael Delray is the last one of the day. Lance asks the standard questions for any job interview but Michael’s answers are leading to something more than just an interview.

Lex Ryan Fucks Chris Harder in ‘What A Mess!’ at MenOver30

What A Mess! (Lex Ryan Fucks Chris Harder) at

Chris Harder has been out of work for months now and he’s becoming a lazy man. The room is a mess with clothes and food all over the place. His boyfriend Lex Ryan gets home from work and he complains to Chris that he hasn’t even moved today let alone clean up a dam thing.

Kristofer Weston Fucks Timothy Drake in ‘BONER’ at Dylan Lucas

BONER (Kristofer Weston Fucks Timothy Drake) at DylanLucas

Kristopher Weston has been waiting up all night for his stepson to come home. The sun is up and finally, Timothy Drake comes walking in and Kristopher startles him by demanding to know where he has been and why he is home so late. Timothy disrespects him and so he gets sent to his room but his stepdad is hot on his trail.

Hans Berlin Fucks Devin Adams in ‘Morning Lovers’ at MenOver30

Morning Lovers (Hans Berlin Fucks Devin Adams) at

Hans Berlin and Devin Adams are waking up and when they get out of bed and start making it, they notice that each has a big erection in their boxers. Hans initiates a move on Devin and tells him they still have 30 minutes before they need to leave for work.

Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chris Harder in ‘Big Cock Stretch’ at ExtraBigDicks

Big Cock Stretch (Pheonix Fellington Fucks Chris Harder) at ExtraBigDicks

Pheonix Fellington is stretching on a mat in the locker room getting ready for his workout when Chris Harder walks in. Chris immediately takes notice of Pheonix and as he is stretching his big cock falls out of the side of his shorts. Of course this entices Chris even more and soon he is offering to help Pheonix stretch. As he hands wander up his leg, Chris grabs hold of Pheonix’s massive cock and starts stroking it as it grows in his hand. He is soon sucking the big cock and doing his best to take as much as possible.

Mike Maverick Fucks Seth Santoro in ‘Get To Work!’ at PrideStudios

Get To Work! (Mike Maverick Fucks Seth Santoro) at PrideStudios

Seth Santoro is sitting in the back room of the warehouse he works at looking at his phone when Mike Maverick comes through the door. Annoyed that Seth is not working; Mike calls him out and tells him he needs to stop being lazy and get back to work.

Max Sargent Fucks Addison Blue in ‘House Party’ at Dylan Lucas

House Party (Max Sargent Fucks Addison Blue) at DylanLucas

Addison Blue is throwing a house party at his Stepdads pad and he’s calling up all his friends to invite them over for a night of drinking and adventures. What Addison doesn’t know is that Max Sargent is standing in the doorway listening to his conversation and on his last phone call he tells Addison the only party he is having is the one that’s coming out of his pants and if he wants him to leave he’s going to have to give him some amazing head.