Pride Studios

MenOver30: Dustin Steele Fucks Dax Carter in ‘Morning Gains’

Morning Gains (Dustin Steele Fucks Dax Carter) at

Dustin Steele and Dax Carter (a.k.a. Buck Carter at GayHoopla) have just started their day and Dax wants to go to the gym. Dustin has other plans and tells him he has another way to get their cardio in, sex.

Extra Big Dicks: James Stevens Fucks Jay Donahue in ‘Bare Playroom’

Bare Playroom (James Stevens Fucks Jay Donahue) at

James Stevens is preparing his play room when he hears a knock at the door and goes to let Jay Donahue in. Jay is a little nervous when he enters the space, but James takes control and starts by kissing and groping him.

Dylan Lucas: Michael Roman Fucks Ryan Kroger in ‘Day Dreaming Of Daddy’

Day Dreaming Of Daddy (Michael Roman Fucks Ryan Kroger) at DylanLucas

Michael Roman is having Ryan Kroger clean up his pool for a big poor party later in the day. Michael gives Ryan instructions on what to do and heads out to run some errands.

MenOver30: Lex Ryan Fucks Dustin Steele in ‘Where’d Your Ass Go?’

Where'd your Ass Go? (Lex Ryan Fucks Dustin Steele) at

Dustin Steele is sitting in bed reading when Lex Ryan comes home and picks on him for wearing camouflage shorts. He quips ‘Where’d your ass go?’ and they both start laughing and wrestling around on the bed.

Pride Studios: James Stevens Fucks Dax Carter in ‘Muscle Envy’

Muscle Envy (James Stevens Fucks Dax Carter) at PrideStudios

James Stevens is in the locker room after his workout when Dax Carter (a.k.a. Buck Carter) walks in covered in sweat. As he undresses, they share a little small talk and James asks how he gets his muscles so big.

Extra Big Dicks: Jay Alexander Fucks Michael Roman in ‘Give Me That Big Dick’

Give Me That Big Dick (Jay Alexander Fucks Michael Roman) at

Jay Alexander and Michael Roman are in their Jocks and making out in the Pride Studios playroom. Michael wants Jay’s big cock and Jay is happy to share it with him.

ExtraBigDicks: Jack Andy Fucks Adin Smith in ‘I Heard A Rumor’

I Heard A Rumor (Jack Andy Fucks Adin Smith) at

Adin Smith and Jack Andy are in the locker room talking when Adin tells Jack he heard a rumor that he has a really big cock. He confesses that he is horny and wants to see it. Jack pulls it out and Adin starts sucking it. He then shows Jack his beefy hairy ass and Jack rims it.

Dylan Lucas: Tristan Jaxx Fucks Skyler Hart in ‘UNCUT’

UNCUT (Tristan Jaxx Fucks Skyler Hart) at DylanLucas

Skyler Hart is watching some porn on his laptop but his stepdad Tristan Jaxx thinks he’s working on a school project until he walks up on Skyler watching internet porn.

MenOver30: Rego Bello Fucks Jay Donahue in ‘My Doctor Fantasy’

My Doctor Fantasy (Rego Bello Fucks Jay Donahue) at

Jay Donahue has had the desire to have sex with Dr. Rego Bello in the exam room for as long as he can remember. He comes for an afterhours visit with a concocted story about a groin injury and as soon as the Dr. asks him to drop his shorts, we see that he is excited and his cock is hard as a rock.

Pride Studios: Scott Demarco Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘First Time Players’

First Time Players (Scott Demarco Fucks Cesar Rossi) at PrideStudios

Cesar Rossi and Scott Demarco have never fooled around in a back room play area before, but Scott’s friend Jack offered for him to use his play room.

MenOver30: Cesar Rossi and Adrian Suarez Flip-Fuck in ‘Want To Have Some Fun?’

Want To Have Some Fun? (Cesar Rossi Fucks Adrian Suarez) at

Cesar Rossi is just finishing up with is shower. He notices Adrian Suarez staring at him while he is drying off. After some small talk Adrian is down on his knees sucking Cesar’s cock. Once Adrian gets his fill of dick Cesar repays the favor by giving him one amazing blow job.

ExtraBigDicks: Pheonix Fellington Fucks Jack Andy in ‘Big Cock Players’

Big Cock Players (Pheonix Fellington Fucks Jack Andy) at

Both Jack Andy and Pheonix Fellington have their cocks out and are stroking each other in the back room. Their cocks do all the talking as they both desire each other. Jack drops to his knees first and takes all of Pheonix’s massive 9 inch cock down his throat.

MenOver30: Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello and Adrian Cortez in ‘THROUPLE’

THROUPLE (Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello and Adrian Cortez) at

‘Throuple’, Adrian Cortez, Alexander Garrett and Rego Bello, are in bed talking about how much they love having Adrian over. Since he is over all the time that he should think about moving in with them. Once Rego and Alexander tell Adrian to move in the action begins. Alexander kicks back and the other two start to worship his big uncut cock sucking and playing with his full balls.

Pride Studios: Zane Taylor and Adin Smith Flip-Fuck in ‘Blossoming Romance’

Blossoming Romance (Zane Taylor and Adin Smith Flip-Fuck) at PrideStudios

In this Pride Studios scene: Zane Taylor and Adin Smith begin making out with each other in the back yard before they move inside to the bedroom to take their new romance to the next level. Once their clothes come off they start making love very intimately. They take turns blowing each other before moving into a 69.

Extra Big Dicks: Bryce Evans, Jaxton Wheeler and Hans Berlin Flip-Fuck in ‘Spice Things Up’

Spice Things Up (Bryce Evans, Jaxton Wheeler and Hans Berlin Flip-Fuck) at

Bryce Evans met a guy named Jaxton Wheeler at the gym who has a nice thick fat cock and he has told his lover Hans Berlin that he invited him over to play with them. Both are a little nervous, and when Jaxton arrives they waste no time in getting down to business!

Dylan Lucas: Dolf Dietrich Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘Unwanted Pool Guest’

Unwanted Pool Guest (Dolf Dietrich Fucks Leo Luckett) at DylanLucas

Leo Luckett has been an unwanted pool guest the backyard of his neighbor, Dolf Dietrich. Dolf doesn’t like this one bit. Leo Luckett has been told multiple times not to jump the fence and kick it in his pool.