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Darin Silvers Fucks Leo Luckett in ‘Side Piece’ Part 1 at

Side Piece (Darin Silvers Fucks Leo Luckett) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Leo Luckett is insatiable and begs Darin Silvers to help him out. Hesitant at first because his wife is in the other room, Darin gives in and fills Leo’s perfectly puckered hole.

Diego Sans, Darin Silvers and Jacob Peterson in ‘Stealth Fuckers’ Part 13 at

Stealth Fuckers (Diego Sans, Darin Silvers and Jacob Peterson) (Part 13) at Drill My Hole

Diego Sans, Darin Silvers, and Jacob Peterson are masters of getting what they want no matter what the risk.

Darin Silvers Fucks Jake Ashford in ‘Any Time, Any Place’ at

Anytime, Anyplace (Darin Silvers Fucks Jake Ashford) at Drill My Hole

Darin Silvers and Jake Ashford suck and fuck each other into ecstasy. They don’t need much to get it on anytime and anyplace.

Darin Silvers Fucks Bryan Cole in ‘What’s Our Porn Scene Name?’ at PrideStudios

What’s Our Porn Scene Name? (Darin Silvers Fucks Bryan Cole) at PrideStudios

Darin Silvers & Bryan Cole are sorting through boxes of various Porn DVD’s at their job and they are laughing at the titles of some of the movies. After laughing at several titles, Bryan asks Darin ‘What would our porn scene be called if we did one?’ Darin says he would never do porn and Bryan says ‘well hypothetically what would it be?

Billy Santoro, Darin Silvers & Jack Hunter in ‘Cum-Petitive Pricing’ at

Cum-Petitive Pricing (Billy Santoro, Darin Silvers & Jack Hunter) at Drill My Hole

Billy Santoro is bummed by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jack Hunter brings home Darin Silvers for some ‘studying”. Billy catches Jack with Darin’s dick down his throat and decides to teach Jack how to worship the dick. Darin’s in for the time of his life as the two hotties service his cock and balls before taking turns riding on that dick.

Darin Silvers Fucks Luke Ewing in ‘Soapy Situation’ at MenOver30

Soapy Situation (Darin Silvers Fucks Luke Ewing) at

Darin Silvers has just finished his workout and he comes to the locker room, undresses and begins taking his shower. As he soaps up his body and washes his cock and balls, he gets aroused and begins to JO thinking he is all alone. Luke Ewing then comes into the shower room and Darin hides his huge cock while Luke makes small talk with Darin.

Darin Silvers Fucks Leo Fuentes in ‘Hacker’ at

Hacker (Darin Silvers Fucks Leo Fuentes) at Str8 To Gay

Leo Fuentes is busted after hacking into countless large corporations. Darin Silvers gives him a choice: submit to the feds, or to his sexual desires.

Darin Silvers Fucks Brandon Evans in ‘The Third Wheels’ Part 3 at

The Third Wheel (Brandon Evans Fucks Brendan Patrick) (Part 3) at Str8 To Gay

Darin Silvers and his girlfriend are looking for a three-way, and Brandon Evans is the perfect guy to fill that hole—or rather, have his hole filled.

Darin Silvers Fucks Brendan Patrick in ‘Mail Order Husband’ Part 2 at

Mail Order Husband (Darin Silvers Fucks Brendan Patrick) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Brendan Patrick has just made it to his American abode. His new roommate Darin Silvers shows him round the house before the boys fill out the paperwork for marriage. The questionnaire is going smoothly until they have to describe each other’s penises and what it’s like to have sex together.

Darin Silvers, Roman Todd & Will Braun in ‘Peepers’ Part 4 at

Peepers (Darin Silvers, Roman Todd & Will Braun) (Part 4) at Drill My Hole

Darin Silvers is busy plowing Will Braun’s hairy hole when Roman Todd walks in. Leaving mid-fuck, Darin travels to Roman’s room to suck on that fat cock. Will makes his way over and joins the action with a joint blow-job. The boys share each other’s assholes in this hot threesome.

GayRoom (Man Royale): Dicked Down & Dirty (Darin Silvers Fucks Griffin Barrows)

Dicked Down & Dirty (Darin Silvers Fucks Griffin Barrows) at ManRoyale

Griffin Barrows warms up his ass with a dildo in the shower then take the real thing from his friend, Darin Silvers!

Landon Mycles Bottoms For Darin Silvers in ‘College Physicals’ Part 1 at

College Physicals (Landon Mycles Bottoms For Darin Silvers) (Part 1) at BigDicksAtSchool

The doctor (Landon Mycles) is in and ready for his next patient in the form of Darin Silvers—if only all college physicals ended with a huge steamy load.

Darin Silvers Fucks Andy Banks in ‘Sandbox Virgins’ at NextDoorBuddies

Sandbox Virgins (Darin Silvers Fucks Andy Banks) at Next Door Buddies

Darin Silvers and Andy Banks go way back, all the way to elementary school since their friendship began, so as they get home from the gym and turn on the game, everything is normal. That is, until Darin mentions that his brother has come out of the closet and the old friends start opening up about their own desires and fantasies.

Darin Silvers Fucks Colby Jansen in ‘Janitor’s Closet’ Part 3 at

Janitor's Closet (Darin Silvers Fucks Colby Jansen) (Part 3) at BigDicksAtSchool

Darin Silvers is captain of the football team and he is getting all kinds of attention from the ladies. As he is making moves on some sweet cheerleading ass, Colby Jansen sweeps in with the cock block. Turns out Colby’s got a hard on for Darin so he takes him to the janitor’s closet where he lathers his fat cock before taking it deep in his hole.

Darin Silvers Fucks Lucky Daniels in ‘Ride’ Part 1 at

Ride (Darin Silvers Fucks Lucky Daniels) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Darin Silvers has places to go but doesn’t have the cash to pay for his ride. Lucky Daniels knows an opportunity when he sees one. He offers to give Darin a ride to wherever he needs to go but first he gets to blow Darin’s big dick and then have his cute ass pounded.

Darin Silvers Fucks Will Braun in ‘Testing My Limits’ Part 3 at

Testing My Limits (Darin Silvers Fucks Will Braun) (Part 3) at Str8 To Gay

After being on top and then taking a big dick in his hairy hole, Will Braun realizes he is gay after all. Now he is all about chasing straight guys like this one stud at his gym, Darin Silvers. Will follows Darin to the locker room to make his move and before long he convinces his way into sitting on his thick, hard dick.

Darin Silvers Fucks Alex Mecum in ‘Watching My Husband’ Part 1 at

Watching My Husband (Darin Silvers Fucks Alex Mecum) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Sexy stud Alex Mecum will do whatever it takes to make his marriage work. As a step forward, he asks Darin Silvers to come over so that he can ride his fat cock for his husband’s viewing pleasure.

Darin Silvers Fucks Brendan Phillips in ‘Breaking In A Fresh Hole’ at Next Door World

Breaking In A Fresh Hole (Darin Silvers Fucks Brendan Phillips) at Next Door World

As soldier Darin Silvers leaves to attend to some business, little does he know he’s about to be invaded. Brendan Phillips is looking for an easy score, but perhaps he should have cased Darin’s place a little more thoroughly, because mid-job- Darin returns and immediately notices the ladder missing from the front of the house.

Adam Bryant, Cameron Foster, Darin Silvers, Phenix Saint & Robert Axel in ‘Football DL’ Part 3 at

Football DL (Adam Bryant, Cameron Foster, Darin Silvers, Phenix Saint & Robert Axel) (Part 3) at Jizz Orgy

The boys are celebrating a big win when they decide to hit the showers. When Robert Axel walks in, the big man is rewarded for his great play. Watch as the football playing stud has his sweet hole drilled by some hot cock in this glorious locker room orgy.

Darin Silvers Fucks Robert Axel in ‘Football DL’ Part 2 at

Football DL (Darin Silvers Fucks Robert Axel) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Robert Axel is the new guy on the team and captain Darin Silvers wants him to know that the team is cool with the fact that he’s gay. Darin sees training camp as the perfect time to pound Robert’s sweet ass with his throbbing, big dick.

Darin Silvers Fucks Marcus Ruhl in ‘The Layover’ at

The Layover (Darin Silvers Fucks Marcus Ruhl) at Str8 To Gay

Darin Silvers just wants to have a drink and relax before he leaves to serve the very next day. The bar is closed but luckily he meets Marcus Ruhl who seems to have a thing for men in uniform. Marcus invites Darin to his room for a drink and a hot fuck.

Darin Silvers Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Gym Stalker’ at

Gym Stalker (Darin Silvers Fucks Johnny Rapid) at Str8 To Gay

When Johnny Rapid catches Darin Silvers pumping iron, all he wants is to have his tight hole drilled by Darin’s meaty cock. Darin catches Johnny jerking it, so naturally he has him choke on his thick cock before pounding his twink ass.

Darin Silvers Fucks Roman Todd in ‘The Groomsmen’ Part 1 at

The Groomsmen (Darin Silvers Fucks Roman Todd) (Part 1) at Str8 To Gay

Roman Todd is moments away from getting married to the girl of his dreams but one of his groomsmen wants to dip his fat cock in his hole one last time before his best buddy ties the knot. It’s his wedding day but Roman doesn’t see the harm as he bends his hot ass over for Darin Silver’s huge dick.

Stop-In Orgy (Adam Bryant, Armando De Armas, Bennett Anthony, Darin Silvers & Johnny Rapid) at

Stop In (Adam Bryant, Armando De Armas, Bennett Anthony, Darin Silvers & Johnny Rapid) at

Johnny Rapid is new in town and his friendly neighbor, Bennett Anthony, has invited him over to his “guys only” pool party. When Johnny arrives, he is surprised by what he sees but in true Johnny style, manages to make the most of the situation.

MenOver30: David Chase & Darin Silvers

David Chase & Darin Silvers at MenOver30

This week we have David Chase with us on and this stud’s always a welcome sight! David is 6’3″ and originally from Florida. Today he has a hot little 24 year old from Denver Colorado named Darin Silver to play with.

Watch David Chase & Darin Silvers at