Articles Featuring: Damien Stone (II)

MEN Series: Damien Stone Fucks Roman Todd in ‘Timid, Part 2’

Timid, Part 2 (Damien Stone Fucks Roman Todd) at Drill My Hole

Timid: Damien Stone turns Roman Todd’s eager and very willing asshole around to tongue fuck it open before ramming him doggy-style.

MEN Series: Paramour, Part 1 (Damien Stone Fucks Julian Knowles)

Paramour, Part 1 (Damien Stone Fucks Julian Knowles) at Drill My Hole

Julian Knowles has been working extra hard, putting in long hours so he doesn’t get to see his boyfriend enough. Damien Stone, his boss and paramour who is an equally muscular stud, keeps him busy with some extracurricular tasks.

MEN Series: Confessions of a Straight Man, Part 2 (Damien Stone Fucks Aston Springs)

Confessions of a Straight Man, Part 2 (Damien Stone Fucks Aston Springs) at Str8 To Gay

In this episode of ‘Confessions of a Straight Man‘, Aston Springs is tasked with dressing straight man, Damien Stone. But one thing leads to the next and the only task completed is undressing a very horny and curious Damien.

BROMO Series: Electric Sex, Part 3 (Damien Stone Fucks Pierce Paris)

Electric Sex, Part 3 (Damien Stone Fucks Pierce Paris) (Bareback) at BROMO!

We all know Pierce Paris can handle a lot of abuse, but Damien Stone is going to test those limits. Armed with an electric paddle and his muscular body, Damien begins by torturing Pierce’s balls with precision and both of them can’t seem to get enough!

BROMO Series: Electric Sex, Part 2 (Damien Stone Fucks Rikk York)

Electric Sex, Part 2 (Damien Stone Fucks Rikk York) (Bareback) at BROMO!

Damien Stone and Rikk York are obsessed with each other’s bodies and it’s not hard to see why in this episode of Bromo’s Electric Sex.

MEN Series: Damien Stone Fucks Beaux Banks in ‘Pranksters, Part 5’

Pranksters, Part 5 (Damien Stone Fucks Beaux Banks) at Drill My Hole

Prankster Damien Stone is on campus pranking people. He trips and drops his books and while bending over his dick falls out his pants. Beaux Banks is shocked until he realizes it’s a fake dick but now he wants to see the real thing and Damien Stone is happy to comply.

Damien Stone Fucks Jackson Reed in ‘Fascination’ Part 2 at MEN

FASCINATION, Part 2 (Damien Stone Fucks Jackson Reed) at Str8 To Gay

Jackson Reed (formerly Gerin at ChaosMen and Jackson Taylor) walks in on Damien Stone sniffing Jake Porter’s underwear. He realizes Damien is a complete newbie and offers himself up as his first so he can get some experience.

Arad Winwin Fucks Jake Porter in ‘FASCINATION’ Part 1 at MEN

FASCINATION, Part 1 (Arad Winwin Fucks Jake Porter) at Str8 To Gay

Jake Porter and Arad Winwin get it on while his straight roommate, Damien Stone, secretly watches. He is definitely fascinated by this hot man on man action.

Damien Stone Fucks Johnny Rapid in ‘Ass Controller’ Part 5 at MEN

Ass Controller (Damien Stone Fucks Johnny Rapid) (Part 5) at Drill My Hole

Damien Stone pulls Johnny Rapid over for erratic driving and brings him into the station. Little did he know, Johnny’s boyfriend, Dante Colle, has placed an Ass Controller in his hole causing his wildness. Intrigued, Damien has a little fun playing with Johnny’s ass.

Diego Sans, Allen Lucas, Max Wilde and Damien Stone in ‘Save Me’ at MEN

Save Me (Diego Sans, Allen Lucas, Max Wilde and Damien Stone) at

Max Wilde finds himself in need of care after getting stung by a jellyfish so Allen Lucas goes off looking for help. He ends up finding some sexy lifeguards (Damien Stone and Diego Sans) who help them back to the hotel room. Now that Max Wilde is feeling better, these men are hot, horny and ready to get it on.

Damien Stone Fucks Aubrey Kate in ‘Sex Utility Vehicle’ at TransAngels

Sex Utility Vehicle (Damien Stone Fucks Aubrey Kate) (Bareback) at Trans Angels

When buff stud Damien Stone’s car breaks down, inked-up blonde babe, Aubrey Kate, decides to help out. Unable to hold back his attraction for this fit, car-savvy hottie, Damien pulls Aubrey close to him with a passionate kiss, and she kisses back. Hopping into his truck, Damien whips out his cock for Aubrey to wrap her luscious blowjob lips around. Not missing a beat, Aubrey spreads her juicy ass for a quick rimjob before Damien slips his huge cock in for some public anal! Pounding away at the gorgeous blonde, Damien passionately glazes Aubrey’s pretty face in his cum!

Damien Stone Fucks Darin Silvers in ‘Trust Issues’ Part 3 at MEN

Trust Issues (Damien Stone Fucks Darin Silvers) (Part 3) at Top To Bottom

Darin Silvers has been a bad boy and his girlfriend isn’t having it anymore. She cock locks him but little does she know that Damien Stone, the pool man, is a master at picking locks; with his tongue. He ends up putting his tongue to even better use to pleasure Darin’s eager hole.

Dick Dorm: Damien Stone and Steven Roman Tag-Team Titus in ‘Playing Games’

Playing Games (Damien Stone and Steven Roman Tag-Team Titus) (Bareback) at

It takes some special concentration to keep gaming while getting pounded hard from behind, but Titus does just that. By the time he’s got Damien Stone and Steven Roman on him though he can’t help but be swept away in the moment. You won’t want to miss this high energy bareback group-fuck along with the sweatiest spit roast we’ve ever seen at Dick Dorm!